Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS)

Grad Night, Class of 2000

    There are only a few days remaining before the SRHS Class of 2000 graduation on Wednesday, June 14, at Golden Hall. After graduation, the class will return to the high school for a safe, exciting and memorable all-night party together. We are hoping that every senior will participate in Grad Night. Tickets are still available on campus at lunch on Wednesdays and Fridays and at the senior breakfast on Monday, June 12.

    There is still a lot of last minute work to be done before Grad Night. If you can help decorate, call Kim Dillard at 566-9745 or Paula Best at 566-7734. To help with construction call Joe Read at 566-3189. To volunteer during the evening at Grad Night, please contact Linda Beavers at 566-6725, Lori Robinson at 578-6090, or Sherri Jeremiah at 566-7816.

    We are happy to accept last minute donations. Please call for prizes, Nikki Butera at 693-0693; food, Diana Finkelstein at 566-5906; and fundraising, Karen Brassfield at 586-1252.

    We are sincerely grateful to the many individuals and businesses who have made generous contributions to Grad Night 2000. Please support their businesses. In addition to those recognized last month, the following businesses and individuals have supported Grad Night:

  • Acapulco Restaurant;
  • Alpine Slides at Magic Mountain;
  • Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop, University Ave.;
  • Birch Aquarium;
  • Commonwealth;
  • Contract Carpet, Carmel Mtn.;
  • Cush Automotive Charitable Foundation;
  • Daphne’s Aegean Grill;
  • Dominos Pizza;
  • Doubletree Resort;
  • Flamingo Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas;
  • Gaye and Bob Dingeman;
  • Geico Direct;
  • Gordon H. Dixon, D.D.S., and Martin H. Thurston, D.D.S.;
  • Hornblower Cruises;
  • Jerome’s Furniture;
  • Lawrance Home Furnishings;
  • Moondoggies;
  • Motorola Inc., Western Sales;
  • Nokia;
  • Olhausen Billiards;
  • Patricia Teague, D.V.M., and Ruth MacPete, D.V.M., Scripps Ranch Veterinary Hospital;
  • Paul R. Goldstein, M.D., Inc.;
  • Presley Homes;
  • Qualcomm;
  • Resort Watersports, Mission Blvd.;
  • Reyman Photography;
  • Scripps Ranch Women’s Athletic Club;
  • Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group, Mira Mesa;
  • Sidney Spector, D.D.S.;
  • Sycuan Casino;
  • Teshima Design Group;
  • The Brady Companies;
  • The Century Club;
  • The Cohn Restaurant Group;
  • The Old Spaghetti Factory;
  • The Petering Family;
  • Time Warner Cable;
  • US Nails; and
  • Vivian Ong Szeto, D.D.S.


Grad Night 2001

    Parents don’t miss out on the fun! Teams are now forming to support Grad Night 2001. Let’s work together to assure our graduates have a night they will never forget. A big thank you to the following chairs, co-chairs, and volunteers:

  • Grad Night chairman: Anna Gruhl;
  • Senior breakfast: Linda DeLong, Linda Greenwood, Pam LaChapelle, and Marcia Coles;
  • Food: Chris Dreifuss, Brenda Wiesner, and Mary Kay Knock;
  • T-Shirt contest: Sonya Bolton and Lynne Raudaskoski;
  • Check-in and ticket sales: Pam LaChapelle, Eileen Westfall, Annette Sorensen, and Camille Currier;
  • Treasurer: Paula West;
  • Prizes: Don Gruhl;
  • Entertainment: Camille Currier;
  • Decorations: Marcia Coles and Camille Currier; and
  • Class gifts and scholarships: Pat Drahota.

    We still need more volunteers, including dads, for all of the above committees and for:

  • Check-in security;
  • Clean-up, video, and photos;
  • Construction volunteers;
  • Fund raising, donations, and games; and
  • Program thank yous.

    Join our next PBO meeting on Monday, June 5, at 7 pm in the SRHS faculty lounge to become a part of this important event! Be sure to call Anna Gruhl at 271-5543 or 693-4621 to let us know which committee you’re interested in joining. Your graduate will appreciate your help in making this a fun-filled night with lots of great memories.

Garage Sale

    Did you hear the news? The Class of 2001 had a very successful garage sale. Thanks to everyone who donated to the cause and many thanks to Pam LaChapelle and Anna Gruhl who donated their garages for the sale. With what was left, Pam persevered and continued the sale on Scripps Ranch garage sale day. Thanks, Pam!

    Also, many thanks to those who worked the sale and spent many hours sorting, pricing, and hauling: Nan and Travis Thomas, Pam LaChapelle, Connie Day, Anna Gruhl, Adam and Annette Sorensen, Eileen Westfall, Linda Greenwood, Linda Lewis, Linda DeLong, Bob Schull, Pat Drahota, Jim Blazer, Paul Cook, Molly Korson, Kathy Mendenhall, Diane Palmer, Chad Blazer, Ethan Cook, Tyler Coffin, Tommy Cottrell, and Joel Dreifuss. And let’s not forget our refreshment crew: Amy and Chris Dreifuss, and Brenda and Jennie Wiesner.

    Also, thanks to all those who helped with our See’s spring candy fundraiser. Every yummy bite helps! Pam LaChapelle, Anna Gruhl, Nan Thomas, Annette Sorensen, Pat Drahota, and Eileen Westfall.

Membership Drive

    A great big “thank you” to all those who donated to our annual membership drive. We have 11 platinum members, 57 gold members, 50 silver members, and 4 bronze members. Also, thanks to all those parents and students who donated their time to making this fundraiser such a big success.

PBO Class of 2002

    A big thank you to all who donated goods or made purchases at the Class of 2002 spring garage sale! The crowds began shortly after 6 am, and sales exceeded all expectations resulting in our most successful fundraiser of the year! We would like to thank all who became PBO members or who donated their time and talents toward Grad Night 2002. We look forward to your annual support to help raise additional dollars for your son or daughter’s safe, fun Grad Night 2002! We have two more years to go.

    PBO 2002 is always welcoming new members with fresh ideas for the committee! A new steering committee for the Class of 2002 PBO is needed to serve as the core group in planning the big event. So, if you were “on the fence” this year, consider serving with us in the next year! You can make a difference as a member of the 2002 PBO. For more information, call Alice Habeger, Class of 2002 PBO President, at 586-0779.

Marshall Middle School

Cabrillo Credit Union Underwrites Talent Show

    Cabrillo Credit Union underwrote the first-ever talent show of Marshall Middle School. The talent show, held in April at Scripps Ranch High School, raised over $500 to benefit the middle school. Cabrillo Credit Union, with its headquarters and a branch located in Scripps Ranch, supported this event by providing financial and staff support including: judges for the talent entries, creation and production of the program, and other items. Cabrillo has been supporting Scripps Ranch schools through its participation in the Partnerships in Education program for the past three years.

Calendar of Events

  • Thursday, June 8: ASB Recognition Banquet, 6 pm, Chevy’s Restaurant;
  • Friday, June 9: 8th grade dance, 7 pm, Scripps Ranch Library;
  • Monday, June 12: Awards assembly, 4 pm, SRHS auditorium; and
  • Wednesday, June 14: Last day of school; students are dismissed at 11:30 pm.

School News

    The 1999-2000 school year has finally come to a close. This has been an exciting time for all those who attend or work at Thurgood Marshall Middle School. We’ve seen the year come and go. The memories are etched in our minds of students laughing, playing, and learning. Marshall students have matured over the year, learned to make responsible choices, and continued their quest for knowledge. Summer is finally here; enjoy yourselves, while you head off to the movies, the malls, summer camps, sporting events, or to the beach. It’s time to relax and enjoy your summer vacation. Don’t forget to continue reading over the summer.

    When students return in the fall, they will be anxious to start the new school year, happy to see their friends, and eager to learn. Until that time arrives, enjoy your summer vacation, be safe, and take care.

Media Center

    The Library Media Center (LMC) is very proud of our lovely facility that provides students, staff, and classes a comfortable place to study and read.

    The shelves are filled with beautiful new books for both checkout and reference. The LMC is open throughout the day, as well as before and after school. Our students eagerly await the opening of the library each morning to use the library and the computers.

    We held two book fairs this year. Students in the language arts classes took the Standardized Test for the Assessment of Reading (S.T.A.R.) which determines the student’s instructional reading level. The Accelerated Reader program was launched with a video presentation to all advisory classes. The goal of this program is to promote and improve reading by motivating students with points and prizes.

    The Marshall Read-In in April was one of the highlights of our literacy activities, focusing on School Library Media month. Members of the community were invited to all classes to read to the students and to talk about how reading influenced their careers and lives. In addition, students participated in the Creative Arts workshop and the Creative Arts fair sponsored by the PTSA in the LMC. The Arts fair and workshop not only enhances our art education program and appreciation of the arts, but also provides a valuable addition to the learning process.

    We continue to order new library books for next year. For your convenience a copy of most of our textbooks is available in the Scripps Miramar Ranch Public Library for reference. Students need to clear all debts and return all library books and textbooks loaned to them before the end of this school year. Any parents or community members interested in volunteering to help with the many activities in the library, please call the school at 549-8840.

Stand Up and Take a Bow

    Congratulations to the following Marshall students who have had their resolutions accepted for discussion at the Junior Model United Nations conference that was held in May. Over 400 students representing middle and high schools throughout San Diego County submitted resolutions and attended the conference, which is a simulation of United Nations’ operations. Seventh graders included: Greg Adamson, Ashley Glosz, Ashly Sigle, Katie Euphrat, Anna Magulac, Boris Patlis, Jay Zhou, Andrew Woodfine, Anu Bhatt, Catherine Martinez, Harry Tran, Carolyn Choo, Kaleena Rubio, Kevin Swartzlander, and Steven Truong. All participants worked very hard on this project, and the school is very proud of their efforts.

    Congratulations to the following students who were elected as ASB officers:

  • ASB President, Jake Holslag;
  • Commissioner of Academics, Lauren Johnson;
  • Commissioner of Clubs and Organizations, Gary Glockzin, Jr.;
  • Commissioner of Publicity, Amanda Hicok; and
  • Outreach Ambassador, Alyssa Martin.

    Congratulations to all of the students who participated in the YA Cup boat design contest at La Jolla High School. The Greek Goddesses–Jennifer and Natalie Maches, and Lisa Burgard–finished first overall, and La Coeur de la Mer–Kelli Curtiss, Dani Huffman, and Nicole Serhan–won the fastest boat component of the competition, which included beating the fastest high school boat in the competition finals.

    Congratulations to the Tall Flag team for finishing their first competitive season by receiving a silver medal at championships. You did a great job! Congratulations to the winners of the essay contest, “If I were President”: first place, Andrew Berrier; second place, Kiyoma Yoshizumi, and third place, Mark Beyersdorf and Heidi Massieh.

    Congratulations to Sean Delphy for coming in third in the California State Geography Bee in Sacramento. Over 2000 schools throughout California participated and only the top 100 students went on to the state final. Way to go Sean!

    Three Marshall students were honored at the third annual Study Essay Contest awards ceremony for Scripps Ranch Friends of the Library: Ashley Martin, Carolyn Choo, and Jannette Sly. Ashley Martin, a grand prize winner also will be honored at Sea World and by the mayor. We are very proud of these young people.

    Talent Show 2000 was a wonderful success. Students shared their talents with enthusiasm and grace with their family, friends, and members of the community. It was obvious that these students worked very hard to organize and participate in such a wonderful endeavor. Thank you Mrs. Palmer and to Cabrillo Federal Credit Union for the endless hours you spent practicing with the students and getting the show organized.

    Congratulations to Dan Comrie who returned from an International PeeWee tournament played in Quebec, Canada. Dan’s team, which is based in Los Angeles, won this prestigious tournament, defeating teams from Austria, Switzerland, and St. Louis.

    Congratulations to the following students who qualify for the California State science fair, which was held at USC: Kelly Burr, Jessica Cresap, Jessica Felix, Corey Hightower, Courtney Magner, Ryan Naylor, Eugena Ossi, Dyana Reck, Mitch Rodin, Johnny Turek, and Kevin Wilson.

    Marshall Middle School students are busting with talent and ability. We are proud of their many accomplishments. But most importantly, we are proud of their academic vigilance, their thirst for knowledge, and their quest for excellence. Marshall is a school of talent and academic dedication and of parents and the community who want to see students succeed. By helping them do well in school, we open paths for them to do well in life. I count myself among the fortunate ones, someone who has an opportunity to work with and provide some guidance to students, whom I believe will make a difference in the future of our lives and in the lives of many others. We are proud of you in more ways than we can say.

    Enjoy your summer. You deserve a time to rest and have fun in the sun. The experience gained through years of sweat, determination, and perseverance can enlighten and inspire those who follow. Thank you to the staff, parents, students, and the community for inspiring us to continue to make a difference.


    Well, the year is winding down and the board is wrapping up loose ends and making the transition for new board members run smoothly. At the last meeting, we learned that the second annual Legs for Literacy walk will be rescheduled next fall. Original plans were nixed due to so many things happening in the community that conflicted with dates in April. We’re hoping the community will pull together to make this fundraiser successful. Scripps Ranch High School and Marshall are organizing the event and there’s plenty of time to sign up to help. Watch for upcoming information.

    The Teacher Appreciation luncheon was held in May to honor all our hardworking Marshall teachers. Many of them have just returned from the 8th grade East Coast trip and took this opportunity to relax, enjoy themselves, and swap some interesting stories of the many things that took place and all the fun that was had by all those participating.

    This year’s luncheon bash was catered by George Stanitsos who owns the Spice House Cafe. George and his wife Menoula, have two Marshall students, Amanda and Elaena. We sincerely appreciate this generous gesture and are certain that the palates of teachers and administration’s were most definitely pleased. A special thank you to Kathy Flanders for organizing the luncheon and to all those who pitched in.

Elementary Schools

Miramar Ranch Elementary School (MRE)

    Ahh, summer. It has been sung about (Summertime Blues), written about (The Boys of Summer), filmed (The Endless Summer), painted (Monet’s V├ętheuil in Summer), and even spun into sonnets (Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day).

    Summer receives all of this attention simply because it’s a wonderful time of year, and it is especially wonderful now because it marks an end to a magnificent, almost magical, school year at Miramar Ranch Elementary (MRE).

    Magic will definitely be in the air on Saturday, June 10, when Spellman Magic Spectacular presents a Las Vegas-caliber show geared for children and families at MRE. 10,000 pounds of equipment, lighting, sound, and mystical fog will dazzle and delight all. Live animals and volunteers from the audience will assist in this spectacular evening. Bring your blankets, lawn chairs, and picnic. Drinks and snacks will be sold at the event, which begins at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $8 with children under three are free. For more information, call Teresa Young at 530-0424.

    Less magical but equally noteworthy, was the Volunteer and Community Member Appreciation reception. Upcoming events include the band and orchestra assemblies on Tuesday, June 6; and Field Day, with its numerous physical activities on Friday, June 9. The Jog-athon and Running Club awards assembly is Tuesday, June 13, and alas, on Wednesday, June 14, the school year comes to an end.

    Before we talk about the last days of school, though, now is a good time to review what has been happening at MRE over the last few weeks. May was certainly the month for teachers using field trips to enhance classroom learning experiences. Mrs. Engstrom’s kindergarten class visited the Red Lobster restaurant in Mira Mesa as part of a study unit on money and food. Mrs. Regli’s and Mrs. Zimsky’s kindergarten classes also joined Mrs. Engstrom’s on a late-month trip to the Reuben Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park.

    Mr. Wilcox’s second/third grade class ventured to the San Diego Natural History Museum to view the special dinosaur there. Tami Tatum, from Solana Recyclers, also visited Mr. Wilcox’s class and spoke about using worms to compost yard trimmings and kitchen waste.

    Other classroom speakers last month were Mr. Tshudy, Michael’s dad, who visited Mrs. Warner’s fifth-grade class to tell the kids about rockets and space shuttles and Russia. Mr. Tshudy often travels to Russia as a lawyer for the Lockheed-Martin Aerospace company.

    Mrs. Oriente’s first-grade class had parents come by to inform the kids of their ethnic backgrounds, as part of a unit on diversity. Visiting were Ruth Braun, who talked about Alaska; Youssry Suliman, who spoke on Egypt; Shulam Rehmani, who made a presentation on Pakistan; and Zeeshan Rehmani, who told the kids about life in Japan.

    Another fun–and let’s not forget, educational–event over the past couple of months was the fourth-grade egg-drop project. The students in Mrs. Romero’s, Mr. Romanowski’s, Mrs. West’s, Mrs. Kijak’s, and Mrs. Olsen’s classes constructed devices to protect a raw egg that was to be dropped from a 10-foot ladder. Several of the protective inventions worked quite well, and the rest? Let’s just say that a few broken yokes adorned the playground that day.

    Another fourth-grade fun event was Gold Rush Day. With the help of several volunteers, the playground was transformed into a 1849 gold rush town. The students were dressed as `49ers as they panned for gold, packed a mule–ok, it was a sawhorse–with vittles, visited the assay office, and were treated to a miner’s meal served as they sang songs of the era.

    The fun doesn’t end just yet for the fourth-graders. On Wednesday, June 7, they will visit the San Diego Zoo with the highlight of the trip being a trek through the Ituri Forest exhibit. The zoo trip culminates the fourth-grade cluster year-long “Thursday Rotation” assignments, which included extensive study of anatomy, money, space, chocolate, and the rain forest.

    Other successful and fun events were the Jog-athon/Family Fun Night and Art Corps art show, all rolled into one night. Carrie Ross and her hard-working crew put on the former, and Kevin Stephens and his equally hard-working crew coordinated the latter.

    On an individual note, fourth-grader Katie Troja from Mrs. Kijak’s class won honorable mention in her grade category in the American Lung Association clean-air poster contest. More than 1,700 entries were received in the contest and 28 were chosen as tops in the different grade levels. Katie received a ribbon and a gift certificate to Target for her creative work.

    It’s time to go. So, go! Enjoy your summer! And take a few minutes every now and then to reflect on what a fascinating experience the 1999-2000 school year was at Miramar Ranch Elementary School.

Jerabek Elementary School

    Sue Braun, our school board member, will visit Jerabek on Tuesday, June 6, beginning at 9:30 am. Anyone wanting to meet with Ms. Braun should telephone the Jerabek at 578-5330.

    Thanks, pardners! Jerabek’s Ranch Round-Up was a resounding success! We must thank so many people, for without their generous support and help, Ranch Round-Up could not have succeeded. Our thanks first go to Dianne Bramwell, FFO President, who chaired the event and put in countless hours to assure its success. Thank you to Qualcomm for their generous donation for technology, and the Leavy family and their Harvest Meat Company for donating the delicious hamburgers and hot dogs. We had many generous booth sponsors and would like to thank them all, including:

  • Banyan Tree Day School and Learning Center;
  • Bernardo Dermatology Medical Group (Francis A. Barber, Jr., M.D., Ruth Larsen, M.D., & Shauna Schneider, M.D.);
  • B. H. Gold Insurance Agency;
  • Bob Sloan Video Productions;
  • The Country Store and Bakery;
  • Cush Automotive Group;
  • Discovery Isle Child Development Center;
  • Dan, Katie, and Sarah Sullivan;
  • Exclusive Wallcovering;
  • The Rosi Family;
  • Gyminny Kids Gymnastics;
  • The Holtz Family;
  • Judy and Phil Gagnon, Real Estate, Prudential California;
  • Learning Express;
  • Lenore Knutzen, Coldwell Banker Associates Realty;
  • Pacific Claims Services, Inc., Dave Gwinn;
  • Realty Executives, Jim Berns;
  • RE/MAX United, Fred Christiansen;
  • The San Diego Spine Center, Eric S. Korsh, M.D.;
  • Scripps Mortgage, Phil Huffman and Bob Costello;
  • Sloan Electric Company;
  • Scripps Ranch Women’s Athletic Club (WAC);
  • Stephen C. Tuttle, D.D.S.; and
  • QUALCOMM, Inc.

    Many, many area restaurants and businesses generously donated items and gift certificates for the opportunity drawing and we thank them for their support.

    We also want to take this opportunity to thank the Jerabek teachers and families who gave their time and energy to everything from baking cakes, manning booths, to clean-up. Thank you for your generosity! The next Ranch Round-Up will be held in May 2002. See you there!

    Another Jerabek tradition was also a great success last month. The FFO took the teachers to a festive luncheon at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse to cap-off the teacher appreciation activities. Flowers from the students sent the teachers home that day feeling very much appreciated.

    Not to be left behind, the Jerabek teachers will sponsor their annual Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast on Tuesday, June 13. This is their way of showing the parents and community volunteers how much they appreciate all that is done for them and the students at Jerabek.

    Looking toward June, the Jerabek students and faculty still have two months of classroom work ahead before we let out for the summer. But it won’t be all work and no play. The Marine Biology unit for fourth graders will find them at local tide pools, then dissecting squid in their classes. The fifth graders will spend a week in Balboa Park in June as part of the OCILE program. Some lucky first graders will get to tour the Reuben H. Fleet Space Center, while growing plants for the Del Mar Fair will fill other classrooms with discussions on watering techniques.

    Open house is coming! On Thursday night, June 22, plan to come visit the classrooms at Jerabek. The students and teachers have been working hard to get their rooms into tip-top shape and are proud and excited to show you all that they have accomplished. A book fair will be held in the auditorium so come pick up some books for summer reading.

    Again, thanks to the community of Scripps Ranch, our Jerabek teachers, and families for their incredible support of Ranch Round-Up. We all had lots of fun and raised money for Jerabek at the same time. Thank you!

    The staff and families at Jerabek have spent the last few weeks getting to know our new principal, Mr. Steven Hill. He is a wonderful new addition to our Jerabek family and we again encourage you to stop by and welcome Mr. Hill to Jerabek.

Jerabek Art Corps

    While some of our neighbors are beginning their summer fun we are still working, and learning and making great art. Its been a fantastic first year for Jerabek Art Corps.

    On Wednesday, July 5, at 6 pm, be sure to take in the Jerabek Art Show. See works in every medium representing every student at Jerabek. And before that, watch for Jerabek’s entries in the Del Mar Fair–the best reason yet not to miss it this year!

    Volunteers are needed to prepare display walls for the art show in July. We also need some discerning eyes to layout our priceless collection for viewing.

    If you can help with either of these events or would be interested in being a part of our administrative team next year, call Mary Baker at 689-1716 or Renee Babbush at 566-3650. Have a heart for art!

Dingeman Elementary School

    Well, it is almost summer and it has been a great year here at Dingeman. Things have changed some, but the quality of education our children received remains very good! A big thank you to Mr. Callahan for stepping in and taking over as principal. Thank you to Mrs. Cruz as well for filling the vice principal position you both did a great job! A big round of applause to everyone on staff who helped run our school by keeping it clean, taking our phone calls, cooking our children’s lunch, and doing all the numerous tasks. Last and certainly not least, a big thank you to all our teachers. We appreciate all the long hours and love you give our children! You are all the best!

    Thank you to Chris Grint and Shannon Alatorre for a great Cinco de Mayo Spring Carnival! The kids had lots of fun and especially enjoyed putting their parents and teachers in the “jail.” Thank you to all the parent volunteers who rolled up their sleeves once again and made the carnival a success as well. Dingeman also thanks the generous businesses that donated items to make the golf tournament and carnival a success:

  • Brigantine Restaurant;
  • Bruegger’s Bagels;
  • Double Tree Carmel/Highland;
  • Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor;
  • Rubio’s;
  • Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza;
  • Oscar’s;
  • The Preece Family;
  • Learning Express;
  • Chuck-E-Cheese;
  • Pleasant Company;
  • Science Adventure Club;
  • San Diego Padres;
  • San Diego Chargers;
  • Vons;
  • Muir Images Photography;
  • The Salisbury Family;
  • The Opel Family;
  • Cha Cha Namdar;
  • Starbucks; and
  • Dr. Scott Tuttle, and so many more.

    Look for the complete list in your June Tiger Pause. Don’t forget the “Back to School Tea” that will be held the first day of school after drop-off in the multipurpose room. This is a great opportunity for the parents to find out about volunteer options and sign-up to help for the coming year. If you are interested in getting involved with the Dingeman FFC, please call Jeri Opel at 536-9099.

    The 2000 Art Show was a huge success and there was lots of beautiful art on display for all to see. Thank you to Ginger Cunningham, her coordinators, and all the parent volunteers for donating their time to such a worthy cause such as Art Corps.

    Have a Great Summer everyone and we’ll see you next year!

Other Schools

Miramar College

Tell Us What You Want

    Miramar College is developing a strategic plan and wants to hear from the communities served by the college. “Listening sessions” are being scheduled in Scripps Ranch, Mira Mesa, and at the college in early June. For more information, call the Miramar College Public Information Office at 536-7876.

Enroll Now

    Summer is the perfect time to take a class at Miramar College! Why pay the high cost of gym membership when you can get fit for only $11 or less with a tennis, aerobics, fitness, swimming, or volleyball class? How about getting started on a new career? Choose from day and evening classes that lead to careers in law enforcement, emergency medical care, legal assistant, banking and finance, automotive and diesel technology, and aviation repair and operations. And, if you’re looking for all the basics, pick up those transfer courses you need in anthropology, art, biology, business, economics, English, geography, health, history, humanities, math, music, philosophy, political science, psychology, Spanish, and speech.

    Tuition is only $11 per unit and the summer offers five-, six-, and eight-week sessions, beginning Monday, June 5. Free class schedules are available at the Scripps Ranch Public Library. For more information, call the Miramar College admissions office at 536-7844.

Apply for Fall

    Fall semester at Miramar College is just around the corner. Before you take off on summer vacation, file your application for admission. Fall semester classes will begin Monday, Aug. 21. Hundreds of courses will be offered in day and evening, weekend, full-semester and short-term sessions. An “Early Edition Fall Schedule of Classes” is available now. You can pick one up at the Scripps Ranch Library or in the Miramar College admissions office. For more information, call the college at 536-7844.


    Miramar College commencement was held in Hourglass Field on the college campus. More than 800 degrees and certificates were conferred to 578 graduates, up 31% from one year ago. Other significant statistics include the dramatically increased number of graduates receiving associate degrees and certificates of completion with honors, up 58% and 47%, respectively. The college also will honor its 2000 Distinguished Alumni, Jan Dehesh and Peter Davis, and recognize Michelle Coble, who was selected to the prestigious USA Today’s All USA 2-year college academic team.

Chabad Hebrew Academy

Camp Gan Israel

    Summer has arrived! Nine or ten weeks of vacation time in which to unwind, relax, and simply be kids. But the summer vacation also is truly a period of growth for the child. A time for the child to enjoy a refreshing intake of energy allowing for greater strides in the coming school year–physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

    Camp Gan Israel is a unique experience in camping, a camp that offers athletic activities such as swimming, baseball, soccer, football; a camp that encourages creativity through arts and crafts and dramatics; a camp with an exciting line-up of field trips and outings to many adventurous attractions; but also a camp that will give the child something very meaningful. Registration is now open for summer 2000. For more information, please call 566-1996.

Registering for 2000-01

    Plans are underway for fall 2000 with many new programs offering the finest in education. From the state-of-the-art computer lab, to the beautiful grounds and fields, to caring and inspiring teachers; Chabad has it all. The school office will be open during the summer by appointment. To schedule a visit or to request an information packet, please call 566-1996.