Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS)

Principal’s Message

July was committed to configuring our staff and student schedules for the coming school year. We should have all staff in place for the start of school and are excited to welcome a few new Falcons!

In the next few weeks our students and athletes will begin preparation for the beginning of school and fall sports. Athletes are reminded to make sure they have completed the athletic participation form that includes their physical and insurance so that they are physically and mentally prepared for the fall season. Our coaches and staff know the importance of preparation and want to do everything possible for our students to have a positive and successful year. Please continually check our website at [] for updated information about fall sports, including details about tryouts and schedules.

I look forward to seeing our students during the annual “Kick-Off.” Students will be able to get their yearbook and ID card pictures taken, receive class schedules, books, and purchase Homecoming Dance tickets. Information regarding Kick-Off and the personalized enrollment form was mailed home in June. Please check the website for additional information including details about Kick-Off transportation and the forms that are required to be returned in order to participate. Kick-Off is for enrolled students only. The schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesday, Aug. 19—Seniors, 7:30–9:30 am
  • Wednesday, Aug. 20—Juniors, 7:30–9:30 am; Sophomores, 10 am –noon
  • Thursday, Aug. 21—Freshmen, 7:30–11:30 am, times by birth month

For information regarding new student enrollment, please visit []. Choose the “Contact Us” tab and send an email inquiry. Please include your address, student name, and grade.

School begins Tuesday, Sept. 2. Students should report to the quad by 7:10 am to receive an official class schedule. The class schedule for the first day will be Core first, then periods 1–6.

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer. Go Falcons! Sincerely,

Ann Menna, SRHS Principal

Thanks to Our Donors

Scripps Ranch High School would like to thank the generous donors who made our teachers’ Last Day Luncheon so special. We appreciate all you do for the community. Thank you to:

  • C’s Ice Cream and Deli, root beer and $15 gift card
  • Bruski Burgers and Brew, $25 gift card
  • Nothing Bundt Cakes, 10-inch cake and gift card
  • Heaven on Earth, two $25 gift cards
  • Que Pasa Mexican Grill, two $25 gift cards
  • Trader Joe’s, two gift bags
  • Grace Threading, three $10 gift cards
  • Shozen and Manpo Korean Table, $20 gift certificate

Marshall Middle School

Principal’s Message

Dear Scripps Ranch Community and Families, We hope you are enjoying your summer with friends and family. We are looking forward to a new school year! The administration, teachers, and staff look forward to working with you as we prepare all of our students for the expectations of high school, higher education, and the 21st century. At Marshall Middle School we challenge each student to reach his or her full potential with our quality instructional program. We will continue to develop a positive relationship with our parents and the community.

Our school office is closed until Tuesday, Aug. 19. Beginning on Wednesday, Aug. 20, we will be able to enroll any new student who has moved into Scripps Ranch. If your child has attended any of the Scripps Ranch elementary schools, you do not need to enroll your child. For more enrollment information, please visit our website at [].

Students and parents will receive a welcome back letter by early August. With the letter, you and your child will receive his or her course requests for the 2014 fall semester. We have scheduled your student based upon the information submitted on the planning card. On the first day of school, official schedules with periods, teachers, and room numbers will be distributed during the first period class.

Please call your child’s counselor on Friday, Aug. 22, or Monday, Aug. 25, if the courses he or she is enrolled in are incorrect or choices have changed. (The phone numbers are in the article on page 27.) It is our policy that we will not honor requests for specific teachers.

The first day of school is Tuesday, Sept. 2. Students should arrive between 7 and 7:30 am in order to locate their first period class by reviewing posted first period rosters. Student schedules will be distributed during first period.

We believe our students’ focus should be on academics. Proper attire significantly contributes to an atmosphere of positive learning. An educational setting is a professional place, preparing young people for a successful future. Therefore, our dress code:

  • Protects the health and safety of our students.
  • Requires pants and shorts to fit neatly at the waist without “sagging” or being excessively tight.
  • Requires clothes cover the body: no bare midriffs, no backless shirts, no T-backed tops, no low V-neck or scoop shirts, no short shorts, no high side seam cut shorts or skirts, and no undergarments visible.
  • Does not allow tank tops or spaghetti strap shirts!
  • Requires that shorts and skirts must be worn at the mid-thigh and can pass the “finger-tip” rule.
  • Requires that shoes have a back heel or back strap, no flip flops, no open-toed shoes allowed.
  • Requires clothing to be free of any ads or promotion of any alcohol, drugs, tobacco products, vulgarity.
  • Must be free of any depictions or illustrations that demean or negatively represent any gender, race, color, ethnicity, religion, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation.

We appreciate your support in helping us maintain a safe and positive school environment. Please follow these guidelines when shopping for new school clothes.

We look forward to providing you the best middle school educational experience. Thank you for your continued support of public schools. Sincerely,

Michelle Irwin, MMS Principal

MMS Calendar

  • Friday, Aug. 29—New Student Orientation for students and parents: last names beginning with A–L, 8–9:30 am; last names beginning M–Z, 10–11:30 am;
  • Tuesday, Sept. 2—School starts;
  • Tuesday, Sept. 9—6th grade Back-to-School Night;
  • Wednesday, Sept. 10—7th–8th grade Back-to-School Night; and,
  • Friday, Sept. 12—Picture Day.

Schedule Changes

There inevitably will be class changes for some students. Schedule changes only will be made for students who are in an incorrect class. This may be an elective class change, a change in the level of an academic class, or if a student is missing a required class or has a duplicated class.

Schedule changes will not be made for students who request a teacher or period change. Students may ask any teacher for a pass to see their counselor if they have an error in their schedule. If students request any major schedule changes, parents will be notified before changes are made.

MMS Counselors

Counselors are assigned to students alphabetically and are available at 549-5400. The MMS counselors are:

  • Julie Becker, head counselor: last names A–C, ext. 3020;
  • Paulette Blankenbeckler: last names D–K, ext. 3022;
  • Sharon Heuss: last names L–Q, ext. 3021; and,
  • Amiee McDearmon: last names R–Z, ext. 3023.

Dingeman Elementary

Summer News

Dear Dingeman Families, Friends, and Community,

While our students are on summer break, we are busily preparing for a new school year. “Home Improvements” seem to be the theme this summer for our school thanks to your support of the Prop S bond measure. If you drive by campus you will see construction is underway on electrical upgrades for our air conditioning installation. The estimated time for completion is late fall, providing there are no changes that delay the project. We are thrilled to finally have AC in all our classrooms this year!

We are going to get a new coat of exterior paint this fall. We have chosen earthy colors to complement our beautiful neighborhood and it will look sharp. Our school is going to look and feel brand new with the new upgrades! I want to mention that our Prop S funds also paid for all the latest technology in our classrooms. This is our district’s i21 Technology roll out and the students have been able to take their learning to a whole new level!

I would like to welcome our new Family Faculty Connection (FFC) president, Mrs. Yen Tu, and Mr. Luis Fregosa, our FFC vice president. They are preparing for a great kickoff to the new school year. We are grateful for their leadership and look forward to another outstanding year!

Our start and end times are 30 minutes earlier than last year. Our SAY program has adjusted hours, and you should notify your child care provider of the time change. Here is our new bell schedule:

  • 8:25 am—First warning bell
  • 8:30 am—Instruction begins
  • 3 pm—Dismissal on M, T, W, F, and 12:20 pm on Thursdays
  • Transitional kindergarten—8:25 am–12: 20 pm daily

For kindergarten only, we will have a modified schedule the first week of school with dismissal at 12:20 pm from Tuesday, Sept. 2, through Friday, Sept. 5, to do one-on-one student assessments. Please make arrangements for early pick-up. If your child attends SAY, we will arrange this schedule for you.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, Sept. 2, on the white-top line-up area at 8:25 am or by 8:10 am if you would like to eat breakfast at school. Until then, be safe, have fun, and read!

In Partnership for Excellence,

Kimie Lochtefeld, Dingeman Principal

Meet Your Classmates!

The Dingeman FFC welcomes incoming kindergarten and transitional kindergarten (TK) students and their families. Please join us for playdates this summer and get to know your classmates before school starts! The get-togethers are at Spring Canyon Neighborhood Park, right next to Dingeman on Scripps Poway Parkway. The next one is on Saturday, Aug. 9, at 10 am. Please send an email to [[email protected]] for any questions.

5th Graders Move On

We want to send a big thank you to Harriet Hall, Maricel Custodio, Simi Sandhu, and all the parents who worked tirelessly to provide a wonderful 5th grade promotion party and reception. Special thanks to Walter Andersen Nurseries for loaning us wonderful plants for our ceremony and Happy Sushi for providing yummy food for the promotion party. It means so much to have the community support our school. Here’s to the Dingeman Class of 2014. Have fun in middle school!

Pippa Mills

Jerabek Elementary

Thank You, Mrs. DeVicariis

A district decision has been made to reassign our principal, Sue DeVicariis. During Mrs. DeVicariis leadership in the 2013–2014 school year, she introduced our teachers to team teaching and implemented professional development for the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). She brought the program “Seminars in Critical Literacy” to our teachers’ attention. Our teachers fell in love with it, and it will be an integral part of our students’ daily learning routine within the CCSS instruction.

Sue listened to what the Jerabek community wished and dreamed for the future of Jerabek and immediately began working to make it happen. Jerabek now has before- and after-school care on campus, provided by SAY San Diego. The program is loved by kids and parents alike. Thus, at Mrs. DeVicariis request per Jerabek parents, SAY San Diego also will provide a preschool on campus starting in September. This makes Jerabek the only Scripps Ranch elementary school to offer such great opportunities to parents and our wonderful, possibly future, students.

In one short year Sue paved the road for Jerabek to continue its growing success. We thank you for the bright future you have guaranteed for our children and the legacy you leave behind.

Students Today, Stars Tomorrow

It was a bright and shining moment on Monday, July 21, when 132 Jerabek 5th graders marched down the aisles to Pomp and Circumstance with friends and family trying to keep their eyes dry from pride. Yes, we all know it’s “just 5th grade promotion,” but we also realize it is yet another milestone for our kids on their journey of life. To our promoted Jerabekians, we wish you positive and productive moments in middle school. We know you are prepared for what lies ahead because of the foundation you received at Jerabek.

You truly celebrated your promotion with a rocking pool party and memorable promotion ceremony. It all came together because of committed parents. Co-chairs Tanna Trifoglio and Kathleen Merkin would like to especially thank their large committee: Ginger Colletto, April Woodard, Jody Luke, Kristin Locke, Andrea Tarczy, Ann Hoover, Kim Baranek, Leigh Medeiros, Nicole Anderson, Mary Ringenbach, Deanna Kasper, Tammy Brown, Lynette Rodenbaugh, Sarrah Virissimo, Pam Pond, Stacie Maurer, Lesleigh Helders, Stephanie McDade, Vicki Muschek, Carolyn Burns, Diane Merrigan, Nancy Mullen, Nancy Farina, Marlo Kreger, Tami Swenson, Kim dela Cruz, and Patty Sherev. Thank you!

She has the Write Stuff

My name is Sam Mullen and I was chosen to be the pioneer of the job of newspaper editor at Jerabek. At the beginning of the year I formed a subcommittee of 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders to help me write my newspaper. Every month they would email me a new article. Whether it was about the kindergartners’ first field trip or the 5th grade promotion, they would be persistent and send their articles to me every time. Thanks, guys!

Being the editor of the Jerabek newspaper was not only a pleasure but also a lesson. I learned that you have to be responsible and be on top of it, and that’s why I am so ready for middle school. And a bit of advice for the next newspaper editor: be ready! I’m not saying being newspaper editor was easy. Actually, it was very difficult, but in the process I had a lot of fun.

I learned that someone’s not always going to be packing your lunch for you, burping you, and changing your diaper. You have to go on your own sometimes.

Thank you to my amazing subcommittee members who were with me until the end: Dylan Hodges, Allison Franks, Sarah Kliewer, Carson Baranek, Hana Helders, Riley Cox, Camille Robinson, Sophia Feldman, Annabel Hurley, Lorena Ford, Santiago Múnevar, Emily Rodenbaugh, Kennedy White, and Grace Klacka. It has been a pleasure!

Sam Mullen, Jerabek News Editor in Chief

Jerabek Volunteer Award Recipients for 2013–2014

“The way to get things done is not to mind who gets the credit for doing them.” Benjamin Jowett astutely described this year’s award recipients when he penned this quote. Both individuals have worked tirelessly for Jerabek Elementary this year, and years past, without ever seeking credit for all of their hard work and effort.

Each year the Jerabek staff hosts a breakfast at the end of the year to thank and honor our fabulous volunteers. Prior to the breakfast the staff and families nominate individuals for two awards: the Jerabek Service Award is given to the person who has volunteered countless hours to Jerabek, and the Jerabek Community Service Award is presented to the person who not only volunteers countless hours to the school but also in the community.

The Jerabek Service Award was presented to Jen Marchesini. Jen is described as a tireless cheerleader, amazing promoter of Jerabek, and incomparable leader. She has been the public face of Jerabek as the Family Faculty Organization (FFO) president this year. In addition, she has been a room mom for her 4th grade daughter beginning in kindergarten.

The Jerabek Community Service Award recipient was Tanna Trifoglio, who has spent many years at Jerabek. At school she has overseen many wonderful events and fundraisers including Book Fairs, Father/Son events, and Read Across America. Tanna was on the FFO Board, served as a room mom, and worked on the 5th grade promotion. In the community she has been a Cub Scout den leader, a St. Gregory the Great Moms Club board member, and she worked the Jerabek booth at the SRCA Community Fair the past two years. Her volunteerism is greatly appreciated!

This year, in addition to the two main awards, we recognized parents who have done so much over the years and now have 5th graders so they will be leaving Jerabek. We thank: Nancy Mullen, Lesleigh Helders, Heather Holland, Julie Billitti, and Vicki Conlon for all of their work and commitment to the children and our school! There are countless other unnamed parents who stepped up to head committees, work behind the scenes, and get their hands messy to make Jerabek the wonderful place it is. Thank you!

Koalas Kan’t Forget

Have a happy and safe summer. We’ll see you back, ready to learn, on Tuesday, Sept. 2, at 8:35 am, our new start time!

Jen Marchesini

Miramar Ranch Elementary

From Our Principal

Dear Families and Friends of Miramar Ranch, I hope you are relaxing and enjoying the summer break with family and friends. I know some of you are traveling, some enjoying camps and other programs, and many just enjoying the San Diego summer. I can’t wait to see the children in September and hear their stories!

There are some big projects taking place while students and staff are away. We hope that in September we will have carpeted and air-conditioned all bungalows, finished a new exterior paint job, and completed the installation of a marquee sign in front of the school. All of that is in addition to the usual summer classroom moves and deep-cleaning projects. Thank goodness for Mr. Rick and his crew!

Before teachers left in June we began our planning for next year. Our last day together, the teachers worked in their grade-level teams to design their first two weeks of instruction. We are ready to get off to a great start in the fall!

I am excited to announce that we are offering a transitional kindergarten (TK) program for our youngest students this year. In response to parent requests we will offer a full-day program with the same hours as our other students. We were fortunate to interview a number of applicants for the position and were able to offer the job to a very experienced kindergarten teacher, Ms. Julie Best. Welcome, Julie! I am sure you’ll love it here!

We have many events in September: Parent Coffee with the Principal, Back-to-School Night, Spirit Days, and the Ice Cream Social and Movie Night. It’s going to be a busy month! As always, thank you for your continual support of our staff and students. You make great things possible! Remember to “Work Hard and Be Nice.”

Peg Crane, MRE Principal

Orientation and Class Postings

Starting Wednesday, Aug. 20, the office will open between 8:30 and 11 am for new student registration, including for kindergarten and full-day transitional kindergarten. TK and kindergarten class lists will be posted on Friday, Aug. 29, at 8:30 am in the kindergarten courtyard, coinciding with a meet and greet with the TK/kinder teachers in the courtyard from 8:30 to 9 am. In addition, the Family Faculty Association (FFA) will lead school tours from 9 to 11 am. The tours are open to all families with students in any grade.

Class lists for grades 1–5 will be posted in the lunch arbor at 3 pm that day. The school year starts on Tuesday, Sept. 2, at 7:40 am. There will be a Parent Coffee with the Principal following student drop-off that day from 8 to 9 am in the multipurpose room. Please check the MRE website at [] for the latest about registration and school activities.

TK/Kindergarten Playgroup

Parents of incoming kindergarten and TK students can get a head-start on making connections by joining the fun at one of MRE’s kindergarten playdates. They are on Saturday, Aug. 16, at 10 am at Hoyt Park and Thursday, Aug. 28, at 4 pm at Lakeview Park. Email Heidi Herway at [[email protected]] if you have questions or wish to be added to the playgroup email distribution list.

MRE Garden

While most Miramar Ranch families are enjoying time away from school this summer, a few committed volunteers have been working to restore the school garden located next to the track along Scripps Lake Drive. If you drove by this site last year or viewed it from the field, you may not have realized the potential this neglected spot held, but Green Team leader Jennifer Leader did.

Jen has been working with a team including her own family—Fritz, Abbey, and Ben—teacher Carol Munoz and volunteer families Mike, Somer, and Adelaide Gates, Eric, Jacqueline, and Liberty Morgan, and Kallie, Mark, and Evia Tettenburn to transform this spot into a beautiful and functional oasis for the school.

Local Girl Scout Troop 3102 has taken on a coordinating role with the garden as the foundation of its future Bronze Award project. They will work throughout the year to help restore, cultivate, and maintain the garden with the hope that one day it will serve as a source of Garden to Cafe fruits and vegetables for our school’s lunchroom. If you are interested in joining the Green Team to help with the garden project, or if have garden supplies that you could donate—such as soil, hoses, drip irrigation parts, kid-sized tools, or seeds—please contact Jennifer Leader at [[email protected]].

Mary Corbett

Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary

Message From Our Principal

Dear EBS Families and Community Members,

We have been working hard during the summer to prepare for the next school year. We hired several new teachers who will be an excellent addition to our staff. I can’t wait for you to meet them. The biggest project of the summer was, as always, a deep cleaning of all the classrooms. Thanks to our custodial staff for all their hard work. Our classrooms are now sparkling clean and ready for our students.

One of the highlights of my summer was participating in the Scripps Ranch 4th of July Parade with our students and parents. This was our first year with an EBS marching group and we all had a lot of fun. Congratulations to our students who won the first place ribbon in the category of “Youth Group” (pictured on page 7)!

I look forward to seeing everyone on the first day of school. I hope you all had time to relax and spend time with your families. I can’t wait to hear from all our students about their summer adventures. See you soon,

Liz Sloan, EBS Principal

Transitional Kindergarten

The Scripps Ranch elementary school principals worked together to develop a transitional kindergarten (TK) program with options to meet the needs of every TK student. The TK program at EBS will be half-day this year, running from 8:45 am to 12:30 pm each day. Please visit [] for more information about TK choices and SAY child care for TK students. We look forward to meeting all our TK penguins at orientation on Friday, Aug. 29!

Kindergarten/TK and New Student Orientation

Orientation for kindergarten, transitional kindergarten, and new students is on Friday, Aug. 29, from 10:30 to 11:30 am in the multipurpose room. After a few messages, kindergarten and TK students will visit their classroom and meet their teacher and classmates. New students are encouraged to attend and tour the campus.

Penguin Posting Party

Join us on Friday, Aug. 29, at 5 pm for our annual Penguin Posting Party! Catch up with friends and enjoy a cool treat, courtesy of the Academic Fundraising Partnership (AFP). This is the first opportunity for students in grades 1–5 to see classroom assignments.

Have your kids outgrown their EBS shirts? This will be a great time to purchase your new spirit wear for the year!

First Day of School

School starts on Tuesday, Sept. 2, at 8:45 am. There will be a special red carpet rolled out for our little penguins, so plan to come early to get some great photos of your child heading off to school!

Annual Volunteer Fair and Parent Breakfast!

After you’ve seen your kids off to their classrooms on Tuesday, Sept. 2, join us at 9 am in the multipurpose room for our annual Volunteer Fair! Come enjoy a light breakfast, courtesy of the AFP, and browse our many event booths. Committee chairs will be at the fair to answer your questions and help you find the perfect volunteer opportunity for your schedule.

Kindergarten/TK Playgroups

Incoming EBS kindergarten and TK students and their parents are invited to attend special playgroups that are being held at local parks. For more information, please email [[email protected]].

Seema Moorjani, AFP President

Scripps Ranch Farmers Market

If you haven’t been to the market lately, take the time to check out all the new, certified, and organic farmers, food booths, and other wonderful vendors. The market is open every Saturday from 9 am to 1:30 pm at the corner of Scripps Poway Parkway and Spring Canyon Road.

Please remember that 65% of the market’s proceeds come back to the EBS AFP and benefit our kids. Also don’t forget to pick up your Loyalty Card at the information booth. You can receive up to $5 off any vendor. We hope to see you at the farmers market on Saturdays.

Gail Faber, SR Farmers Market Rep

Important Dates

  • Friday, Aug. 29—TK/Kindergarten/New Student Orientation—10:30–11:30 am, multipurpose room; Penguin Posting Party, classes posted, 5 pm, front gates;
  • Tuesday, Sept. 2—First day of school, classes start at 8:45 am; Volunteer Fair and Parent Breakfast, 9 am, multipurpose room; and,
  • Thursday, Sept. 11—Back-to-School Night.

Monika Wimmer

Innovations Academy

Preparing for the New Year

The staff of Innovations Academy looks forward to returning this month to get ready for the 2014–2015 school year. We will collaborate on innovative ways to encourage self-expression, compassionate connection, and purposeful learning. Teachers and staff will design project-based, experiential learning that helps students be more engaged and supports them in retaining information.

Parents, please check our website for information about everything that will be going on this year. We are excited about our extensive enrichment classes including performing arts, fine arts, media arts, piano, robotics, LEGO engineering, and gardening. Our Solution Center still will be on campus helping support our culture of positive discipline. Our middle school students will attend a YMCA leadership and team-building camp at the beginning of the school year to create unity, learn leadership skills, and develop connection and community right away.

Important Dates

  • Wednesday, Aug. 27—Open House, 5–7:30 pm; and,
  • Tuesday, Sept. 2—First day of school.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

St. Gregory the Great Catholic School

First Graduating Class

Dear Friends of St. Gregory the Great Catholic School,

It is with great joy that we announce the graduation of our first 8th grade class, the Class of 2014. We are very proud of our graduates who will attend the following high schools: Academy of Our Lady of Peace, St. Augustine, Cathedral Catholic, and Scripps Ranch high schools.

The graduation awards ceremony took place in the library media center in early June. We were honored to welcome Judge John B. Owens, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, as our commencement speaker.

The graduates received their diplomas during a special liturgy at the parish church later that day. As we celebrate this great milestone in school and parish life, we are deeply grateful to our school families, supportive parishioners, and Scripps Ranch residents who continue to bless our school with their generous stewardship.

At St. Gregory the Great Catholic School we are proud to offer an education that is distinctive among educational institutions in our community. Our students learn in an environment that focuses on learning and living our Catholic faith, supporting students to meet high academic standards, and reaching out in service to those in need. We pray for God’s blessing on our ministry of Catholic education.

The future is exciting for our school as we continue to grow. Construction of our preschool, science, and counseling center begins in December, with completion expected in late spring 2015.

We are enrolling students throughout the summer. If you are interested in a Catholic education for your child, please contact the school office at 397-1290 or [[email protected]] to schedule a tour of our campus, located at 15315 Stonebridge Parkway. Potential student applications may be submitted electronically from []. School reopens on Monday, Aug. 25. Yours in Christ,

Maeve O’Connell, Principal