Rememberance Heath

Savannah was born on Friday, November 3rd, 1983 at Mercy Hospital, San Diego. CA 
and was baptized into faith at Reformation Lutheran Church; November 13th, 1983. 
Savannah and her faith grew and were nurtured while attending school at Reformation 
until her graduation in 1998, during which time she enjoyed active participation in 
Basketball, Softball, and Cheerleading. Upon her graduation, she continued her 
educational and personal growth at California Lutheran High School for 2 years, where 
she pursued her interests in Volleyball, Softball and Choir. She returned home to Scripps 
Ranch in 2000 and finished her education at Scripps Ranch High School, graduating in 

Throughout her childhood, Savannah expressed herself through extracurricular activities 
and personal interaction with her family and friends. Savannah was taught to knit and 
crochet by her paternal grandmother and these became activities that she practiced 
throughout her young life. She often used these skills to make gifts for her friends and 
family. Through 4H, she deepened her love of animals by learning about and caring for 
horses. Savannah loved to dance and act and she combined these two skills to entertain 
others when she joined the local Christian Youth Theater. During high school, she 
became interested in painting and adorned her bedroom with her artwork. She enjoyed 
spending as much time as possible with her maternal grandparents, delighting in being a 
part of whatever they were doing.

Savannah had an outgoing personality and made friends everywhere she went. She had a 
big heart and was extremely generous. She would always lend a helping hand when she 
saw that someone was in need. Savannah was a kind and loving daughter who brought 
joy to her family and she aspired to be the best mother that she could be to her beloved 
son Lucio.

She knew her Lord and Savior and that faith carried her through the many obstacles she 
met. Savannah passed away at the age of 29 on December 8th, 2012. Knowing that she is in heaven is the greatest Joy. She will be laid to rest with her grandparents at El Camino Cemetery – Sorrento Valley on March 30, 2013.