Scripps Mesa Bible Church

I believe Christians should vote. However, our responsibility does not begin or end there. We are urged to pray for our leaders, especially the ones we dislike. We must resist the temptation to put our hope in a politician, political party, or piece of legislation. There is no political party that is entirely God-honoring and Christ-affirming. Paul reminds us, "The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of this world."

We must exercise caution when it comes to politics. When the cause of Christ is wrapped in an American flag or the rhetoric of a political party, it can cause others to become deaf to the gospel message. It is God’s love flowing through us that is the change agent for this world. Please vote, and then pray for your leaders and love others, especially the least of them, as Christ loves you.

Scripps Ranch Christian Church (SRCC)

Is it Thanksgiving already? It’s really a shame that, with this busy time of the Christmas season upon us, we tend to overlook Thanksgiving. It’s a holiday that teaches us to relax, get our priorities straight, and appreciate all we have.

This year, rather than be thankful for one day and spend 364 days wishing we had more, why not be thankful every day? If we could all master the art of being more thankful, how much would it positively impact our relationships? Of course, none of us has really mastered this philosophy, but it’s worth a try!

Join us Saturdays at 6 pm, as we strive to be more thankful together. Our services are informal, friendly, and focused on God’s love. We meet at 10695 Treena Street, just north of Scripps Ranch High School. Join us this week!

Canyon Springs Church

Canyon Springs Church in Scripps Ranch is a wonderful place to enjoy real family closeness and build lasting friendships! Come enjoy a casual atmosphere, upbeat contemporary music, and interesting messages from Pastor Jack Hawkins, a well-known camp and conference speaker. Jack’s messages will make you laugh and think while building your relationships with family, community, and God.

We offer quality programs for infants through high school age that provide a safe environment in which to experience God’s love. Canyon Springs is real fun, real people, and real answers.

We have two services: 8:45 and 10:30 am at Dingeman Elementary School at 11840 Scripps Creek Drive. If you have any questions, please call 653-3664, email [[email protected]], or look up []. Join us!