Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS)

PBO Class of 2002

The Class of 2002 Parent Booster Organization (PBO) kicked off the 1999-2000 year with a fall membership drive and a very successful See’s holiday candy sale. Thank you to all who supported the Class of 2002 by joining in the membership drive and by purchasing holiday candy! The Class of 2002 PBO welcomes the many new members for the 2002 Grad Night celebration! Our fall membership drive was a success, but there always is room for the time and talents of new members to contribute to the cause!

To see what Grad Night planning is all about, join the 2002 PBO on the first Thursday of each month at 7 pm in the SRHS teacher’s dining room. You will see lots of familiar faces and will meet new community members as well!

The next upcoming meeting is Thursday, Feb. 3. Upcoming events include holiday candy or special gift sales for your Valentine and for Easter and Mother’s Day! Sometime in March, look for announcements of the Class of 2002 yard sale! Save your treasures for this event benefiting 2002 grads! For more information, call Alice Habeger, Class of 2002 President, at 586-0779.

Marshall Middle School

January Events

  • Monday, Jan. 10 — 4-year planning at 7 pm at Challenger Middle School;
  • Wednesday, Jan. 12 — Spelling Bee;
  • Thursday, Jan. 13 — Seminar parent meeting at 6:30 pm in the lounge;
  • Monday, Jan. 17 — No school; observation of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day;
  • Wednesday, Jan. 19 — 4-year planning at 7 pm at Challenger Middle School;
  • Thursday, Jan. 20 — PTSA opera at 6:30 pm at the Civic Center;
  • Thursday, Jan. 27 — 4-year planning at 6:30 pm at Scripps Ranch High; and
  • Monday, Jan. 31 — 2nd semester begins.

School News

Decades come every 10 years, centuries every 100, but a millennium comes around only once every 1,000 years. The beginning of the third millennium began on January 1, 2000. A great deal has happened in 2000 years. The students at Marshall Middle School are learning about some of those historical events. While at the same time, they are acquiring the knowledge needed to keep them well informed and prepared for their future.

Though the holiday season has come and gone, the spirit of welcoming in the new millennium is high and the thrill of starting a new era is exciting. At Marshall we will continue to prepare our students for success in school as well as success in their future endeavors. We do so by providing students with a well-rounded middle school experience. In the new millennium, students at Marshall will continue to be exposed to a challenging curriculum with an emphasis on student achievement, literacy, and standards-based learning.

The first group of 6th graders had a great time at Camp Palomar. Marshall students had an opportunity to enjoy outdoor educational games and activities, to participate in an all-day hike, to make crafts, and to hear stories of the mountain. The weather was a bit chilly at night, but the fun the students had and the friendships they made overshadowed the nip in the air. In the many years to come, Marshall students will hold dear to these wonderful memories of their 6th grade camp experience. The next group of 6th graders are due to leave the week of February 7-11.

Report Cards

The first semester ends on Friday, Jan. 28, and the second semester begins on Monday, Jan. 31. Students will receive their report cards on Friday, Feb. 4, and you should receive the report card from your child on that day also!

Remember that 6th and 7th grade students who receive two or more “Ds” and (or) “Fs” in core, academic classes are classified as “NAS” (Needing Additional Support). If these grades do not improve by the end of the second semester, the student may be retained or required to attend summer school.

For 8th graders, one or more “D” and (or) “F” in core, academic classes classifies a student as “NAS,” as 8th graders cannot be promoted without passing (with at least a “D”) all core, academic classes.

If your child falls into the NAS category, and you have not already done so, please contact your child’s teachers and arrange a parent conference so that a supportive learning plan can be written.

Gate Program

Just a reminder that the new district qualifications for being placed in the Gate/cluster program for the remainder of this year, and in the future, are as follows:

  1. District identified students must score at the 98th percentile or above on the Raven Progressive Matrices test. If one or more special environmental factors are identified by the GATE psychologist, the student must score between the 95th and 97th percentile.
  2. The remaining spaces are to be filled on a space-available basis from the following qualified students:
  3. students who were not district-identified but who scored in the 90th through 97th percentile on the Raven Progressive Matrices test, or
  4. students who give evidence of academic performance capability as demonstrated by a portfolio score of 4 or above on a 5-point district rubric, and teacher recommendation, or
  5. students who give evidence of academic performance capability as demonstrated by a score in the 90th percentile or above on the district norm-referenced achievement test (e.g. SAT 9) in one or more total areas (e.g. reading, language, mathematics, science) and teacher recommendation.

4-year Planning Conferences

Letters were mailed to the parents of some 8th grade students in December, and the remainder will be mailed in January, inviting them to attend one of our high school four-year planning conferences in January. Please be sure to RSVP for a date that is convenient for you and your eighth grader to attend one of these important meetings. Most meetings will be held from 7 to 9 pm at Challenger Middle School in Mira Mesa, with the exception of meetings for students in the seminar and special education programs. Those meetings will be held at Marshall Middle School at a time to be arranged.

Making School Fun

Besides enjoying the benefits of a rigorous academic curriculum, the students at Marshall also have an opportunity to expand their interest and talents by joining clubs. Not only do we offer a variety of clubs, we encourage students to expand their horizons by balancing their academic requirements with having some fun, through participating in organized clubs. The clubs offered at Marshall are the Swing Club, Art Club, CJSF (California Junior Scholarship Federation), Drama and Choral Club, The Equestrian Club, Library Media Club, Babylon 5 Club, Marshall Video Club, Fitness and 100 Mile Club, Technology Club, The Gathering Magic Club, Paintball Club, Remote Control Car Club, French Club, Chess Club, INTERACT Club local Rotary club, Model Car Club, and Cheerleading Club. All clubs are required to have a certified person as an advisor and are required to have their by-laws on file with the Associated Student Body. We are proud of the overwhelming interest that our students have shown in having clubs on campus, and by their participation in these extra curricular activities.

Geography Bee Results

Congratulations to 8th grader Sean Delphy, the winner of this year’s Marshall Geography Bee, and to the second place winner, 7th grader Ashley Glosz. In recognition of his achievement, Sean received a medal from the National Geography Bee, a certificate of achievement, a cash award of $25, and a Geography Bee t-shirt. Ashley also received a certificate, a t-shirt, and a cash award of $15. In third place was 7th grader Mark Paul, who like all the participants, received a certificate and a t-shirt.

The t-shirts and cash awards were graciously donated by Marshall’s Associated Student Body. Honorable mention awards went to seven other finalists: sixth grader Jeff Filice, seventh graders Ashley Sigle and Joe Deignan, and eighth graders Devin Alavian, Catherine Barnes, Tim Gottschalk, and James Zou.

The winner, Sean Delphy, will now take a written test to qualify for the California State Geography Bee to be held in Sacramento in April 2000. Only 100 California students will qualify for the State Bee. We wish Sean good luck as he prepares for this year’s State qualifying test.

Media Center

The Marshall Library Media Center hosted a Scholastic book fair, “The Last Book Fair of the Millennium,” in December. There was a wonderful selection of books and a variety of genres, both popular reading and classics. It gave students a chance to view and purchase books to read and give over the holidays. Money raised from the book fair will be used to purchase books displayed at the fair for the Library Media Center. We look forward to the next book fair in the spring.

Our library collection continues to grow and students eagerly await the new books that arrive weekly. The Library Media Center is busy meeting the needs of students each day with reading, researching, tutoring, and computer use. In addition to classes, individual students are always welcome during the school day with a pass from their teacher, or before school, during lunch, and after school. Activities that took place in December included the Geography Bee and the Coffee House Drama Presentation. Volunteers always are needed to help with the many events in the Library Media Center. If you are interested in being a volunteer, please call Barbara Morhaim at school at 549-8840, ext. 1112.

From the School Nurse

It is often difficult for parents to know whether their child is too sick to attend school. This uncertainty along with the parents desire that their children not miss important schoolwork cause parents to send children to school when they should be at home. Children sent to school sick not only wear down their bodies’ ability to quickly respond to the illness (and sometimes cause a more prolonged bout of illness), they also open the entire student body to infection and illness.

While we understand the difficulties a sick child represents logistically for a working parent, we request a child who is not feeling well in the morning not be sent to school to see if they can “brave it out.” Many of these children who are “braving it out” are either missing their class work because they are resting in the nursing office or because their bodies are focusing on getting well to such a degree that they do not adequately pay attention in class. The teachers at Marshall make every effort to keep the homework hotline updated; a child kept at home can access this line and begin work from home.


At the November meeting, $10,500 in department grants were approved using funds raised this year. The allocations were as follows:

  • $1,000 given to Language Arts, Social Studies, Library/Media, Math, PE, Science, and sixth grade;
  • $500 given to Art, Music/Band, Drama, Foreign Language, Technology, Resource, and Counseling.

Each department will meet to discuss their “wish lists.” The distribution of the remaining funds will be discussed at upcoming PTSA meetings, and we as always encourage your attendance and welcome your ideas for consideration.

“Student Night at the Opera” is a new enrichment activity that has been gaining popularity. The next event Il Trovatore takes place Thursday, Jan. 20, at 6:30 pm. Student tickets are available for $5 with adult chaperone tickets for $15. Transportation is provided from Marshall via private auto at 5 pm. Seats are limited; so purchase your tickets right away. Contact Sandy Price at 693-1531.

Elementary Schools

Jerabek Elementary School

Welcome Jerabek students and parents to the year 2000. Jerabek left December 1999 with lots of warm memories. Jerabek students participated in a holiday community service to provide decorative bags to the San Diego Coalition for the homeless. Both Von’s stores in Scripps Ranch donated 600 bags that Jerabek students decorated in holiday style. These bags were filled with goodies by coalition volunteers and distributed to over 2,000 children at the Coalition’s 1999 Children’s Christmas party in December. Thank you Jerabek students for taking the time to care.

The Jerabek choir and band held their Holiday Concert on the evening of Dec. 9. The choir, led by Margie Orem and Debbie Burton, put on a stellar performance for a packed auditorium. The Jerabek band, led by Rhonda Thompson, provided musical interludes throughout the program. A special rendition of the “Drummer Boy” incorporated the talents of both the advanced band and choir. Afterwards the choir kicked up their heels with Jingle Bell Rap. The camcorders rolled throughout the evening, and parents and students left the auditorium that night with feelings of pride and accomplishment.

Jerabek students are currently enjoying their mid-winter break. When they return on Tuesday, Jan. 18, they can look forward to 5th grade Family Science night on Wednesday, Feb. 2, and 4th grade Family Math night on Wednesday, Feb. 9. Both will be held in the Jerabek auditorium at 6:30 pm. Red Ribbon week is Feb. 7-10, and DARE graduation is Thursday, Feb. 10. A second book fair will be held at the end of February.

Jerabek is looking for a part-time computer instructional assistant to teach computer skills to students. Interested persons should call Assistant Principal Ron Marcus at 578-5330.

Dingeman Elementary School

Mary Lou Faulkner, who passed away in June 1999, was a much loved and respected kindergarten teacher at Dingeman Elementary School. We are hoping to establish a memorial site on campus in her memory. Donated funds will be used for a shade tree and a permanent bench with a plaque in memory of this incredible teacher who touched so many with her quiet dignity and strength.

If you are interested in contributing, please send a check payable to the “Mary Lou Faulkner Memorial Fund” to Carolyn Prosi at Dingeman Elementary School, 11840 Scripps Creek Drive, San Diego, 92131. For further information, contact the school at 549-4437.

Miramar Ranch Elementary School (MRE)

A lot goes on inside Miramar Ranch Elementary School classrooms. In addition to the standard learning activities that happen nearly every hour of the school day, special events and programs take place, adding to the rich mix of instruction that the students are getting.

Classroom speakers are a good example. Last month, in Mr. Wilcox’s second/third-grade class, Justin Villarreal’s dad came in and told the class about his Navy job clearing mines and other hazardous materials. Nathan Williams’ dad, an oceanographer, gave a presentation on erosion and sea creature habitats.

In Mrs. Weintraub’s third-grade class, LuAnn Wright came in and gave the students a physics lesson, and in Mrs. Christian’s second-grade class, Laura Mitchell’s dad (that’s me!) explained how her family celebrates Kwanzaa. These speakers are but a few of the many parents and other visitors who take time to make learning all the more interesting, relevant, and fun.

Other activities that enhance education are…

  • Field trips, like the one Mrs. Weintraub’s class took to Scripps Aquarium as part of their ocean studies unit.
  • Excursions to the Scripps Ranch public library, like Mrs. Hester’s third-grade class takes every other week to read biographies on compassionate historical figures like Albert Schweitzer.
  • Math-athons, like Mrs. Oriente’s first-grade class holds each year to raise money to support children cancer treatment, with Amanda Boerner raising $150 by herself!
  • Theatrical productions, like the one in Mrs. Weiner’s first-grade room, with the students singing songs and reading narratives about the many winter holidays celebrated around the world.
  • Multicultural food fairs, like the one put on by Mrs. Romero’s, Mr. Romanowski’s, Mrs. Kijak’s, and Mrs. West’s fourth-grade classes.

There are also plenty of fun and interesting things that happen outside the classroom at MRE, like the…

  • Troll Book Fair, held early last month. Fourth-grader Rachel Brown’s mom, Heidi, coordinated the event and the fifth-grade promotion committee sponsored the ice cream social that went with it.
  • Hot Air Balloon Festival 2000 on Jan. 3, where students from Mr. Christian’s fifth-grade class launch the five-foot-high tissue paper hot air balloons they’ve constructed.
  • DARE graduation on Wednesday, Jan. 26.
  • Family Literacy Nights on Thursdays, Feb. 3 and 24, from 6 to 7:30 pm.

The variety of learning experiences at Miramar Ranch is almost endless. It’s this on-going collaboration between the teachers, students, parents, Scripps Ranch community, and local businesses that improved the quality of learning for each and every young Hawk.

If you’d like to take part in all of this, call the school at 271-0470.

Other Schools

Miramar College

Time to Register for Spring

Start off the new year with new educational goals. Whether your goals include training for a new career, improving your current job skills, or beginning or continuing on your road to transfer to SDSU, UC, or a private university, Miramar College has the classes you need.

There’s still time to register for spring semester classes at Miramar College. Thousands of 9-week or 18-week classes during the day, evening, and weekend begin Tuesday, Jan. 18. Free class schedules are available in the Scripps Ranch Library. For registration information, call 536-7844.

New for the spring semester, Biology 105, Principals of Biology, will be offered via the Internet! Interested students need to be self-motivated and should contact Professor Ric Matthews at [[email protected]] for details.

International Film Series

Watch the SRCA Newsletter for dates and times when you can enjoy the free international film series, sponsored by Miramar College Global Education. Spring selections may include Beyond Silence (Germany), Close to Eden (China, Russia), Kiss or Kill (Australia), The Nightwatch (Danish), El Callejon de los Milagros (Mexico), Jesus of Montreal (Canada), Three Seasons (Vietnam), Fun Bar Karaoke (Thailand), Soponje (Korea), El Lado Oscura del Corazon (Argentina), and La Chene (Sweden). The series will include day and evening presentations. For more information, contact Dr. Mary Meiners, Global Education Coordinator.

Evening With The Experts

Plan now to attend the Evening with the Experts lecture and performance series on the first Friday of each month, from 6:30 to 8 pm, February through May. The free presentations will include a look at biotechnology around the world, a harp concert, a seminar on how to choose and use an attorney, and more. Watch the SRCA Newsletter for details.

United States International University (USIU)

Winter Classes Start Jan. 10

Have you been thinking about a master’s degree or a teaching credential? There is still time to enroll in these and other programs at USIU. Winter quarter classes start Monday, Jan. 10.

In addition to a variety of undergraduate majors, USIU offers master’s programs in business, international business, psychology, education, and international relations; and doctoral programs in business, psychology, and education. Many courses are offered during the evening and on weekends, making them convenient for working adults.

Those who hold a bachelor’s degree can complete the teacher credential program in 10 months. The credential program offers credit toward a master’s degree in teaching and includes the CLAD emphasis.

USIU’s tuition is competitive and financing is available to those who qualify. The campus, located south of Pomerado Road, is convenient for Scripps Ranch residents and there is plenty of accessible parking.

For more information about USIU programs and admissions requirements, visit the website at [] or call the office of admissions at 635-4772.

USIU Runner is Named All American Scholar-Athlete

USIU student Dimitar Iamboliyski has been named a 1999 NAIA men’s cross country All-American scholar-athlete. A native of Bulgaria, Dimitar enrolled at USIU in 1997. He is junior, majoring in international business with a grade-point average of 3.72.

Scripps Ranch resident and Sharp physician Dr. John Colson coaches the cross country teams. USIU competes in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. The university fields teams in men and women’s cross country, soccer, and tennis, and women’s volleyball.

Global Logistics Starts Feb. 2

What is global logistics? It is planning, implementing, and controlling the flow and storage of goods and services from the point of origin to the point of consumption. Who is involved? Transportation industry executives, freight forwarders, customs brokers, distribution professionals, shippers, importers, exporters, purchasing managers, merchant marine officers, and more.

Starting Wednesday, Feb. 2, USIU will offer the only local Global Logistics Specialist program. Participants who complete the program will receive the Global Logistics Specialist professional designation. The program is under license from CSU Long Beach and is sponsored by the Port of San Diego.

Upon completion of the program, students will know how to ship freight around the world, how to develop a logistics plan, and how to cost the movement of goods nationally and internationally, among other skills.

Experts working in the field will teach each topic. For more information about the GLS program, call Dr. Ali Abu-Rahma, assistant dean of USIU’s College of Business Administration, at 635-4571.

Hays Elected to San Diego Chamber of Commerce

USIU President Garry Hays has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Greater San Diego Chamber of Commerce. The Board serves as the main policy-making body for the Chamber, which is San Diego’s premier business organization.