Scripps Ranch Volunteers Make Things Happen

Why is Scripps Ranch the best community in the city? Its volunteers! There are thousands of people who give countless hours to maintain, and even improve, the unique Scripps Ranch quality of life. We celebrated our amazing volunteers in late April at the Scripps Ranch Civic Association’s annual Reconition Night.

To every volunteer, thank you! If there is someone we did not honor, let us know at [[email protected]], and we’ll do so next year. On the next eight pages, we highlight our volunteers’ tremendous achievements. All the details about our honorees are on the SRCA website at [].

We thank the 2014 Recognition Night Committee: chair Vince Petrucci, Dorothy Mildice, Jim Paterniti, Mary Drummond, Jan McGinn, Tina Colmenero Victoria Mazelli, and Gloria Tran. We extend a huge thank you to Christi Ransom—[]—for taking the pictures for this Newsletter.

Citizen of the Year—Gloria Tran

Our most prestigious award…the Citizen of the Year is presented to an individual who makes significant contributions to our community in many ways, and whose work has left a lasting impression. Ten years later the community should be a better place because of what he or she has accomplished. This year we present our Citizen of the Year Award to Gloria Tran!

Gloria (pictured with Councilmember Mark Kersey) began her service in 2000 on the SRCA Membership and Information Center committees. As outreach coordinator for the center, she was responsible for the origin of events there.

She took on the role of SRCA Newsletter editor in 2002. The exceptional publication has grown under her excellent direction, and is a source of pride and information for our community.

With the opening of Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School, Gloria worked diligently for the safety of children by helping implement upgrades to the security measures at the site. Also at EBS Gloria was instrumental in bringing the half-day junior kindergarten Primary Extended Program (PEP) to the school to give younger kids the “gift of time.”

Gloria served as EBS Academic Fundraising Partnership president and VP and was on the EBS Site Governance Team (SGT) and School Site Council (SSC). She has been on the Marshall SGT/SSC for four years, serving as co-chair for two. She is on the Schools Committee—and has been for 10 years, three as co-chair.

Gloria was on the task force to transform the old MMS to an elementary school. She successfully lobbied the school district to install air conditioning for the kids’ safety.

AC is currently being installed at SRHS and other schools in the district after years of lobbying by Gloria, who focused on the dangerous heat levels in classrooms on hot days. She is also on the SRHS Whole Site Modernization Task Force to update the site. This includes helping secure more soccer fields for our community.

Gloria was on the Project Phoenix Organizing Committee and became its “voice,” helping inform and heal our community after the 2003 Cedar Fire. She also helped set up community meetings. In addition, she has been on many SRCA committees.

Gloria pursues family, school, and community issues with passion and energy— the essence of a truly special volunteer.

Mark Kersey named April 24, 2014, Gloria Tran Day in the city of San Diego. We applaud her and encourage her spirit of volunteerism as we honor her as the 2014 Scripps Ranch Citizen of the Year.

Congressional Award—Helen Plutner

Congressman Scott Peters represents Scripps Ranch. The Congressional Award is given to an individual for his or her leadership and service over an extended period of time.

Helen Plutner (right) has made an impressive impact on the Scripps Ranch quality of life in the past five years as one of the first members of Sustainable Scripps Ranch (SSR). SSR hosts events that bring an awareness of the need for water and energy conservation. Residents have learned how to make lifestyle changes that reduce the use of scarce natural resources.

Helen does the website postings and sends out all the email blasts for SSR and arranges for speakers at their meetings. One of her major contributions was the instigation of the “Green Living Tour,” an annual event focusing on water-wise planting and energy efficient ideas.

Helen was the main organizer for last year’s Water and Energy Fair, which also helped raise needed funds for the SRCA. Along those lines, she also volunteers with the SRCA Membership Committee.

In 2011 she helped establish “Green Street” at our Community Fair and is on the Community Fair Committee.

Scripps Ranch values and appreciates Helen’s time, energy, and dedication.

California State Assembly Awards

This award is presented to individuals who make outstanding contributions to the development of volunteerism in Scripps Ranch over an extended period of time. We thank California State Assemblyman Brian Maienschein (left) for this award.

Victoria Mazelli (middle) has been a volunteer since she first moved to Scripps Ranch. For more than 20 years she has served on the Scripps Ranch Friends of the Library Board. She shares her talent by providing the community with artistic endeavors including designing the logos for the opening of five new schools. She has volunteered with the Boy Scouts, Community Fair, and SRCA Membership Committee. You see Victoria’s work everywhere you go in Scripps Ranch.

Bob Petering (right) has served three terms on the Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG) in the past 24 years, by sitting out a year in between two of them. His institutional knowledge of Scripps Ranch has been a real value. Bob’s incredible land use expertise has been a great help in the evaluation of numerous projects presented to the SRPG. He served as a member of the Public Facilities Financing Plan Committee for many years. He chaired the Bullet Train Ad Hoc Committee and served on the Bike Lane Ad Hoc Committee. Bob’s commitment to the betterment of Scripps Ranch is invaluable.

Not pictured: Mike Asaro has been an active member of the SRPG for the past 12 years. His architectural expertise and knowledge of the city planning process is an incredible asset. Over the years Mike also has coached youth sports.

Doris Berry has been a volunteer in Scripps Ranch for more than a decade. She co-chaired the Spring Carnival fundraiser at Dingeman Elementary for years, and served on the FFC Board. Doris directed the recycling program for Girl Scout Troop 8041 and is the Troop 616 Committee secretary. Her vivacious enthusiasm is infectious. She also can be proud of her son, who just earned his Eagle Award.

Lynn Owens founded Sustainable Scripps Ranch (SSR) in 2009. Her leadership helps residents enjoy a healthier life though education and the application of sustainable lifestyles. She has taken an active part in the annual SSR Water-Wise Garden tour. Lynn regularly writes articles for the SRCA Newsletter. She does much more and is the type of person who always lends a helping hand wherever needed.

SRCA Presidential Award of Merit

From time to time the SRCA president may honor unique and valuable contributions of a volunteer with the special Presidential Award of Merit. This year we congratulate Jerry Mitchell (right) for his outstanding community work.

After the Cedar Fire Jerry organized neighbors to find ways to prevent another devastating event. He visited areas in Scripps Ranch and explained how to set up their own chapter of a Fire Safe Council. He helped form a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and obtained federal and state funding to facilitate removing overgrown brush. Jerry spearheaded the formation of the Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Alliance. Fire prevention became a passion with Jerry, and he travels throughout the county educating communities on how to protect their homes and families.

This past year Jerry, working with the San Diego Police and Fire-Rescue departments and the SRCA, put together an Evacuation Plan brochure in case of another disaster. Scripps Ranch, and other areas in the county, are safer today due to Jerry’s ardent work.

Volunteer Hall of Fame

Outstanding volunteers are inducted into the Volunteer Hall of Fame if, after being named Citizen of the Year, they continue to make contributions. This year Mary Drummond is added to this group. Thank you to our past inductees:

  • Chuck Adkinson
  • Steve Allen
  • Brian Allman
  • Gordon Boerner
  • Bob Cavanagh
  • Wes Danskin
  • Bob Dingeman
  • Bob Ilko
  • Marvin Miles
  • Lynn Parke
  • Julian Parrish
  • Jim Paterniti
  • David Prewett
  • Marc Sorensen
  • Jany Staley
  • Katie Sullivan
  • Claudia Tedford
  • Karen Wood