Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG)

Easing Traffic on I-15

At the Scripps Ranch Planning Group’s (SRPG) June meeting, Larry Carr of CalTrans updated the progress regarding the I-15 managed lanes and auxiliary lanes projects. Kathy Donnelly from the Metropolitan Transit Development Board (MTDB) also attended the meeting.

Managed lanes are for carpools only; auxiliary lanes are for all to use. The auxiliary lanes project is fully funded, the design portion is complete, and currently waiting for construction bidding to be completed later this year.

The SRPG followed up as to how Scripps Ranch residents could access the proposed managed–"zipper"–lanes. The SRPG authorized a letter to be drafted to CalTrans and the MTDB requesting a multi-jurisdiction document be created that would evaluate potential Scripps Ranch access to managed lanes.

As a courtesy, CalTrans provided the timeline in the table to the right as to the auxiliary lanes to be constructed along I-15. We will forward changes as we get them.

Council District 5 Report

Councilmember Brian Maienschein’s office reported that the eastern Mira Mesa fire station should open this month. Our councilmember is also working with the state to address the potential re-opening of the Miramar Lake Dam.

Finally, red curbing on the north side of Mira Mesa Boulevard between I-15 and Scripps Ranch Boulevard is finally set to occur. That will free up the right-hand lane during morning rush hour to allow free-flow to I-15 north.

Mayor’s Office Report

Mayor Dick Murphy’s office stated a desire to plant 2,000 new trees in San Diego by 2003. The city’s planning staff reports there was a City of Villages workshop in June for the city’s Planning Commission. The meeting was open to the public. If you have any questions about the proposed City of Villages concept, go to [].

Sewer Lines

SRPG board member Bob Petering discussed the city of San Diego’s Canyon Sewer Cleaning Program Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The essence of the program is to evaluate the removal of sewer lines from environmentally sensitive areas, or abandon them. If that is not feasible, then they will try to minimize potential impacts and develop a maintenance access plan.

Military Housing Project

SRPG board member Jim Paterniti informed the board that the departing General from Miramar expressed his preference to build the proposed military family housing–1600 units–at the Santo Road site along Highway 52. That site is the furthest removed from Scripps Ranch of the areas under initial consideration.

The Navy/Marines have yet to release their final Environmental Impact Study (EIS) that will detail where the housing should be built, or whether more units will be considered, as has been indicated in newspaper reports.

Natural Gas Power Plant

A natural gas power plant is still being considered east of Birch Bluff, within East Miramar. A subcommittee will meet with the power company, its public relations firm, and MCAS Miramar representatives for an initial briefing. As the SRPG learns more, we will seek comments from the community.

Street Median

SRPG board members Gordon Boerner and Bob Petering updated the board regarding street median issues on Scripps Ranch Boulevard from Mira Mesa Boulevard to Scripps Lake Drive. The SRPG will evaluate median width, traffic circulation patterns from the new Monarch apartments, landscape implications, and the length of left turn lanes at Scripps Ranch Boulevard and Hibert. A project manager should be assigned by the city within the next six weeks, and conceptual plans will start.

Join Us

The SRPG usually meets the first Thursday of each month. Due to the July 4th holiday, the next regular SRPG meeting will be Thursday, July 11, at 7 pm at the Scripps Ranch Library.

There are many important development issues facing our community. We welcome your input.

Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee (MRNPC)

Monthly Meetings

The Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee (MRNPC) meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7 pm in the Information Center. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

Thank You, Bob Dingeman!

At its June meeting, the MRNPC held a party to honor Bob Dingeman for all his years of service to our community. After 22 years of serving on the planning committee, Bob decided not to run for reelection in March.

Councilmember Brian Maienschein presented Bob with a plaque which reads: "The Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee wishes to extend its heartfelt thanks to Col. (Ret.) Bob Dingeman for his years of endless service and dedication to Scripps Ranch. You have made our community a better place through your hard work and leadership. Our sincerest thanks. The members of the MRNPC 2002."

Dog Park

Scripps Ranch resident Robin Russell is hoping to find a home for a fenced off-leash dog park within Scripps Ranch. She already has more than twice the number of required signatures on her petition and is still collecting more.

Knowing how precious park land is in Scripps Ranch, she assured us that she has no interest in taking away any existing park land, but thinks that everyone in Scripps Ranch would benefit from having a separate area for dogs to run. This continues to be an ongoing item for discussion. If you have any interest in this topic, contact Peggy Shirey at 530-3833 and she will put you in touch with the individuals spearheading this effort.

Miramar Overlook Park Update

Construction on the Miramar Overlook Park is expected to begin in August. This park will be located along the south side of Scripps Ranch Boulevard overlooking the lake, between the Waterford and Miro/Ravel neighborhoods.

The park plans include three interpretive signboards overlooking the lake. The MRNPC discussed the content of these signs and developed the following recommendation: one board should highlight the points of interest visible in the view; another board should describe the local wildlife; and, the third board should detail the history of the reservoir. If you can help with any of the information on these signboards, please contact Claudia Unhold at 549-8386.

Welcome New Member

The MRNPC is pleased to welcome our newest member, Adam Grofcsik, who lives in Ivy Crest. Adam was appointed to a four-year term and has already volunteered to help out with our website. We thank Adam in advance for the time he will give to our community.


The MRNPC has five vacancies. Members must be at least 18 years of age and either reside in or represent a property owner or a business within the Miramar Ranch North planning area. That includes most of the Scripps Ranch neighborhoods north of Miramar Lake.

In addition, you must have attended at least one meeting within the past 12 months. If you are interested in getting more involved with your community and helping to shape future development, please contact Bill Bernard at 549-0979. We will hold elections at our August meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 6.

Upcoming Events

Due to the July 4th holiday, the MRNPC’s next meeting will be Tuesday, Aug. 6. MedImpact is expected to discuss the sign program for its corporate center to be built on the southeast corner of Scripps Poway Parkway and I-15.

Western Pacific Housing is scheduled to present its proposed development adjacent to the Alliant International University property. The San Diego County Water Authority will return to update us on the drilling that has been done along the San Vicente Pipeline and to discuss the depth of the tunnel and potential sites for construction shafts.

Contact Peggy Shirey at 530-3833 if you would like more information about any of these projects or to be added to the distribution list for the meeting agendas.

UCSD Proposal

University of California at San Diego is proposing to construct a Structural Engineering Field Test Laboratory on its property that we know as the Elliot Field Station. The property is located between the Marine Corps Reserve Center and Alliant International University along Pomerado Road. Additional information will be forthcoming.