First Baptist Church of Mira Mesa

“Make a joyful noise unto the Lord” could be the summer theme at First Baptist. Happy sounds will fill the air on occasions such as the all-church courtyard concert and cookout on Sunday, July 23, at 6 pm. Glider races are sure to generate some happy hubbub as our Royal Ambassador young men compete at 6 pm on Wednesday, July 26.

The highlight of the summer will be undersea adventures, part of Vacation Bible School (VBS), each evening at 6 pm from Sunday, July 30, through Sunday, Aug. 6. Lively VBS activities abound for every member of your family, including adults. Teens are helpers at this session of VBS since they have their own teen-aged style one in August.

“Vaya Con Dios” is the send-off for our traveling groups. Pine Valley Bible Camp is the destination for our elementary-aged children, who will have Power Camp there the week of July 10-14. Glorieta, New Mexico, will be the end of the line for our teens, who will be there July 21-29.

Of course, regular services, Bible studies, youth groups, and other opportunities for worship, education, and fellowship continue. For information concerning our ministries, please call 566-3671.

Scripps-Mesa Bible Church (SMBC)

Summer is in full swing and so is SMBC. We have a whole host of activities slated for the summer. These activities are for young and old alike. Our middle school and high school groups are involved in non-stop activities and adventures. Our adults, not to be outdone, are also busy and, of course, we have activities that include the entire family. You see we at SMBC believe it is important not only to gather together on Sundays, but also to get together throughout the week. So we make it a priority to party with one another. You see, Christ died to provide forgiveness of sin as well as a new relationship with God and one another. So as we party together we acknowledge with great joy what God has accomplished through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. So we party on at SMBC!

Canyon Springs Church

Discover a wonderful new place in Scripps Ranch to enjoy real family closeness and build great lasting friendships! Canyon Springs Church is new and different! Come enjoy a casual atmosphere, upbeat contemporary music from nationally published songwriter Jim Firth and the River Rocks band, and quality children’s programs that provide a safe environment for your children to learn that God loves them.

We have a pop-up Playland fun center for the kids, a “Get Real” youth ministry program for junior high and high school students along with interesting messages from the Bible that will make you laugh, and think, and build your relationship with Jesus. Plus, we provide a great chance for you to connect better with your own family and with other families.

Canyon Springs meets weekly at 9:30 am at Jerabek Elementary School. If you have any questions, please call 586-9492 send email to [[email protected]], or look us up on the web at [].