A Village of Volunteers!

Citizen of the Year—Andy Nicholas

Our most prestigious award, the Citizen of the Year, is given to an individual who makes significant contri­butions to Scripps Ranch in many ways, and whose work leaves a lasting impression. Years later the community should be a better place because of what he or she accomplished. This year we present our Citizen of the Year Award to Andy Nicholas! City Councilmember Mark Kersey (left with Andy) declared Tuesday, Apr. 5, Andy Nicholas Day in the City of San Diego!

Since 1983 Andy has been a Scripps Ranch Old Pros member. He has provided the public address system at the start/finish line for the group’s 4th of July Bike Ride, 10K Fun Run, and the SRCA parade.

He served as Symphony in the Park concerts co-chair for two years. Since 1984 he has done the time-consuming task of setting up and taking down the light, sound, and electrical systems for the concerts.

For 10 years, Andy coached both boys and girls Scripps Ranch soccer and served as the equipment manager for several years. He also coached baseball.

He volunteered his expertise at the grand opening of the Scripps Ranch Library in 1986, and in 1987 at their “Southwest Serenade at the Meanly House.”

For a decade Andy worked with the Scripps Ranch Old Pros and the Scripps Ranch Women’s Athletic Club to help put on the Scripps Ranch Haunted House for the youngsters in our community. In 1995 he helped set up the first SR High School Grad Night and served as chair in 1997. For years after that he helped with the Grad Night set construction.

For more than 20 years Andy has helped the Girl Scouts by providing a state-of-the art sound and lighting system for their events. He also donated equipment and trained girl scouts in communication systems for their Merit badges.

Since 1985—and through today!—Andy delivers the SRCA Newsletter. Now he gets help from his granddaughters, Paige and Kendall.

With great appreciation and admiration, we honor Andy Nicholas as the 2016 Scripps Ranch Citizen of the Year!

Special Awards—Helping Those in Need

Special awards were presented to those who came to the aid of others. Above: Nurse Jeanne Dean (front right) and landscaper Ismael Sandoval (back left) assisted in the birth of a baby on a neighborhood street. The healthy boy was born to Brian and Karly Kent (front left). Congratulations! Channel 10 news reporter and Scripps Ranch resident Steve Fiorina (back right) did a news story on the incident, which was shown at Recognition Night.

Not pictured: Lisa Lattarulo and her family were the first to arrive at a fatal pedestrian collision. They called 911 and helped the victim and driver. Her caring will not be forgotten.

Drew Goodwin (left) helped a kindergarten teacher after a tree branch fell on her at Miramar Ranch Elementary. He rendered first aid and helped keep kids safe. State Assemblyman Brian Maienschein (representative Rob Knudsen pictured) presented Drew with a special proclamation for his heroism.

California State Assembly Awards

This award is given to individuals who make outstanding contributions to Scripps Ranch over an extended time period. We thank State Assemblyman Brian Maienschein for this award. His representative, Rob Knudsen (back right), made the presentations.

Lori Erlenbach (front left) is a “super” volunteer for her more than 15 years of service in our schools. She also has volunteered with SR Little League. This year Lori is helping with the SRCA Community Fair and is creating a new feature—a silent auction with proceeds to benefit the SRCA Dingeman Scholarships.

Rob Holmes (front middle) chairs the Scripps Ranch 50 Plus Committee and arranges informative and interesting excursions and events for the group. Rob’s dedication to keep this committee viable has greatly contributed to our community. He is also a member of Sustainable SR.

Jan McGinn (front right) has volunteered as an SRCA district representative for six years. She also chairs two crucial SRCA committees: Membership and Community Fair. She invigorated the membership campaign by brainstorming with her committee to develop new ideas, which significantly increased donations. As Community Fair chair she works tirelessly to improve its relevance to the community. Jan serves on many other SRCA committees and manages the SRCA database, used for “eblasts” to keep the community informed.

Helen Plutner (back left) has been the principal leader in growing Sustainable Scripps Ranch (SSR) for the last six years. She established “Green Street” at the Community Fair and started the Green Living Tour. Her passion to provide Scripps with information about sustainability and conservation translates into special events. Helen serves on other SRCA committees.

Tamar Silverstein (back middle) has served as the Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG) secretary for most of the past 12 years. She was part of the Chabad Committee, as well as the committee that reviewed proposals for the Carroll Canyon site. She also served on the San Diego Community Planning Committee on behalf of the SRPG.

Not pictured: Sue Hunt was a founding member of the SR Elder Care Alliance, now SR 50 Plus. She is still highly involved. Her dedication helped the group grow and include more SR seniors.

Congressman Scott Peters (front left) represents Scripps Ranch and attended Recognition Night to present special Congressional Awards for continuing service. While these recipients have previously been honored with the Citizen of the Year award and are in the SRCA Volunteer Hall of Fame, they continue their volunteerism.

Bob Ilko (back right) has been an SRCA volunteer since 1990, serving in many leadership positions and on many committees. He coached soccer, helped found the SRHS Foundation, and served as SRPG chair. Currently: SRCA president for six years and SRPG member.

Jim Paterniti (back left) has been an SRCA volunteer since 1990, serving on numerous committees. He has been an SRPG member for 12 years. He worked to keep Scripps Ranch in the same City Council district during the 2011 redistricting. Currently: SRCA executive VP and Long-Term Planning Committee member.

Mary Drummond (front center) has been an SRCA volunteer since 2003. After the 2003 Cedar Fire she developed the Project Phoenix portion of the SRCA website. Has been an SRCA Board member since 2006, serving on a number of committees. Currently: SRCA co-executive VP and a member of many committees.

Dorothy Mildice (front right) has been an SRCA volunteer since 1990, serving as a district representative for 10 years and on many committees. She chaired the Recognition Night Committee for many years. Dorothy was a founding member of Save Our Scripps Ranch in 2000. To prevent a developer from destroying trees around Evans Pond she tied yellow ribbons around them. Represented SR at the MCAS Miramar Community Leaders forum. Currently: SR rep to MCAS Miramar and Recognition Night Committee historian, advisor, and editor.