Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS)

Gypsy, a Musical Fable

Scripps Ranch High School’s performing arts department is opening its 2001 season with Gypsy, a musical suggested by the memoirs of Gypsy Rose Lee. It is a classic show-business tale set in the days of Vaudeville. The ultimate stage mother Rose is determined to see her daughter June become a star. Rose doesn’t see that Vaudeville is on its way out until success comes from the least likely source.

The cast of 20 Scripps Ranch High School students includes Becky Gimble, Allison Beaumont, Allison Kargas, Matt Carney, Jeremy Gimble, Laurel Fitzsimmons, Alicia Cresap, Amber Ojeda, Anton Quilala, Lance Jeremiah, Hung Nguyen, Sean Bohan, Janell Lones, Yve Laris Cohen, Katie Filius, Kimiko Saito, Jessica Hanan, Dominick Marshall, Amanda Barber, and Aaron Giron. They are joined by staff member Brady Kelso of the English Department. Cory Finch is the director with choreography by Rob Beuss. Musical direction is provided by Nancy Shirley. The performances will be accompanied by the Scripps Ranch High School orchestra under the direction of Dean Hickman.

Performances are March 1, 2, and 3 at 7 pm. Ticket prices are $6 (student with ASB card), $7 in advance, and $8 at the door for each performance. Tickets can be purchased at the financial office. For information call 621-9020, extension 8105.

Community Scholarships

Old Pros Scholarship

Scripps Ranch Old Pros announce the open application for student athlete scholarships. The Old Pros have supported Scripps Ranch High student athletes for many years. This year they will be awarding larger scholarships than ever before. To qualify, you must have been a Scripps Ranch resident for the last 2 years and graduate by June 2001.

Scholastic and athletic achievement are the only qualifications needed to participate. Applications must be in to the Old Pros by Friday, April 27, to be considered. For more information or an application, please contact Steve Northcote at 695-6858.

SRWC Scholarship

The Scripps Ranch Womens Club (SRWC) will be awarding its annual college scholarship in the amount of $1,000 to a graduating SRHS female at the end of this school year. Applicants will be evaluated on the following criteria: community service, academics (GPA), written essay, and personal interview. Applications are available at the counseling office as of Thursday, March 1.

SRCA Dingeman Scholarship

Applications for the SRCA Bob Dingeman scholarship for community service are available at the SRHS guidance counselor’s office. Any SRHS senior is eligible for consideration for this scholarship award of $300 to $500 to be used for college or other higher education of the student’s choice.

All applications must be submitted through the counselor’s office and received no later than Sunday, April 1, to be considered. The application should be accompanied by a description of any awards, recommendations, or commendations that have been received as part of the student’s community service. Enthusiasm, initiative, and a positive attitude toward problems and solutions should be evident in the community service.

This scholarship funded by SRCA is designed to recognize and reward exemplary community service during the last two school years and is awarded at the annual high-school graduation awards night in May.

Grad Night

We are well on our way to making Grad Night for our seniors the most exciting and memorable night of their high school years. On graduation night, the high school gym will be transformed into a unique setting with the theme “New York, New York.” Graduates will have the opportunity to dance all night, play laser tag and many other carnival and casino games, eat their way through mounds of food, and win great prizes!

This magical all-night party is the result of four years of planning and hard work by the Parent Booster Organization (PBO) and other volunteers who have donated time, talent, and financial support. The “New York, New York” theme has prompted many creative and innovative ideas. Please come to our monthly meetings (1st Monday of every month in the faculty lounge) and enjoy the camaraderie and fun with a great group of parents. Please take a few minutes to look over the following wish list and contact Anna Gruhl at [[email protected]] or 693-4621 if you are able to “make a wish come true!”

Grad Night 2001 Wish List

Prizes that we would like to have donated include:

  • Bicycles, skateboards, inline skates, cell phones, wallets;
  • Gift certificates, surf boards, boogie boards, luggage, travel clocks;
  • Bowling passes, skating passes, candy, pizza, pen and pencil sets;
  • Photo albums, answering machines, watches, t-shirts, bike helmets;
  • Tapes, cds, movie passes, video rentals, quilts, balloon rides;
  • Posters, group parties, ice cream or yogurt, make-up, scrapbooks;
  • Sporting goods, snow boards;
  • Hair cuts, manicures or pedicures, make-up mirrors, calculators;
  • Portraits, cameras, tanning sessions, gym bags, stationery, clothing;
  • Furniture, backpacks, coolers, desk lamps, flashlights, telephones;
  • Cars, car accessories, auto emergency kits, U.S. savings bonds;
  • Restaurant certificate, beach chairs, beach towels, computers, printers;
  • Headphones, radios, stereos, airline tickets, spa certificates;
  • Televisions, radios, computer games, DVD’s, DVD players;
  • Picture frames, candles, baskets;
  • Mini-refrigerators, toaster ovens, mini-microwaves, harbor cruises;
  • Purses, perfume or cologne, jewelry, bath and body lotions, toiletries;
  • Sporting event tickets, concert tickets, food or snacks; and
  • Computer supplies, reading lamps, and Starbucks coupons.

We will be assembling gift baskets, so anything that you have that would go in a gift basket would help make a nice gift. Samples themes are Beach, Make-up, Bath & Beauty, and Off to School. Please contact Nikki Butera at 693-0693 or email her at [[email protected]] or Anna Gruhl at 693-4621 or email [

Note to Parents

Statistically more teenagers die or are seriously injured on graduation night than at any other time of the year. As a result, in 1995 the families and friends of Scripps Ranch High School established the tradition of a safe and sober Grad Night party. The PBO of 2001 is continuing this tradition and expects an increased attendance. As parents of Scripps Ranch High School seniors and members of the PBO, we strongly support the continuation of this safe and sober evening. We hope that you will consider Grad Night 2001 worthy of your time, effort, and financial help.


Membership is extremely important to help fund Grad Night! If you haven’t joined, please consider a donation to this worthwhile cause. If you send us $100, you’re done with any further fundraisers. Send us $300 and we’ll send you a coupon for two oil changes, a ticket (for your senior) to both the senior breakfast and Grad Night 2001, and we’ll make sure your senior gets a paver. We welcome donations of any amount! Make your check payable to SRHS PBO Class of 2001, and mail to: Sonya Bolton, 10444 Spruce Grove Avenue, San Diego, CA, 92131.

Class of 2002 PBO

Attention all junior parents! Did you know that the Class of 2002 PBO has been up and running for almost two years? Well, it’s true. Thanks to some hard working and dedicated parents, our class is in great shape for their senior breakfast and Grad Night celebration. Fundraising efforts so far have put our account balance at nearly $10,000. We all owe a great deal of gratitude to everyone who has worked on this effort. However, we do need to raise approximately $20,000 more in the next fifteen months.

We are excited to announce that one of our parents, Shelly Hall, is organizing a golf tournament to benefit the Class of 2002 Grad Night. The tournament will be held on Monday, April 2, at Mt. Woodson Country Club in Ramona. Many people have stepped up to help plan and organize the tournament. It’s great to see so many dads getting involved. Thank you to all the volunteers. It’s not too late to join in the fun. Please contact Shelly Hall at [[email protected]] if you can help or are interested in being a sponsor or a participant.

Our membership drive is on-going. You can contact Marty Wiler at 695-8892 if you wish to join, or just mail a check made out to the Class of 2002 PBO to Marty Wiler at 11329 Red Cedar Way. Other future fundraisers include a garage sale in April. Start saving those valuable unused items today.

The PBO meets the third Tuesday of each month in the faculty lunchroom at SRHS. Please plan to join us on Tuesday, Mar. 20, at 7 pm. We currently are forming committees for Grad Night and there is a special job waiting for you. Any questions can be directed to our current president, Joyce Jacobs, at 695-3166. See you all soon!

Class of 2003 PBO

Attention sophomore parents! It is never to early to get involved. Join the group everyone is talking about! The spring holiday See’s Candy sales event sponsored by SRHS PBO 2003’s is now in full swing, and we need your support! Candy and brochures are now available from our event coordinators Eileen Westfall at 566-8611 and Stacey Donahue at 549-2619. All orders must be returned by Friday, March 23.

We need volunteers for our upcoming Crab Feed in April, as well as donations of printing supplies, printing services, and postage. Please contact Theresa Erickson at 689-2735 or [[email protected]] for more information. Thanks you for your interest and support.

Marshall Middle School

March Events

  • Saturday, Mar. 3: Tall Flags competition in Escondido at 7:30 am; and band and orchestra at the Helix solo and ensemble festival;
  • Monday, Mar. 5: Four-year planning at SRHS auditorium from 6 to 9 pm;
  • Tuesday, Mar. 6: Counselors from SRHS on campus to meet with eighth-grade English classes;
  • Wednesday, Mar. 7: SSC and Governance meeting at 6:30 pm in the lounge;
  • Wednesday, Mar. 9: Fourth grading period ends;
  • Saturday, Mar. 10: Dance competition from 8 am to 5 pm;
  • Week of Mar. 12-16: Sixth grade classes to Mt. Palomar (Wood, Chui, Martinez, Carambas, and Retter);
  • Friday, Mar. 16: Progress reports issued;
  • Saturday, Mar. 17: Tall Flags competition in Vista at 7:30 am; and dance team competition at Universal Studios from 8 am to 5 pm;
  • Friday, Mar. 23: Minimum day, 11:30 am dismissal; and advanced band to East Lake festival;
  • Saturday, Mar. 24: Tall Flags competition in Poway at 7:30 am; and
  • Saturday, Mar. 31: Tall Flags competition in Hunington Beach at 7:30 am.

School News

Congratulations to Marshall Middle School Teacher of the Year, Sean Wells. Sean, the art teacher and yearbook advisor, was selected by his colleagues to compete with other teachers from San Diego City Schools for the distinction of Teacher of the Year. Good luck, Sean!

Science Olympiad

Congratulations to the members of the Science Olympiad team who competed in the regional competition held at San Diego State University in February. Marshall finished 6th overall out of a total of 48 competing teams. Marshall most likely will qualify for the state finals that will be held in Long Beach this April. Hats off to team members: Jenna Adsit, Kyle Adler, Nilesh Argade, Dhruv Gopinath, Ken Hayama, Ilya Imas, Kelsey Jones, Bryce Kunz, Joanne Lin, Graham Nicastro, Kevin Nolan, Tori Noquez, Boris Patlis, Saumil Shah, Stu Sloan, and backup students Bryan Casey, Torrey Evatt, and Ryan Mulvey. Special Awards went to the following students in their listed events:

  • Graham and Joanne: 8th place in Water Quality;
  • Tori and Graham: 9th place in Reach for the Stars;
  • Ken and Kelsey: 8th place in Physical Science Lab;
  • Stu and Dhruv: 4th place in Road Scholar;
  • Jenna and Joanne: 5th place in Science and Fitness;
  • Graham, Tori, and Dhruv: 8th place in Experimental Design;
  • Boris and Ilya: 4th place in Life Science Process;
  • Saumil and Jenna: 12th place in Using the Web;
  • Boris and Graham: 8th place in Amphibians and Reptiles;
  • Joanne and Kyle: 9th place in Can’t Judge a Powder; and
  • Boris and Graham: 1st place in Mission Possible.

I am especially grateful to parents and coaches Diana Nicastro, Ann Durbin, Patricia and Fred Adler, Alice Noquez, Simon and Irena Patlis, Virginia Bigler-Engler, Mike Wasinski, Linda Scott, Robin Ruhwedal, Francine Martinez, Chuck and Liz Lin, Lynda Addington, Kin Searcy, Judy White, Bill and Sandy Adsit, Dave Hodapp and Marshall ASB, Elaine Gillum, Amanda West, Victoria Mazelli, and all parents for their overall input, help, and suggestions. Also, Rick Novak, our ever-supportive principal, was incredibly encouraging and without his help, our team would not have existed. Thank-you all; outstanding job!


The month of March marks the beginning of articulation for Marshall Middle School, its feeder elementary schools, and Scripps Ranch High School. SRHS counselors will be coming to Marshall on March 2, 6, and 7 to begin the articulation process for our current 8th graders.

Articulation of current 5th graders from our feeder elementary schools will begin with a parent meeting on Monday, Mar. 5, from 6:30 to 8 pm at the Scripps Ranch High School Theater. Marshall counselors will visit 5th grade students at Jerabek Elementary on Wednesday, March 14, and Miramar Ranch on March 19-20 to discuss our school, programs, and classes, and to answer the many questions the students have about entering middle school! Current 6th and 7th graders at Marshall will be visited by counselors in their English classrooms, and will receive their articulation information and course selection cards beginning the week of March 26 through April 6.

Library Media Center

Please encourage your student to visit the Marshall library media center each week to check out books. Reading is one of the most important ways to increase student achievement. We are looking forward to our annual Read-In on Monday, April 2. We would welcome you at this special event if you or a member of our community would like to read a selection from their favorite childhood book and talk about how reading has influenced your life. Please call the school and let us know if you would like to volunteer.

We are encouraging our students to read the three titles nominated for the California Young Reader Medal. The Intermediate titles include: Gibb Rides Home by Zelpha Keatley Snyder, Great Turkey Walk by Kathleen Karr, and Honus and Me: A Baseball Card Adventure by Dan Gutman. Middle School titles include: Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix, P. S. Longer Letter Later by Paula Danziger and Ann Martin, and Sasquatch by Roland Smith. Students who read all three books in one category will vote in March for their favorite title. These books can be checked out from our school library.

Elementary Schools

Kindergarten Registration

Please make sure that you bring all of the following documents to complete your registration:

  1. Official birth certificate;
  2. Social Security card;
  3. Two proofs of residence, which can be deed to home, escrow papers, rent receipt for the last month, most recent utility bills (phone, gas and electric). Please make sure that your name and address is on the bill; and
  4. Immunization record, signed by the physician.

Ellen Browning Scripps

(EB Scripps)

Elementary School

If you are one of the many Scripps Ranch families who have been wondering for months about the school your children will attend in the coming years, the saga is over. I have to confess that I am somewhat happy the choice was made for me. It would have been an extremely difficult decision for me to choose between my son’s current school and Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary, aka EB Scripps, as described below.

As a parent and a professional in the field of education, I have been involved in the “birthing” process of EB Scripps and I truly believe it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Very seldom are we given the chance to impact a public institution that exercises so much influence in the lives of our children. At EB Scripps, with the guidance of principal Rich Cansdale, we began identifying our guiding values and principles. These principles are deeply rooted in what we believe is in the best interest of the children. Our evolving school mission focuses on quality and equal education for all students, family involvement, stakeholders’ accountability, shared decision making, collaboration, lifelong learning, diversity, and high academic and civic standards.

It is a difficult task to briefly describe the process and outcomes of our meetings. It is definitely a powerful and exciting experience. We are devoting a great number of hours defining the core components to ensure rigorous academic content that will meet and exceed educational standards, assessment and accountability, curriculum and instruction, the social tone and school culture, the learning community and professional development, and family involvement and education.

I know that for many of you, it is not an easy move. EB Scripps will be in a “temporary” facility. However, I know schools with great permanent facilities that I would not want my children to attend. I agree that some children may feel “uprooted.” You will ease your children’s transition into a great school if your family gets involved now. I am pleased to see that many of our neighbors have chosen not to focus on the problematic aspects of change, but rather on the caliber of education these children will receive for years to come. I encourage you to become an integral part of Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary and have a voice in shaping its exciting future.

Pre-registration for kindergarten and all other students who will be attending EB Scripps in the fall of 2001 will be held on Tuesday, Mar. 27 from 4 to 6:30 pm at the Scripps Ranch Recreation Center, 11454 Blue Cypress Drive. For your convenience, pre-registration will continue after Mar. 27, Monday through Friday, 7 am to 3 pm at the EB Scripps interim office located in room 207 at Miramar Ranch Elementary, 10770 Red Cedar Drive. Kindergarten children must be five years or older on or before December 2, 2001. If you have questions, please contact Roberta Martin at 693-8593.

There will be several times during the year when EB Scripps students, parents, staff, and community members will come together to publicly acknowledge how grateful we are that we have a new world-class school in Scripps Ranch. One celebration will begin this month with the introduction of the EB Scripps signature series, a collection of items carrying our new school’s insignia.

Designed by Scripps Ranch graphic artist and resident historian, Victoria Mazelli, the insignia will bear the characteristic signature of Ellen Browning Scripps.

The inaugural items, which will include student and adult tee shirts, pencils, and other school supplies will be available in white and black only, representing Ms. Scripps virtual trademark of dress. The signature series will be introduced on Tuesday, Mar. 27, at pre-registration. Free pencils for our students! Thank you SRCA for helping us get our signature series funded and available so soon.

Don’t miss the “Coffee with Rich” principal’s chat on Thursday, Mar. 29, at 9:30 am at the Scripps Ranch Library. Rich will share his passion and vision for our newest school, and update parents and community members on the planning progress of the Content Design team, a collaborative effort of teachers, parents, and community members who are constructing the teaching and learning framework for this 21st century school. Please confirm your attendance by contacting Jan at 693-8593.

In January, parents participating in the EB Scripps book club centered their study on school culture. “We want our school to foster a spirit of generosity throughout, and create a curriculum of caring,” stated parent Shavaun Roberts. Book Club members are reading Going Public: Priorities and Practice at The New Manhattan New School. The text sets a framework for “building a school from scratch” and is authored by gifted educator and former principal Shelley Harwayne. Join us on Friday, Mar. 16, at 10 am at the coffee shop in Barnes and Nobel at the Marketplace. Please confirm your attendance by contacting the school office at 693-8593.

Dingeman Elementary School

Here at Dingeman, we’re getting ready for fun, fun, fun! Plans already have been set in motion for our Spring Carnival that will take place on Friday, May 4. Great food, great games, great prizes, and best of all, great company! This event is attended by many people, not only families from Dingeman, but also families throughout the Scripps Ranch community. If you have any items to donate that we can use for our fundraising raffles or auctions, or that we can use for games, please contact Teri Greenberg at [[email protected]].

Don’t forget to stop by the Dingeman auditorium the week of March 12-16 for our annual Scholastic Book Fair. There will be a huge selection for all ages and all genre interests. This always has been an event that our students have enjoyed. The Book Fair takes place during parent conferences, which are modified days, so please stop by and browse around with your kids.

Kindergarten pre-registration will be on Wednesday, Apr. 18, from 8 to 10 am in the auditorium. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office at 540-4437. Looking ahead at our Dingeman calendar, parent conferences are Mar. 13, 14, and 15. These are modified days so school will be in session from 9:05 am to 12:50 pm each of those days. Spring Break is April 9-13. Look for information on our fabulous Art Show coming up later this spring.

Jerabek Elementary School

Jerabek’s Birthday Book Club offers a special way to recognize your child’s birthday and at the same time benefit the school library. Students who contribute to the Birthday Book Club are invited to select a library book of their choice from a wide variety of new books that we have on reserve for this purpose. A commemorative Jerabek bookplate displaying the child’s name and birthday will be affixed to the book, which is then presented to the child during his library time.

Your child will be the first one to check the book out, prior to adding it to the library’s permanent collection for other students to check out. The child’s name also will be displayed on a special bulletin board in the library. Flyers to sign up for the Birthday Book Club are distributed to each student at the beginning of his birthday month. If you have any questions, please call Ruth or Sandy at 578-5330, ext. 106, or stop by the library.

The Extended Day Reading Program (EDRP) began in February for grades 1, 2, 4, and 5. The program will continue until Wednesday, June 27. The EDRP for grade 3 has moved from before school to after school now extending from 3:30 to 5 pm. EDRP is designed for those students in need of additional reading instruction and is held Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The teachers are Miss George, Ms. Larson, Mrs. Lovelady, and Mrs. Tucker.

The classes will have a minimum of 18 students and a maximum of 20. Student placement is based on need as indicated by the DRA level, at-risk designation, SAT-9 scores, and teacher recommendations. If you have questions call Victoria Petersen, Jerabek Assistant Principal, at 578-5330.

When they’re not reading, Jerabek students may be on the Internet. The Family Faculty Organization has arranged for each classroom at Jerabek to be connected to the Internet via a new computer. All classrooms also will have a new or nearly new printer. Installing the new computers and printers and connecting them to the Internet is a large task. Ms. Loretta Lynch, Jerabek’s computer technician, needs several knowledgeable people to assist her with this project. She may be reached at 578-5330.

Upcoming events for March include:

  • Kindergarten Family Science Night on Wednesday, Mar. 7, at 6:45 pm;
  • 2nd grade Family Math Night on Wednesday and Thursday, Mar. 14-15, at 6:45 pm;
  • Incoming kindergarten orientation and spring conference day are both on Friday, Mar. 16, which will be an early dismissal day at 1:15 pm;
  • 5th graders will be at Balboa Park and 4th graders at Old Town the week of March 19-23;
  • Intercession classes are March 26-April 6 for grades 1, 2, 3, and 4, if space is available; and
  • Field Day, May 15-16, is this year’s major FFO fundraiser and a fun time for all the kids. Volunteers are needed to help organize the event. Planning meetings already are scheduled. Contact Jan Liebman at 549-0905 or Karen Sloan at 549-4518; and finally,
  • Spring break is March 26-April 17. Time to rest up and read a good book!

Miramar Ranch Elementary School (MRE)

It’s 3:45 pm on an overcast afternoon at Miramar Ranch Elementary School (MRE). The wall clock in room 206 steadfastly ticks away the waning minutes of the day in the silent classroom. The screensaver on the computer in room 213 ceaselessly inscribes abstract patterns across a screen that no one sees.

On the darkened ramp leading up from the media center, a teacher drags a creaky cart behind her, top-heavy with homework assignments and class projects that won’t be completely graded until much later that night. A rumpled parent hurries to the SAY group in the multipurpose room, pausing for a moment to toss a bag of long-unread children’s books into a bright blue San Diego READS bin. The sharp footfall of the custodian’s sturdy work boots fade into an echo as he heads out a door, mindful of his next chore.

On the damp playground outside, children from the 6-to-6 program barely tap into their endless reserve of energy as they vigorously joust at tetherball, foursquare, and wall ball under the aquiline eyes of the program leaders. A fading breeze blows a tattered bit of lost homework from somewhere to nowhere.

Another day at Miramar Ranch fades into languid evening and the spunky school cocoons itself against the night while it waits for the morning startle of academic life anew.

Each day at MRE takes everyone closer to the end of the school year and each day is packed with much work that still needs to be done. Some of the work is fun, and extracurricular, like the Young Writer’s contest that is being sponsored by Hewlett-Packard. Children in K-6 classes can use their creative writing skills and storytelling talents to write a story that could make them eligible to win a computer and printer for themselves and their classroom. For more details, go to [] on the Web.

Another fun day at MRE was the Friday before the Lincoln’s birthday holiday weekend last month, when dozens of students brought in cans and bags of pennies for the Penny Day fundraiser. The FFA-sponsored event collected thousands of pennies (and a few other coins) to purchase much-needed items for the nurse’s office, like an emergency stretcher, ice packs, educational materials, and an autoscope, to check ailing ears. Next month, Nurse Linda Vergara will let us know exactly how much was collected and what items were purchased. Thanks to all of the students who participated and thanks to parent Suzanne Neshat for coordinating the event.

Along similar lines, two of the kindergarten classes decided not to take candy to their teachers on Valentine’s Day. Instead, the students each brought $1 to donate to the animal shelter that burned down in Escondido in January.

The money-raising project was called “Sharing Our Love” and the dollar bills were collected in a special box. Kindergarten teachers Judy Regli and Jannette Miller will let us know how much was collected.

Yearbooks went on sale in February. Students who didn’t get their orders in last month still have a chance–though somewhat slim–of purchasing yearbooks when they arrive in June. Thanks to Laura Hammang for coordinating the yearbook production and sales.

The MRE Site-Based Management Team (SBMT) tackles such important and sensitive issues as the school’s progress on Alan Bersin’s Blueprint for Success, allocating professional development money for teachers, and determining the best use of block grants. SBMT members are Principal Tim Asfazadour; parents Heidi Brown, Laura Hammang, Dawne Page, Becca Schult and Teresa Young; Resource Specialist Linda Lloyd; and teachers Dennis Christina, Sheryl Gross, Vicky Hurley, Judy Regli, Annette Stewart, and Lynn Thomas. Thanks to all of them for the extra work they do to ensure that MRE operates efficiently and effectively for students, staff, and parents.

If you have any new or “gently used” books that you would like to donate to the San Diego READS program, drop them off in the READS bins at the school. This literacy program provides books to classroom and school libraries and recruits volunteer reading tutors to help improve the student literacy rate throughout San Diego City Schools. In the past two years, more 1.3 million books have been placed in San Diego City Schools’ classrooms and school libraries and $3.1 million has been allocated to schools for the purchase of 400,000 new books. For more information about San Diego READS, call 619-725-READS or go to [].

Other things coming up at MRE are:

  • Tuesday, Mar. 6: Spring photographs;
  • Wednesday, Mar. 7: Parent conferences;
  • Friday, Mar. 16: Natural History Museum assembly with Ms. Frizzle;
  • Week of Apr. 2-6: Standardized testing;
  • Thursday, Apr. 5: Open house;
  • Week of Apr. 9-13 Spring vacation; and
  • Thursday, Apr. 19: 2001-02 kindergarten and new student registration.

Finally, congratulations are in order for fifth-grade teacher Lynn Thomas, who has been named MRE Teacher of the Year by her colleagues. She will represent the school at the district-wide Teacher of the Year event later this year. Congratulations to Ms. Thomas!

Other Schools

United States International University

International Friendship Festival

Mark your calendars now for the 12th annual International Friendship Festival to be held on Saturday, April 28, from 10 am to 6 pm on the library lawn at USIU. Each year the Friendship Festival brings USIU and the community together for a day of fun, food, and learning.

The slogan for this year’s festival is “Join Hands with the World.” This is a chance to celebrate, appreciate, and share multicultural backgrounds and traditions through music, dance, entertainment, exhibits, food, and much more! Watch next month’s SRCA Newsletter for further details.

Software Management Courses

United States International University (USIU) and Whitmoyer & Associates, both members of San Diego’s Software Industry Council, are teaming up to present a certificate program in Software Project Management. The program is designed to help prepare those working in technical fields to hone their skills in management aspects of their industry.

The courses are Software Project Planning, Software Project Controls and Reviews, and Software Testing and Delivery, all of which are immediately applicable in the workplace. Each course includes 10 hours of instruction, over two days. The Friday afternoon to Saturday morning schedule makes the courses convenient for working adults. The courses cover software life cycles, methodologies, deliverables, requirements definition, configuration management, quality assurance, estimation, and more.

Cost is $150 per course for members of the Software Industry Council and $175 per course for non-members. Course dates are March 9-10, 16-17, and 23-24. Friday classes run from 1 to 6 pm and Saturday classes from 8 am to 1 pm.

For more information, contact Elain Finley at USIU’s College of Business Administration by email at [[email protected]] or at 635-4504. For online registration, visit [].

Miramar College

Continuing Education of the San Diego Community College District is offering new, free computer classes on the Miramar College campus in room B 206. Learn to create graphics for the Web or print using Adobe Illustrator, on Fridays, from 8:30 to 11:30 am, March 9 through April 6. Produce art by learning Corel Painter, a paint and image manipulation program, on Fridays, 8:30 to 11:30 am, April 20 through May 18. Learn to edit images using Adobe PhotoShop, Thursdays, 6 to 9:30 pm, March 29 to May 31. Register in class on the first day. For information, call 627-2545.

Chabad Hebrew Academy

Registration for 2001-02

Chabad Hebrew Academy is registering children for its 2001-02 school year. Chabad is proud of its many innovative and exciting programs. Students have won many prestigious awards, including the National Geographic Geography Bee, Bar Ilan University’s Jewish Identity Contest, and many others. Chabad believes that a solid education touches the core of the child and empowers the individual to better the world around him. Rochel Smoller, second grade Judaic teacher comments, “to teach is to enhance ones own education, and to impart information is but a single component of that education. To properly educate, the teacher must tap the innermost recesses of the mind and heart.”

Chabad also is proud of its state-of-the-art computer lab with Internet capabilities, 5-days per week physical education program, and full immersion Hebrew language lab. Openings are available for grades kindergarten through 8th grade. For more information, please call the school office at 566-1996 or visit its website at [].

A Summer Experience

Camp Gan Israel is accepting registration for its summer 2001 program. Camp Gan Israel is an accredited camp by the American Camping Association, meeting standards in programming, staff, aquatics, most importantly, safety. CGI is part of the largest network of Jewish day camps throughout the world. The camp dates are June 25 to July 13, and July 16 to August 3. For more information, please call 566-1996.


Chabad is holding their annual Purim Carnival Sunday, March 4, from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm. The community is welcome to attend dressed in their favorite costume. The event is geared for pre-K through junior high. There will be an 18- foot fun slide and ultimate rock climbing. There will be booths such as “Ask the Rabbi,” “Party Hats,” and “Destination Science,” which will have “Sea-Fari Island,” where the children can learn about shells, and “Treasure Island,” where they can dig for rocks and minerals.

For the preschooler there will be a petting zoo, train rides, pony carousel, clown, face painting, and much more. Lunch will be provided by Aaron’s Glatt Market. For additional information, please call 566-1996.

Juggling Club

The Chabad Juggling Club has started! The first goal will be to learn to juggle three balls. Presently only students in the 4 through 8th grades are invited to participate. New students are welcome to join anytime.

The Juggling Club will have a booth at the Purim Carnival so you can try out your juggling skills! If there are any parents or students who can juggle three balls and you are planning to be at the Purim Carnival on Sunday, March 4, from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm, please join us.

Classroom News

The kindergarten class went on a field trip to the Watson Llama Farm. The children enjoyed learning about these gentle animals. They got to watch Mr. Watson as he fed the excited llamas their special treats. The class also had the opportunity to touch the thick, soft coat of the llama. A couple of children even got to hug the llama! The children had a fantastic time of their visit. In February, the 5th grade Tu B’Shevat trip to Palm Springs was great fun and educational. They went on the Palm Springs aerial tram, went tubing, and spent the day viewing nature.