Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee (MRNPC)

New Meeting Date and Location

MRNPC now meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7 pm in the Scripps Ranch Information Center at 11885 Cypress Canyon Road, just south of Scripps Poway Parkway.

The new meeting date will facilitate more timely communications with the Scripps Ranch community via the SRCA Newsletter. Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, May 1, and everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Annual Elections

The annual election of new members is held every March. Two of our members–Karl Treffinger and Cheryl Tannenberg–resigned due to other time commitments just days before the meeting, so we ended up with three vacancies instead of just one.

I’m pleased to announce our newest members: Jan Kane, who resides in Greenbrier; Pat Wright, who lives in Autumn Ridge; and Dana Walters, who resides in Terraza. In addition, three current members were reelected including Claudia Unhold, who resides in Lakepoint and is starting her 9th year on MRNPC; Steve Goyette, a resident of Heatherwood who is starting his 5th year; and Dale Gleed, a representative of Brookfield Homes who also is starting his 5th year. Many thanks to these members for volunteering to serve our community!

Officer Elections

The MRNPC offices of Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary are elected each year. In April, the current officers were reelected to serve a second term. These are Peggy Shirey for the position of Chair, Luis Biaggi for Vice-Chair, and Corey Hale for Secretary.

Safe Traffic near Schools

In March, Scripps Ranch resident Awilda Parada presented a list of proposals to improve the safety along Scripps Poway Parkway in the vicinity of the three nearby Scripps Ranch schools: Dingeman Elementary at Scripps Creek Drive, Marshall Middle School at Cypress Canyon Road, and the future Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School at Spring Canyon Road.

Her plans include a reduction in the speed limit to 45 mph, the removal of the “55 mph” signs near the schools, the addition of two flashing beacons, an increase in the time given to cross the intersection, and designated school crossings at the three intersections. MRNPC supported her suggestions and will be sending a letter to the City and School District expressing our support of these measures.

Scripps Ranch Traffic Committee

Luis Biaggi, former Chair of the Scripps Ranch Traffic Committee (SRTC) and current chair of MRNPC’s traffic subcommittee, presented an update on the various options for improvements to the local roadways that SRTC has been analyzing.

At Pomerado Road and I-15, they’ve been looking at either a single or double pass-through lane to southbound I-15. At Carroll Canyon and I-15, they’re looking to synchronize the lights westbound to the southbound I-15 on-ramp. Brian Maienschein’s office will recommend placing a “No Right Turn on Red during peak hours” sign at the eastbound Carroll Canyon to southbound I-15 on-ramp light.

At Mira Mesa Blvd. and I-15, they’re suggesting four lanes westbound on Mira Mesa with a new carpool lane on the left for westbound Mira Mesa to southbound I-15, thus allowing two regular lanes onto southbound I-15 from westbound Mira Mesa. In addition, they’re looking at adding a pass-through lane for northbound Scripps Ranch Boulevard at Mira Mesa. The light at Scripps Ranch Boulevard has been re-timed and flow on Mira Mesa has improved.

Finally, at Scripps Poway Parkway and I-15, they’re recommending creating a longer 2-lane stack for westbound Scripps Poway Parkway to southbound I-15. More information can be obtained on SRTC’s website at [http::/home.san.rr.com/mrnpc].

Rancho Encantada

The Rancho Encantada project is located east of Scripps Ranch in the Future Urbanizing Area (FUA) of the City of San Diego but within the Poway Unified School District. The project proposes 835 single-family homes, 106 multi-family units, an elementary school, a park, and two institutional sites. Originally, both McMillin and Pacific Land were planning to develop the project, but McMillin recently announced that it had purchased the rights to purchase the land that Pacific Land had been planning to develop.

Although Scripps Ranch will be the most heavily impacted community, the Rancho Encantada project is actually located in City Council District 7 while Scripps Ranch is in District 5. Moreover, the San Diego Planning Commission is the reviewing authority for the project, not either of Scripps Ranch’s planning groups. Because of this, several members of MRNPC have been meeting with members of the Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG), SRCA, the Scripps Ranch Recreation Council (SRRC), and Save Our Scripps Ranch (SOSR) to discuss the project.

The purpose of these meetings is to provide a unified position for Scripps Ranch with respect to the project. These five groups oppose the project as currently presented. Obviously, the number 1 concern is traffic along all of Scripps Ranch’s roadways. Other issues include adverse impacts on recreation.

Although representatives have begun meeting with McMillin to discuss ways that it can improve the project or mitigate its impacts, the groups are still waiting to review the responses to the 22 pages of comments that were submitted in January in response to the draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the project.

No final recommendations will be made before then and each of the five groups will have the opportunity to discuss any proposals at their future meetings. Unfortunately, time is short; McMillin is hoping to go before the Planning Commission sometime in May.

Highlands Phase II

The Kaufmann and Broad Home Highlands Phase II project is located north of the lake, overlooking the freeway, and is an extension of the existing homeowners association in place for Highlands Phase I (Traviata). The proposal consists of 39 detached condominiums, arranged on 4,000-square-foot minimum lots.

There will be three floor plans available, ranging in size from 2,150 to 2,550 square feet. The homes will be placed along two privately owned cul-de-sac roadways, both of which have homes on only one side of the street. The project recently has been reviewed twice by the new projects subcommittee and will be reviewed by the full MRNPC at an upcoming meeting before it proceeds to the San Diego Planning Commission.

School Update

Pam Montanile, Chair of MRNPC’s schools subcommittee, has been providing extensive summaries of the many school meetings that she’s attended. After a lengthy discussion at our March meeting, she notified the School District and School Board that: 1) MRNPC supports Intel’s acquisition of the Business Park property because of the positive smart growth opportunities afforded our collective community by Intel’s presence, 2) MRNPC strongly supports selection of one of the new middle school sites which will provide the community with a right-sized middle school on a right-sized property, and 3) MRNPC is not in support of building out Marshall Middle School at this time because it would result in the loss of five acres from the Scripps Ranch Community Park.

At the April meeting, Pam informed us that the School District is planning to include only the USIU-West and Cypress Canyon/Renzulli sites in the EIR for the middle school sites. She also introduced us to a potential new solution for the school issues. This alternative involves adding a 5/6 academy on the Fairbrook property and keeping EBS as a small, 400-student modular elementary school at the current Spring Canyon site. All 4 elementary schools would become K through 4, which would reduce the overcrowding at each of the schools. Marshall would remain a middle school but would house only seventh and eighth graders and physically would stay the same except for completion of the original master plan. MRNPC voted unanimously in favor of asking the School District to add consideration of the 5/6 academy as an alternative in the EIR.

MedImpact Update

MedImpact proposes to construct a corporate headquarters facility that includes five 5- and 6-story buildings and two ancillary buildings on the 32.8-acre site located at the southeast corner of I-15 and Scripps Poway Parkway. The site plan represents the “exploded egg” concept, which means the buildings and parking are designed to be facing the center of the site, around a core which includes a 2-story training facility and restaurant and separate daycare facility. Both the daycare and restaurant will be open to the community.

A 20-foot landscape buffer is planned along the I-15 freeway off-ramp bordering the site and a second layer of landscaping is proposed adjacent to the same western boundary. In total, 17.7 acres of landscaping, including enhanced paving and hardscape, is proposed. A water feature will be constructed to include a waterfall and pond. MedImpact hopes to begin grading in September of 2001 and anticipates occupancy by the last quarter of 2002.

At this time, the project does not conform to the design guidelines of the Miramar Ranch North Community Plan. The buildings currently are designed with shiny glass and granite, as opposed to the use of warm earth tones and textured materials as recommended in the Community Plan. In addition, there is concern over the height of the buildings, particularly 6-story buildings that will sit atop a 40-foot elevated pad fronting on Scripps Poway Parkway. There also was concern about the number of parking spaces proposed and the traffic generation of the project. The project will be reviewed further by the new projects subcommittee before coming before the entire planning committee for review.

Upcoming Events

The San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA) will return in May to update us on the findings of its geotechnical studies in Scripps Ranch to evaluate the feasibility of constructing a 12-mile underground pipeline tunnel from the San Vicente Reservoir to the Second Aqueduct pipeline, just west of I-15. In addition, representatives will further discuss the tunnel versus trench alternative. SDCWA expects to present its findings and recommendations to its board of directors at the end of May.

MRNPC and SRPG plan to staff a booth at the Scripps Ranch Community Faire on May 6. Please stop by to learn more about what the planning groups do and what’s going on in the community.

The Strategic Framework meeting has been rescheduled to Tuesday, June 5. MRNPC will host SRPG and the Mira Mesa Planning Group–location to be determined–for a City of San Diego presentation on the City’s evolving Strategic Framework, the City of Villages concept. Mayor Murphy is scheduled to attend. This will be a great opportunity for residents to see and hear first-hand the direction in which the City is moving for the next 20 years.