Volunteers Make Scripps Ranch Extraordinary

Scripps Ranch would not be the amazing community it is without its volunteers. Thousands of residents give countless hours to keep our community such a special, vibrant place to live. We celebrated our amazing volunteers in March at the Scripps Ranch Civic Association’s annual Recognition Night.

To every volunteer, thank you! If there is someone we did not honor, let us know at [[email protected]], and we’ll include them next year. On the next seven pages, we highlight our volunteers’ tremendous achievements. See more pictures of the event on the SRCA website at [www.scrippsranch.org].

Thank you to the 2015 Recognition Night Committee: chair Vince Petrucci, Dorothy Mildice, Jan McGinn, Bob Ilko, Mary Drummond, Jim Paterniti, Natalie Barnes, Tina Colmenero, and Gloria Tran. We thank Bob Forrest for taking the pictures for this Newsletter. Visit his website at [www.your-precious-moments.com].

Citizen of the Year—Victoria Mazelli

Our most prestigious award, the Citizen of the Year, is given to an individual who makes significant contributions to Scripps Ranch in many ways, and whose work leaves a lasting impression. Years later the community should be a better place because of what he or she accomplished. This year we present our Citizen of the Year Award to Victoria Mazelli!

Since moving to Scripps Ranch, Victoria (pictured with Councilmember Mark Kersey) has been a volunteer for more than 24 years, beginning with the Scripps Ranch Friends of the Library (SRFOL) in 1991. She served on the board for 19+ years and enhanced the library with seasonal decor. A favorite annual fundraiser for the library was “HodgePodge Arts and Crafts for Kids,” which she chaired for 13 years. In 2000 she met with the Meanley family and, with Save Our Scripps (SOS) Ranch, presented at the SD Historical Resources Board to preserve the 200-foot Meanley Wall adjacent to the library.

She shares her talent by providing the community with artistic endeavors, such as designing logos for our schools and sports teams. She helped implement the SRCA logo in the basketball circle at the SR Rec Center. Victoria was the decorating designer for the opening of the SRCA Community Center in 1999. She instigated the first ”Bob Dingeman Day” and decorated the trophy cabinet at Dingeman Elementary with commemorative items from Bob’s military service.

Victoria served on the SRCA Board as the Community Pride chair for 10 years and has volunteered on various SRCA committees. She co-chaired the first Scripps Ranch Community Fair and has been on the committee since then.

Victoria coordinated the grand opening of Scripps Ranch Fire Station 37 in 2001, chairing the two ”Create a Tile” fundraisers. The fire-themed tiles proudly adorn the interior of the fire station apparatus and exercise rooms.

For more than a decade Victoria has been a volunteer with the annual SRCA 4th of July Parade and Festivities. In addition, she served as a charter organization representative for Boy Scout Troop 616 from 1999–2005. Victoria designed the graphics for the Fire Safe Council/SRCA’s “Your Evacuation Plan” in 2014.

If you see a logo, poster, or banner for a SR event, it was likely designed and produced by Victoria with love and a commitment to our community. Mark Kersey named March 3, 2015, Victoria Mazelli Day in the city of San Diego. We applaud her and her spirit of volunteerism!

Congressional Award—Jim Caughey

Congressman Scott Peters represents Scripps Ranch. The Congressional Award is given to an individual for his or her leadership and service over an extended period of time.

Jim Caughey (left with Shea Benton, Scott Peters’ district representative) has been volunteering with the distribution of the SRCA Newsletter since 1989, when he began delivering it to his neighbors.

In 2004 he started helping the distribution manager, and the following year took on the job full time. In the past 10 years, month after month, he has been the backbone of the Newsletter delivery system. As the manager of the distribution network, Jim keeps the details on who distributes where. Considering the size of Scripps Ranch, this is a huge job!

He personally delivers 1,100 copies on his regular route, as well as to all the businesses in our two shopping centers. Jim’s volunteer works keeps an entire community informed. Jim has been described as “loyal, dependable, and positive,” but those words do not quite describe Jim’s attitude. If you’ve been in his company, you know how infectious his laugh can be, which puts everyone in a pleasant mood.

Jim, all of the Scripps Ranch community is grateful for your service!