Scripps Ranch Christian Church (SRCC)

We are thrilled to welcome Mason Blue as our youth director. Mason has been active in Campus Life and is attending college, working toward a high school teaching degree. Watch for announcements about upcoming youth events that are open to all youth in our community.

Pastor Bill gave a great sermon in April on stress management. He pointed out that when Moses discovered the burning bush, the flames weren’t consuming the bush. We want to have a burning passion in our lives for our families, work, and God, but don’t want to be consumed by burnout.

To achieve this, we need to let God into our lives to help us work through our daily stresses. Check out Philippians 4:6-7 for God’s words about how to handle our worries and bring peace into our lives. Join us at 10:15 am on Sundays at Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School. Call 442-8802 for information.

Scripps-Mesa Bible Church

What is the point of life? You live, you work, you play, you die. As a high school senior, I was troubled by this question. Is that all there is to life? Then I discovered something, actually "Someone," who changed all that. This Person brought meaning, purpose, and hope to my life. He is Jesus Christ. Through His life, death, and resurrection, Jesus provides forgiveness and a pathway to intimacy with God.

I now live life knowing I am loved and knowing I have a role to play that will impact eternity. We at Scripps-Mesa Bible Church want you to know Jesus and experience the abundant life He offers. Through Jesus, we can enjoy a love relationship with God the Father. As we pursue this relationship, we are gradually transformed from the inside out and this positively impacts all we are and do. You’ve tried everything? Why not give Jesus a try?

Northstar Community Church

Why Northstar? We are an interdenominational church located right in the Scripps Ranch community. Think of us as the small church with a big heart. Our goal is to help each person grow in his or her relationship with God at his or her own pace. No pressure. No pushing. No religious rituals that don’t make sense to the average person.

We just focus on the Bible, what God tells us through it about Himself, and what it means to have a relationship with Him. Our music is a blend of contemporary songs with traditional favorites mixed in.

Check out our website [] for additional information about our weekend services, our student ministries, our kids’ ministries, our weekly small groups, or the many other events going on at the church. Whether you are 2, 22, 62, or 92, we have a place for you. So, come just as you are…to Northstar!