Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS)

Blue Ribbon Finalist

We are pleased that Scripps Ranch High School has been selected as a finalist for the Blue Ribbon Schools Program (BRSP) award. The BRSP was established in 1982 by the U.S. Department of Education to identify and recognize schools that have exemplary educational programs and student achievement. Since its inception, approximately 3,000 schools have been recognized. Schools are selected based on the recommendations of a national panel of educators.

SRHS was selected as a California Distinguished School in 1996 and, as a result, was eligible to apply for the Blue Ribbon Award. “The Blue Ribbon nomination package pulls together what is cutting edge in education today,” says one educator. “The school that goes through the process is examining itself in terms of what works in the best schools in the country.”

Each state education agency administers its own program for selecting finalists to be nominated to the national level. SRHS has been selected as one of 48 other high schools from California, and only 1 of 2 from the San Diego Unified School District, to be considered for this prestigious award.

The U.S. Department of Education convenes a national review panel that evaluates the nominations. This panel consists of approximately 100 outstanding public and private school educators from elementary, secondary, and post-secondary levels. Based on the quality of the application, the most promising schools are recommended for site visits. The purpose of a visit is to verify the accuracy of the information the school has provided in its nomination form and to gather any additional information the panel has requested.

Experienced educators, including principals of previously recognized schools, visit and observe the schools for two days and submit written reports of each site visit. The panel considers the reports in its final review of applicants and makes recommendations to the U.S. Secretary of Education.

SRHS is proud of the accomplishments made over the last seven years. We hope that our nomination package represents the hard work we’ve done towards accomplishing a program that was designed to be “second to none” from its inception.

PBO Class of 2000

Don’t miss the opportunity to buy a chance to win a $250 or $500 gift certificate from Nordstroms. The Class of 2000 PBO members are selling tickets for $2 each, or 3 for $5. This year we will have 3 winners so your chances to win are better than ever. The drawing will be held on Friday, Feb. 18, during the final SRHS home basketball game. You need not be present to win. Please call Cary Meyer at 695-1756 or Paula Tilley at 693-9232 to buy a ticket, or if you would like to help sell tickets.

Please start saving your rummage for the class of 2000 garage sale on Saturday, Mar. 18, at Cindy Illeman’s home. Don’t get rid of that unwanted item until we’ve had a chance to turn it into a donation for Grad Night! You can reach Cindy at 271-6703.

We are always happy to have new PBO members; please mail your membership dues to: SRHS Class of 2000 PBO c/o Susan Hendrickson, 12612 Rue Sienne Nord, San Diego, CA 92131.

Grad Night 2000

We hope to see more senior parents at our next Grad Night meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 15, at 7 pm in the faculty dining room at SRHS. The Grad Night 2000 committee needs volunteers interested in working on Grad Night, Wednesday, June 14. The first shift is from 8 to 11:30 pm; the second shift is from 11 pm to 2:30 am. If you would like to be part of the fun, please contact Linda Beavers at 566-6725; Lori Robinson at 578-6090; or Sherri Jeremiah at 566-7816.

PBO Class of 2002

Did you know that the dollars raised for Grad Night in excess of costs go towards lower ticket prices for Class of 2002 partygoers? If your family has a Class of 2002 member, look for the February membership flyer and join the greatest Parent Booster Organization. As a member/donor or a working committee member/donor, you will enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you are contributing towards this memorable event for your 2002 graduate.

Upcoming fundraising events include sales of corsages and boutonnieres for upcoming dances. Has your graduate marked their calendar for the Winter Ball on Saturday, Feb. 26? Don’t forget to save your treasures for the spring PBO garage sale! Let the sale of your cast-offs become someone else’s treasure while benefiting your Class of 2002 student and bringing us closer to our fundraising goal.

The 2002 PBO meets on the first Thursday of each month at 7 pm in the SRHS teacher’s dining room. The next two meetings will be held on Thursdays, Mar. 2 and April 6. See you there! For more information call Alice Habeger, Class of 2002 PBO President, at 586-0779.

Funding a Trip to China

The SRHS band and pageantry is honored to be the first high school marching band to perform in China. As you can imagine, the costs for this trip are large. But the opportunity for creating international bonds of understanding and future growth are huge. If you can help with raising funds for this trip, please contact Tom Avey at 695-2856 or via email at [[email protected]].

Marshall Middle School

Upcoming Events

  • Friday, Feb. 4 — Report cards distributed;
  • Saturday, Feb. 5 — Tall Flags Winter Guard performance at Escondido High School;
  • Feb. 7-11 — One-third of 6th graders go to Camp Palomar;
  • Tuesday, Feb. 8 — 4-year-plan meeting at Challenger Middle School, 7 to 9 pm;
  • Friday, Feb. 11 — No school in honor of Lincoln’s birthday;
  • Tuesday, Feb. 15 — Parent meeting for incoming 6th graders at Challenger Middle School. The times for the respective sessions are: Dingeman, 5 to 6 pm; Miramar Ranch, 6:15 to 7:15 pm; and Jerabek, 7:30 to 8:30 pm;
  • Friday, Feb. 18 — Minimum day with dismissal at 11:30 am;
  • Friday, Feb. 18 — Tall Flags Winter Guard performance at Orange Glen High School;
  • Monday, Feb. 21 — No school in honor of Washington’s birthday;
  • Thursday, Feb. 24 — Drama and chorus spiritual concert, 7 pm at Miramar Ranch Elementary School;
  • Friday, Feb. 25 — Spring pictures;
  • Saturday, Feb. 26 — Tall Flags Winter Guard performance at Cypress High School.

School News

The thrill of beginning a new millennium is continuing to bring joy and excitement to the staff and students at Marshall Middle School. Students are setting goals both in their academic lives and in their personal lives. Goal setting is the art of trying to figure out what you will do, why you are doing it, and how you can work most efficiently.

We want our students to realize that working to achieve any goal is a learning process. When setting goals, students must remember that it is important to keep their motivation level high, and that academic success is not a matter of “luck.” It is, on the other hand, a matter of staying focused and doing all that they can to reach their desired goal. With report cards distributed earlier in the month, students now can reevaluate their academic performance and set new goals for the next semester.

At Marshall, we continue to guide our students down the path of literacy, teaching them to expand their understanding of the world through reading. We encourage them to become visionaries, so that they can have the ability to see new paths and develop the fortitude to pursue their dreams. We want them to read for their enjoyment as well as to read to get information.

The dedicated teachers at Marshall realize the importance of setting high expectations, of encouraging students to be risk takers, and of designing and maintaining a curriculum that is challenging and literacy based. Marshall students will continue to receive the same quality of education that they began the school year with. We are proud of our accomplishments thus far; our goal is to continue to provide our students with a middle-school education that will be admired by many and respected by all.

Promotion/Retention Policy

The school district’s student promotion/retention policy is being revised. There is still time to share your opinion about proposed changes. Contact the Institute for Learning office at 619-725-7103 for a copy of the document, “Blueprint for Student Success in a Standards Based System.” Superintendent Bersin has created a special office for receiving parent concerns. If you already have spoken with appropriate school personnel and the principal about your issue and are still concerned, you may contact the Office of the Superintendent Support Services staff at 619-725-5525 for assistance.

Counseling Office News

Marshall counselors will be visiting our feeder elementary schools–Dingeman, Jerabek, and Miramar Ranch– beginning the week of Feb. 15. Students and their parents will receive information packets regarding Marshall Middle School. The counselors also will be visiting our current 6th and 7th grade English classes to talk to the students about selecting the courses they will take during the next school year.

If you have not yet attended one of our eighth-grade four-year-plan meetings, there will be a make-up meeting held in Challenger Middle School’s auditorium on Tuesday, Feb. 8, from 7 to 9 pm. Please contact Gloria Vega at 549-8840, ext. 1207, to schedule your attendance at this important meeting.

Parent articulation meetings for incoming 6th graders will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 15, in the Challenger Middle School auditorium. Counselors, teachers, and administrators will be presenting an overview of the 6th grade curriculum. Parents will have a chance to ask questions, meet the staff, and begin to prepare for the unique middle-school experience. Meeting times are noted above.

Marshall counselors again will be visiting our feeder elementary schools the week of Mar. 15. We will be giving the students information packets regarding Marshall Middle School as well as providing them with a 2000-2001 course description booklet and course selection card for 6th grade. Tours of the Marshall campus will take place in May.

Scripps Ranch High School counselors will be coming to Marshall beginning in March to speak to our current 8th graders about their 9th grade course selections.

Marshall Counselors also will be visiting our current 6th and 7th grade English classes to talk with our students regarding the selection of the courses they will take next year.

The 4.0 awards assembly will be held Wednesday, Feb. 16, for all students who earned a 4.0 grade-point average on their first-semester report cards. Assemblies will be held on the blacktop area adjacent to the lunch court during school hours. Parents are invited and will receive notification of the exact times to attend.

Student Assistance Program

Marshall Middle School is again offering a student support group experience, via our Student Assistance Program (SAP), during the second semester. As part of this program, students attend a weekly support group consisting of up to ten students, facilitated by Marshall counselors and (or) trained therapists from Harmonium, Inc. or from Douglas Young Clinic, two of our community counseling agencies.

Groups will begin in February, and meet on Mondays and Fridays, for 10 consecutive weeks. Students are pulled out of classes on a rotating schedule so that they won’t be missing the same class each week. Individual groups focus on issues such as self-esteem, relationships, academic stress, newcomers (students newly enrolled at Marshall), divorce, grief and loss, social skills, and attention deficits.

All students will be given the opportunity to sign up to participate in a support group that interests them. They will receive an information sheet and parent permission slip in their advisory classes. Parent permission slips also are available to all students in the counseling offices. If your child is interested in participating in this unique experience, be sure to notify his/her counselor as soon as possible.

After-School Tutoring and Reading Program

If your student would like to attend an after-school tutoring session, please direct them to see their teacher. Math tutoring is offered on Monday’s and Thursday’s in the Media Center from 2:30 to 3:15 pm.

Homework Hotline

Are you taking advantage of the homework hotline service? This service is being offered to you and your child in case of an absence, or if your child is simply unsure about their homework assignment. You can call our homework hotline at 693-8345, enter the teacher’s extension, and listen to your child’s homework assignment. Don’t hesitate to utilize this very useful system to assist your child in meeting their academic goals.

Chorus and Drama Concert

Marshall Middle School’s first-ever African-American Concert will be held on Thursday, Feb. 24, at the Scripps Ranch Library community room. Ms. Palmer’s drama and chorus students will perform a variety of readings and African-American songs. The concert will begin at 7 pm and admission is free. You won’t want to miss it!

Fundraising for Others

The Marshall Art Club holiday fundraiser raised over $395 for Children’s Hospital. Our partners in Education, Cabrillo Credit Union, raised over $1,110 in craft sales to benefit families who cannot afford treatment at Children’s.

From the School Nurse

Whenever children are brought together into group settings, there is potential for the spread of dangerous diseases. To prevent this, the California school immunization law requires that children receive a series of immunizations before entry to school. Children entering the 7th grade are required to have completed the hepatitis B series of three shots and to have received a second measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) shot.

To meet the 7th grade requirement in the fall of 2000, Hepatitis B #1 should be given no later than January 2000. A second MMR can be given at this time. The Hepatitis B #2 should be given in February or March 2000. The #3rd and final Hepatitis B injection should be given in May 2000. The shot record can then be brought to school for student clearance into 7th grade.

By law, 7th graders without the 3 Hepatitis B injections and 2nd MMR are to be excluded from any California school until proof of adequate immunization is presented.

Student Absences

The staff in the attendance office would like to thank the parents for doing such an outstanding job of clearing their children’s absences. We appreciate receiving telephone calls notifying us in advance of an absence or illness. Please continue to call the office any time your child will not be in school.

If you are planning on taking your child out of school for five days or more, please contact the attendance office at least five full school days prior to your departure. By giving the school ample notice, the attendance office will have more time to notify your child’s teachers. This will allow your teachers time to get assignments ready for your child’s contract. We appreciate your cooperation.

Time to Reflect

This February 10 marks the one-year anniversary of Marshall Middle School’s opening dedication. Members of the community and the Board of Education came out to join the staff and students in officially dedicating this magnificent school and publicly thank those individuals who were both supportive and instrumental in getting the school opened. By the district working collaboratively with the community, we have seen what dedication and hard work can produce.

Opening this school was once just an idea; together we have made it into a reality. In just one year’s time, Marshall Middle School has posted the highest middle-school test scores in the district and has become very desirable in terms of student placement. Marshall’s student population has soared from opening the school with 869 students to 1,054 students who are presently enrolled. Not only has the student body increased in size, we are fortunate to have attracted some of the most capable and qualified teachers in the district. The community, staff and students at Marshall have certainly done us proud by bringing honor and respect to the namesake of our school, Thurgood Marshall.

Sixth Graders Explore Science Center

On Thursday, Feb. 17, approximately 320 sixth graders from Thurgood Marshall Middle School will spend the day exploring the California Science Center in Los Angeles. This state-of-the-art museum allows the children to explore everything from tornadoes to earthquakes to open-heart surgery to virtual soccer. In addition to the permanent interactive exhibits enjoyed by the children, they also get to see a twenty-minute presentation from a fifty-foot-tall model of a human to learn about body systems.

Later in the day, they will see the I-Max film The Secrets of Egypt before climbing back on the buses to return home. Thank you to all the parent volunteers who helped organize and chaperone this trip.


The PTSA Board is currently looking for members for next year. We have put together a nominating committee that will be headed by Karen Wood. It will meet in these next couple of months to get our board elected and running for the coming school year. A few of our board members will be leaving, and we are asking those persons interested in serving on the board to come forward.

We particularly are in need of a Treasurer since Kathy Mendenhall, who has done a spectacular job, is leaving. Some board members, hopefully, will be staying on, and they will be contacted to make sure they are still interested in acting in their capacities. Further details regarding the open positions will appear in the next issue of The Stampede. If you are interested in serving or continuing to serve on the PTSA board, please call Karen Wood at 566-7144.

Our auditor, Kathy Oliver, will be moving shortly, and we are currently looking for someone to audit the books. They must be proficient in the Quicken program. If you are interested in this job, please let us know as soon as possible.

Other News

PE clothes are still for sale. Be sure your child has enough warm sweats for 6th grade camp. The shoe drive conducted by ASB has been busy collecting shoes to be distributed to children at inner city schools. This is the second year our Marshall students have donated shoes. Plans are in the works for the second annual Arts Fair which is set for Wednesday, Apr. 12. Look for more information regarding this program in The Stampede.

The E-Scrip program needs people to register. This is an ongoing fundraiser for the school and is easy as can be. Check out [] to sign up on-line or call 1-800-592-0942 for further information. The next PTSA meeting will be held Thursday, Feb. 3, at 3 pm in the teacher’s lounge. We look forward to seeing you there.

Elementary Schools

Dingeman Elementary School

The month of love is here and so we would like to thank all the volunteers, staff, and parents of Dingeman that make our school such a great place to be a kid. The continued support of everyone ensures the top rate quality of our school. Sometimes the efforts and sacrifices that we all make seem to go unnoticed, but believe me everyone is appreciated. So remember in this month of “love” to tell someone in our school community that has made a difference in your or your child’s life, “Thank You.”

The total is not yet in for the See’s Candy drive, but I am sure that it was a success. Dingeman is fortunate to share in the funds from Prop. MM; the school’s total allocation is $90,600! A note was sent home asking the parents where they would like to see the money spent and the school/site governance team will come up with a final decision.

Dingeman also will be getting new playground equipment for the kindergarten, primary, and upper playground. The equipment is slotted for construction sometime late in the 2000-2001 school year.

Sometimes something happens that a student stands out. A special thank you goes out to the Dingeman safety patrol. One day a toddler broke away from a mother, who was pushing a stroller, and ran into the street. Michelle Biaggi, seeing the toddler run into the street quickly blew her whistle, signaling for the stop signs to be lowered and stop oncoming traffic. We are very proud of Michelle and her team! Keep up the great job safety patrol!

Congratulations to our 4th grade classes of Ms. Becker, Ms. Ely, Mr. Gilroy, and Mrs. Koravos. The students read over 800,00 words at their pajama party/read-a-thon. Alissa Sanchez, a 4th grader in Mr. Saguil’s class, recently became a finalist in’s Internet toy contest. Her toy creation was a basketball doll named “Crazy Cami.” She had an opportunity to win a $10,000 college scholarship. As you can see, we have some very special children here at Dingeman.

Dingeman will be represented at the San Diego Unified School District honor choir by: Bryan Mc Wethy, Denny Chen, Diana Ramos, Elena Ramos, and Mitchell Wissing, with alternate Caitlin Clark. The concert will be Saturday, Mar. 18, at 7 pm at the College Avenue Baptist Church.

I was fortunate enough to have known Mary Lou Faulkner and was able to see the kindness and dedication that she brought into a classroom full of scared kindergartners and anxious parents letting their babies go for the first time. I saw her eyes light up when she saw a child walk down the hall, and I will always remember the kindness that she showed my daughter and me. Please help support her memory by donating funds to the “Mary Lou Faulkner Memorial Fund” by contacting Carolyn Prosi at Dingeman Elementary.

Just a reminder, don’t forget that you can get all kinds information about Dingeman at our website []!

Miramar Ranch Elementary School

Stop by Miramar Ranch Elementary School at recess and in the hurricane of activity on the playground, you’ll see children cheerfully engaged in a number of schoolyard games like four square, tetherball, kickball, states, wallball, basketball, and others.

Each game has its own set of intricate rules, most of them quite baffling to outsiders. However, if you want to win at any of these games, you had better know what “cherry bombs” and “crybabies” are, why “bottlecaps” and “ropies” will send you to the back of the line, what “counties” and “halfsies” will do to your game and how to use “holdies” and “checkies” to a competitive advantage.

My favorite playground-game rule is the “no puppyguarding” restriction in freeze-tag and other unnamed chase-and-catch games played by the younger students. As near as I can tell, “puppyguarding” is akin to goaltending in basketball or offside in soccer. Just don’t do it.

Recess isn’t the only fun activity at Miramar Ranch Elementary. Last month, for instance, there was the mass-launch of homemade hot air balloons by the fifth graders, the DARE graduation ceremony, and the “Star Station I” assembly put on by the San Diego Aerospace Museum. Also in January was Twin Day, where many students dressed identically to their “twins.” First-grade teacher Betsy Shirazi also was recognized by the Board of Education in January for receiving her National Board certification.

This month we have Family Literacy Nights on Thursdays, Feb. 3 and 24, where parents and students can “travel from country to country” while participating in special reading and writing activities. Training for Rolling Readers volunteers is Tuesday, Feb. 8. If you’re interested in promoting literacy, consider becoming a Rolling Reader volunteer yourself. Call the school at 271-0470 for more details.

Later in the month, on Friday, Feb. 18, the FFA is offering another assembly, “Forces of Nature.” Coming up next month are the “Island of the Blue Dolphin” assembly, Crazy Hair Day, spring photographs, and, on Wednesday, Mar. 15, Parent Conference Day.

You have also probably noticed the paint project going on at Miramar Ranch. And you probably haven’t noticed that the school district is on track to get the school wired for the computer network by the end of the school year. There already is a file server there to make immediate use of the technology upgrade when it happens.

Speaking of technology, Matthew Wiener’s dad Louis, the producer of the 5 pm news at KFMB-TV, spoke to Ms. Kijak’s fourth-grade class and served as the tour guide on their visit to the station. The class even got to be on live TV with feature reporter Larry Himmel. The class learned about the variety of advanced technology and highly trained personnel needed to put on a newscast. One last technological note: Miramar Ranch now has its own website. Check it out at [].

If you are interested in serving as an executive board member with the MRE FFA, contact president-elect Jim Hester at 578-6776. Positions open next year are president-elect, treasurer, assistant treasurer, ways and means, recording secretary and corresponding secretary. The slate of officers will be presented in March and elections take place in April.

So, as we near the halfway mark for the school year, make some time to visit Miramar Ranch and check out the many goings-on there. Maybe you can even volunteer to help in the classroom or on the playground.

But remember, no puppyguarding.

Jerabek Elementary School

Jerabek is in full swing again after our holiday break. Family Science Night for 5th graders will be Wednesday, Feb. 2. Family Math Night for 4th graders will be Wednesday, Feb. 9. The 4th graders also will be going to Old Town for the OCILE program the week of Feb. 14-18.

There is no school Friday, Feb. 11, in honor of Lincoln’s birthday, nor on Monday, Feb. 21, in honor of President’s Day.

Volunteers are needed now to help in planning Jerabek’s Ranch Round-up, which is one of our larger fundraisers of the year. This year it will be on Saturday, May 20. Anyone interested in helping, please contact Dianne Bramwell at 549-1057 or Karen Sloan at 549-4518. Be sure to watch for more information in the coming months!

The lack of space on the campus is a continuing a topic of concern. Demographic estimates indicate as many as another 104 children will need to be housed at Jerabek next year. The school district is working to solve the problem, probably by building additional capacity at Miramar Ranch. The question then will be which 104 students go to Miramar Ranch. Refer to the Special Report section, pages 21-23, for more information.

Other Schools

Miramar College

Aquatic Center Open for Classes and Public Swim

The Ned Baumer Miramar College Aquatic Center officially opened for classes and public swim programs on in January. For information, call 530-8083.

Evening with the Experts

Miramar College will continue its popular free Evening with the Experts series at 6:30 pm on selected Friday evenings, February through May, 2000.

On Friday, Mar. 3, Aviation Professor Don Taylor will present “Around the World in 80 Minutes.” On Friday, Apr. 7, the college is proud to present professional harpist Masako Yajima. On a date to be announced, the series will conclude with “How to Choose and Use an Attorney” with Professor Darrel Harrison.

Evening with the Experts is free, open to the public, and is held in the I-building lecture hall on the Miramar College campus, 10440 Black Mountain Road, just off I-15 in Mira Mesa. Parking also is free. For information, call the Miramar College public information office at 536-7876.

International Film Series

This spring, Miramar College will offer a free foreign film series as part of its popular Evening with the Experts presentations. All films are presented in their native language and feature sub-titles, except Jesus of Montreal which is presented in English, and all have been nominated for numerous awards. Discussions regarding the film and the respective culture follow each showing. Mark your calendars for the following dates and films:

  • Friday, Feb. 18, 6:30 pm, South Korea is represented with the 1995 film 301/302, a shocking mystery and Oscar nominee.
  • Friday, Feb. 25, Argentina or Mexico will be represented with the 1992 El Lado Oscuro del Corazon (“Dark Side of the Heart”), which features passion, poetry, and magical realism, or 1995 El Callejon de los Milagros aka “Midaq Alley,” based on the Nobel prize winning novel.
  • Friday, Mar. 10, the 1996 German film Jenseits der Stille (“Beyond Silence”) presents the story of a gifted daughter of mute parents and her struggle for independence.

For more information, contact Miramar College Global Education Coordinator, Dr. Mary Meiners, at 536-7861.

United States International University (USIU)

USIU Hosts CIF Wrestling

Wrestlers from 60 local high schools will participate in the CIF San Diego section division tournament on Saturday, Feb. 19. Pending the confirmation of details, the event will take place at the SportCenter at USIU. The top finishers will go on to compete in the master’s tournament on Saturday, Feb. 26, also at the SportCenter.

Some 840 high school students are expected to compete in the divisional tournament, which will be the largest single day of high school qualifying wrestling in the nation. The tournament is open to the public. For more information, call John Hernandez of the San Diego County Wrestling Officials Association at 760-751-1646.

Globerunners Tennis

Globerunners tennis teams kicked off their seasons in late January. Both the men and women’s teams have full schedules throughout the spring, and Scripps Ranch residents are invited to all matches.

The men’s team, coached by Dan Emmerson, has a number of home matches in February. They will play on Wednesday, Feb. 2, at 2:30 pm against Hope International University; on Saturday, Feb. 5, at 12 noon against Vanguard University; on Saturday, Feb. 12, at 3 pm against Westmont College; and on Saturday, Feb. 26, at 9 am against Western New Mexico University.

The women’s team, coached by Jimmie Wheeler, also has a number of home matches scheduled in February. They will face Grossmont College on Tuesday, Feb. 1, at 2 pm; Point Loma Nazarene on Thursday, Feb. 10, at 2 pm; Western New Mexico on Friday, Feb. 25, at 2 pm; and Alma College on Monday, Feb. 28, at 2 pm.

All home matches are played on the courts at USIU. Admission and parking are free and Scripps Ranch residents are encouraged to come out to support the teams! For more information, contact USIU Director of Athletics Dan Kettlehake at 635-4630.

USIU Bridges the Ocean

USIU President and Scripps Ranch resident Garry D. Hays was in Nairobi, Kenya, in early December to participate in the chartering ceremony for USIU-Africa. Kenyan President Daniel Arap Moi personally presented the Charter, which indicates that the government recognizes the university as an institution of quality, to Hays at an official ceremony on the USIU campus there. A national event in Kenya, the chartering of USIU’s campus there garnered significant media attention.

Scripps Ranch homeowner Freida Brown was installed as the Vice Chancellor, a term used to signify the chief administrative officer, of USIU-Africa, making her the first woman to hold that title in the history of Kenya. Brown, a former dean at USIU’s Scripps Ranch campus, has headed the Nairobi campus for five years.

USIU-Africa, a branch campus of San Diego’s USIU, was founded in 1970 and enrolls nearly 2,000 students. It is the only University in Kenya that is accredited in both the United States and in Kenya.