Scripps Mesa RSVP
Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol

Retired seniors patrol our community as extra eyes and ears for the police in a non-confrontational and non-enforcement role. RSVP has donated 160,000 hours of service since we started in 1994.

Services provided by RSVP: You Are Not Alone (YANA)—checking on homebound citizens, home checks for vacationers, cruising the neighborhood looking for unusual activity, and, most of all, just “being around” to show our presence.

How you can join RSVP to help patrol & requirements:

Have a valid California driver’s license, 50 years or older, retired or semi-retired, go through a background check, spend one week at an academy learning what to do and what not to do, and donate 3 ½ days a month.

Board members: Chair-Marvin Miles, Secretary-Bob Dingeman, Ted Brengel, Larry Brady, Bruce Brown, Pat Clark, Bob Ilko, Dale Iwig, Julian Parrish, John Sunde-RSVP Administrator.

For information on the RSVP program please contact SDPD Community Relations Officer Shannah Oliveras at [email protected] or John Sunde, RSVP Administrator, at the store front 858-538-8120.  The fax number is 858-538-8156. 

You can download the following documents:

YANA – Your Not Alone
Vacation Home Checks