First Baptist Church of Mira Mesa

       Reservations for our “Way to BE-attitudes” children’s summer camp are
being made already. If your young person delights in such things, you
might be interested in visiting now to learn the exciting details about
this camp, held the week of July 10?14. Our teens will have their own
kick-off to their summer camping trip on May 26?29.

       Adults can keep as busy as they wish in our halls of worship and
fellowship. We have several home Bible studies, groups such as Senior
Adult Livewires, Weigh Down workshops, Promise Keepers, Men of
Integrity, and Single Adult Ministry. Wednesday evening is Family Night,
with Bible study and prayer, as well as children’s and youth activities.

       Ministering to people’s needs, in whatever circumstance they may be, is
an important part of our church life. That’s why each member of your
family will find a special place at First Baptist, even if you are empty
nesters or without children, single or chronologically gifted. Hope to
see you next Sunday! You’re in for a blessing when you visit.

Scripps/Mesa Bible Church

       The first time I met him he was gentle, loving, and kind, a man of
integrity. I loved spending time with him, listening to his words of
wisdom, comfort, even challenge. That’s how it began.

       But he changed. As I grew more successful, his words seemed more
pointed and he began popping up in the most inopportune times and
places. He would ask me questions that pierced my very heart. He was
becoming challenging and opinionated. His eyes which had been pools of
love and joy where now clouded by sadness. He was different.
I just couldn’t say good bye. He was like a sentimental keepsake. I
just didn’t want to hear those questions or see those eyes anymore. I
assure you I used the finest silk for both the blindfold and the gag. He
doesn’t seem to mind . . . really. It is nice having him around. He did
die for my sins and all that. He just changed.