Hadassah Young Women’s Group

Hadassah is a young women’s group–30 to 40 years old–for women in Scripps Ranch and Sabre Springs. Join us Sunday, Aug. 31, from 4 to 7 pm for a picnic. Bring your family, meet your neighbors, and make connections with the dynamic Jewish women in the area. For information on what to bring and the location, contact Joan at 547-8504 or [[email protected]].

Canyon Springs Church

Canyon Springs Church in Scripps Ranch is a wonderful place to enjoy family closeness and build lasting friendships! Come enjoy a casual atmosphere, contemporary music, and interesting messages from Pastor Jack Hawkins, a well-known conference speaker.

Jack’s messages will make you laugh and think while building your relationships with family, community, and God. We offer infants through high school aged young people quality programs that provide a safe environment where they will experience God’s love.

Canyon Springs is real fun, real people, and real answers. We have two services–8:45 and 10:30 am. We meet at Dingeman Elementary School, 11840 Scripps Creek Drive. For questions, call 586-9492, email [[email protected]], or look up [www.canyonsprings.org]. Please join us! You won’t be sorry!

Scripps-Mesa Bible Church

Baseball enthusiasts have coined the phrase "dog days of summer," when the extreme heat makes the season feel as if it will never end. Unfortunately, this same description can be used to describe many people’s lives.

Circumstances cause them to ask "What’s the use?" "Is that all there is?" "What’s the point?" or, in extreme cases, they may declare "life stinks." This isn’t anything new. What point is there to life apart from knowing God and His Spirit, resulting in the certainty that you are loved and forgiven through Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection?

When the "dog days of life" loom before you, remember that we are here to help. The members of Scripps-Mesa Bible Church (SMBC) have learned that a genuine relationship with the living God through Jesus Christ is the way to find meaning, purpose, significance, and fulfillment in one’s life. Jesus is known for turning lives around! We would love for you to join us at SMBC.