Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee (MRNPC)


The Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee (MRNPC) had its regular meeting on June 20, 2000, at the Scripps Ranch Library. The next meeting will be on Tuesday, July 18, at 7 pm at the Library. All residents are invited and encouraged to attend.

Developer Updates

McMillin has indicated that they are closing out and selling the last of their models in all of it’s projects. The Information Pavilion has been turned over to the City and is waiting to open. There will be a grand opening with Mayor Susan Golding, with the date to be announced in the future. The new fire station is still on schedule and should open by late fall.

Rancho Encantada Planning

A McMillin representative went over the grading that was going to be completed for the Rancho Encantada project, and pamphlets were handed out. Rancho Encantada is located in the Future Urbanizing Area (FUA), east of MCAS Miramar and south of Pomerado Road.

The MRNPC again express it’s concern with future traffic from Rancho Encantada and the signficant impact it would have on Scripps Ranch. The traffic report for the project has not been released from the City. However, it is expected to be released shortly and will be reviewed by MRNPC and by the SCRA Traffic Committee.

Another concern was the drainage for a canyon in the area. Engineers pointed out the work that will be done to accommodate the drainage. They will add new basins in both proposed neighborhoods (Montecito and Sycamore Estates) in the FUA. Monthly meetings will continue to address all issues that arise.

Commercial Rec Site

This topic has been a hot one for the MRNPC for a while now. With the proposal that LA Fitness has brought forward, new discussions and concerns have been identified by the community. These were discussed with Shea.

After an update, Tom Daglish, staff member to Councilmember Barbara Warden, described Barbara’s position and her strong support of the community. The MRNPC put together a list of specific items that the community wants to see on the 4-acre site. Here are just a few of the requirements we would like to see:

  1. Family oriented club in concept and operation;
  2. Full-size outdoor pool;
  3. Children’s family programming; and
  4. Tennis courts.

A letter all requirements from the community will be written up and given to Shea for future discussion. For more information regarding this issue, please read the section below regarding the Shea Recreational Project.


Design of the Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School on the Spring Canyon site has been progressing. There will be an island installed on Spring Canyon Road near the new school to improve safety. A chain-link fence on the median has been proposed to encourage children to use the crosswalks. Also, there has been discussion of adding landscaping to the proposed fence to hide it from view. This will be looked into further and discussed at the next MRNPC meeting.

It is expected that the layout for the new school will be ready to be given to the School Board in the next 60 to 90 days. Watch for an announcement for a meeting regarding the new middle school in the SRCA Newsletter.

Landscape, Maintenance, and Development

Some areas in Miramar Ranch North have been identified as looking a little dry, and residents would like to see those areas cleaned up. These areas have been brought to the attention of McMillin, and they will address them shortly. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Miramar Ranch North area, please let the Landscape Maintenance District (MRNLMD) know.

Corey Hale, Secretary

Shea Recreational Project

Historical Data

The Shea Scripps Gateway project, now undergoing extensive grading, was approved by the San Diego City Council on September 29, 1998, following an extensive, exhausting series of meetings between Shea Homes and the MRNPC. The land, located at the eastern side of the intersection of Scripps Poway Parkway and I-15, was previously owned by the Wuest Estates, who sold it to Shea contingent on approval of their development plans.

The City of San Diego had granted Wuest a development agreement in the mid-1980’s, essentially guaranteeing them the right to develop their property at some future date. The development agreement set forth specific conditions for any future development.

The Shea project went beyond the development agreement in a number of important ways:

  • Excessive grading beyond what was originally entitled;
  • Numerous slopes exceeding 30%;
  • A new road to the residential homes on the hillside to connect with Scripps Poway Parkway; and
  • Significant unmitigated traffic impacts.

In addition, Shea was granted the right to develop 40 acres of previously dedicated natural open space.

In return, Shea agreed to a City Council condition that was placed on all the components of their project (industrial, commercial, and residential), to dedicate a 4-acre parcel for a family-oriented recreation club. The Miramar Ranch North Community Plan always had this dedicated use at the corner of Spring Canyon Road and Scripps Poway Parkway. The San Diego Unified School District, however, needed that parcel for a school, and Shea agreed to replace that 7-acre parcel with their 4-acre parcel.

City Council Hearing

The condition Shea agreed to was read into the record by Councilmember Barbara Warden at the City Council hearing (9//29/98) for the approval of the Scripps Gateway project. The following is a verbatim transcript of that hearing.

“…Second, and probably this has been one of the most exciting developments in these negotiations, and I know this was heartfelt by the community and Shea took a gulp on it, but when the community and the school district chose a new elementary site, they selected a site that was originally to house a day care center and recreation complex for the community. That was what we had anticipated, and many residents bought their homes partly based on the promise of such a facility.

This agreement restores this facility to the community while it does allow construction of a new elementary school to go forward. So, technically saying within the area described by Tentative Map 92-0466, Unit 4, Lot 1 and being re-zoned from M-IP (Manufacturing Industrial Park) to CA (Area Shopping Center), all land uses shall be restricted by this permit and through a future planned commercial development permit to only those uses allowed in the CR (Commercial Recreation) until December 31, 2002. If after December 31, 2002, the site has not been entitled to develop in accordance with Muni Code Section 101.0910, all commercial uses allowed in the CA zone may be entitled to develop in accordance with Muni Code Section 101.0910.”

Interested Parties

The Scripps Ranch Swim and Racquet Club (SRSRC) has formed a subcommittee to further explore the idea of adding a third club location at the Shea site. It is not known if this is a feasible proposition for the club at this time, but the new Board of Directors has shown an interest in looking at the possibility of acquiring the property for this purpose.

A health club named LA Fitness has expressed interest in the parcel. LA Fitness is a traditionally adult-oriented club, with other San Diego County locations in Encinitas and Oceanside. In response to community requests, LA Fitness has offered to move their lap pool outdoors and provide an outdoor grilling area.

Additional interest has been shown by another fitness club operator in the area who is interested in investigating the possibility of a family-oriented club. This operator will be contacting Shea Homes.

The Boys and Girls Clubs also have indicated they would be interested in the parcel, as they already were looking to locate in Scripps Ranch. They are a rapidly expanding organization offering services to all youth, regardless of income. In order for the Boys and Girls Club to construct their facility, a donation of the property would be necessary. Following land acquisition, the Boys and Girls Clubs would embark upon a capital campaign to finance the construction of their facility. Shea has stated their company is not in a position to “gift” the parcel.

Support from Barbara Warden

Barbara Warden has indicated strong support for a family-oriented recreational facility. She was involved in the negotiations for the original project approval and, through her representative Tom Daglish at the MRNPC meeting on June 20, 2000, expressed agreement with MRNPC members that a family swimming pool and tennis facility was indeed, and also clarified the intent of the deal that Shea made. Councilmember Warden was very clear that this is what is needed and encouraged Shea to fulfill their commitment to the community. The MRNPC thanks Councilmember Warden for her continued support of this effort!

What’s Next?

Pam Montanile (MRNPC member) and Claudia Unhold (past MRNPC chair and current resident) are heading up the effort to realize a family-oriented recreational facility on Shea’s 4-acre parcel. If you would like to help with this, or would like to offer suggestions/ideas, please contact Pam at 689-1762 [[email protected]] or Claudia at 549-8386 [[email protected]].