Scripps-Mesa Bible Church

God is mystery. God is beyond all we can think, for God is infinite. As one seeks to describe God, our words seem inadequate, capable of only hinting at a reality other than anything we know or have experienced.

Yet, God is knowable. God has made the reality of His presence known through creation, the Bible and, most powerfully, through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. God is not only knowable but wants us to know Him.

We at Scripps-Mesa Bible Church want to introduce you to the mystery that is God. We do not pretend to be able to adequately describe Him for He defies description. Rather, our desire is to bring you into the presence of God and leave you there so you can discover Him for yourself. Then, once you discover God, we would like to be a part of helping you grow in your relationship with Him.

Scripps Ranch Christian Church (SRCC)

It is not too late to join our youth group for a water park adventure on Thursday, Aug. 8, and a pool party and barbecue on Thursday, Aug. 22. All kids in our community are welcome!

Pastor Bill recently gave a sermon on the place of prayer in our lives. Starting our day with prayer puts us in touch with God and gives us strength to deal with daily challenges. Paralyzing fear results when we try to handle everything alone. Prayer is a way to point us to all good things. Check out Luke18:1-8.

At SRCC we are "enriching lives together" by providing a safe place for you and your family to explore and build relationships with God and others on the same journey.

We meet Sundays at 10:15 am at Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School. Experience the practical lessons taught by Pastor Bill Hanna and our team of dynamic speakers. Please call 442-8802.

Northstar Community Church

Bring your family back to church this summer and come just as you are, sunburn and all, to Northstar! Our goal is to help each person in our community grow in their relationship with God. No pressure from us. We just want to help serve you and your family in any way we can.

August brings a special month of preaching topics. Dr. Sam Kamaleson joins us Sunday, Aug. 4, as he shares insights from his years of ministry in India and Asia. Pastor Darrell begins a new 4-week series on Sunday, Aug. 11, entitled "Why Believe the Bible?"

We will tackle many of the evidences for the Bible’s accuracy and reliability from many extra-biblical resources. If you have ever thought "Why should I believe the Bible?" then stop by for this enlightening series. Tapes are available. Please contact us at 549-2479 or [].

Moms In Touch

Would you like to support your children and their schools by praying with other Christian moms? Moms In Touch International is moms who meet one hour a week to pray for their children, school, teachers, and administrators.

Moms In Touch desires to be a positive support to public and private schools, praying that our schools be guided by biblical values and high moral standards. Call Julie at 695-8130.

New Group at St. Gregory’s

Join us for an adult singles’ group at St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church. The next meeting is Friday, Aug. 9, at 7 pm in the parish hall. Call Mary Ann Pearson at 586-6279 for information.