Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee (MRNPC)

    Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 7 pm in the Scripps Ranch Library, and everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Water Tank Antennas

    Metricom, a wireless communication provider, is planning to add 16 panel antennas to the water tank in June. It already has received approval from the Water Department and came before the planning committee as required for an information-only presentation. The antenna panels are 1-foot by 4-foot maximum and must be painted to match the tank and cannot exceed the height. Installation is estimated to take 5 to 14 days. Metricom is the third or fourth company to add its antennas to the water tank. Because of this, the planning committee recommended favorable consideration of the installation with the condition that the Water Department provides a master plan for future activities on the water tank. Any complaints can be addressed to James Anthony of the Real Estate Department.

Officer Elections

    The MRNPC unanimously elected the following officers: Chair Peggy Shirey, Vice Chair Luis Biaggi, and Secretary Corey Hale.

Overlook Park Update

    Thanks to all those residents who contacted me to submit names for the soon-to-be-constructed Overlook Park! This park will be located along the south side of Scripps Ranch Boulevard, just west of the Waterford neighborhood, and has been dubbed “Overlook Park” during its planning stages. A list of all the names that have been submitted so far is included on page15; we are looking for your recommendation. The planning committee took its own vote and the 2 most popular names were Overlook Park (seems we got used to the name) and Sunset Park. Please vote for your favorite name and return it to me.

    In addition, one of our residents stepped forward to help us with the interpretive boards within the park. Arne Johansson is a hike leader and naturalist for the Natural History Museum. He presented a brief description of the information he will provide to include on the 3 signboards.

    One board will focus on the geology of the area and will explain why Miramar Reservoir is where it is and will describe the exposed bedrock and fossils that have been found. The second board will be a biology board that will describe the plants and animals in the area. The third board will be a human history board that will describe the human settlements in the area from the Indians up to the early Scripps history. The planning committee heartily thanks Arne for helping us out!

Future Urbanizing Area Workshop

    There will be a City of San Diego Planning Commission Workshop on Thursday, May 18, to discuss grading issues for the Future Urbanizing Area (FUA) of Beeler Canyon, known as Rancho Encantada. Pat Bonaguidi will attend as MRNPC’s representative and is planning to discuss traffic concerns and off-site impacts as well.

    The MRNPC agreed that traffic is our greatest concern so Pat will ask for another workshop to specifically address traffic issues. For more information, the FUA subcommittee meets monthly and its next meeting will be May 22.

LA Fitness Update

    LA Fitness returned to present its site plan, elevations, and proposed activity programs in response to the planning committee’s comments at last month’s meeting. LA Fitness has expressed a strong desire to develop Shea’s entire 4-acre commercial recreation site. Its site plan shows a 41,000-square-foot sports club facility with 250 parking spaces along with a 7,000-square-foot outdoor area that includes a play area, barbecue area, wading pool, and basketball half-court.

    Some of the proposed activities include a “Mommy and Me” program targeted for mothers and their young children and swimming lessons. The planning committee reiterated its desire for a family friendly facility, but recognized LA Fitness’ attempts to design a facility that met the needs of the community. We expressed our desire for an outdoor pool separate from, but within eyesight of, the wading pool. We also requested that the alternative, family-oriented activities be in writing and that the architectural elevations be consistent with the adjacent facilities.

    The planning committee continues to explore other organizations, such as the Boys and Girls Club and the YMCA, who have shown an interest in developing this site.

Community Update

    The Scripps Ranch Recreation Center has been turned over to the City and will be officially opened on Saturday, June 3, at 10 am. The Information Pavilion also has been turned over to the City and is scheduled to open later this summer. The first meeting of the Design Task Force for the Ellen Browning Scripps (EBS) modular school will occur on Wednesday, May 17, at 4 pm in the Miramar Ranch Elementary Media Center. The Marine Housing Task Force will release its Environmental Impact Study evaluating the 4 areas under consideration on Wednesday, June 14.

Developer Update

    McMillin’s Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for Sycamore Estates in Rancho Encantada will be available to the public in late July or early August. Brookfield’s grand opening on the Lago Dorado multi-family neighborhood is planned for August and the traffic light on Scripps Ranch Boulevard will be turned on at that time. Grading has begun for Kaufman and Broad’s site north of Scripps Ranch Boulevard and models are expected to be open in November.

Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG)

Scripps Ranch Business Park

    Owners of the Scripps Ranch business park, phase III, shown in the graphic to the left, anticipate that the proposed rezone from industrial use to multi-family dwelling units will be decided by the San Diego City Council in a few weeks.

    The SRPG has unanimously opposed the proposed rezone for several reasons and is most concerned that this proposed, significant change in land use would be acted on by the City Planning Commission and the City Council without a full environmental review. City staff has recommended that a full Environmental Impact Report is not needed.

SOS Ranch

    A group of concerned residents have formed a group “SOS Ranch” to fight the proposed rezone.” For more information and to contact them, please read pages 5 and 19.