Scripps Ranch High School

Tutoring Offered at SRHS

Students need not fall behind in their studies – great help is now available. The tutoring program at Scripps Ranch High School is in full swing for the second year in a row. The program has expanded departments and hours this year to include 18 teachers from the math, science, English, social studies, and language departments offering over 400 hours of help to SRHS students. Tutoring is available Monday-Thursday after school in a variety of subjects each day. To see the complete schedule, log on to the SRHS website at or call (858) 621-9020.

Speaking of Great Websites…

When was the last time you logged on to the SRHS website, A wealth of information can be found on this excellent site. It can become your one-stop shop for all your SRHS informational needs including tutoring schedules, college and scholarship info, SAT test dates, teacher syllabus descriptions, sports scores, career information, PTSA info and even the daily bulletin. Parents – use it to really know what is going on at SRHS. Students – use it to make sure you keep up with those test dates or make your voice known in the daily polls. Community members – post your job opportunities for some of the best and brightest workers in Scripps Ranch or just keep up to speed on how you might help the school. Technology is a major tool for learning for SRHS students and the website is just one of the ways we are staying connected. Designed and maintained by students this site is one of the best in the city. Check it out!

Construction Students Enjoy Birds-Eye View

SRHS teacher, Glen Hillegas, knows how to make a classroom come alive – just take students outside. As a former Teacher of the Year, Glen doesn’t let opportunities for great learning slip away. The San Diego City School District is currently building two new classroom buildings at SRHS thanks to Prop MM funding. Glen and his students are right in there watching every move of Soltec Pacific as Prime MM Contractor. Superintendent Rick Austin has taken many hours of his time to give construction students mentoring and steel construction experience. Rick gives Glen’s class a tour of the emerging classrooms every week. Students have watched the new classrooms rise, literally, from the mud. Soltec has proven to be a wonderful partner as they demonstrate a clean, safe and productive construction work site. The weekly shadowing experiences are very much appreciated, valuable experiences for SRHS students.

Scripps Ranch ROP Construction has a long history of productive students. Students have built state-approved classrooms for the San Diego City School District every year for eight years. Students work with State architects, engineers and inspectors to accomplish this amazing feat. Students have also learned to manage over $1,000,000 in construction materials as part of their learning experience. Every annual project to date has been on time and under budget.

The ROP Construction program is continually evolving as we focus more heavily on engineering in anticipation of the opening of the San Diego State University’s Construction Engineering and Management Program (hopefully in the fall). For more information about the exemplary construction program at SRHS and ideas for the future, contact Glen Hillegas at [email protected] sandi. net.

New Partner at SRHS

Cabrillo Credit Union, close neighbor and newest partner in education for SRHS, was honored with other new partnerships throughout the San Diego Unified School District at a special Board of Education meeting on November 13, 2001. Anne McClure, Senior Vice President for the SR branch office represented Cabrillo at the meeting. Jumping into the new partnership with great enthusiasm, Anne is currently serving as president of the Advisory Board for the SRHS Academy of Finance. Directing the efforts of a dynamic group of community leaders, Anne has helped the Academy get off to a great start. For more information on how you might become involved with partnerships with the school or with one of our academies, contact Mary Bostwick, SRHS Employer Outreach Specialist, at [email protected]

PBO Class of 2002

Who wouldn’t want to WIN a $1,000 shopping spree at any Westfield Shoppingtown Mall! Priced at just $2 per raffle ticket or 3 tickets for $5, this is a great stocking stuffer or party gift.

The drawing will be held at the last Home Scripps Ranch High School basketball game on Feb. 14. You need not be present to win. All proceeds go to help fund Senior Grad Night, Senior Breakfast and Senior Gift to the school.

Help the Class of 2002 by either buying tickets yourself – or even better, take a block of tickets to sell to your friends, relatives and associates.

One parent sold them to her bunko group; another sold some while waiting in line at the Charger game. How about volunteering for an hour or two at the ticket table that will be set up outside Vons?

Call Karen Stern at 271-6371 if you would like to take a packet of tickets to sell or if you are interested in helping out at Von’s – or if you just want to buy some of your own. Someone’s going to win – why not you?

For more PBO 2002 updates, send your email address to Dixie Hall, Event Chairperson, Grad Night 2002 at [email protected] There is still plenty of time and opportunity to be a part of your student’s Grad Night 2002. Attend the next PBO 2002 meeting on Jan. 15 in the teacher’s cafeteria at SRHS at 7 pm. See you there!

PBO Class of 2003

Happy New Year, Team 2003 Members (& Perspective Members)!

Will you forgive me if I ask this question: Have you made a new year’s resolution yet? If you haven’t, guess what? I’ve got one that’s already formulated just hanging around waiting for somebody to claim. “What could it be?”, I heard you ask. Well, it’s participating in our “Dining Out” program.

Let me take this opportunity to review the fact that Pick Up Stix has agreed to donate 20% of the monies they make every third Thursday of each month from 3 to 9 pm until June of 2003. Pat & Oscar’s has stated they will donate 10% of all monies they take in on the first Tuesday of each month from 5 to 8 pm.

Please take out your brand new monthly planner to highlight these dates, consider your kitchen temporarily out of order, and resolve to patronize these restaurants on a regular basis during the times of their generous offer. Be sure, however, to bring the flyers with you. If you don’t have a flyer, please ask your 11th grader for one or stop by the school office.

Other dates to highlight (while you’ve got that new planner handy) are the second Thursdays of each month when we hold our Team 2003 PBO meetings in the Teacher’s Lounge at 7 pm. Exciting things are on the horizon and we need

your ideas and participation.

Class of 2004 PBO

While a start has been made, more help is needed in order to raise the funds necessary to put on a Grad Night party for the Class of 2004. There will be a meeting in early January to discuss future fundraisers and to come up with new and different revenue earning ideas. We will be holding a garage sale in the spring to coincide with the annual spring Scripps Ranch Garage Sale. So, please start collecting any items you might be willing to donate to the cause! Our Membership Drive will continue on throughout the year.

Questions on any of the above can be answered by Joanne Gimbel at 586-0330 or Kim Molina at 271-7630. Join us at our January meeting – new faces and ideas will be most welcome.

Marshall Middle School

January Calendar:

Jan. 7 – First Day Back to School

Jan. 10 – PTSA Meeting, 3:00 p.m., Lounge

Jan. 21 – Martin Luther King Day – No School

Jan. 22 – Science Fair Open House – 5:00 p.m.

Principal’s Message:

Marshall faces some changes and some challenges in the near future. Presently, we are scheduled to rotate to a late start time next fall. This means that school will begin at 8:55 AM and end at 3:35 PM. Elementary and middle schools within the San Diego City School district rotate start times every five years. The rotation system is established to accommodate students who are bused throughout the district. When Marshall opened, we selected the early start time with the understanding that beginning with the 2002-03 school year we would rotate to the late time. At that time we were told that we could start late (8:55 AM) or early (7:30 AM) and the time could not be modified to include an in-between time due to transportation issues.

When this decision was made, approximately two thirds of the start-up advisory committee was in favor of the earlier start time. They felt that students who were involved in after-school activities would have a chance to come home, get something to eat and perhaps do some homework before going to their activity. They could then have more free time after dinner in the evening. Working parents also felt that they wanted their students to begin at a time which was closer to the time they began work.

Parents who were in favor of the late start time felt that it was important for their students to sleep later in the morning and that they would do better academically if they did so. There is research available in support of a later start time for adolescents.

To complicate things further, Marshall uses the Park and Recreation facility next to our school for our physical education program. A late start time will push our field use needs to 4:00 which may conflict with Park and Rec. field use. Also, in December, the building of a new multi-purpose room is scheduled to begin. This means we will loose our hard courts to construction, making the use of the Park and Rec. facility even more important.

We will contact district officials to determine if a modification of start times is at all possible, so we will have the most current information available for discussion. If you have strong feelings one way or another about these issues, please contact any member of Marshall’s Site Governance Team to be sure your voice is heard.

On another note, I do want to wish all the members of the Marshall learning community a very happy and safe and prosperous New Year.

Health Office

At times, middle school students face multiple issues regarding addiction. In an effort to provide an environment in support of saying no, the counseling office, the health office and the San Diego Student Intervention Program have encouraged our students to enter the following no smoking essay contest.

No-ADdiction Campaign Essay Contest. In 100 words, tell us why you have chosen not to smoke and how you would encourage someone to quit that does smoke. Forty winners will each be awarded a $200 Savings Bond. The essays will be judged by a celebrity panel: Britney Spears, NSYNC, Kobe Bryant, 98 degrees, Tyra Banks, Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore, BBMAK and Tatyana Ali. Essay Contest Application forms can be obtained from the counseling office and the health office.

Seminar Activities

On Tuesday, December 4, the Thurgood Marshall 6th grade seminar students were privileged to have a visit from the renowned verbivore Dr. Richard Lederer, who is a Scripps Ranch resident. Perhaps best known for his book Anguished English, he has also written word play books for both children and adults. He can be heard on our local NPR station twice every Sunday as the co-host of “A Way With Words.” The children enjoyed his word play and sense of humor as they explored homophones, homographs and spoonerisms. Dr. Lederer shared with the kids his love of language, sparking a corresponding enthusiasm in his young listeners. Many thanks, Dr. Lederer.

On Thursday, Dec. 6, several students in the sixth grade seminar class accompanied Mrs. Retter to the Mira Mesa Marketplace Barnes & Noble in order to meet the author Clive Barker. While Mr. Barker is best known for his horror books and movies, he has an exciting children’s book called The Thief of Always: A Fable. Since Mrs. Retter had read the book aloud in class, the kids were even more excited about meeting and getting autographs from this famous author. In addition to signing each child’s book, Mr. Barker also drew a monster for each kid. Now the kids are looking forward even more to his next children’s book which is due out next October.

Just over a month ago, the 6th grade seminar class visited both the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena and Griffith Observatory. Because of the tragedy in September, security was greatly increased at JPL, so we weren’t able to go into the control room as previous classes had been able to, but the students still enjoyed learning about the US robotics space program. They were able to see a life-size model of one of the Voyager crafts and smaller scaled models of the Mars Global Survey, Galileo, Cassini-Huygens probe, and many others. JPL has added a small museum with more models and a video. After leaving JPL, the class continued to Griffith Observatory. We were lucky to get in, since the observatory is closing in January for a two to three year renovation. The students explored the Hall of Science before going in to see a presentation about the possibility of oceans elsewhere in our solar system. Some students were able to look at the moon through the 20″ telescope before returning home. It was a long, but worthwhile day.

Mathematics Textbook Adoption Committee for Grades 6 and 7.

The San Diego City Schools District is looking for parents who can evaluate mathematics textbook and participate in making recommendations to the Board of Education for the 2002-2003 school year. Requirements include a willingness to serve, has a child who attends a San Diego City School in Grades 6 or 7, time to evaluate math textbooks (up to 20 hours), and attendance at two training sessions (Jan. 23 and 31, 2002). For complete information, contact David Honda at (858)-549-8840 at ext. 1158.

Thurgood Marshall’s Students respond to the World Trade Center Disaster

After the WTC disaster, Mrs. Allison’s literature class spearheaded a campaign to write letters to the rescue workers at Ground Zero. Officer Tom Rhodes, along with 8 other officers drove 3 marked San Diego Police Department squad cars to New York to attend the WTC memorial service on Nov. 4. They carried with them the 600 letters written by Marshall Middle School students who expressed their support, sympathy, hope and immense patriotism. Officer Rhodes personally delivered them to four different places and people: a NYPD police officer on the beat at the WTC, another police officer who was at a checkpoint at Ground Zero, the #10 Fire Station damaged at Ground Zero, and the president of the Police Benevolency Association of New York and New Jersey Port Authority.

Thanks to Many Parent Volunteers

Ms. Heather Lattimer, our literacy coach, has been working with many parent volunteers to organize classroom libraries at Thurgood Marshall. This is exacting work and very time consuming. The teachers are very grateful to this team of dedicated workers: Thanks to RoseMarie Benson, Karen Lenhof, Kris Fillins, Denise Ouellette, Heidi Brown, Nancy Hurwitz, Terry Poletto, Madeline Picciotto, Kathy MacFarlane, and Barbara Sumner.

A special thanks to Karin Whiteley and her crew of parents who helped Dave Hodapp and David Braun with the Washington DC fund raiser. The parents helped distribute flowers and cookie dough. Thank you all very much.

ASB Corner

Can you believe the first semester is approaching at the end of this month?

I’d like to reflect back on a few of the accomplishments of the ASB. Our “Outreach Committee,” headed up by Stacy Cantero, has been very busy. They have hosted one major drive each month to help put the less fortunate and needy of San Diego. They have helped by having a Salvation Army Drive, A Food Drive, A Toy Drive, and donations amounting to $3,100.00 that went to the Red Cross disaster relief fund. This month we are asking friend and family members to donate blankets of any type that will be given to the homeless this winter. Next month we’ll be collecting money via Advisory Classes in our “Pasta for Pennies” competition. The class that collects the most money will receive a pasta lunch from the Olive Garden Restaurant. All money collected will be donated to the Leukemia Society.

Every month we celebrate student birthdays by giving those special students a slice of pizza. Thank you to Jeff Lee and the Race and Human Relations Committee.

Leslie Goodrich and the Spirit Committee have planned a “Western Barbecue on the 25th of January. Hotdogs or Hamburgers, BBQ beans, and chips can be purchased for $1.50.

Finally, in remembrance of the attacks of September, the 11th day of each month will become “Patriotism Day.” On the 11th of each month we are asking students and staff members of Marshall Middle School, as well as Scripps Ranch High School, Jerabek, Miramar Ranch and Dingeman Elementary Schools to wear their red, white and blue to show their American Spirit. Not only for those who lost their lives on September 11th, but also those fighting the war on terrorism in the middle east, thus defending our freedom. Please join us on the 11th of each month to remember our heroes.

Each month the ASB holds a Senate meeting in which students have an opportunity to share their ideas and concerns about what’s going on in our school and things they would like to see happen in an effort to make Marshall Middle School a better place for students. If you have any suggestions, please contact Dave Hodapp at 549-8840 or better yet, have your son or daughter speak up at the Senate meeting or in their Advisory class.

Thank you, and the ASB hopes that you had a wonderful winter vacation and will enjoy a healthy, happy new year.

Counseling Office News

4-Year Planning Conferences

On Jan. 16, we will begin the first of our series of 8th grade Four Year Planning Conferences. Parents of 8th graders should have received a letter inviting them to our upcoming Four Year Planning Conferences scheduled for mid-January through February. Most conferences will be held at the Scripps Ranch High School Media Center, from 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m., due to lack of meeting space at Marshall. Letters regarding meeting places, dates and times were mailed to all parents in early January. If you haven’t received a letter, please contact Gloria Vega, Counseling Secretary, at 549-8840 x1207. There have been some important changes in high school graduation and college entrance requirements which you will need to be aware of. Please plan to attend this very informative meeting with your son or daughter.

Semester Grades

The 1st semester will end on Friday, January 25. Report cards will be sent home with students on Friday, February 1st. Remember to ask your child for his report card on Feb. 1! If there are any grades which concern you, please call the school and ask to speak directly with your child’s instructor.

Young Life Comes to Marshall

The Christian outreach ministry of Young Life is coming to Marshall in March. It’s called “Wildlife” in middle school. Please come learn more at our informational meeting on Tuesday, Jan 15th, 7-8 p.m. at the home of Janelle Lorona, 10651 Oakbend Drive, 92131, (858) 578-2393. Free coffee and desserts served. Check for general information. If unavailable on that date, please call Janelle if interested.

Elementary Schools

Dingeman Elementary

We hope everyone in Scripps Ranch had a restful, safe, and fun winter break. The month of December at our school was not only filled with higher academic learning, but also showed the giving and caring nature of our Dingeman Community as well. Our Salvation Army Food Drive was a great success and we are ever so grateful for the continuous warmth of our families. The 3rd graders from Mrs. Kermath’s class delivered collection boxes to all the classrooms and for two weeks, they emptied the boxes at the end of the day.

Our 1st grade classes also sponsored several families through the Alliance for African Assistance for the holiday season. The Alliance is a non-profit organization that was founded 13 years ago to resettle refugees in San Diego. These families are in desperate need of support and many of them arrive to the United States bringing nothing, only the clothes on their back. They feel privileged to be here and grateful that their children may attend school. Many items such as diapers, laundry and dish detergent, cleaning supplies, paper towels, napkins, toilet paper, hand and bath soap, toothpaste, lotion and shampoo were donated, none of which can be purchased with government aid. Thanks to all of the students and parents who gave so generously to the families.

On December 6th, Mrs. Hagan’s 4th Grade Peace and Justice Academy students put on the “Chez Le Peace Restaurant” to raise money for the families of the 9/11 victims. The students in Mrs. Hagan’s first Academy rotation this year came up with the idea themselves: to sell finger sandwiches, cupcakes and cookies (creatively decorated with peace signs, planet earths, hearts, flowers) and coffee, hot chocolate, iced tea and lemonade. The “Peace Cafe” was a huge success, raising over $150 that was donated to the 9/11 families’ fund! With the wonderful supervision of Mrs. Hagan, the students did all the work themselves: greeting customers, decorating sandwiches and cookies, pouring drinks, taking orders, waiting on tables, writing receipts, running the cash register, adding up the money, and cleaning up. Room B-3 was beautifully decorated with projects the students had done on world peace heroes, such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Henry David Thoreau, and Jane Adams (look her up!). Teachers, parents, and staff including Principal Brad Callahan and Vice Principal Adalia Lavado, were happy customers of “Chez Le Peace” and enjoyed the relaxing, peaceful atmosphere, with classical music in the background. Thanks go to the parents who helped donate supplies for the cafe, and to those parents who also helped supervise the students. Mrs. Hagan teaches her Academy students about peace heroes, conflict resolution, and making the world a better place for everyone–something we need now more than ever. Our hats off to Mrs. Hagan and her first rotation of Academy students!

Don’t forget when you get back from break, the Dingeman yearbook is on sale until January 31, 2002, for $14 a book. Orders can be dropped off at the Front Office in the drop-off box. Please include your child’s name, teacher and room number with your check (made payable to “Dingeman FFC/Yearbook”). Orders can be dropped off at the Front Office in the Yearbook drop-off box. This will be a great book, so please order your copy now. Books will be delivered in June.

Finally, please remember to save Box Tops For Education off of your General Mills and Betty Crocker products. You can drop off your box tops in your child’s classroom. The money raised from this fundraiser will go towards a new sound system for our Auditorium. Thank you for taking the few short moments that is needed for this fundraiser as we get closer to our goal each month!

Jerabek Elementary

Are you rested, rejuvenated and ready for the learning and fun to begin? Jerabek opens up again on Tuesday, January 22nd! Did anyone out there get a new computer over the holidays? Are you looking for a good home for your Pentium 200 or better old computer? Jerabek would be thrilled to receive your (tax-deductible!) computer donation. The Jerabek technology department is also in need of volunteers. Please contact the technology committee if interested by going to the Jerabek School website: www.

Suzie Luca (running club boss) has informed me that some students are very close to hitting the 50 mile mark. Wow! Keep up the good work kids! If you want to volunteer for this great program, or to buy Running Club t-shirts or sweatshirts call Suzie Luca at 586-1222.

Thanks to all the Family Science Night volunteers who have signed up to help with a science station. Because of the great volunteer response, all grades will have a science night this year! As mentioned before, if a grade level does not have a minimum of 6 volunteers that grade will not have a science night. So far, we haven’t had to cancel any. Thanks again!

This month’s “I’m curious about” question is: What’s up with the Spanish Pilot Program at Jerabek? Jerabek, (and one other school, Sunset View Elementary) were chosen by the San Diego School District to participate in a pilot program for foreign language instruction in elementary school. It began with the kindergarten class of 1998. These students are now in 3rd grade and have received 3 1/2 years of instruction. All subsequent kindergarten classes have entered the pilot program including this year’s class. Jerabek now has 5 Spanish teachers who teach 30 minutes of Spanish everyday in

Grades K-3. Debbie Taylor has been the developer and leader of this wonderful program. Jerabek teachers report that the Spanish language education has had a positive effect on the students English class work! Senora Taylor and the superb team of Spanish teachers, Tania Ramirez, Hope Herrera, Renata Montiel and Kathy Perez, have brought the Spanish language alive by integrating cultural activities into their lessons. Remember the Flamenco Dancers, and the family picnic with yummy Mexican food? Senora Taylor is also working very hard to continue this program for next year’s kindergarten class. Most likely there will not be a new teacher added next year, so a rearrangement of the teachers will have to be worked out. Muchos Gracias to Senora Taylor and her staff of dedicated teachers for our fantastic Spanish program. Adios!

Miramar Ranch Elementary

Interesting events and accomplishments have marked the last few weeks at Miramar Ranch Elementary. Two of our first grade teachers, Kristine Weiner and Valerie Oriente, have become nationally Board certified. Our heartiest congratulations!

Pam Munoz Ryan had been the subject of “author study” by classes taught by Carla Latimer and Cathy Kijak. Not only did the author come and speak to the classes about her work, but C-SPAN taped the event for broadcast.

January’s flag assembly will discuss the meaning of citizenship. We are looking forward to the presence of a Marine Corps color guard and press from MCAS Miramar.

Student council inductions will take place on January 18th. We are expecting our City Councilman, Brian Maienschein, to join us.

The next FFA meeting is January 11at 8:00 a.m. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Chabad Hebrew Academy

Chabad Hebrew Academy announces that registration is now open for the Fall 2002 school year. Chabad invites the entire community to an all school Open House on Jan. 16 from 9:00-10:30. Prospective parents are invited to visit our campus and see the school, view the curriculum, and experience all that Chabad has to offer. Chabad offers a dual Secular/Judaic curriculum with emphasis on the arts, creative writing, technology, and physical education. Chabad recently was accredited by the Western Association of School and Colleges and received the highest accreditation possible.

Chabad is in the midst of an ambitious building campaign with a state-of-the-art school facility. The new school will be very “kid friendly”, designed with many attractive features to enhance the students’ educational environment.

The students in the 6th and 7th Grades prepare a portfolio each quarter with samples of their work. There are many talented writers in the Middle School and many students submitted beautiful graphics with their essays. It’s important for students to realize that what they learn in one class can be used in the “real” world and in other classes. The students compile “crossroads” examples of something they learned in geography which they are able to use outside of school or in another subject. A few examples are using graphs to show life expectancy, literacy, GDP/capita info about selected countries; applying percentages from math to statistics in geography; locating countries in an atlas; and learning about a climograph which is used to predict weather and temperature.

Students from Chabad sent letters to a firehouse in New York City following the Sept. 11 tragedy. The school received the following letter in response:

“On behalf of the officers and members of Engine Co. 205, Ladder Co. 118 and the fire dept. of New York City, I would like to thank all of you for your ongoing and heartfelt support through this terribly tragic time was as a nation have endured. The letters we have received from your school are a sign that we as a city are not alone in our grief, that the far-reaching effects of this tragedy have bound our nation together as one. As firemen, we are now faced with the ongoing task of cleaning up, and although it will be a long road ahead, we will be able to carry on and persevere because of the help that you and many others like you have given us. Your support gives us strength, your kind words help us to believe in the importance of our job, and most of all your unselfish outpouring of love and concern make us believe in our nation. So, once again, I stand proud and tall, and say to you, the people of this great land, thank you so very much for your help. Sincerely, Christopher Murray, Firefighter, Brooklyn, NY.”

Many of the students letters of support were chosen by a national known educational journal to be included in their March issue.