Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS)

Senior Exhibitions

It’s senior exhibition time again. Scripps Ranch High School’s senior exhibition is celebrating its seventh anniversary this spring, and we need business and community members to serve on the evaluation panels for student project presentations. The senior exhibition is an opportunity for students to demonstrate skills and abilities needed to be productive members of society.

Capable and productive individuals are those who can apply knowledge gained in school and elsewhere to analyze problems and propose solutions, communicate effectively, and coordinate action with others using the tools of the information-age workplace. Panel members, using a scoring guide, will evaluate oral presentations of student projects.

Dates for the presentations are March 12-14 and 18-20. Panelists are invited to attend a 2-hour block of presentations anytime between 7:30 am and 2:30 pm as your schedule allows. We welcome participation in the event by parents of Scripps Ranch students at any school, community members, and employees of local businesses. Come observe today’s youth in action.

SRHS Class of 2002 PBO

We have less than five months until Grad Night 2002! Here are five ways you can contribute to your student’s 2002 Grad Night!

1) Join the PBO 2002! Contrary to popular belief, funds are still needed to support Grad Night 2002. Your PBO 2002 membership donation is appreciated! Look for a letter or email notice and send in your donation for your 2002 grads’ event!

2. Attend a PBO 2002 meeting! We need your ideas and helping hands! There are several committees in need of members to help plan and prepare for Grad Night 2002. We also are in need of volunteers to work the night of the event. Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 7 pm in the teacher’s lounge. We have jobs for all levels of time commitment. Attend the next meeting on Tuesday, Mar. 19, and join the fun of planning this exciting event for your student!

3. Donate a prize, construction materials, or storage space for Grad Night 2002! The PBO 2002 is accepting donations of cash or merchandise to use as event prizes for the Grad Night 2002 games and raffles.

To donate a prize, contact Sharon Hu via email at [[email protected]] or Andrea Harden at [[email protected]]. We also need donations of construction and decorating materials, and we are desperately in need of storage space! If you have any storage space available, we can use it!

4. Be a corporate sponsor. PBO 2002 welcomes corporate sponsors from the Scripps Ranch community. If you would like to help sponsor SRHS Grad Night 2002 or donate a cash or merchandise prize for the event, contact event chair Dixie Hall at [[email protected]] or fax information to Bev Still at 549-3094.

5. Purchase a paver! Senior brick pavers are on sale for $100 each. The SRHS PTSA donates $20 per paver to the student’s graduating class. The pavers are engraved with the student’s name and graduation year and are installed in the quad as permanent recognition of the student’s SRHS graduation accomplishment! Contact Debi Cerone at 693-8511 or Paula Tilley at 693-9232.

To participate in any of the opportunities listed above, or for more PBO 2002 updates, send your email address to Dixie Hall, Event Chairperson, Grad Night 2002 at [[email protected]]. You also can link from the SRHS website [] to the new Grad Night 2002 website. Check it out!

SRHS Class of 2003 PBO

If you haven’t heard yet, the biggest fundraiser for our 2003 Grad Night is a golf tournament set for Monday, May 13. Letters with registration forms have been mailed out to all “2003” parents, and we are encouraging everyone to sign up as a participant or sponsor. The golf fee is $150 per person which includes a box lunch, dinner, and refreshments. Sponsors are needed and donations for prizes are welcome. Contact Susan or Hersch Hendrickson for details at 689-8146.

Scripps Ranch “Sammy’s” has generously agreed to donate dinner for another fundraiser which will be held at SRHS. Watch for flyers announcing the information regarding Sammy’s dinner, as well as, the details of our garage sale. Both events are being planned for April.

It was great to see so many Junior parents at Pat & Oscar’s last month. Please mark your calendar for Tuesday, March 5. Bring along some friends to join us!

Our PBO committee currently is seeking volunteers to do the “take down” of decorations following this year’s Grad Night on Monday, June 17. Because the party lasts until the wee hours of the following day, take down will be held on Tuesday, June 18. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

Class of 2004 PBO

Spring fever. Spring-cleaning! We’ll take any and all items you’d like to donate to the Class of 2004 spring garage sale to be held on Saturday, Apr. 20. Thanks to those of you who already have notified us that you have donations to make.

We are more than happy to collect any items you might like to donate to this fundraiser. Please contact either Kim Molina at 271-7630 or Joanne Gimbel at 586-0330 to arrange pick up.

The PBO’s next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Apr. 10, at 7 pm at the Crown Pointe clubhouse. Please plan on attending if you can.

Marshall Middle School (MMS)

Mustang Calendar

  • Saturday, Mar. 2–Dance team at UDA West Coast championships at Disneyland;
  • Wednesday, Mar. 6–Site Governance meeting in staff lounge at 6 pm;
  • Thursday, Mar. 7–Jerabek, Dingeman, and Miramar Ranch parents articulation night at Scripps Ranch High School from 6:30 to 8 pm;
  • PTSA in staff lounge at 3 pm;
  • Friday, Mar. 8–Advanced band to perform on Carnation Plaza stage at Disneyland;
  • Friday, Mar. 8, and Monday, Mar. 11–SRHS counselors here for articulation with 8th grade students in their English classes;
  • Wednesday, Mar. 13–Minimum day with students dismissed at 11:30 am;
  • Saturday, Mar. 16–Marching band and dance team in St. Patrick’s Day parade;
  • Wednesday, Mar. 20–City science fair judging and awards;
  • Wednesday, Mar. 20–“College-Making it Happen” 7th grade parent night at Wangenheim Middle School from 6:30 to 8 pm;
  • Friday, Mar. 22–East Lake High School music festival; and
  • Monday, Mar. 25–Friday, Mar 29, no school, spring break!

Help with Math

Math Vision, San Diego’s math homework help line, has been a great help to our students. A student can receive help over the phone by calling (800) MATH543 on Wednesdays and Thursdays between 3 and 6 pm.

Be a Winner

The preliminary spelling bee was held to narrow the field down to 11 finalists who will compete to determine Marshall’s champion. The winner will represent Marshall at the County spelling bee on Tuesday, Mar. 19. The finalists are Katie Breen, Lauren Eby, Joshua Gok, Frances Iannone, Danny Illingworth, George Jiang, Alex Lovell, Maria Mortensen, Jessica Seid, Matt Sorensen, and Emily Rutheford.

Montezuma Visits

Mrs. Albon’s seventh graders were visited by Ambassador Montezuma from San Diego State University. The students currently are studying the history of the Aztecs and meeting a “real” Aztec brought the lesson to life. The students prepared questions about Aztec life and customs and Montezuma commented on how impressed he was with the extensive knowledge our students possessed. Although some people are sad that SDSU no longer has the old mascot, many were pleasantly surprised to find that Ambassador Montezuma provided a valuable educational opportunity for our students.

Art Club

Mr. Wells and the Marshall Middle School Art Club donated $232 to Children’s Hospital. We raised this money from the sale of ornaments during the holidays. The Executive Director, Mr. David Gillig, just sent us a nice letter giving a great big thank you to our generous art club. “Way to go kids!” And we want to extend a special thanks to Mr. Wells for all of his extra work! Come by the art room and see the incredible display!

Talent Show Coming

Mrs. Palmer and her vocal music department along with our Partner-in-Education, Cabrillo Credit Union, will sponsor Talent Show 2002. The show is scheduled for Thursday evening, Apr. 2, at 7 pm at Dingeman Elementary in the multipurpose room. Buy your tickets now or purchase at the door for $4. Don’t miss this great and entertaining evening!


Mrs. Retter’s sixth-grade seminar class is beginning a five-week unit on tolerance. They will examine bigotry and prejudice and realize that they are not endemic to any particular race or time, but rather a world-wide tendency that we as humans must learn to overcome. Students will explore a myriad of cultures and relate them to current events.

The culminating activities include choices of writing a letter to a perpetrator of intolerance, writing a fable that illustrates a lesson, or writing interpretative poetry. This is a very powerful unit and students walk away with a much larger understanding of the world in which they live.

Dance Team

The dance team received an “excellent” ribbon and a first place in February at the COA invitational. On Saturday, Mar. 2, they will perform at Disneyland at the UDA West Coast championships, and on Saturday, Mar. 16, they will be in the St. Patrick’s Day parade along with the Marshall marching band.

Marshall Music Notes

Trumpet player Torin Evatt was accepted into the CMEA Honor Band and will be representing Marshall on Wednesday, Mar. 6, at 7 pm at Hillsdale Middle School. String players Ashley Marquez, Jaimee Nguyen, Emily Rutherford, and Frances Iannone will participate in the San Diego all-city honor orchestra concert on Tuesday, Mar. 12, at Point Loma Nazarene University at 7 pm. Drum majors Nick Carter and Ryan Mulvey will lead the marching band in the Saint Patricks Day parade downtown on Saturday, Mar. 16.

Advancing to City Science Fair

The following students all won in their divisions at the Marshall Science Fair and will now advance to the City Science Fair to be held on Wednesday, Mar. 20. Good luck to all!

Behavioral and Social Science: Eden Delphey (Talking on a Cell Phone While Driving: Is it Dangerous?), Matthew Kelly (How Does Real Life Background Effect the Ponzo Illusion), Kim Schieman (Do Moon Phases Affect Birth Rate?), Stuart Sloan (The Relationship Between Quarterback Height and Completion), and Elizabeth Tauscher (Does the Strength of Parent-Child Relationships Affect Grades?).

Biochemistry: Alex Lovell (Superman’s Real Parents), Tori Anderson (What Material Works Best When Using Super Glue?), and Nilesh Argade (The Determination of Nitrate and Nitrite in Meat).

Computer Sciences and Math: Ashley Gray (Who’s Number One in Benford’s Law?), Kristin Hansen (They’re Playing Our Tune: A Length, Mass & Tension Study), Matt Hickock (Will a Hockey Puck Bounce Less if it is Frozen?), Matt Lessig (Are Electromagnetic Guns Practical?), and Sam Liebman (London Bridge IS Falling Down).

Environmental Sciences: Amy Achille (Ants Be Gone), Ryan Daggett (Does Lightening Strike Twice in the Same Place?), Lauren Eby (Beep Beep! Are Electric Cars Really Cheap?), Greg Golembeski (Salinity Gradient Solar Ponds), Steve Meth (Cell Phone Safety), and Meredith Wolfe (How Does Moisture Affect a Tornado?).

Medicine and Health: Lindsey Gruter (The Effect of Water Temperature on Swimming), Arielle Hansen (Do Twins Have Similar Fingerprints?), Lindsay Peckham (Height, Age & Experience: Do They Really Matter?), and Roslyn Russell (Are You All Right? Or Could You Have Been Left?).

Physics: Jasmine Chukwueke (Roller Coasters: Inside the Loop), Alek Diachenko (Where is the Sweet Spot Located on a Baseball?), Jeffrey Filice (What Nose Cone Allows Rockets to Achieve?), Dan Greenberg (How Can Drag Be Reduced on an Object?), Dane Lighthart (Roller Coasters: Speed vs. Weight), Sarah Luster (Does Air Pressure Affect the Distance a Soccer Ball Travels?), Jessica Seid (Will Height Affect Arrow Accuracy in Archery?), and Matt Sorensen (The World’s Favorite Sport: Just Kick It!).

Product Testing: Josh Beatty (Which Paintball Delivers the Best Performance?), Josh Gilman (Which Material is the Best Insulator?), Jeremy Lenhof (Are All Golf Balls Created Equal?), Bradley Petering (Which Guitar String is the Strongest?), and Whitney Whiting (Which Glove is Better in Taking Impact of the Hand?).

Science Olympiad Team Qualifies for the State Championship!

Congratulations to the members of the two Marshall Middle School teams who competed in the regional competition held in February at San Diego State University. Overall, Marshall finished 6th out of 48 middle-school teams from around San Diego County. They will compete against teams from the entire state on Saturday, Apr. 13, at Long Beach State University.

The team members are: Kyle Adler, Jenna Adsit, Nilesh Argade, Lauren Eby, Joshua Gilman, Dhruv Gopinath, Ilya Imas, Bryce Kunz, Jessica Lee, Joanne Lin, Hermice Ma, Gillian Molina, Maria Mortensen, Ryan Mulvey, Saumil Shah, Ashkon Abazary, Allison Arnoff, Caroline Chu, Shamayel Daoud, Marlynda Do, John Haag, David Heilbrunn, Alla Khalitova, Stephanie Lee, Ben Lewis, Katelyn McGrade, Megan Mulvey, Jessica Seid, Kian Samii, Alexandra Stumm, and Nicole Webster.

Special awards went to the following students in their listed events:

  • 8th place in Write It/Do It–Jessica Seid and Alla Khalitova;
  • 15th place in Bottle Rocket–Josh Gilman, Jessica Lee, and Pauline Ma;
  • 7th place in Bottle Rocket–David Heilbrunn and Shamayel Daoud;
  • 14th place in Mystery Architecture–Josh Gilman and Saumil Shah;
  • 7th place in Pentathlon–Jenna Adsit, Gillian Molina, Lauren Eby, and Joanne Lin;
  • 9th place in Pentathlon–Jessica Seid, Alla Khalitova, David Heilbrunn, and Ashkon Abazary;
  • 11th place in Feathered Frenzy–Ryan Mulvey and Saumil Shah;
  • 7th place in Balloon Race–Josh Gilman and Kyle Adler;
  • 6th place in Rocks and Minerals– Bryce Kunz and Kyle Adler;
  • 3rd place in Rocks and Minerals–Ben Lewis and Katelyn McGrade;
  • 15th place in Science of Fitness–Ashkon Abazary and Stephanie Lee;
  • 5th place in Science of Fitness– Joanne Lin and Jenna Adsit;
  • 12th place in Mission Possible–Allison Aronoff, Marlynda Do, and Alexandra Stumm;
  • 13th place in Mission Possible– Nilesh Argrade and Ilya Imas;
  • 14th place in Life Science Process Lab–Caroline Chu and Megan Mulvey;
  • 14th place in Dynamic Planet–Alla Khalitova and Ashkon Abazary;
  • 4th place in Dynamic Planet–Gillian Molina and Lauren Eby;
  • 14th place in Water Quality–Caroline Chu and Megan Mulvey;
  • 4th place in Water Quality–Maria Mortensen and Ryan Mulvey;
  • 3rd place in Road Scholar–Dhruv Gopinath and Ryan Mulvey;
  • 11th place in Road Scholar–Jessica Seid and Kian Samii;
  • 14th place in Weather or Not–Nilesh Argrade and Bryce Kunz;
  • 12th place in Science Crime Busters–Nilesh Argade and Kyle Adler;
  • 13th place in Science Crime Busters–Marlynda Do and Allison Aronoff;
  • 13th place in Reach for the Stars–Alexandra Stumm and Ben Lewis; and
  • 8th place in Reach for the Stars–Joanne Lin, and Maria Mortensen.

The team is grateful to Qualcomm for their generous sponsorship of our trip. Team accountant Terry Gilman and Qualcomm members Bharat Shah and Julie Gibson were instrumental in approving the donation that made our participation in the Olympiad possible.

The team also thanks all of the parents and event coaches for their assistance. Mr. Rick Novak, our ever-supportive principal, was incredibly encouraging and without his help, our team would not have existed. Science Olympiad members, thank you for representing our school. We were challenged by the best in Southern California and we are very proud of your efforts! Thank you!

Math Text Adoption

The school district has a committee of parents and teachers and concerned citizens who are currently reviewing math texts for next year’s 6th and 7th graders. We are all encouraged to actively participate. Come down to the Education Center (Annex 14) and review the books! They are on display Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 12 noon and from 1 to 5 pm. On Saturday, Mar 2, the hours are from 8:30 am to noon.

In order to gain access to Annex 14, you will need to contact Densil Rexroad at least 24 hours in advance at 619-725-7379. March 15 is the deadline for feedback. Questions can be answered by Ellen McDonald-Knight at the Math office at 619-725-7308 or via email [] or Eileen Harrington’s at 619-725-7124 or via email [].

We Need Weights

The PE department would like to equip a weight room. We are looking for donations (in good condition) of weights, benches, treadmills, exercise bikes, etc. Look around to see if something we could use is gathering dust. We’ll put it to good use!

Counselors Corner

Marshall counselors will be visiting our feeder elementary schools to discuss the 5th and 6th grade articulation. We will visit Jerabek students on Mar. 12-13, and Miramar Ranch students on Mar. 14-15. We will be making a visit to Dingeman Elementary on April 2-3. The Parent Articulation Night for Jerabek, Miramar Ranch, and Dingeman parents will be held on Mar. 7, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm, at the Scripps Ranch High School theater.

Scripps Ranch High School counselors will make articulation presentations regarding ninth grade to Marshall 8th graders in their English classes, grade articulation, on March 8 and 11. Marshall counselors will be focusing on 6th to 7th, and 7th to 8th grade articulation of current Marshall students during April 1-19.

College, Making it Happen

Marshall, Wangenheim, and Challenger Middle Schools will be cohosting a college preparation night for parents of current 7th graders, which will be held on Wednesday, Mar 20, from 6:30 to 8 pm, at the Wangenheim Middle School auditorium. Representatives from UC, CSU, community colleges, and private and independent colleges and universities will discuss step-by-step information that every parent and student should know regarding how to prepare for high school and college. Topics will include: middle-school courses, high-school courses, college entrance requirements, and financial aid. Please contact your child’s counselor if you have any questions.

Student Support Groups

Marshall counselors, in cooperation with counselors from Harmonium Inc., and the Douglas Young Clinic, will be cofacilitating our 2nd round of student support groups during the second semester. If your child is interested in joining a weekly support group for boys called, “It’s a Guy Thing” or a group for girls called, “Girl Chat,” be sure to contact Julie Becker at 549-8840, ext. 1209, now! Topics discussed may include self-esteem, relationships, academic stress, newcomer issues, grief and loss, and social skills.


The library media center will sponsor our annual Read-In on Monday, Apr. 15. This is an event in which community members can volunteer to read a selection to a class and discuss the importance of reading in their lives and careers. If you are interested in participating in this event, please call the school or email the librarian at [[email protected]]. The spring book fair will be held in the library media center the week of April 18-24. Celebrate National Library week and purchase some good books to read

Elementary Schools

Dingeman Elementary

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The town of Williamsburg came back to life at Dingeman Elementary in February. There were elegant dances at the Governor’s palace, the silversmith was busy hammering silver spoons and cups, the wig makers were painstakingly weaving new wigs for the gentlemen, the bookbinders were printing out the Virginia Gazette, and services were being held at the Bruton Parish church. Our fifth graders worked very hard to recreate the town of Williamsburg in the 1700’s. They researched their trade, dressed up like the colonists, and presented a speech to all the visiting parents and students.The fifth graders from neighboring schools also were invited. It was an educational and rewarding experience for all!

From colonists settling Williamsburg in the 1700’s to sailors coming to the New World in 1874, our fifth graders also had the opportunity to experience first hand the hardships faced by those who came to America. On their overnight field trip on the Star of India, students became the crew of the Euterpe as they learned how to load cargo, swab the deck, and braved the cold night air during night watch at 2 am. Not only did our students learn the vocabulary that the sailors used, but also they kept up their strength by dining on “rat stew.”

And our 5th graders didn’t stop there! We want to congratulate students Thomas Schmidt, Rachel Sorenson, Pippa Grint, Gina Holslag, Max Stone, Courtney Wiegand, Warren Woolsey, Tara Miremadi, Sebastian Mazabel, and Ada Chinda for participating in the “Run, Read, and Succeed” with the San Diego Gulls! These dedicated students each received free tickets to a San Diego Gulls game for their achievements in reading and running 2 miles. Way to go!

Parents, please remember to mark your calendars for kindergarten registration on Wednesday, Apr. 10, from 8 to 11 am. Registration will take place in the lunch arbor on the Dingeman campus. Your child must be 5 years old on or before Dec. 2, 2002. Please make sure that you bring all of the following documents to complete your registration:

  1. Official birth certificate;
  2. Social Security card;
  3. Two proofs of residence, such as: deed to home, escrow papers, rent receipt for the last month, most recent utility bills (phone, gas, and electric, making sure that your name and address is on the bill); and
  4. Immunization record, signed by the physician.

Immunization requirements are:

  • Polio (OPV and/or IPV), 4 doses (3 doses meet the requirement if at least one was given on or after the 4th birthday);
  • DTP, 5 doses (4 doses meet the requirement if at least one was given on or after the 4th birthday);
  • MMR, 2 doses (both on or after the 1st birthday);
  • Hepatitis B, 3 doses; and
  • Chicken Pox.

Please double check with your child’s physician. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office at 549-4437.

Spring is a busy time of the year at Dingeman and we want to thank everyone in advance for their time and support. Future activities include:

  • March 11-15, Dingeman’s annual Scholastic book fair; stop in the auditorium and browse through some of the best books for kids;
  • March 12-14, Parent conferences, with an early dismissal at 12:50 pm; and most importantly
  • March 25-29, Spring Break!

We hope everyone has a great spring!

Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary (EBS)

We continue to learn all about Ellen Browning Scripps whose life spanned over 40 years in California, and included the establishment of great and enduring philanthropies, not only for the benefit of her adopted City of San Diego, but also for the entire nation. Her intelligence, character, and energy were personified by an eagerness to help people help themselves. This compassion for others was a special characteristic of “Miss Ellen.”

As we continue to educate our “hearts and our minds,” students and teachers alike will practice compassion, one of the values and character traits we have identified in our character education program. Each Monday during the month, my message on the Principal’s Board, will guide our learning and practice of compassion. We will explore these questions: What is compassion? Why practice compassion? How do we practice compassion? What does compassion look like? I hope you will join us in this inquiry with children and reinforce our work with those “teachable moments” in your home and throughout our school community.

We began February with the Academic Academy, which is composed of fourth-grade students, who traveled to the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla to enhance their interdisciplinary study around the museum’s sculpture garden and the work of architect Irving Gill. This project-based learning experience is just one aspect of this unit of study with local art educators, artists, and landscape architects in redesigning our campus planters to reflect the life and influences of Miss Ellen Browning Scripps.

Also in February, many parents joined together for the Parent Academy book club. We began the study of Lifetime Guarantees Toward Ambitious Literacy Teaching by renowned education author Shelly Harwayne.

During February we also celebrated African-American history month by reading about and discussing some of the many African Americans who contributed so greatly to the development of our nation. Without their hard work and tremendous sacrifice, the country would not be where it is today.

Pre-registration for kindergarten children and all other new students who will be attending Ellen Browning Scripps in the fall of 2002 will be held on Tuesday, Apr. 9, from 9 to 11 am in the multi-purpose room. If this time is inconvenient, you may pick up the registration packet any time after Apr. 9, between 7 am and 3 pm at the office.

Kindergarten children must be five years or older on or before Dec. 2, 2002. In order to be eligible to attend kindergarten, you must provide the items listed on this page of this Newsletter. Questions may be directed to Roberta Martin in the front office at 693-8593.

Neighborhood Bake Sale

In a note to Principal Cansdale, students Grace Hallums, Reed Hallums, Carly Cochrane, and Aaron Cochrane note, “We had a bake sale. In our bake sale we raised $13.40. We hope to have new books in our library!” As Rich observes, “This is yet another example of the fabulous kids at E.B. Scripps. Go Penguins!”

Academic Fundraising Partnership (AFP)

The Academic Fundraising Partnership (AFP) began our February fundraiser by selling cookie dough and pizza. We hope you enjoyed the fresh cookies and pizza!

We are looking for volunteers. Would you like to be a volunteer in the physical education program or help with a special event? We welcome your participation in supporting our work at this remarkable schoolhouse.

As always, we invite you spend your Saturday mornings with us, from 9 am to 1 pm at Scripps Ranch Farmers Market. Shop with your neighbors and pick up some fresh flowers as you leisurely walk among the vendors who provide many services, products, clothing, and a sampling of garden fresh, exotic, and delightful foods. All profit from this event is used to educate EBS students.

Upcoming EBS Events Calendar

  • Tuesday, Mar. 5–Scripps Ranch Schools Committee in the Scripps Ranch Library at 4 pm;
  • Wednesday, Mar. 6–Parent-student-teacher conferences with student dismissal at 12:30 pm;
  • Thursday, Mar. 7–Student recognition assembly for grades K-1 in the multipurpose room at 11:45 am; and
  • Thursday, Mar. 7–Parent-student-teacher conferences, with early dismissal at 12:30 pm.

Miramar Ranch Elementary (MRE)

Our school is participating through Friday, Mar. 8, in the Olive Garden Restaurant’s “Pasta for Pennies” program for the benefit of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Students collect spare change and bring it to class to contribute. The classroom that collects the most change wins a catered pasta luncheon from the Olive Garden.

Beginning in January, the first-grade classes helped raise money for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital with a “Math-a-Thon.” The project is sponsored by Six Flags theme parks. Free passes are provided to any child who raises $35 or more. Anyone who would like to help this worthy cause can contact Mrs. Valerie Oriente at the school at 271-0470.

Report card time has arrived. Your parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for the afternoons of Thursday and Friday, Mar. 7-8. Both days are “minimum” days for the students.

In the middle of the month, we’ll have a lot of music at MRE. We will be welcoming the Marshal Middle School band. They will be performing for the fifth grades on Monday, Mar. 18. We especially look forward to seeing the MRE “alumni” in the band. Our K-2 choir is back and will be performing for the students on Thursday, Mar. 21. There also will be an evening performance. Thanks to the Family Faculty Association (FFA) for sponsoring our next assembly on Tuesday, Mar. 19.

The school has received a grant of $6,000 to start a literacy bag check-out for parents and students. A parent orientation will take place on Tuesday, Mar. 5, from 6:30 to 7:30 pm in the multi-purpose room. Childcare will be provided.

As we go to press, the teachers (and the students) are looking forward to a staff development day on Tuesday, Feb. 19. There will be a luncheon, promised to be dynamic, and donations from a number of businesses in the community, including: Vons, Starbucks, Rubio’s, Ralph’s, Pat and Oscar’s, On the Border, Mimi’s Cafe, Jamba Juice, Filippi’s, and Albertson’s. The next parent coffee with the Principal will be Tuesday, Mar. 5, at 8 am in the teachers’ lounge. See you there!

Jerabek Elementary

Spring will be arriving soon and March promises to be a busy month at Jerabek Elementary School, so here’s all the latest information!

Parents who have children entering kindergarten at Jerabek Elementary this coming September are invited to a meeting on Friday, Mar. 8, at 2 pm in the school auditorium. This meeting will be an introduction to the kindergarten program here at Jerabek, including information on the curriculum, daily activities in the classroom, readiness for kindergarten, and a short tour of the school. Students must be five years of age on or before Dec. 2, 2002.

Registration will be on Thursday, May 23, for students with birth dates between 12/3/96 and 5/31/97, and on Thursday, May 30, for students with birth dates between 6/1/97 and 12/2/97. If you would like more information, please call 578-5330.

Kindergarten Family Science Night will be on Wednesday, Mar. 6, at 6:45 pm in the auditorium. The second grade Family Math Night is on Wednesday, Mar. 13, at 6:45 pm in the auditorium.

Winter conference day will be on Friday, Mar. 15. It will be a half-day with a dismissal time of 1:15 pm. Spring break is Monday, Mar 25, through Friday, Apr. 12.

Here is our “Question of the Month.” What is the Jerabek music program all about? Well for starters, we have some awesome music teachers. Margie Orem was the winner of the 1999 Choral Director of the Year for San Diego City Schools, and Debbie Burton was named the 2001 Outstanding Music Teacher of the Year for the San Diego County area.

In addition, we have three wonderful and gifted band instructors, Virginia Simpson, Bridget James, and Rhonda Thompson. Their mission for the music program at Jerabek is to teach age-appropriate music in an atmosphere of community learning, which translates to a lot of singing, games, and dances. These activities are used to access the seven different intelligence’s connecting the right and left side of the brain. Students attend music once a week for one hour. The curriculum builds upon itself from year to year.

In kindergarten, students learn about beats and rhythms–high and low, soft and loud–and begin using rhythmic instruments such as sticks and drums. In first grade, they begin to study rests, quarter notes, rhythm and pitches separately, and play more rhythmic instruments.

Second graders learn about eighth and sixteenth notes, begin simple combinations of rhythm and pitch, and begin using melodic instruments. Third graders learn how to play the recorder, which entails reading music while playing. Fourth graders learn to play the tenor recorder and study dotted rhythms and low notes. Fifth graders learn the alto, soprano, and bass recorders and begin multi-part playing and singing.

Jerabek students also can participate in the choir, which practices on Thursdays after school. The choir is limited to 120 students. Sign ups are at the beginning of the school year and before each vacation break.

A recorder club also is offered. Practice is on Mondays after school. Jerabek students have the opportunity to play in the school bands. This instruction is during school hours once a week. Thank you Jerabek music teachers for all your enthusiasm and hard work.

Other Schools

Alliant International University (AIU)

International Friendship Festival

Alliant International University (AIU) will host its annual International Friendship Festival on Saturday, Apr. 27. The festival is an opportunity to celebrate, appreciate, and share our multicultural backgrounds and traditions through music, dance, entertainment, exhibits, food, and much more! This year’s festival will be a landmark event as it will be the first collaboration of the two founding institutions–California School of Professional Psychology and United States International University–that comprise AIU.

With thousands of visitors in attendance, the festival is the largest annual event held on the San Diego campus of AIU and features unique multicultural entertainment, and variety of cultural fashions. Every type of performer can be seen at the festival including dancers, singers, and animals. There also is an international kids fest area with entertainment designed just for children, arts and craft activities, and amusement rides.

If you like to have fun and enjoy a multicultural atmosphere, the International Friendship Festival is the answer whether you want to get involved on the planning committee or just want to attend the festival.

The festival will be held on the library lawn of AIU (formerly USIU) at 10455 Pomerado Road. For information, call the office of student activities at 635-4607.

Finance Club Gains a Sponsor

The AIU Morgan Stanley Finance Club is planning to hold monthly forums on the second Tuesday of the month in Green Hall at 8 pm on the AIU campus. These gatherings will be open to the public. The group was renamed recently in order to recognize the partnership with Morgan Stanley employee Natasha Miller. A variety of topics in the area of financial markets, investments, and personal finance will be covered.

The group is now in its second year of operation. They have recently begun a Stocktrak game that will take place over the next five months in which 30 participants will compete to see who can choose the most successful stocks. One of the more interesting activities that the club members will participate in will be a trip to a white-collar prison in Las Vegas. To learn more about the club, send email to [[email protected]].

Cannon Lecture

Please join us for the third annual Cannon lecture “Intelligence Failures (and Successes) and the Prospects for Peace” presented by Dr. Michael A. Turner, Cannon Endowed Chair of International Relations and Peace Studies. The lecture will be held on Thursday, Mar. 7, at 7 pm in Green Hall on the AIU campus. The Cannon Endowed Chair, who each year gives the lecture, was established through the generosity of Dr. Nona Cannon, and her late husband, Dr. Carroll Cannon, both noted United Nations activists.

Chabad Hebrew Academy

We are in the midst of registering children for its 2002-03 school year. Chabad is proud of its many innovative and exciting programs. Students have won many prestigious awards, including the National Geographic geography bee, Bar Ilan University’s Jewish Identity contest, and many others. Chabad believes that a solid education touches the core of the child and empowers the individual to better the world around him. Rochel Smoller, second grade Judaic teacher, comments, “To teach is to enhance one’s own education, and to impart information is but a single component of that education. To properly educate, the teacher must tap the innermost recesses of the mind and heart.” Chabad also is proud of its state-of-the-art computer lab with Internet capabilities, 5-day-a-week physical education program, and full immersion Hebrew language lab. Openings are available for grades kindergarten through 8th grade. For more information, please call the school office at 566-1996 or visit us at [].

Camp Gan Israel

Camp Gan Israel (CGI) is accepting registration for its summer 2002 program. CGI is an accredited camp by the American Camping Association, meeting standards in programming, staff, aquatics, and most importantly, safety. As part of the largest network of Jewish day camps throughout the world, CGI enjoys a well-earned reputation as a trendsetter with innovative ideas, creative programs, and new activities being introduced continuously.

Campers will enjoy a wide range of exciting activities and field trips in a warm and nurturing environment. Our counselors are known for their personal warmth and their ability to care for each child as an individual. Each counselor is a role model for our children, promising them friendship that will last forever. For more information, call 566-1996.