Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS)

Students in the News

Congratulations to John Dorian. He was invited to perform with the California all-state honor band. He went to Fresno in February with Dean Hickman, SRHS Band Director, and performed with other high school musicians who were selected from throughout the state.

Marshall Middle School

May Events

  • Wednesday, May 2: School Site and Governance Council meeting in the staff lounge at 6:30 pm;
  • Thursday, May 3: PTSA meeting in the staff lounge at 3 pm;
  • Friday, May 4: Minimum day for staff development; dismissal at 11:30 am;
  • Week of Monday, May 5: Eighth grade students in Washington, D.C.;
  • Week of Monday, May 14: Movido, Hall, Pettis, and Jeffers’ sixth-grade classes to Camp Palomar;
  • Wednesday, May 16: Miramar Ranch Elementary School 5th grade students to visit Marshall;
  • Thursday, May 17: Band and orchestra spring concert at Scripps Ranch High School at 7 pm;
  • Friday, May 18: 7th grade field trip to Renaissance Fair;
  • Tuesday, May 22: Jerabek 5th grade students to visit Marshall;
  • Tuesday and Wednesday, May 22-23: Model United Nations;
  • Thursday and Friday, May 24-25: Golden State Exam for algebra and geometry;
  • Monday, May 28: Memorial Day, no school; and
  • Wednesday and Thursday, May 30-31: Golden State Exam for Spanish.

Counseling News

The following information regarding summer school is tentative, pending approval by the school board. Summer school applications are available at Marshall for students to fill out with their counselors. Summer school at Marshall will begin on Monday, June 25, and will run for five weeks, until Friday, July 27. Classes will begin at 7:30 am and end at 1 pm. Two, 2-hour classes will be offered, with a 30-minute break between classes. The Advanced Science 1-2 class will run for 5 hours per day.

A letter was sent home the week of April 23 to all current 7th grade families informing them that Advanced Science 1-2 registration would begin on Monday, April 30, at 7 am, outside on the grassy area behind the 200 building. Only students with an “A” in math and science on their May 4 and final June report cards, and a recommendation from their current science teacher, will be allowed to enroll in Advanced Science 1-2 in the summer. Only one class of 36 students will be offered. Science Fair projects will be a requirement of Advanced Science 1-2 during the summer, and this will be the only enrichment class offered at Marshall.

Current 6th and 7th graders who are below or significantly below grade level in reading and (or) math, as well as 7th graders who receive “D’s” or “F’s” in pre-algebra and (or) English-Genre Studies core classes, will be strongly encouraged to attend summer school at Marshall. Current 8th graders who are below or significantly below grade level in reading and (or) math will be strongly encouraged to attend the summer school bridging program at Scripps Ranch High School, which is a six-hour-per-day program that includes a four-hour literacy block and runs for six weeks, until August 3. English learners at all grade levels will be eligible for summer school.

Awards and Accolades

Our June awards assemblies will be held on Tuesday, June 12, at the Scripps Ranch High School theater. The 6th grade assembly will be from 3:30 to 5 pm; the 7th grade assembly will be from 5:30 to 7 pm; and the 8th grade assembly will be from 7:30 to 9:30 pm. During late May or early June, individual letters of invitation will be sent home and additional letters will be handed directly to students who will be receiving awards. We hope to see all award recipients and their parents on Tuesday, June 12!

Congratulations to the Tall Flag Team for winning all seven of their competitions! And congratulations to the following Marshall students who had their resolutions accepted for discussion at the Junior Model United Nations conference to be held on May 22-23. Over 400 students representing middle and high schools throughout San Diego County attend the conference, which is a simulation of United Nations’ operations.

Each of these 8th graders will be presenting their resolutions at the May conference: Rachel Moy, Erin Philips, Tara Gonzalez, Andrew Woodfine, Kelsey Jones, Samantha Schecter, Anthony Gemmill, Boris Patlis, Pam Bhattacharya, and Mark Paul.

Congratulations to the following students who won top honors for their science projects. First place winners will have the opportunity to attend the state competition in May.

  • First-place awards: Andrew Akers, Lauren Bernstein, Danny Manrique, Ian Becker, Kelsey Jones, Ashley Glosz, Paul Wiegand, Nicole Serhan, Greg Adamson, Tori Noquez, Cathy Lu, Anna Magulac, Ryan Mazelli, Garrett Mercer, Katie Ressmeyer, and Kate Stanhope;
  • Second-place awards: Bradyn Blower, Michael Sullivan, Heather Wilson, Kristine Mayer, Lyndsey Parker, Tara Gonzalez, Eleana Stanitsas, Thomas Cox, Eric Feldman, Elizabth Ingrum, Jonathan Ritter, Mikhail Hartikkaa, Ashleigh Palinkas, Erin Kelly, and Brian Le;
  • Third-place awards: Mikhaela Beaudet-DeBus, Leslie Christofferson, Callie Coffin, Kristy Henry, Michael Martinson, Dimitry Erudaitius, Tommy McFeely, Kelly Vang, Dennis Kennedy, Grahaam Nicastro, Katie Lewis, Mandy Beaty, Kelli Curtis, Aaron Kaye, Julie Abendschein, Annika Mossberg, Elise Richieri, and Max Solar; and
  • Fourth-place awards: Brian Mahaffey, Steven Horowitz, Grant Smith, Jeffrey Bailey, Kim Tung, A.J. Battaglia, and Jeremy Wiesner.

Elementary Schools

Dingeman Elementary School

We hope everyone had a great spring break! As for the volunteers at Dingeman, it was back to work and fun with the final fundraiser of the year–our annual Spring Carnival! By the time you receive this Newsletter, we hope that perhaps you will be enjoying all the goodies from one (or more!) of the many terrific baskets that was either auctioned or raffled off. There were baskets for all kinds of interests and tastes with themes ranging from Mother’s Day to Stress Relief to Crazy Entertainment. Our 4th and 5th graders created, built, and manned the carnival games. We’re all proud of their hard work and dedication for taking on the responsibility of keeping all carnival attendees happy and entertained! Thanks to all the students, parents, and staff for their time and energy and a special thanks to all the families and local businesses who donated items and services to our carnival.

Plans for our new upcoming 6th grade program are underway. Four excellent teachers have been chosen from our own Dingeman staff to create the new 6th grade classrooms. Committees made up of staff and parents will be meeting to help plan curriculum and activities. We are confident that our program will be academically enriching and our students will have a very positive 6th grade experience.

The Dingeman Elementary School chorus, made up of the third-grade class of Antonette Harris and fourth-grade class of Garner Saguil, joined six other schools at the San Diego City Schools Elementary Choral Showcase in March at Madison High School. Dingeman’s 50-plus stars, smartly dressed in Dingeman choral polo shirts and dark pants and skirts, sang “Candle on the Water” and “From a Distance.” They sounded great and made Dingeman proud. The parents and teachers in the audience went wild! The 90-minute event was sponsored by the Visual and Performing Arts Department of the San Diego Unified School District.

Don’t forget Teacher Appreciation Day on Thursday, May 10. Choosing from one of the many gift certificates through our Scrip program makes a great present as well as raises money for teacher supplies. Thursday, May 24, is open house at Dingeman as well our annual Art Show in the auditorium. Please stop by and see beautiful pieces of artwork from every one of our talented students. The Art Show is a tribute to all of the committed Art Corps volunteers who bring art enrichment to our students year after year.

EB Scripps

Elementary School

Principal’s Message

Scripps Ranch is about to become a major stop on the fine schools’ circuit with the September opening of its newest elementary school. This world-class school will host a formal groundbreaking and school community celebration in May. Situated at the corner of Scripps Poway Parkway and Spring Canyon Road, the school will provide the community with a school where children will apprentice themselves to teachers who are among the best in the nation–teachers who are life-long learners and can think of no more of an important job than educating our students, and educating them well!

Can it really be that construction has begun on our new school? With this news, I have an important message about safety. The contractor has stressed to me that, for the safety of parents, students, and community members, access to the site and buildings is strictly prohibited during construction. I will be participating in weekly meetings at the general contractor’s job site office and will keep you informed of construction progress. There will be scheduled opportunities for interested individuals to visit the site during later phases of construction. Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this aspect of our work.

Phase II Teachers Identified

EB Scripps welcomes the following teachers who joined our faculty in April: Lisa Bailey, Holly Mills, Dennis Slotter, Emily Trinh, Deborah Wolking, Robin Saiken, and Kelly Logan. These teachers are onboard participating with parents in the development of our curriculum and instructional practices framework.

Work Groups … Busy at Work

Four work groups are meeting on a regular basis to roll out the work of the Content Design team. The groups include: Curriculum, Instructional Practices, Family Faculty Organization Steering Committee, School Community Coalition, and Learning Community. The work of the committee members is marked with vision, a passion for excellence, rigor, and boundless energy.

Special recognition and thanks go to the following leadership team: Monica Sorenson, Connie Perkins, Dennis Slotter, Kelly Logan, Elizabeth McKinnis, Michelle Salgado, and Jeannine Cory. I also am grateful for the EB Scripps teachers and parents for sharing their incredible expertise and for having a great ability to think through challenges and offer an array of solutions for creating this remarkable new school. It is a privilege to be surrounded by so many people who bring so much to this planning process.

Family Faculty Organization Steering Committee

The EB Scripps Family Faculty Organization steering committee members are excited about upcoming events! The committee is gaining members and so much work is getting accomplished. We know that the time will go by quickly and soon our children will be learning and playing together at EB Scripps.

The Spirit and Events subcommittee is busy planning a festive groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate the physical beginning of EB Scripps. The Organization and Research subcommittee is presenting the great debate “PTA or FFO?”

The Family Involvement Subcommittee is developing after-school enrichment programs. If you have a particular interest or talent to contribute please let us know! The Fundraising subcommittee already is developing a year-long plan to help support the Family Faculty Organization. We welcome your ideas and assistance for this important part of school life.

Miramar Ranch Elementary School (MRE)

Miramar Ranch Elementary welcomes Jennifer Wroblewski, our new vice principal, who began work in early April. Ms. Wroblewski comes with an extensive background in education, ranging from teaching preschool through college-aged students. Prior to becoming MRE VP she was a diagnostic resource teacher and interim school support team leader in special education. As a resource teacher, Ms. Wroblewski supported the special education staffs at the elementary and middle schools in Scripps Ranch and Mira Mesa.

Other new faces at MRE are office clerk Teri Patterson, who came from Curie Elementary in University City, and student teacher, Daniel Ericson, who’s cutting his instructional teeth with Ms. Hodgson’s fourth-graders.

Last month hundreds of parents and students turned out for the Open House and Kiwanis Club spaghetti dinner. If you ever want to see children who are so proud to show off their handiwork and are so eager to introduce their families to their teachers, go to a grammar school open house. The young Hawks were so pleased to open their classrooms to appreciative and clearly impressed visitors and demonstrate what they’ve learned over the year.

Take Mrs. Latimer’s third-grade class for instance. While studying U.S. geography and history they created an edible map of the United States. The students baked cakes in the shapes of the 50 states and put them together to form a delicious and accurate map of the U.S. And, yes, it had baked Alaska!

Thanks to the hard work of parents Suzie Honeycutt and Tina Kress, the fifth-graders raised $2,000 in the class’ See’s Candy fundraiser, with the proceeds going into the fifth-grade promotion fund. Volunteers are still needed to help with the fifth-graders’ DARE graduation reception, popsicle sales at the class-faculty softball game on Monday, June 11, and at the promotion ceremony itself. To help, contact Heidi Brown at 271-4460 or Denise Ouellette at 566-1540.

The next big event at MRE is the SAT9 testing, which actually began on April 23 and continues to May 11. These tests are but one way MRE teachers measure student learning and retention. They also use classroom assignments, homework, daily participation, projects, and other means to evaluate student achievement. The MRE annual Family Barbecue and Art Show is on Thursday, May 10, and the Jog-a-thon is on May 23-25. If you know of someone who can help sponsor the Jog-a-thon, call the school at 271-8292. On the evening of Thursday, May 24, the Family Fun Night and pizza party is from 5 to 7 pm.

The ever-popular Spellman Magic Spectacular returns on Wednesday, May 30. This is a delightful and dazzling show with lots of audience participation. Ask anyone who attended last year’s show, and they’ll tell you that the Spellman Magic Spectacular exceeds the legal limit for family fun in one evening. The show begins at 7 pm and tickets are $7 pre-sale and $8 at the door. Children under three are free. Contact Teresa Young at 530-0424 for more details.

In the Media Center, librarian Val Acciani is purchasing more books with the Library Act grant money that the school recently received. She also is purchasing some digital cameras for teachers’ use. Expect to see more pictures of classroom activities on the MRE website at [].

The Earning for Learning school competition at University Towne Center comes to an end on Tuesday, May 15, so there’s still time for you to take any UTC receipts from last September until now to the customer service booth there. MRE gets credit, when you do. For more information, contact Lori Erenbach at 566-2804.

Also, keep turning in those General Mills and Betty Crocker box tops at the school. It’s an easy way for the school to earn money for equipment, supplies, and materials. The school does a lot and needs to have a lot done for it. For more information on how you can help, just call 271-8292.

Jerabek Elementary School

Check out the Focus section of this Newsletter on pages 44-45. You’ll find out all sorts of things about our annual fundraiser “Field Days” and how you can have a bunch of fun on May 15-16.

Other Schools

United States International University

USIU President and Scripps Ranch resident Garry Hays received special recognition from the USIU/Cal Western Alumni Association at its annual dinner held at the Orfila Vineyards and Winery. Hays was recognized for his many accomplishments at USIU over the last nine years. Under his leadership, the $28 million debt he inherited was resolved, a major institutional reorganization was accomplished, a review and modification of academic programs was completed, new faculty were hired, the alumni association was revitalized, and significant improvements were made to the physical plant.

Gary also has been active in the broader community, including the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce where he serves on the Board of Directors, the public Policy Committee, and as chair of the International Business Forum. The USIU Board of Trustees recently named him USIU President Emeritus effective upon his retirement July 1. Emeritus status is bestowed upon those individuals who have devoted years of distinguished service to the University.

Other award winners were Dr. Karen Bishop (Ed.D., ’86), alumna of the year; Dr. Margaret Cowen (Ph.D., ’98), outstanding recent alumni; and Dr. Raymond Johnson (B.A., ’61; D.B.A., ’87). Nearly 200 people from around the world attended the event which included a reception, dinner, silent auction, and dancing.

Chabad Hebrew Academy

Open House

Chabad Hebrew Academy will hold an open house during a regular school day on Tuesday, May 15, from 9 to 11:30 am. Prospective parents will be able to visit any of the classrooms. Principals, teachers, and parents will be present to answer any questions. Chabad Hebrew Academy was recently visited by representatives of the Western Association of Schools and received a glowing report, including special mention of the dual curriculum, unique learning environment, and the warmth and positive energy each child experiences at Chabad. For more information, please call 566-1996.

Registration for 2001-02

Chabad Hebrew Academy is in the midst of registering children for its 2001-02 school year. Chabad is proud of its many innovative and exciting programs. Students have won many prestigious awards, including the National Geographic Geography Bee, Bar Ilan University’s Jewish identity contest, and many others.

Chabad believes that a solid education touches the core of the child and empowers the individual to better the world around him. Rochel Smoller, 2nd grade Judaic teacher, comments, “To teach is to enhance ones own education, and to impart information is but a single component of that education. To properly educate, the teacher must tap the innermost recesses of the mind and heart.”

Chabad also is proud of its state-of-the-art computer lab with Internet capabilities, 5-day-a-week physical education program, and full immersion Hebrew language lab. Openings are available for grades kindergarten through 8th grade. For more information, please call the school office at 566-1996 or visit its website at [].

Camp Gan Israel

Camp Gan Israel (CGI) is accepting registration for its summer 2001 program. CGI is an accredited camp by the American Camping Association, meeting standards in programming, staff, aquatics, and most importantly, safety.

CGI is part of the largest network of Jewish day camps throughout the world. These camps enjoy a well-earned reputation as a trendsetter with innovative ideas, creative programs, and new activities being introduced continuously. Campers will enjoy a wide range of exciting activities and field trips in a warm and nurturing environment.

Our counselors are known for their personal warmth and their ability to care for each child as an individual. Each counselor is a role model for our children, promising them friendships, which will last forever. The camp dates are June 25-July 13 and July 16-Aug. 3. For more information, please call 566-1996.

Miramar College

Helping Hands …. Silver Spoons

On Thursday, March 22, Mike Doody, director of the San Diego Food Bank, awarded 180 recruits in the Miramar College Regional Law Enforcement Academy the “Silver Spoon Award” for their donation of over 2,500 lbs. of food during the holidays. Academy coordinator of the Food Bank project is Sgt. Mike Miller. Award levels include the Bronze Fork (1,000 lbs.), Silver Spoon (2,500 lbs.), God Plate (5,000 lbs.), and Crystal Bowl (20,000 lbs.).

Enroll for Summer; Plan for Fall

Summer is the perfect time to take a class at Miramar College. For only $11 or less, you can get fit with a tennis, aerobics, fitness, swimming, or sand volleyball class. Or, choose from day and evening classes that lead to a new career. If you’re looking for all the basics, you can pick up the transfer courses you need, too. Tuition is only $11 per unit for California residents and the five-week and eight-week summer sessions begin Monday, June 11.

Foreign Films Continue

Character, a 1997 film from Holland, based on the classic novel by Bordewijk, which portrays the struggle between father and son deep in the heart of a cruel and austere world, will screen Sunday, May 6, at 2 pm in I-101 A/B at Miramar College. The Oscar award-winning film will conclude the spring free foreign film series, sponsored by the International Studies program.

Signs of the Times

Miramar College visitors and students should be able to find their way around campus much easier these days due to the spiffy signs that were recently installed. A $70,000 project of the campus marketing committee and district’s parking office, the sign system needed to portray the college image as both professional and welcoming. Pedestrian signs have a playful feel–brightly colored poles that feature directional flags, a campus map, and decorative finial. The exterior sign package is accompanied by a coordinated interior system, which will be utilized as new facilities are built at Miramar. Sign manufacturer ASI is owned by Legoland. The whimsical brightly colored bike rack shaped like a giant fish that was recently placed in front of the Instructional Center at the front of the campus ties in perfectly with the fun and friendly theme.

Everyone Loves a Parade

More than 50 Miramar College students, faculty, and staff climbed aboard two festively decorated fire engines and paraded through downtown San Diego during the Martin Luther King Day Parade. Flags from around the world, courtesy of Professor Dorothy Simpson, brought special attention to the college entries from parade announcers.

Flying High!

After months of surveys and two official student elections, Miramar College has its first official mascot, the Jets. Beginning this fall, the college’s only athletics team at this time, men’s water polo, will proudly bear the new name. Go, Miramar Jets!

Student Ambassadors On the Go!

Student ambassadors at Miramar College are on the go with focused efforts on outreach to new and prospective students. Visiting area high schools and assisting with various Miramar College campus and community activities and events, the student ambassadors are coordinated by Julianna Rodriguez, Dean of Student Activities.

Miramar Chosen to Serve Miramar

Miramar College recently received word that it had been selected from a competitive national pool of applicants to be the primary educational provider of associate degree programs and deliverer of the military Transition Program for MCAS Miramar (Marine Corps Air Station Miramar). Beginning this spring, Miramar College will provide on-base courses. Beginning this fall, full on-line associate degree programs in general studies, administration of justice, business, and electronics will allow students to continue their education wherever they are stationed or if they complete their military service. The Transition Program is a counseling course which assists Marines in their transition to civilian life.

Strategic Plan Unveiled

Playing to a packed house, Miramar College entertained SDCCD board members and evening guests at a board of trustees site meeting recently with a comprehensive presentation of the college’s new strategic plan, Designing Our Destiny. The five-year plan focuses on five college goal areas: student learning; instructional and student services delivery formats; campus programs and co-curricular activities; business, school, and community partnerships; and visibility, attractiveness, and reputation of quality. Presentation of the published plan represents the culmination of more than one year of campus-wide involvement and hard work.

Bachelor’s Degree Classes to be Offered at Miramar College

San Diego State University (SDSU) has recently announced an agreement with Miramar College that will bring SDSU classes to the Miramar campus. As early as this fall, students will be able to take regular upper division, undergraduate classes at the Mira Mesa community college campus, making higher education more accessible to the fast-growing populace in the northern part of San Diego. Miramar College will provide SDSU faculty and students with computer access and equipment and security for all students, faculty, and staff using campus facilities.

“This is a model program to build integrated degree programs designed to be as convenient for students as possible,” said Miramar President Pat Keir. Students will now be able to take advantage of enrolling in their first two years of general education at Miramar College and transfer smoothly into the SDSU upper division tract without leaving the Mira Mesa campus.

Welcome Mat

Armed with flashlights and campus maps, and donning brightly colored vests and caps, Miramar faculty and staff volunteers helped students find their way around during the first week of spring semester evening classes. President Keir enjoyed her stint with the “flashlight brigade” and noted many students who appreciated the extra touch of service and caring. Other volunteers were Berta Cuaron, Jackie Clark, Peggy Manges, Dante More, Jill Kolas, Sandi Trevisan, An Nguyen, Julianna Rodriguez, Yolanda James, Debra Ritt, Sandra Slivka, Tom Schilz, Mary Meiners, pat Owens-Rodriguez, Kimi Rodriguez, Mary Benard, Kathy Fox, Marie Whitten, and Bernice Reyes.

Toyota Continues to Fuel Auto Program

Toyota Industrial Equipment Technical Training Manager Kerry Howie recently donated an alternatively fueled lift truck to the Miramar College Toyota T-Ten and Alternative Fuels training programs. The LPG powered model is rated at 2.5 tons with a lift capacity of 5,000 lbs.

All the Write Stuff

Miramar College health and science professor Kevin Petti has recently completed work as a contributing author for the “Principles of Anatomy” by Gerard Tortora, the top selling anatomy textbook, which will be marketed in June for the fall semester. Petti conceived of and authored the “Changing Images” essays that are woven into each of the 27 chapters of the text, which combines artistic and historically significant images from medieval, Muslim, and Eastern medical texts with futuristic computer derived anatomical images.

Library Links

Miramar College is now certified as a charter member of the Tierra del Sol Library Network of the Library of California. The Library of California is a statewide resource-sharing program linking libraries of all types to benefit citizens. By joining the consortium, Miramar has opened a wider door to reading and research for students and faculty.

SDCCD Online

Fueled by a passion for finding innovative ways to meet student demands, Miramar College President Pat Keir is leading a small district-wide task force which will soon result in the development of a comprehensive online associate degree program. The new program will be managed by Miramar, but will serve as a portal for the entire district’s credit and non-credit online offerings.

Development has been “fast tracked” so some courses may be offered as early as this fall. A dean is currently being recruited to oversee SDCCD Online and faculty district-wide are being encouraged to develop online courses. Student services, from registration through advising, will be integrated into SDCCD Online, creating a true virtual college.

Tuskegee Airmen Recount WWII

Celebrating Black History Month, Miramar College hosted members of the famed Tuskegee Airmen during a very special “Evening With the Experts” in February. The Tuskegee Airmen are the black pilots, bombardiers, navigators, and support personnel trained during World War II. Fighter pilots of the 99th Fighter Squadron and the 332nd Fighter Group of the U.S. Army Air Corps, led by Col. B.O. Davis, Jr., distinguished themselves in combat in numerous missions in the European theater.

Bob Maxwell, past president of the San Diego Chapter of the Tuskegee Airmen and vice president of the National Tuskegee Airmen organization, and several of the original members of the Tuskegee Airmen, recounted the struggles and sacrifices by black service men in World War II.

The Tuskegee Airmen were formed in 1941, largely because of pressure by the American Civil Liberties Union and were trained in a separate, racially segregated airfield in Tuskegee, Alabama. Training for the aviation cadets lasted 40 weeks and experienced high dropout rates. In spite of social, physical, and academic hardships, the ranks of the Tuskegee Airmen rose to 942 trained pilots, with 450 of those pilots seeing combat over Europe and North Africa.

During the war, the Tuskegee Airmen flew 15,533 sorties and lost 66 pilots, with an additional 32 ending up as prisoners of war. A record for which they are well known is that for all of their 250 missions, the Tuskegee Airmen never lost a single bomber to enemy fighters on any escort mission.

The U.S. Armed Services desegregated in 1949 and the Tuskegee Airmen disbanded, but the newly formed Air Force was the first of the branches of the armed services to integrate minorities into the ranks–due, in large part to the success of the Tuskegee Airmen. Following the presentation, guests enjoyed the HBO movie, “The Tuskegee Airmen.”

“Evening with the Experts” will conclude with “Love’s Revolution: Interracial Marriages and Relationships,” presented by well-known Filipino American author and lecturer Dr. Maria Root. The free presentations are held at 6:30 pm in I-101 on the Miramar College campus.

San Diego Lifeguards Save More than 7,000 Lives Every Year

Did you also know that Miramar College offers the only degree and certificate program in Open Water Lifeguard Professional in the world? Engineered by Lieutenant Nick Lerma of the San Diego Lifeguards, the program has gained national and international recognition, evidenced by the students who have traveled from throughout the United States, South America, New Zealand, Australia, and Mexico to attend the Miramar College program. The program’s first graduate was last June.