First Baptist Church of Mira Mesa

Were you brought up with spiritual training that has eroded over the years? Easter is a good time to remember who gave you the talents and opportunities that brought your success. This Easter Sunday, April 23, come sing with us, “Christ the Lord has risen today!” Learn how to experience the joy of knowing that all of your securities are not listed on the NASDAQ or Dow. The most important ones are listed in a much higher place!

Our Good Friday Service will be held Friday, April 21, at 7 pm and will be followed by a pie social. Right after Easter, our youth will be involved in several special activities, including Freefall and a Mission Trip. This is a good time for your children to benefit from the teaching of your youth that you might have forgotten in the whirlwind of modern life. Come see for yourself what you are missing by not being part of a dynamic Christian fellowship!


Northstar Church invites members and friends to explore what it means to be a disciple of Christ through a very special new program, Discovering Spiritual Maturity. Meeting weekly, we will study the Bible, exploring our personal relationship with God and examining our part in God’s work on earth. In a safe, supportive atmosphere, you will be able to determine your own convictions and come into a new, deeper relationship with our Lord. Call the Church office at 549-2479 for meeting times.

Northstar Community Church is a Christ-centered, Scripps Ranch church that welcomes people from every Christian tradition. We serve our community with Sunday worship, Bible studies, active Youth Ministries and Children’s Church. Loving childcare provided for infants and toddlers every Sunday.

We are proud to be a faith family where each person is encouraged to question, wrestle with God, and think for themselves. We are committed to cooperation with Christian churches of every denomination. Our services are held on Sunday from 9 to 11:30 am at Miramar Ranch Elementary School.

Canyon Springs Church

Discover a wonderful new place in Scripps Ranch to enjoy real family closeness and build great lasting friendships! Canyon Springs Church is new and different! Come enjoy a casual atmosphere, upbeat contemporary music from nationally published songwriter Jim Firth and the River Rocks band and quality children’s programs that provide a safe environment for your children to learn that God loves them.

We have a pop up Playland fun center for the kids, a “Get Real” youth ministry program for Junior high and high school along with interesting messages from the Bible that will make you laugh and think, and build your relationship with Jesus. Plus, we provide a great chance for you to connect better with your own family and with other families.

Canyon Springs meets weekly at 9:30 am at Jerabek Elementary School 10050 Avenida Magnifica. If you have any questions, call 619-586-9492, send email to [[email protected]] or look us up at [].

Scripps-Mesa Bible Church

Easter is about nothing. That’s what was found in the tomb of Jesus Christ. Jesus had been killed just days earlier, and his body was placed in a tomb. When the followers of Jesus arrived at the tomb, they couldn’t believe their eyes. His body was gone. Their first thoughts were not “Praise God a miracle has happened!” but “who took, moved, or stole the body?” It was not until they saw with their own eyes and touched Jesus with their own hands that they believed

He had risen from the dead. After that nothing would stop them from telling the world. Jesus died, rose from the dead, and through those actions provided a way to receive forgiveness and enter into a life transforming and death defying relationship with God. That is what Easter is about. This Easter attend a Church and listen for the voice of the Living God.