Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS)

Principal’s Message

Our staff is working diligently to provide our students with 21st century learning using Common Core State Standards (CCSS) with a focus on the four C’s: collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. The administrative team addressed each grade level with our policy assemblies in an effort to continue to keep a positive attitude on campus and to treat each other with respect and dignity.

Our fall sports have done well and will participate in play-off games. We gear up for winter sports in mid-November.

Counselors continue to offer college application labs this month. Any student who would like assistance to complete a college application is welcome to attend any session that is listed below.

After-school peer tutoring is available for any student looking for academic help in all subjects on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30 to 3:30 pm in the SRHS library.

The District Attorney’s Youth Advisory Board (YAB) resumes this year with its mission to educate and advise the community. It aims to spread awareness about the needs and challenges of today’s youth and pressing issues affecting young people in San Diego County, resulting in a positive change throughout the community.

As the administrators continue to visit classrooms, we are constantly seeing rigor in the instruction. Our students are being pushed to a higher level of thinking with instruction that encourages them to think differently, on a mature level, and to enjoy what they are doing. The commitment and dedication of our staff to continue improving student achievement is remarkable!

Important dates:

  • Monday, Nov. 3, 10, and 17, and Wednesday, Nov. 5, 12, and 19—College application lab, 2:15–3:30 pm, Room 841;
  • Wednesday, Nov. 5—Governance Team/School Site Council meeting, 2:45 pm, staff dining room;
  • Tuesday, Nov. 11—Veterans Day, no school; and,
  • Monday–Friday, Nov. 24–28—Thanksgiving break, no school.

Be sure to check out the daily bulletin and other events listed in our calendar section at [].

Ann Menna, SRHS Principal

Marhsall Middle School (MMS)

Principal’s Message

Dear Scripps Ranch Families and Community,

I want to thank all our families and community members who participated in our 2014 Pledge Drive and purchased Entertainment Value books. These fundraisers help support the instructional program at Thurgood Marshall Middle. You still can support our school by pledging online.

At MMS we value positive relationships with students and parents. If you have any questions regarding your son’s or daughter’s academic progress, please contact your child’s teachers to open communication lines. You can find their contact information by visiting our website.

Student safety is our priority. Please adhere to the traffic signs and personnel directing traffic in the drop-off zones. We do not allow drop-offs in the parking lot. Please drive safely into our parking queue to drop off and pick up our students safely. Please do not drop off or pick up your student at the corner of Pomerado Road and Avenue of Nations. Drivers who do this put their student in danger, cause traffic flow issues, and the area is not supervised.

Thank you for your support. Sincerely,

Michelle Irwin, MMS Principal

Homework Zone

Our Homework Zone is open! Students may come by to get homework assistance in any class from one of our MMS teachers on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:25 to 3:25 pm. The Homework Zone is located in Room A306 with Mrs. Gillum on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and in Room C205 with Mrs. Hughart on Thursdays.


Have you purchased your yearbook yet?! It’s not too late. You can easily purchase one online at [] or in the financial office for only $45.

We Want Your Candy!

MMS will gladly help you rid your kitchen cabinets of leftover, undistributed Halloween candy. It will be used as rewards for our schoolwide “Right on Target” program! Bring leftovers to the main office after Halloween. Thanks!

Progress Reports

The end of the second progress report period is Friday, Nov. 21, and progress reports will be distributed to students after the Thanksgiving break on Friday, Dec. 5. Ask to see your child’s progress report. If you do not like what you see, please contact your child’s teachers.

Student Support Center

We will continue our partnership with Alliant Couple and Family Clinic (ACFC), a community counseling agency and affiliate of Alliant International University. ACFC will offer many services on our campus, including student support groups and individual and family counseling.

Also, ACFC counselors will staff our Student Support Center every Tuesday at lunch for students to drop in, bring their lunch, participate in fun activities, and just have a welcoming place to hang out. For more information, contact Julie Becker at 549-5502 or [[email protected]].

Grade-Level Assemblies

We are fortunate to be able to offer three thought-provoking assemblies to our students, thanks to our generous PTSA.

8th Grade Risky Business Presentations: This assembly was presented in late October. Small groups of boys and girls heard information about potentially high-risk sexual practices, peer pressure, sexual harassment, internet safety and social networking risks, legal implications, and health-related concerns. Counselors are available for discussions, if needed.

7th Grade Kaiser Permanente Bullying Awareness Program: On Thursday, Nov. 6, all 7th graders will attend Kaiser Permanente’s 50-minute bullying awareness program, presented in play form, called Someone Like Me. Ninety percent of 4th through 8th graders report being victims of bullying. This program demonstrates to students that they are not alone and help is available. It also models ways for students to get help—for themselves or their friends—if they need it.

6th Grade Teen Truth Live, Bullying: On Thursday, Nov. 13, our 6th graders will participate in Teen Truth Live’s Bully and School Violence Program. It teaches students to identify the different forms of bullying, understand how bullying can lead to serious consequences, and motivates students to stop bullying from happening in their school.

Theater News

The theater department is starting a new way to memorialize your support. We will place a perpetual plaque in the theater to commemorate our patrons. To have your or your family’s name added to the plaque, we ask for a minimum $100 donation. It will be prominently displayed in our theater indefinitely to honor your support.

For more information, contact Mr. Russell at [[email protected]]. Donations can be made by cash or check made payable to Marshall Middle School. Thank you in advance for helping us keep theater alive!

Here is a list of our shows this year.

  • Tuesday–Friday, Nov. 18–21—It’s a Wonderful Life, 6 pm;
  • Wednesday and Thursday, Jan. 14 and 15—The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet, 4 pm;
  • Tuesday–Friday, Feb. 3–6—Captain Louie, Jr.–The Musical, 6 pm;
  • Wednesday and Thursday, Mar. 18 and 19—I’m a Teenager, Get Me Out of This Family, 4 pm;
  • Tuesday–Friday, Apr. 14–17—The Election, 6 pm;
  • Tuesday–Friday, May 5–8—Spring musical, 6 pm; and,
  • Wednesday and Thursday, May 20 and 21—Drop Dead, Juliet, 4 pm.

All tickets are general admission and $5 each. They are available at the door or in advance at the MMS financial office.

Dingeman Elementary

From our Principal

Dear Dingeman Families and Community,

November is the perfect time to say, “thank you” to our generous Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA). At our Tiger Rally last month Col. Bob Dingeman presented the school a $500 check from the SRCA (photo on page 31). We will use this grant to buy additional books to enhance our English language arts programs, which are aligned to the new Common Core State Standards. We appreciate the financial support as well as the support from our SRCA Schools Committee.

This month parents and teachers will meet during Conference Week from Monday, Nov. 17, through Friday, Nov. 21. Dismissal is at 12:20 pm daily. Your teacher will contact you for a conference to show you how your child is progressing. Feel free to bring your list of questions since most time slots are only 20 minutes.

I’d like to wish all of you a wonderful, restful Thanksgiving break. I’ll see you on Monday, Dec. 1, at our Tiger Rally at 8:30 am, weather permitting.

In Partnership for Excellence,

Kimie Lochtefeld, Dingeman Principal

We are One…

In just the first two months of the new school year we have seen amazing support by Dingeman families and friends. Hundreds of positions have been filled by our extraordinary volunteers! The level of participation we have seen goes to show that we are all united as one school, one connection, and one community. Check out [] to help us fill any vacant volunteer positions and stop by and “Like” us on Facebook at [] to keep updated on what’s going on!

On behalf of the Family Faculty Connection (FFC), I want to thank each of you for your tremendous generosity and everlasting support. We give thanks for your commitment and wish you all a happy Thanksgiving!

Luis Fregoso, FFC Vice President

Our Tigers Soar!

Thank you to the wonderful Dingeman community for making this year’s Pledge Drive a success. With your donations, the FFC will be able to provide critical support for our school and help Dingeman continue its tradition of excellence through numerous enrichment programs.

Additional thanks to all who initiated a corporate match from their employers. If your employer matches funds donated to a nonprofit organization, please start the process so that Dingeman may benefit from these funds.

As of early October we had 76% participation from our families. We anticipate the final numbers to be higher thanks to the unwavering support of the Dingeman community. The Pledge Drive officially ended in October, but donations are gratefully accepted throughout the school year.

To everyone at Dingeman and the Scripps Ranch community, we thank you for helping our school reach its fundraising goal. For questions, please email us at [[email protected]]. With gratitude,

Hooban Forsman and Evelyn Capozello, Pledge Drive Co-chairs

Pippa Mills

Jerabek Elementary

A Letter from the Principal

Jerabek has had a great start to the new school year. Working together with our Family Faculty Organization (FFO), we have designated Wednesday evenings as “Family Nights.” We understanding that along with the school events, there are many activities outside of school. With this in mind we have made a commitment to not plan any school events on Wednesday evening for the entire school year. We appreciate the many hours of volunteer time during school and attendance to after-school events supporting our educational program. “Family Night” was put into place to honor family time away from school for both our families and hard-working staff.

Jerabek has a lot to celebrate and this year we will spend time and energy on the celebration of student learning and overall efforts to improve our school’s culture. Our monthly student recognition assemblies will focus on two key areas of learning: character education and 21st century learning dispositions.

Students will be awarded for outstanding character in the areas of respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, responsibility, fairness, citizenship, caring, resilience, determination, and integrity. In working to improve our school’s culture the foundation for this work starts with a focus on character education traits.

Also, we will recognize students for achievement in their classrooms with 21st century learning behaviors. These include critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, and problem solving. These behavioral dispositions enable students to function effectively in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) learning environment. They are valuable skills needed at all levels of education, as well for productive adults in the work force.

As we prepare for a family feast, I would like to “give thanks” to our Jerabek staff and community for a great start to the school year. We will work hard this year to make our school’s culture a more cohesive, positive environment that values positivity, dignity, and respect…no matter what challenges we face.

We have received fantastic support and feedback from staff and parents about the positive nature of our first months of school. We look forward to a commitment from all Jerabek constituents to ensure we continue on this path. Thank you, staff and parents, for all your hard work that makes Jerabek an excellent place to learn!

Kristie Joiner, Jerabek Principal

Sponsor Spotlight

SRCA + Jerabek = Family Math Nights …Jerabek would like to extend an infinite number of “thank yous” to the Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA). The SRCA donated $500, which will be used to fund our Family Math Nights.

Throughout the year each grade has a special night where students and their parent or special adult get to add their mathematical knowledge while dividing into groups, which multiplies into a product of understanding—all with the common denominator of fun. If you can find the math references in the prior sentence—you’ve obviously been to one of our Family Math Nights! The donation will be used for the plethora of material needed to make this night happen. Thank you, SRCA!

Koalas Kan’t Forget

The KYKKS—“Keeping Your Koala Kids Safe”—team, formerly known as the orange vesties/noon duty/so forth, want to thank Jerabek drivers for abiding by the school speed limits and respecting the rules of the road and red curbs. We are all here to make sure our children arrive to and from school safely.

Jen Marchesini

Miramar Ranch Elementary

From Our FFA President

November is the time for Thanksgiving. I am thankful for the wonderful teachers and staff at MRE and for all the amazing volunteers I have had the pleasure to work with my first few months as Family Faculty Association (FFA) president. I am thankful for the FFA board: Natalia Rissolo, Suzanne Lawson, Jaqueline Morgan, Linda Hoover, Carolyn Coglianese, Angela Frantz, Shari Aigner, Jennifer Leader, Christine Huddleson, and Mike Gates.

I am grateful for our SRCA Newsletter correspondent, Catherine Melis, for doing a beautiful job with our school’s section month after month. I am grateful for our Hospitality Committee headed by Ellen McIrvin and Brooke Miles.

I am extremely grateful to Jillian Frisbee and Angela Frantz and the rest of the Carnival team for putting together another amazing event. It takes so much work and dedication to plan and implement these big events and they make it look easy.

I also would like to acknowledge several new volunteers—Stacy Bjerke, Chrissy Rosenfeld, Linh Vandermar, Heidi Herway, Korey Thoummavong, Brianne Cataudella, Lauren Fossett, and Aaron Andrews. Miramar Ranch would not be the great school that it is without the support of these and many other volunteers who generously give of their time to help all of our kids. Thank you!

Mary Corbett, FFA President

Thanks for the Amazing Halloween Carnival!

I want to give a huge shout-out to the Halloween Carnival Committee. Thank you for your time, energy, commitment, creativity, and dedication! You are all amazing and our school is so lucky to have such a great group of volunteers. I could not have planned this event without each and every one of your contributions.

Thank you, Angela Frantz and Shari Aigner, our silent auction chairs. It was the best year ever! Thanks also go to: Brianne Cataudella, Games co-chair; Kathleen Dellisant, Volunteer chair; Linda Hoover, treasurer; Mary Corbett and Korey Thoummavong, cash room; Gerry McLean, food trucks; Lori Darwish, Jennifer Manssor, and Karen Wrape, Dream Prize team; Amy Davis, Bake Sale; Ellen McIrvin, Book Sale; Denise Heirich and Samantha Hargrave, publicity, banners, and signs; Aimy McRae, graveyard goodies; Mary Corbett, pre-ticket sales and MRE website; Chrissy Rosenfeld, corporate sponsorship; Pam Millar and Brigid Brown, Teacher’s Pet Shoppe; and, last but not least, the 5th Grade Haunted House Committee, including Rich Wasilewski, Carolyn Coglianese, and the 5th grade class parents who spent tons of hours creating the best haunted house ever!

Thank you to Debbie Kutyla, Robert Hasson, and Pat Calvert for your guidance and expert Halloween Carnival advice. Thank you all so much. I hope I haven’t left anyone out. You are all my “Boo.”

Jillian Frisbie

Catherine Melis

Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary

From Our Principal

Dear Parents and Community Members,

We made it through a very hot fall and we are enjoying the cooler weather. We are grateful that our school is 100% air conditioned. This allows all class work to proceed as usual no matter what the temperature is outside.

As we continue our work on Common Core State Standards (CCSS) this year our focus for teacher training has been math and, in particular, the Standards for Mathematical Practice. They call out “habits of mind” that the students need to have in order to be successful in math. You will hear your students talking about perseverance, approaching problems with a variety of strategies, and modeling the problems in multiple ways.

This deep thinking about problem-solving strategies gives the students the understanding they need to evaluate the effectiveness of different solutions and compare different strategies. Our teachers are working harder than ever and the results are showing. It is very exciting to see the progress that our students have made since the beginning of the year. As we implement the CCSS our students will develop the math skills they need for college and beyond.

I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for the wonderful students, staff, teachers, parents, and community members I get to work with every day. It is truly a joy! Sincerely,

Liz Sloan, EBS Principal

Fall Fun!

Fall is in the air, and the Academic Fundraising Partnership (AFP) has been busy! In October we had the return of Family Science Nights. Fifth graders had their turn to participate in a fun evening of exciting experiments. A newly redesigned Family Science Night meant brand new experiments for the kids to try out!

Excitement was in the air at this year’s Fall Family Festival! This event is always a highlight of the year and this year was no exception. Families enjoyed an array of fun activities, and the kids looked adorable in their costumes. The EBS Super Penguin made an appearance, too, and families had the chance to pose for pictures with our amazing mascot.

This month all classes get to visit the Book Fair! This year’s adorable theme is Sir Readalot’s Castle. Be sure to attend the special family events during the Book Fair. Grandpersons Day is on Friday, Nov. 21, and all our grandpersons will be treated to a light breakfast and a cute show by our 1st graders. Details of this and other events are on the AFP website at []. We thank our EBS families and friends for your continued support!

Krissy Duke

Innovations Academy

This year the media arts program will focus on exploring the digital tools that are used daily and translate directly into skills needed for many careers. Using the Adobe Software Suite and high quality equipment, students will learn to apply their creative ideas to a digital environment while creating projects that cross over to other educational domains.

A new comprehensive art program has started for all students (art teacher Niki Moyer is pictured below). It is grounded in exploration with the ultimate goal of developing highly perceptive, open-minded individuals. At the elementary level students will explore new expressive art materials, which are critical to prepare students for more sophisticated issues in art. In middle school students continue to develop new skills in a range of mediums while intensely exploring the self and the world around them.

St. Gregory the Great Catholic School

Students honored our commitment to service and social justice in October with our 2nd Annual Great Quarter Race. Each quarter provides a nutritious meal for a hungry child. Each grade lined up their quarters to show their support (pictured top right). Many students did extra chores to earn quarters. Thank you, children, for making a difference to a child in need.

To celebrate the unity of our school and parish community, we hosted our 3rd Wild West Fall Festival in October. Parents, students, staff, and parishioners joined for a day of entertainment, which culminated in the celebration of “Mass on the Grass,” followed by dinner and a concert. Our community offers a sincere thank you to Erin Ferguson and Taunya Conte, event co-chairs, and the many volunteers and sponsors who made the event possible.

We were honored again this year to participate in Kids’ NewsDay in support of Rady Children’s Hospital. Many of our students submitted essays and drawings to the annual Kids’ NewsDay contest. Congratulations to 1st grader Roya Ostadan, who won first place in the K–2 category!

In November we focus on an “Attitude of Gratitude,” recognizing all our blessings come from God!

Maeve O’Connell, Principal