Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS)

Principal’s Message

What an amazing time we had at SRHS this past month. Our “Alarm Clock Pep Rally” with KUSI was an exciting way to start the day for our students. Our fall sports have done well and will participate in play-off games. We now gear up for winter sports.

Counselors continue to offer college application labs this month. Any student who would like assistance in completing a college application is welcome to attend any session that is listed below.

After-school peer tutoring is available for any student, with academic help in all subjects on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30 to 3:30 pm in the library. The tutoring program began in September and runs through mid-May.

Our Falcon Playhouse students will combine with the University High School drama department to present a showcase of one-acts, songs, dances, and monologues on Tuesday and Wednesday, Nov. 19 and 20, in the SRHS theater. Patrick Garcia, the district drama resource teacher, leads the district Honors Theater at SRHS.

The District Attorney’s Youth Advisory Board (YAB) resumes this year with its mission to educate and advise the community. It aims to spread awareness about the needs and challenges of today’s youth and pressing issues affecting young people in San Diego County, resulting in a positive change throughout the community.

Science department chair Patricia Fowler received a letter of commendation from the director and staff of the California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science (COSMOS) at UC San Diego. Mrs. Fowler was one of eight talented high school teachers who shared their expertise in curriculum planning, pedagogy, and passion for science. She also was able to collaborate with UCSD faculty, research scientists, lecturers, and staff members.

Social studies teacher Julie Skalman received a University of Chicago’s Outstanding Educator Award. A first-year student nominated her as an educator who changed him, challenged him, or helped him with his intellectual growth.

The Foundation once again proved how valuable it is by organizing our 4th Annual School Supply Drop-Off Night for much needed school supplies. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this event. Donations are always welcome, and may be dropped off in our front office. Supplies may be directed toward a specific teacher, the nurse, a department, or the school in general. Thank you for your donations!

As the administrators visit classrooms, we are constantly seeking rigor. Teachers have been instructed to actively engage all students through effective questioning strategies, in addition to aligning instruction to the new Common Core State Standards. The commitment and dedication of our staff to continue improving student achievement is remarkable!

Mark your calendars for these dates:

  • Monday, Nov. 4; Wednesday, Nov. 6; Wednesday, Nov. 13; Monday, Nov. 18; and, Wednesday, Nov. 20—College Application Lab, 2:15–3:30 pm, room 841;
  • Wednesday, Nov. 6—Governance/School Site Council meeting, 2:45 pm, staff dining room;
  • Monday, Nov. 11—Veterans Day, no school;
  • Saturday, Nov. 16—Winter sports season begins;
  • Tuesday, Nov. 19—Election day, polling site, theater foyer; and,
  • Monday–Friday, Nov. 25–29—Thanksgiving break, no school.

Check out the daily bulletin and other events listed in our school calendar section at [].

Ann Menna, SRHS Principal

Marshall Middle School

Principal’s Message

Dear Scripps Ranch Families and Community Members,

I want to thank all our families and community members who have participated in our 2013 “Pledge Drive” and purchased Entertainment Value Books. These fundraisers help support the instructional program at Thurgood Marshall Middle School. You can continue to support our school by visiting our website and pledging online.

At Marshall we value positive relationships with students and parents. If you have any questions regarding your son’s or daughter’s academic progress, please contact your child’s teachers to open communication lines. You can find their contact information by visiting our website.

As a staff, we have been studying and planning for the implementation of Common Core State Standards. Our teachers have attended conferences and will begin onsite planning for this new endeavor. To learn more about Common Core, please visit [].

Thank you for your support. Sincerely,

Michelle Irwin, MMS Principal

November Calendar

  • Wednesday, Nov. 6—School Site Council (SSC)/Site Governance Team (SGT) meeting, 5 pm, community room;
  • Friday, Nov. 8—Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) meeting 9:30 am, community room;
  • Monday, Nov. 11—Veterans Day, no school; and,
  • Monday–Friday, Nov. 25–29—Thanksgiving break, no school.

Halloween Candy

MMS will gladly help you get rid of your leftover, undistributed Halloween candy. We use them as rewards for our schoolwide “Right on Target” program! Please bring leftovers to the main office.

Progress Reports

The second progress report period ends on Friday, Dec. 6, and progress reports will be distributed to students on Friday, Dec. 13. Remember to ask your child to see his or her progress report!

Risky Behavior Assemblies

In late October, 8th graders attended a presentation that explicitly addressed potentially high-risk sexual practices along with health-related concerns, peer pressure, sexual harassment, internet safety, social networking risks, and their legal implications. For several years now, we have been fortunate to collaborate with Jon Moffat, a dynamic cyber education consultant, and Yuri Reyes, a parent and teen health educator from the Vista Community Clinic. They both presented factual information, facilitated discussion, and answered questions on the above topics. These “girls-only” and “boys-only” assemblies were paid for by our PTSA.

Bullying Awareness

October was Bullying Awareness Month, but it will take more than a month’s focus to significantly impact bullying on school campuses. It will take an ongoing, daily commitment. Because of our strict Anti-Harassment/Anti-Bullying Policy and resulting consequences, as well as our Teen Truth Live: Bullying assemblies each year, we have reduced some of the overt displays of bullying. However, we are aware of the fact that the more subtle and quiet forms of bullying, which are equally disturbing, continue to occur.

For the past several years, we have surveyed our students to find out their thoughts and experiences with bullying at MMS. The results have been similar each year. Kids do not want to report bullying, either as a victim or bystander, for fear of retribution, ridicule, or being labeled a “tattletale.” We believe this is the most critical hurdle we need to overcome to effectively reduce bullying at MMS. Parents: we need your help to change the message and culture of silence.

Our goal this year is to form a diverse Bullying Advisory Panel, comprised of students from all social, economic, ethnic, racial, and gender groups on campus— victims and bystanders as well as bullies. We want to meet with them and ask what they think should be done, and what we can do so they are willing to report bullying. There will be a Marshall Middle News segment introducing this concept to students in the near future.

Student Support Groups

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Alliant Couple and Family Clinic (ACFC), a community counseling agency and affiliate of Alliant International University. ACFC will offer many counseling services on campus, including student support groups and individual and family counseling.

The student support groups will meet once a week, for about 8–10 weeks, on Mondays or Fridays, and will rotate between periods 1 through 6, so students only miss one to two classes of each period for the duration of the group. The groups, consisting of 8–10 students, will cover a variety of topics, such as self-esteem, relationships, social skills, anxiety, bullying, peer pressure, sexual identity, anger management, and more. The groups will be facilitated by counselor-interns from ACFC.

Choir News

It has been an exciting start of the year for the MMS choir! The Chamber students performed at the Salute to Excellence Awards ceremony in the Balboa theater. This was a live TV performance and the students were amazing! The Chamber students also performed at the Mega Arts Conference in Balboa Park, as well as at the State of the District address.

Finally, the annual Scripps Ranch Veterans Day Concert is back! It will be at St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church on Tuesday, Nov. 5, at 7 pm. Please join the area choir students for this event!

Dingeman Elementary

Common Core Standards

Dear Dingeman Families and Community,

November is a flurry of learning activities for both students and teachers! Our teachers are working to implement the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS) as we prepare students to be critical thinkers and problem solvers across all areas.

California students will not take the California State Test, or STAR test, this year—except for 5th graders who will take the STAR test in science. We will utilize this year to transition to the new CCSS. There will be a new online assessment for students in 2014–2015.

This year our students will field test the new assessment. The results will not be public but will provide the test publishers data to rule out bias and validate the test items. In the meantime, we will use district and site indicators to measure our students’ progress during the interim.

Teachers will use an analytical reading approach called “close reading.” Our students will analyze text to go deeper with their thinking, and then communicate their new understandings orally and in writing. The intent is to teach students how to examine text to become more powerful readers, writers, and critical thinkers.

We are excited by the rigorous learning experiences our students will engage in to prepare them for the world of work and beyond! In Partnership for Excellence,

Kimie Lochtefeld, Dingeman Principal

One Community Serving Together

Dear Friends,

In the first two months of the academic year, Dingeman families have shown incredible support to our school. According to our website, more than 300 positions have been filled by volunteers! We truly are one community, serving together for a common purpose. Just imagine the support and resources the Family Faculty Connection (FFC) will provide by our fundraising and service efforts on campus! We still have a few important volunteer needs. To help us fill these final gaps, please visit [].

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the community in which we live and want to thank each of you for your support. You have shown tremendous generosity toward our annual Pledge Drive and through volunteerism—all with the goal of enriching the learning experience for our children. On behalf of the FFC, I give thanks for your commitment to our students and wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

Valerie Kurtz, FFC President

Be a Dingeman Star!

Thank you to all the wonderful Dingeman families who participated in this year’s Pledge Drive and helped make it a success. These funds provide critical support for Dingeman and allow the FFC to provide programs that enrich our students’ education and experience.

Additional thanks go to all who initiated a corporate match from their employers. If you didn’t indicate a corporate match and would like to add that information now, please send us an email at [[email protected]]. Dingeman can receive matches from more than one employer per student, so if your family works for two companies that provide corporate matching, please let us know.

As of Oct. 8, we recorded 74% participation from our families. We anticipate the final participation numbers will be slightly higher thanks to the unwavering support of the Dingeman community. The Pledge Drive officially ended in October, but donations are gratefully accepted throughout the school year.

To everyone at Dingeman and the Scripps Ranch community, we thank you again for helping our school reach its fundraising goal. With gratitude,

Hooban Forsman and Fabrizia Villavicencio, Pledge Drive Co-chairs

Jerabek Elementary

Our Students Are Responsible

Hello, Jerabek Families,

There are lots of exciting things happening at Jerabek. We are working on building student leadership into our program. We recently started a Peace Patrol. It is a peers-helping-peers program that serves to help solve conflicts on the playground. The patrol oversees games such as four-square, tetherball, and wall ball. When students experience difficulties, the students refer to the rules to figure out a solution. This is a great opportunity to learn leadership and negotiation skills.

We also have a Garden Club. The students on this team are learning how to take care of plants. Most of our garden consists of vegetables. We have plans for creating a huge salad for the school using the fruits, or veggies, of our labor. In addition, we include other plant life that will extend our earth science units in the classroom.

The Go Green Team is extremely active. The students help their classmates separate their trash after lunch, and they teach other students how to recycle. Our goal is to become a zero waste school.

Student Council elections were just completed. This group of leaders are the voice of the student body. They will run lunchtime activities, spirit days, and other schoolwide activities to help create, and support, a student-centered school.

Come visit us. We offer tours the first Thursday of the month at 10 am. Call us at 578-5330 to reserve a spot. The district open enrollment for Choice starts Friday, Nov. 15, and ends Saturday, Feb. 15.

Happy Thanksgiving from Jerabek Elementary School. We wish you a wonderful holiday with family and friends.

Sue Devicariis, Jerabek Principal

Vivacious Volunteer: Colleen Carmichael-Chavez

Computer screen wigging out, hard drive on the fritz, need to add something to the Jerabek website? Who you gonna call? Colleen Chavez! For more than a decade Colleen has been an integral member of the Jerabek family. Colleen’s three girls enjoyed learning and growing at Jerabek, while their Super Mama dove into volunteering her time in their classrooms and eventually loaned her talents schoolwide as a wonderful website graphic artist.

Colleen developed our terrific Jerabek webpage back when “the web” was still too new for many of us to comprehend. She conquered the challenges that kept flying in her way and developed an easy site for everyone to learn about our school. Today her Jerabek website is still used as an example for other schools looking for a user-friendly and inviting online presence.

As if the trendsetting graphic design was not enough, Colleen agreed to tackle our IT glitches. She has set up many computer labs and helped the teachers and their classes during computer lab time. She has typed in more than a million passwords and rebooted double that amount of hard drives. “Each computer is like a child with its own personality,” says Colleen. And we can’t thank you enough, Colleen, for putting up with “their” tantrums for years!

Cyber-Monday Special

That’s right…put Jerabek on your shopping list. We will host a one-day pre-sale for our Fabulous Spring Fling. Don’t miss your chance to reserve your tickets at a discounted price to this highly anticipated event. This inaugural Spring Fling will be held Saturday, Mar. 22, at the Double Tree Resort in Carmel Mountain. Radical room rates are available, too. So schedule the babysitters, sport your best cocktail attire, and get ready to have a rip-roaring time.

Jen Marchesini

Miramar Ranch Elementary

From Our Principal

Dear Families and Friends of Miramar Ranch,

We are now two months into the school year and look forward to our first round of parent-teacher conferences later this month.

Teachers and students are tackling the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and are anxious to show the products of our new, rigorous work. This is an exciting time as we make the transition to a new way of teaching and assessing our students. Much of our learning as adults this year will be centered on the CCSS and how best to implement them to ensure that our children are successful.

October brought Student Council elections for our students in upper grades. Campaign posters and speeches ruled the days before elections, and we were so impressed with the number of students who participated. You are all winners!

The 40th Annual Halloween Carnival, “Freaky 40th,” was a great success with lots of new games and activities. The ghosts and goblins—and lots of zombies!—were out in full force. We thank the community, students, staff, and parents who all helped make this a fun event.

Be sure to mark your calendars for parent-teacher conferences the week of Nov. 18–22, which are all half days. Thanksgiving break is the week of Nov. 25–29.

As always, thank you for your continual support of the staff and students at our school. You make great things possible! Remember to “Work Hard and Be Nice.”

Peg Crane, MRE Principal

From the FFA

I can’t believe that November is here already. With November comes my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. A day to eat and spend time with my family and friends…life doesn’t get much better than that!

While I reflect on all I am thankful for, I would be missing a huge piece if I didn’t mention the volunteers at MRE. I try to thank people individually but I know that doesn’t always happen, so this is for you…

Because You’re Special

We sometimes take for granted

In the rush of all we do,

And forget to say a special thanks

To volunteers like you!

So we send this note to tell you

How much all you do means,

Your gifts of time and of yourself

Are special ones indeed.

Author Unknown

A few people I want to publicly thank:

  • Dana Ivey, Lori Guthrie, Brooke Miles, Mary Corbett for our fabulous and successful Pledge Drive.
  • Mary Corbett for her timeless hours spent on our website and weekly eBlasts. You have made a huge impact on our school!
  • Jessica Troendle for organizing all of the volunteers.
  • Jillian Frisbie, Angela Frantz, Shari Aigner, Kathleen Dellisant, Amy Davis, Ellen McIrvin, Carolyn Coglianese, Gerry McLean, Sandra Dougherty, Lori Darwish, Jennifer Manssor, Denise Herich, Connie Simonsen, and Jamie Rounds—our dedicated group of Halloween Carnival chairs. Without you all leading the rest of the school, we wouldn’t have had the greatest 40th Halloween Carnival ever! Thank you!
  • All of the new faces at our meetings and new volunteers—Lane Vance, Michael Gates, Summer Gates, Karen Diaz, Angela Frantz, Shari Aigner, Catherine Melis, Claire Wanner, Elsa Jensen, Dave Wissbroecker, and Christina Vasquez. I look forward to working together.

May you have a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving break! With many thanks,

Tracy Jewell, FFA President

Hawks Show Character

Did you know that October was Homeless Awareness Month? It was also serendipitously the month that our students embraced “generosity” as their character trait. It was a perfect opportunity for the students to participate in a Sock Drive for the homeless, organized by Students Who Care. This group gives students opportunities to participate in community and school service projects throughout the school year. The Sock Drive kicked off on Crazy Sock Day, with students wearing the craziest socks they could find. Thanks, Hawks, for being so generous!

Fundraising Corner

This year MRE will collect Halloween candy through Friday, Nov. 8, to turn in to Scripps Pediatric Dentistry for cash. This program helps encourage our kids to eat less candy, give to others, and fundraise for their school. Bring your extra candy to school or go directly to Scripps Pediatric Dentistry, next to Trader Joe’s.

Be sure to mention MRE when you drop off your candy! The candy goes to the troops and the cash goes toward funding school activities.

November at Miramar Ranch

  • Thursday, Nov. 7—MRE Parent Comedy Night, 8 pm;
  • Monday, Nov. 11—Veterans Day, no school;
  • Monday, Nov. 18–Friday, Nov. 22—Minimum days, 12:10 pm dismissal for parent-teacher conferences; and,
  • Monday–Friday, Nov. 25–29—Thanksgiving break, no school.

Catherine Melis

Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary

Principal’s Message

Dear EBS Families and Community Members,

I am thoroughly enjoying my time at EBS. It is a pleasure to come to work every day with such delightful students and such a dedicated staff.

You may have heard that school board trustee Kevin Beiser has designated EBS as a GATE school. While we have never had this formal designation, we have always followed the structures that GATE schools use to meet the needs of their GATE students. Our teachers are trained and certified in GATE education and have always differentiated the curriculum to meet the needs of all students. So you will not notice any changes in instruction as we transition to a GATE school.

Our school will adopt the “Diversity Model” of GATE cluster groupings, which requires that 25% of each class—grades 3–5—be made up of GATE-certified students with the rest of the class reflecting the school’s diversity. Our students are already grouped this way, so there will be no change to the way we create our classes.

The only change you will notice is that once a year we will hold a GATE parent meeting to share information about how we meet the needs of our GATE students. We look forward to continuing to support all students and providing a top quality education that allows students to perform to the best of their ability.

The other big news is that Governor Brown signed legislation ending the STAR testing program and transitioning us to testing that measures our progress toward the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). We are no longer teaching to the old California State Standards. We are moving full speed ahead into the CCSS. You will notice some changes as we adjust the curriculum and expectations.

At EBS we are lucky to have a Fine Artists program run by our resident professional artist, Kathleen Kane-Murrell. Thank you to our parent volunteers whose help allows us to provide this extraordinary artistic opportunity for our students.

Recently, seven of our students were honored by a jury who selected their artwork for display at the San Diego County Office of Education Student Art Show. Congratulations to: Sophia Valencia, Lorelei Robinson, Neel Kumar, Andrea Chan, Brianna Thrash, Kyler Farrow, and Arul Salinwal. At EBS one of our guiding principles is educating the whole student, and this program certainly allows students to tap into their artistic abilities.

I also would like to congratulate Luke Smart, our first student to reach 100 laps in our before-school Run Club. We now have more than 90 students who come to the field every morning at 8:15 to run laps before school. This is a great way for students to get some exercise, make new friends, and get their day off to a great start. Thank you to our parent volunteers who make this club possible.

The last thing I would like to mention is that the SRCA Community Center has asked that we not use their parking lot before and after school. Please park on the street if possible and leave spaces in the parking lot for those using the center. One convenient place to park is the Recreation Center to the south of EBS. There is a walking path that leads directly from that parking lot to the school. Many parents report this is a convenient place to park.

Each month at the Academic Fundraising Partnership (AFP) meeting, I give a “Principal’s Report” with important news about our school. This is a great opportunity for parents to keep up on issues affecting EBS and to ask questions. I highly recommend that all parents attend the AFP meeting at 6:30 pm on the first Tuesday of the month. Thank you for your support,

Liz Sloan, EBS Principal

Message from the AFP

Our Fall Festival was a fun-filled evening! Families enjoyed exciting games and fabulous food! Thank you to our volunteers for organizing this event, which has become a beloved tradition at EBS.

The Family Science Night program is back! Fifth graders and their parents had fun performing experiments and learning about the science behind them. Our next Family Science Night is on Thursday, Nov. 7, and is for 4th graders. Each grade level will have a Family Science Night.

Our Box Tops team did a wonderful job running the first campaign for the school year! Thank you to everyone who clipped Box Tops and Labels for Education!

It’s Not Too Late!

Everyone A Reader (EAR) anticipates welcoming several new tutors after the well-attended training in October. If you missed the class, it’s not too late to volunteer to read with our grade 1–3 students. For more information, please contact Cindy Thomas at [[email protected]] or 693-1818, or go to [] for training dates in San Diego County.

Character Education

EBS Penguins learned about generosity last month and this month they put it into practice with our Fall Food Drive, which runs through Thursday, Nov. 14. Students are encouraged to donate food, especially protein such as canned tuna and chicken, beans, and peanut butter. We partner with the Friends and Family Community Connection to distribute the goods.

Penguin Calendar

  • Monday, Nov. 11—Veterans Day, no school;
  • Monday–Friday, Nov. 25–29— Thanksgiving break, no school; and,
  • Every Saturday—Scripps Ranch Farmers Market, 9 am–1 pm.

Monika Wimmer