Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG)

The Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG) met on Thursday, April 6, at the
Scripps Ranch Library. Meetings are generally held on the first Thursday
of the month.

Election of Officers

Robert Ilko was elected to serve as Chair. Gordon Boerner and Jim
Omsberg were elected as Vice Chairs. Linda Sloan Scott will continue to
be active as Past Chair.

District 5 Council Candidates

Both candidates for City Council, Brian Maienschein and Tom Cleary, were
in attendance and made brief comments.

SR Business Park, Phase 3

Representatives of Aegis Assisted Care and Brown Colarusso LeBeau were
on hand to discuss the proposed development’s impacts to Evans Pond.
There was concern expressed by members of the Planning Group and
community members about the proximity of the proposed buildings to the
pond and the status of the old stone wall remaining from the Meanley
home. Most of the trees on the south side of the pond and the wall are
proposed to be removed. The Aegis property line is only 15 feet from the
library, and much closer to the pond than was understood previously.
Aegis representatives pointed out that the north side of the building
has a landscaped fire lane that exceeds the City’s required setback
width. The existing Meanley wall is on the Aegis property and the
developer has determined that it cannot be incorporated into the
building, although it could possibly be moved if the community supports
the idea. Aegis pointed out, also, that the fencing surrounding the
property is required for the security of the assisted living facility.
The Aegis project, as proposed, consists of a single-story building next
to the library, and an adjacent three-story building.
It was reported that the applicants are working on final submittals
related to the Conditional Use Permit for Aegis, the Planned Residential
Development (PRD) for Pacific Gulf, and the PRD for Avalon Bay. It is
the intent of the City to review all three applications along with the
Master Plan amendment, Planned Industrial Development amendment, and
Community Plan amendment.
The City of San Diego Planning Commission will conduct a Workshop on
this project on Thursday, May 11. Planning Commission meetings typically
start at 9 am and are located in the Council Chambers on the 12th floor
of the City Administration Building, 202 C Street. The meetings do not
typically have a time certain for agenda items. For additional
information, please call our Community Planner, Anna Shepherd, at
The SRPG unanimously voted to send a letter to the City regarding major
issues and concerns related to the project, and to reiterate our
recommendation that an EIR be required for the project. The subcommittee
also will prepare and letter and testimony to be presented at the May 11
Planning Commission workshop.

Monarch at Scripps Ranch (Old K-Mart Site)

Dr. Jack Wasserman, property owner of the medical center at the corner
of Mira Mesa Blvd. and Scripps Ranch Blvd., informed the SRPG of his
concerns related to the parking impacts of the Monarch project. The
project subcommittee will meet with the applicants, Dr. Wasserman, a
Filippi’s representative, and the City planner to develop a
recommendation to the bring to the May SRPG meeting.
Rancho Encantada (Beeler Canyon Future Urbanizing Area)
There will be a City of San Diego Planning Commission workshop on the
Precise Plan on April 20. Contact Miriam Kirshner at 619-235-5212 to
obtain more information. The project subcommittee will prepare comments
to present at the workshop. The applicants will provide a presentation
of the site grading design at the SRPG meeting on Thursday, May 4.
Please plan on attending if you would like more information, or forward
your questions or comments to Robert Ilko at [[email protected]].

Overlook Park Comfort Station

Mark Marney from the Park and Recreation Department made a brief
presentation on the proposed comfort station to be constructed at
Overlook Park. Construction costs will be approximately $80,000 and
there will be annual maintenance costs of $2,000 to $3,000. It is
unknown whether the Miramar Ranch North Maintenance Assessment District
funds can be used for the annual maintenance costs.
If this is not feasible, and other funding for maintenance is not
identified, then the comfort station will not be built. The SRPG voted
unanimously to support use of $80,000 from the Inland and Country
Settlement funds to reimburse McMillin for the construction costs for
the comfort station. Use of these funds requires the approval of the
SRPG, SRCA, MRNPC, and the Rec Council, as well as City Council

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held at 7 pm on Thursday, May 4, in the
community room of the Scripps Ranch Library. Everyone is always welcome
and encouraged to attend our meetings.
Anita Gomes, Recording Secretary
Linda Sloan Scott, Past Chair

Ed note: The following information was received at press time.

The Negative Mitigated Declaration for the Scripps Ranch Business Park
rezone was received recently. It is scheduled to have a 20-day review
period, then be presented before the City Planning Commission, probably
in May. Approval of this document is needed for developers to construct
at least 700 multi-family dwelling units east of Scripps Ranch High
School. SRPG opposes this rezone.

Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee (MRNPC)
March Meeting

The Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee (MRNPC) met on Tuesday, March
21, at 7 pm in the Scripps Ranch Library for its regular monthly

Annual Elections

March is the month designated for the annual election of new members.
Membership is open to residents and business owners in the Miramar Ranch
North planning area, which includes the Scripps Ranch neighborhoods
north of Miramar Lake. Eight candidates expressed an interest in filling
the seven open seats. We are grateful that we have so many neighbors
willing to take an active role in the planning of our community!
The MRNPC is pleased to announce our newly elected members: Dave Berry
and Allan Bokser representing Autumn Ridge, Pam Montanile of Waterford,
Bill Bernard representing Cobblecreek, Cheryl Tannenberg and Susan Todd
from Prominence, and Jim Yoder for Shea Properties.

Rancho Encantada

Rancho Encantada is the name of the almost 2,700 acres southeast of
Scripps Ranch that is being planned for future development. The property
is located south of Beeler Canyon, west of County open space, and north
of MCAS Miramar and, in fact, is not under any existing planning
committee’s jurisdiction.
Representatives from McMillin Companies and Pacific Land made a brief
presentation to the MRNPC about their future plans. McMillin will be
developing the eastern part of this property under the name Sycamore
Estates and is planning 556 residential lots. Pacific Land will be
developing the western part of this property under the name Montecito
and is planning 278 units. In addition, there will be 106 low- to
moderate-income units.
The Environmental Impact Report (EIR) should be out for comment in
mid-summer (July). The developers expect to be back before the planning
committee in May or June with a more detailed presentation.
Scripps Gateway Freeway Commercial Park
Shea Homes plans to construct a commercial park northeast of the Scripps
Poway Parkway and I?15 intersection. It will include two hotels, one
sit-down restaurant, two fast food restaurants, a gas station, a
mini-mart, and a park-and-ride lot. After many MRNPC and subcommittee
meetings, Shea Homes met again with the MRNPC seeking its recommendation
for approval of its plan.
The MRNPC still had a list of concerns with the project as currently
planned. After more discussion, the group voted to recommend approval of
the Shea project with a list of 15 conditions. One of these conditions
was the reiteration that the 4-acre commercial/recreation site was to be
developed as a community pool and tennis facility as agreed in the
original approvals and City Council action.

Overlook Park

The Overlook Park is a small neighborhood park that will be constructed
along the south side of Scripps Ranch Blvd., just west of the Waterford
neighborhood. At the January MRNPC meeting, we voted to recommend the
park go forward as planned with the addition of a permanent restroom
facility and sod even though a permanent restroom was not within the
budget. We recently discovered that we might be able to use funds from
the Inland and Country Settlement funds (aka $770 fund) to construct the
restroom facility. The MRNPC unanimously voted to approve the Park and
Recreation Department’s use of these funds to construct the permanent
restroom facility at the Overlook Park.
The MRNPC needs your help! We are looking for an official name for
Overlook Park. While there’s nothing wrong with Overlook Park, we would
prefer a name chosen by the community. We need to decide on a name
within the next two months, so if you have any suggestions, please call
Peggy Shirey at 547-3595. We also have plans to include a number of
interpretive boards within the park. If you have any suggestions for
these, please let Peggy know as well. Thanks!
A Scripps Ranch Schools Committee meeting was held on March 9 to discuss
current overcrowding issues. At this meeting, school district officials
announced that instead of building the new elementary school, Ellen
Browning Scripps (EBS), at the intersection of Scripps Poway Parkway and
Spring Canyon Road, the school district apply that money towards
building a new larger middle school. Marshall Middle School then would
be converted to an elementary school.
Since this item will go before the school board on March 28, one week
after our meeting, the MRNPC felt it was important to take a formal
position on this issue. After much discussion, the MRNPC members voted
that we could not support the action of the school board under this plan
until funding sources are identified and housing capacity for all
elementary students is addressed.

April Meeting

The Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee (MRNPC) met on Tuesday, April
18, at 7 pm in the Scripps Ranch Library for its regular monthly
meeting. Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, May 16, at 7 pm in the
Scripps Ranch Library and everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Annual Elections

It is with regret that we announce the resignation of Claudia Unhold,
former Chairperson of the MRNPC, and a long-time member. We thank her
for all her hard work and dedication to the community. The result of her
resignation is that we now have one more open seat for membership, so if
you are interested in joining the MRNPC, please contact the current
chair, Pat Bonaguidi, and let him know. We plan to elect a replacement
at the next meeting in May. In addition, a nominating committee was
appointed to recommend new officers. It will presenting its
recommendations at the May meeting.

Shea Commercial/Recreation Site – Update

Shea distributed a spreadsheet showing ten regional operators and their
interest in acquiring and developing the 4-acre commercial/recreation
site. At this time, the only facility that has expressed a strong desire
in developing the entire site is LA Fitness.
Representatives from LA Fitness made a short presentation to the MRNPC
to discuss its proposal for the site. Their average facility is 40,000
square feet and includes racquetball courts, a basketball court, lap
pool, weight rooms, aerobic rooms, spinning classes, and childcare area.
Memberships are typically around $30 a month per person. The MRNPC
expressed its desire for a family friendly facility with activities for
families instead of just a health club for adults.
MRNPC proposed an outdoor pool with areas for kids to play, classes for
mothers and children, and classes and activities for older children
after school hours and on weekends. LA Fitness said it would take these
comments, develop some elevations, site plans, and proposed programs,
and return to the New Projects subcommittee for its review.

Overlook Park

Concurrence from both planning groups, Rec Council, and SRCA is needed
for the City Council to expend funds from the Inland and Country
Settlement fund. All four have approved the expenditure of $80,000 to
construct a permanent restroom in the Overlook Park. Plans for the park
are continuing through the approval process. The Scripps Ranch
Recreation Center is expected to be completed by May. The Scripps Ranch
Information Pavilion is scheduled to open in June.


The School Board has unanimously approved the plan to pursue
construction of a new middle school in Scripps Ranch and a temporary
modular elementary school on the EBS site.


The results from a recent meeting with CalTrans to look at all freeway
interchanges in the Scripps Ranch area will be posted on the traffic
website. After a recent accident at the Scripps Creek/Spring Canyon
intersection, the city is considering removing the 4-way stop signs, but
the Traffic subcommittee is opposed to that idea. The stoplight is still
on schedule to be installed at that location in July.

Peggy Shirey