Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS)


The SRHS Foundation would like to welcome students and their families to the 2001-02 school year at Scripps High. The Foundation has provided significant financial support to academic, athletic, and art programs as well as physical improvements to the facility. Over $250,000 has been raised by the Foundation in the past eight years, which has helped to enable the school to continue to offer the large variety and high quality of programs that it currently does. However, if we are to be able to consistently maintain this level of programming (which earned SRHS the National Blue Ribbon status for excellence, placing SRHS among the top 200 best high schools in the nation), we need your help. Contributions from businesses as well as families and individuals are crucial to the success of the Foundations’ goals. We also need more volunteers to the foundation to keep up with the growth demands of the school If you would like more information about the Foundation and/or would like to make a contribution, please contact Rebecca O’Brien at 536-1203 or write to SRHS Foundation, 10410 Treena St., San Diego, CA 92131.

The SRHS Foundation would like to thank the following for their contributions made during the second half of the 2000-01 school year:

Falcon Club ($1000 or more)

Larry and Eileen Westfall

Graduate ($250 or more)

Davis and Rachelle Nguyen

Neil and Ruth Berkowitz

Don and Deb Cerone

Gunnar and Colleen Mossberg

Bruce and Rebecca O’Brien

Ellis and Judith Fisher

Ronald Johnson, DDS, and Richard Moore, DDS

William and Barbara Mazzei

Kenneth and Jae Chung

Scholar ($100 or more)

Richard and Susan Howe

Robert and Elizabeth Mortensen

Peter and Merrill Nanigian

Denise Dimon and Andrew Allen

William Deignan

John Edwards

William and Beth Keyworth

Marvin and Oleta Wong

Jane Mcnutt and Mark Pope

Sim and Judy Von Kalinowski

Maureen Lau

Charles and Kathy Mendenhall

Segio and Valeria Encarnacao

Leonor Balladares

Gene Fantano

Patrick and Joanne Tabor

Philip Katibloo

Guadalupe and William Jacoby

Karla Hertzog

Steven and Nancy Richieri

Louis and Mary Rea

Young and Kyung Ha

Jonathan Reinhold

Gregory Akers

David and Donna Lemay

Hedy Witham

Business Contributors

United Way of San Diego County

SDGE Employees Contribution Club

Scripps Ranch Civic Association

Our continued thanks to earlier contributors who were listed in the SRCA January Newsletter.

Elementary Schools


Welcome back to Dingeman Elementary for the start of our 7th school year! We are looking forward to an exciting year with returning families as well as those who are new to our Dingeman family. Our staff has been hard at work all summer on our new 6th grade program. Our five new 6th grade classrooms have been set up and are ready to go. We eagerly welcome all of our 6th grade students and are happy that they will be providing leadership to our student body.

After dropping your student off on the first day of school, Tuesday, Sept.4, please join us in the Auditorium for our Back-To-School Tea to find information on how you can become involved in one or more of Dingeman’s many parent volunteer opportunities. There’s something for all sorts of personal interests. Please stop by our Art Corps table. Art Corps at Dingeman is a truly exceptional program and is a role model for many other schools considering adopting the program for their students. Art Corps enriches our children’s education with beauty, creativity, self-expression and confidence. Think you’re not an artist? Give Art Corps a try and discover otherwise! Professional or hobby experience in the art world is not required to be a successful Art Corps volunteer – only an enjoyment of working with students!

So many of our various committees depend on the efforts of our parent volunteers. If you are computer savvy or have an interest in working on computers, consider volunteering for either our Technology Committee or our Website Committee. Other groups, which need your help, are the Yearbook, Family Information Packets, Hospitality and Spotlight. Remember, all volunteers need to have a current negative TB test on record with the school nurse. If you are a new volunteer, please keep posted for dates on TB testing, which will be offered through the school. If you are a returning volunteer, please check your records to see if your TB test is still valid.

You’ll also find how you can become involved in the various fundraising events for our school. Fundraising is an integral part of education enhancement. The money we raise pays for computers, software, special assemblies for our students and classroom supplies that are not covered through the district.Fundraising events include gift-wrap, cookie dough and T-shirt sales, our Book fair, and our Spring Carnival.

Not to waste any time, we dive right into our kick-off fundraiser, which will be our Annual Pledge Drive! The Pledge Drive will run from Sept. 5-21. Then keep posted for information on our new gift-wrap sales that will begin on September 25th.

Perhaps the easiest way to help raise money for our school is to sign up for eScrip and SchoolPop. Please check out their websites at and to find out how you can help earn money for Dingeman just through your normal shopping.

Please remember to keep in touch with all of the latest news, school wide or from individual classrooms, by logging into our awesome website at As always, please remember that traffic around our school is heavy during drop off and pick up times. Please drive slowly, avoid making illegal U-turns, avoid blocking handicap sidewalk ramps when parking and always heed our dedicated student patrols. With everyone’s care and consideration, we can make this a safe school year for all!

EB Scripps

Excitement unfolds upon excitement! We are here! We are real! We are Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School! On Tuesday, September 4, 2001, you will have the opportunity to experience the culmination of a community dream.We are individually and collectively proud of what we have already accomplished in designing this remarkable new schoolhouse for the children of Scripps Ranch.As you might already know, we at EB Scripps have built a reputation for spirit.Please refer to my Infobites for information on our recent civic spirit award.

Our work in the months ahead will continue to be exhausting and at the same time exhilarating. I can not imagine opening this school without recognizing the role all the “pioneers” have played, as well as giving credit to all the wonderful people in our community who, with the faculty and staff, dreamed the EB Scripps dream.

I am in the process of finalizing a well-prepared plan to ensure the safety of our students during drop-off and pick-up, and at the same time provide for the needs of driving parents during these times. I will review this information with you in greater detail at each of the upcoming school community gatherings.

Once again, I must share this safety message with you. The contractor and construction manager have stressed to me that, for your safety, access to the site and buildings is strictly prohibited until all construction is completed.

Scripps Elementary will be a school like no other. This world-class learning community will be a place where excitement and activity come together. We’re coming alive – come feel the heartbeat and spirit of Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School!

Bell Schedule

6:30 am 6-to-6 Program opens (North Entrance Gate)*

7:30 am Office opens

8:30 am Main Entrance Gate opens**

8:40 am Line-Up Bell

8:45 am School begins

10:45-11:35 am Recess/ Physical Education

12:30 pm All grades dismissed (Thursday)

12:00-12:35 pm Kindergarten lunch/recess

12:20-12:55 pm Grades 1-4 lunch/recess

3:15 pm All grades dismissed

4:00 pm Office closes

6:00 6-to-6 Program closes

*Our 6-to-6 Program begins on Tuesday, Sept. 4. Questions? Contact SAY San Diego at 858-565-4148

**Our Main Entrance Gate will open at 8 am on Sept. 4. Class lists will be posted. Students line-up outside their classroom.

4th of July Parade Awards

What spirit! EB Scripps received second place in the Civic Spirit parade award category! Our 4th of July Academic Fundraising Partnership (AFP) planning committee worked diligently to rally parents and students alike to participate in our first parade entry. Victoria Mazelli of Mazelli Graphics was present making certain that each participant was sporting one of our EB Scripps signature black and white tee shirts. Again, thanks to all who assisted with the organization and to event coordinators Kellie Poirier and Lisa Iannone. Watch out…it’s First Place in 2002!


Jerabek Elementary is swinging into action on Tuesday, Sept. 4. The students learning adventure begins each day at 9:05 am and concludes at 3:30 pm. Every Thursday will be a half-day with a dismissal time of 1:15 pm. The Family Faculty Organization invites you to the Volunteer Welcome taking place on the first day of school, Sept. 4 at 9:15 am in the school courtyard and auditorium.Stop by for a treat and sign up to volunteer for your child’s classroom and the FFO programs. Volunteers help make Jerabek a very special place!

Jerabek gives a special welcome to our new principal, Thomas P. Liberto. He comes to us from McKinley Elementary School located in North Park. He has worked for San Diego City schools in many capacities for the past eighteen years. He looks forward to developing a close relationship with parents, teachers and students for many years to come.

Are you curious about how a new principal is selected? Well, here is the scoop. Applicants are graded on three areas: a paper screening, an interview and finally a walk through at the campus. The selection committee is made up of Jerabek staff, parents and district personnel. The Jerabek School Site Council came up with 4 main qualities that they were looking for in a principal: 1. Consistently motivated and makes fair decisions in the best interest of the students. 2. Resourceful and able to identify new resources. 3. Promotes staff, parent and community involvement through shared decision making. 4. Demonstrates enthusiasm for a strong relationship between Jerabek and the local community.

We also want to welcome Georgia Critchlow as the new FFO President for the 2001-2002 school year.Thankyou Georgia for taking on the job! Georgia has proven herself extremely capable and September hasn’t even arrived.Wow!

Be part of the adventure and join the Family Faculty Organization. Our membership drive begins Monday, Sept. 10 and runs until Friday, Sept. 21. The objective of the FFO is to provide Jerabek’s students with an enhanced education in academics and citizenship through enrichment programs, by means of personal participation and financial contributions. The FFO pays the salaries of library and media center aides, and sponsors many school activities including: Family Science and Family Math nights, Koala Newsletter, Reading programs, Running Club, Wed. family packets, biliteracy program, Nurse’s aide, Art Corps, yearbook, DARE, hospitality, library, computers and student needs.

There will be an Art Corp Volunteer Orientation Wednesday, Sept. 19 from 9:30- 11:30 am in the auditorium. If you would like to help with this wonderful program that benefits all our children throughout the year, please come join Mary Baker and her tribe of volunteers on Sept. 19.

Mark those calendars on Thursday, Sept. 20th for Jerabek’s Back to School Night and the first FFO General Membership meeting. Get the school year agenda from your child’s teacher in the classrooms.Sign up for those volunteer opportunities in the courtyard! Show your school spirit and purchase a Jerabek t-shirt. The FFO general meeting is a great way to find out about the organization, meet the board members, and hear about the exciting programs lined up for the school year.

One can never have enough wrapping paper for all those birthdays and holiday celebrations. Our very successful wrapping paper sale will be back from Monday Sept. 24-Oct. 5. Stock up while you can.

Dress your best for School pictures and Ident-A-Kid, on Tuesday, Sept. 25, for K-2nd graders and Wednesday, Sept. 26 for 3rd-5th graders.There will be a make up day on Wednesday, Oct. 3. The pictures will be taken in the auditorium.

Arrange those baby-sitters and mark your calendars for 3rd grade Family Science Night on Wednesday Oct. 3. Bring your 3rd grader only, get messy and have fun with science. You will discover that science can be a roaring good time. Vicki Conlon is always looking for station helpers for science night. Don’t forget to sign up to volunteer at Back to School Night. It sounds like September is going to be a busy months! See you on Tuesday Sept. 4!

Other Schools

Chabad Hebrew Academy

Chabad Hebrew Academy would like to welcome David Gonzalez, new Principal of the Chabad Hebrew Academy. He comes to us with 22 years of experience as an educator originally from New York City. Mr. Gonzalez is a graduate of the University of Puerto Rico in San Juan and Puerto Rico as well as New York City College. His professional experience stems from 15 years of teaching in Brooklyn, New York. Mr. Gonzalez became Assistant Principal in the Staten Island School District, afterwards Principal of PS 189 in Brooklyn, He relocated to San Diego in 1999 and became Principal in Chula Vista. He is thrilled to have been chosen to work with the Chabad community and looks forward to working and learning with its members.

The word “Chabad” is an acronym of three Hebrew words-Chochma (Wisdom), Bina (Understanding), and Das (Knowledge). These words form the foundation for the structure of Chabad Hebrew Academy. It is a community of students, teachers, Rabbis, and parents sharing a purpose in teaching and learning. The Academy combines the richness and relevance of traditional Judaism with an environment conducive to creative thinking and problem solving. The faculty is devoted to each student’s understanding of the importance of sound values and attitudes; the respect for individuality and divergent thinking; and the development of self-discipline and self-esteem. The stimulating experiences of Judaic studies, deeply rooted in Jewish values, instills our students with a sense of pride in Judaism. The Judaic curriculum performs in concert with an outstanding program of secular studies. Our educational goals are achieved through an effective combination of small classes, integrated life experience, and community involvement.

The academy is accredited by the Western Accreditation for Schools and Colleges. Principals Leah FRadkin and David Gonzalez, nd their staff lead students in all areas of study. For more information, call 566-1996.