Using the words “Scripps Ranch” and “volunteer” together seems redundant. That’s because when most people describe our amazing community, the word “volunteer” frequently follows. What would Scripps Ranch be without its volunteers? We hope to never find out!

Hundreds and hundreds of residents share their time and talents to make Scripps Ranch one of the most sought-after communities in which to live. And the expertise is so varied, you can almost always find the skills you need.

Every year the Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA) holds Recognition Night to honor volunteers who give to our community. To every volunteer, thank you! If there is someone we missed, email us at [email protected] and we’ll include them next year. On the next six pages, we highlight our volunteers. Since we have limited space, visit to read more. We thank professional photographer Matthew Nguyen——for giving his time and talent to take these pictures.

Scripps Ranch Volunteers!

Our most prestigious award, the Citizen of the Year, is given to a volunteer who makes significant contributions to Scripps Ranch. Years later the community should be a better place because of what he or she accomplished. This year we present our Citizen of the Year Award to James Caughey! City Councilmember Mark Kersey (right, with Jim) declared Monday, Apr. 2, James Caughey Day in the City of San Diego!

Jim has volunteered with the Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA) Newsletter since 1989, when he began delivering it to his neighbors. In 2005 he took on the massive job of distribution manager. The Newsletter distribution network is one of the most incredible in the city, much of which is due to Jim’s hard work. His “job” requires him to oversee a team of nine area distributors, 25 primary distributors, and countless secondary ones, who hand deliver the Newsletter to all Scripps Ranch homes.

Jim picks up 40 boxes, each containing 100 Newsletters, and delivers to some area distributors. He also personally delivers more than 1,000 copies to businesses and other Scripps Ranch locations.

There are about 300 distributors, and Jim keeps computer records of all of them on a system he designed. When a distributor moves or “retires,” Jim takes on the job of finding a replacement. When a distributor is out of town and doesn’t have a backup, Jim does that route too.

Considering the size of Scripps Ranch, and its 11,000+ homes, this is a huge and vital job. Jim’s volunteer work for nearly three decades helps keep our community informed. The accomplishment of picking up and distributing Newsletters to Scripps Ranch at the start of each month for 13 years is remarkable and admirable.

In appreciation of Jim’s volunteer work covering decades, we proclaim James Caughey as the 2018 Scripps Ranch Citizen of the Year. Congratulations!

Congressional Awards

Congressmember Scott Peters represents Scripps Ranch and, while he could not attend, staff member Erin Magee (center) presented Congressional Awards for continuing service to two longtime volunteers.

Lorayne Burley (left) has been an active volunteer for 14 years. She currently leads the Voice of Scripps Ranch group, working for the reasonable use of the Scripps Mesa site at the corner of Scripps Poway Parkway and Spring Canyon Road.

Her many other contributions include: SRCA Schools Committee; Neighborhood Watch; 4th of July and Recognition Night committees; longtime school volunteer; Girl Scouts sales manager, 10 years; and Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee, 10 years, two as chair, currently vice chair.

Gordon Boerner has been an active volunteer for 27 years. Highlights of his countless contributions include: SR Planning Group, 27 years, including chair and subcommittees; SRCA, 19 years, four as president; 11 years youth sports coach; and for 25 years hosts SRHS ASB president at scholarship event through “Kiwanis Laurels 4 Leaders” board affiliation.

Gordon secured funding for many SRCA initiatives and negotiated with the city to save the now-SRCA Community Center as a meeting place for SR groups.

We thank Lorayne and Gordon for their decades of dedication!

California State Assembly Awards

This award is given to individuals who make outstanding contributions to Scripps Ranch over an extended time period. We thank State Assemblymember Brian Maienschein for this award. His chief of staff, Lance Witmondt (middle), made the presentations.

Tracy Jewell’s (left) commitment to our schools can be traced back more than eight years. She has served twice as president of the Miramar Ranch Elementary Family Faculty Association, while at the same time serving as the SRHS Foundation treasurer. She was an active member of the MMS Parent Teacher Student Association, chaired fundraisers, and volunteered as a Girl Scout leader,

Andy Nicholas has served the community since 1997. He starting with his work as SRHS Grad Nite chair and continues to benefit our community today. Whether it was his original “bullhorn”—or in later years his public address (PA) system—Andy was there in all kinds of weather providing residents with quality sound at various events.

He has assisted the Old Pros as a director and by providing them with a PA system for the culmination of the group’s 10K. Andy donated equipment and trained girl scouts in communication systems to help them earn merit badges.

Andy’s adept handling of his microphone and loudspeaker has brought immeasurable enjoyment to residents at our community happenings.

Tamara Hurley (not pictured) has been a dedicated school volunteer for more than a decade. She has held various positions at different schools. At Jerabek she volunteered as a Family Faculty Organization board member, on the School Site Council/Site Governance Team, she taught Art Corps for 10+ years, and served on the yearbook staff for 7+ years. Tamara also co-chaired the Scripps Ranch Schools Committee.

Currently she is active on the SRHS Foundation, School Site Council, and the District Advisory Council. She is aware of legislation that has passed and understands how the decisions made at the state and district level affect our schools.

Congratulations to all of you!

The Executive Board Award of Merit is also referred to as the “Energizer Bunny” Award. Volunteers who receive this special honor keep going and going and going…you get the point!

For more than two decades Marvin Miles has been doing what Marvin does best—serving on the Scripps Mesa Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP). It’s one of the reasons our community is one of the safest in the city.

Also, as the former president and a primary fundraiser for the Scripps Mesa Fireworks, Marvin continues to promote the tradition of two communities coming together to share in the celebration of Independence Day. It’s an event thousands look forward to every year.

Thank you, Marv, for being a strong supporter of the SRCA, for your everlasting commitment to our community, and for being Santa’s helper at our annual Tree Lighting Ceremony!

Winter, spring ,summer and fall,

Each year we’ve watched you do your best.

We’ve thanked you sincerely for deeds big and small,

But now it’s time to take a rest.

The recipient of the Take A Night Off Award gives so much to our community that he or she gets to enjoy an evening off! The honoree is given a gift certificate to a local restaurant This year the award goes to Rob Holmes!

As chair of the Scripps Ranch 50 Plus Committee for the past eight years, Rob has developed a unique organization for our community. It focuses on residents who are at least 50 years of age and provides a number of activities and resources. Those include monthly lectures, tours of senior facilities, exercise classes, and more. This past year Rob planned and directed the SRCA Holiday Party and SRCA Meet & Greet, which is on Saturday, May 19—see this Newsletter’s centerfold—and brings together many community organizations. Rob is also an active member of Sustainable SR.

Thank you, Rob, for your commitment to Scripps Ranch!