Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS)

Seeking Academy Mentors

The Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS) Academy of Finance is looking for mentors to work with our students in the area of business and/or finance. Students will establish an email connection with their mentors and spend a few hours on Thursday, Nov. 14, shadowing their mentor on the job.

In a continuing relationship, mentors are asked to develop a real world problem or project for the student to study and research as part of their class curriculum. At the conclusion of the school year, students present the results of their work before a panel of mentors.

Senior class students are encouraged to serve either a paid or unpaid internship with their mentor during the second school semester–generally February to May. These students spend two days per week, two hours per day on the work site with their mentor observing first-hand the application of the business skills they acquired in their classes. If this sounds like something that would interest you or your company, please contact Mary Bostwick at 621-9020, ext. 132, or [[email protected]].

Job Shadow Hosts

A few job shadow hosts are still needed to participate in the Thursday, Nov. 14, Job Shadow Day for all SRHS juniors. If you would like to participate or would like more information, contact Mary Bostwick at 621-9020, ext. 132, or [[email protected]].

Job Opportunities

Looking for some good workers? Consider submitting a job notice to the SRHS Job Board. Many businesses and individuals have found this to be an excellent way to fill their employment needs. SRHS students are eager to find part-time jobs, internship opportunities, and other work-related activities, including volunteer work. Please contact Mary Bostwick at 621-9020, ext. 132, or [[email protected]].

Kudos to Hewlett Packard

Employees of Hewlett Packard in Rancho Bernardo made a lasting impression on SRHS in September when they swapped their normal work attire for jeans, tennis shoes, and work gloves. Fanning out over the campus, nearly 20 Hewlett Packard volunteers picked up trash making significant efforts to beautify the school.

Led by Bob Kristoff, the HP volunteers were answering the call to participate in the Hands On San Diego Volunteer Week. We thank them for their willingness to serve us in this way.

Cheers for our Seniors!

Proud senior parents unite as we prepare for Grad Night. Yes, we have reached the final year, and June will be here before we know it. Your Parent Booster Organization (PBO) Team 2003 anticipates a strong turnout at our monthly meetings this year. We hope to see many more new faces as we embark on the final journey to June 13, 2003.

Cary Meyer and Susie Gonaver have signed up as co-chairs for Grad Night. We already have a core group of parents who have worked diligently since sophomore year organizing and participating in the many fundraisers we have held. We do, however, need more participation and invite you to come to our monthly meetings held on the second Thursday of each month at 7 pm in the teacher’s cafeteria at the high school.

Annual membership letters will be mailed shortly, and we ask that you help out and send your donation. Here is a little motivational message for our new and current PBO committee members:

Journey to Grad Night 2003

Heads up, fly right,

Blast off, we’re out of sight.

Let’s stay focused and hold on tight,

We’re almost there–Grad Night!

Our October meeting is set for Thursday, Oct. 10. For more information, call PBO President Stacy Donahue at 549-2619.

PBO 2004

Your Parent Booster Organization (PBO) 2004 is asking all parents to join together during this very important junior year as we continue along our journey to Grad Night 2004. This year we will hold the Junior Class Golf Tournament, which always proves to be the most popular and successful fundraiser.

This task requires a considerable amount of volunteer hours, and we hope that as our children approach their final year at SRHS, many more parents participate in the events leading to Grad Night. Our next meetings will be held in the teacher’s cafeteria at 7 pm on Tuesday, Nov. 5, and Dec. 3.

The main purpose of these meetings is to concentrate on the Golf Tournament. Whether you are another Tiger Woods or just a master of the miniature course, we want you to sign up a foursome and help organize this exciting event.

G is for the gorgeous golf green, the cute little golf carts, and the green, green money we will raise for Grad Night.

O is for the old friends you will see, the new ones you make, and the opportunity you have to pitch in and help.

L is for the laughs that you will have and the love that you have for your Scripps Ranch junior.

F is, of course, for the fabulous food you will enjoy and the fun that you will have when you participate in the tournament and join our committee as we plan for Grad Night 2004.

Hope to see you at our next meeting. If you have any questions, please call our PBO President Sandy Price at 693-1531.

Attention Sophomore Parents: Class of 2005 PBO

Our first meeting of the Parent Booster Organization (PBO) for the Class of 2005 will be on Wednesday, Oct. 23, at 7 pm. It will be at the Scripps Ranch Information Center at 11885 Cypress Canyon Road. During this meeting we will elect our officers. If you would like to join us or have any suggestions or ideas, please call Victoria Mazelli at 566-8679.

Our main goal this year is to promote interest in Grad Night 2005. We will run our membership drive all year and have a few small fundraisers. Support the Class of 2005 by joining.

School Spirit!

Scripps Ranch High School cheer is off to a great start. They were very successful at their private National Cheerleaders Association camp this summer. We had the most nominees ever for the All-American Team, an elite national competition team.

Eleven SRHS cheerleaders were chosen to join that team–a record high for our school. Those chosen were: Varsity–Miranda Good, Desiree Dreszer, Trisha Brewer, Kendra Platt-Lee, Kelly Burr, Kristi Fisler, Jennifer Santos, Danielle Low-Byrne, and Shannon Davis; and, Junior Varsity–Callie Coffin and Jennifer Maches. These talented ladies have the option to join the national team. Congratulations to all.

Along with talent, leadership also plays a major role on the SRHS cheer team. Therefore, teammates choose their own captains. Captains play the active role of demonstrating and providing leadership, as well as maintaining organization within their teams.

Captains for the 2002-2003 school year are: Varsity–Kristle Holloway, Desiree Dreszer, and Michelle Burgard; and, Junior Varsity–Amy Whitehurst and Jennifer Maches. The teams look strong and are ready for the upcoming football season, as well as a shot at the Florida Nationals in February.

This looks to be a very promising and positive year. On Thursday, Oct. 17, the SRHS cheer teams will host a Spaghetti Dinner Night at the school to raise money for their pending national competition. Tickets will be on sale through October. They are $5 each.

We all know there are high costs to participate in non-funded sports programs. Therefore, we encourage your support in our fundraising efforts and more importantly, we really appreciate it. Thank you for the constant community support, and we look forward to seeing everyone at the games.

Marshall Middle School (MMS)

October Events

  • Monday, Oct. 7–Curtis Marsh assembly;
  • Wednesday, Oct. 9–Site Governance in staff lounge, 6:30 pm;
  • Friday, Oct. 11–School dance in multi-purpose room, 2:30-5 pm;
  • Tuesday, Oct. 15–School barbecue at lunchtime; and,
  • Thursday, Oct. 31–Minimum day, school dismissed at 11:30 am.

Back to Business

Marshall Middle School opened its doors in September to approximately 1,100 students. The opening was smooth thanks to our experienced teachers, students, parents, and staff. We are delighted to announce these additions to our staff:

  • Joyce Camblin–History;
  • Roberto Encarnacion–Math;
  • Ann Gramm–History;
  • Muriel Gross–Science;
  • Kathy Harkey–Nurse;
  • Yvonne Morgan–Special education-DRT;
  • Yvonne Rucobo-Special education;
  • Chris Schmidt–6th grade; and,
  • Francesca Zangara–History/English.

While many of our students were on vacation, others attended our summer school program to enhance reading and math skills. Many of our teachers spent a portion of their summer taking classes, attending workshops, or working on web pages and curriculum.

Our teachers are highly dedicated to learning and creating an engaging environment and rigorous curriculum to challenge our students. During Back-to-School Night, our teachers set the tone for parent communication. Planners were distributed to all students. Parents are encouraged to use this as a communication tool with teachers and as a way to see assignments and activities.

Counseling Caseloads

During September the three counselors at Marshall Middle School were busy ensuring that all students had appropriate schedules and that classes were balanced. Counselor caseloads are as follows:

  • Julie Becker has students whose last names begin with A-G;
  • Sharon Heuss has students whose last names begin with H-P; and,
  • Ileen Akers, head counselor, has students whose last names begin with Q-Z.

Calls to the counseling office are welcome. The school’s phone number is 549-8840. Mrs. Becker can be reached at extension 1209, Mrs. Heuss at extension 1160, and Mrs. Akers at extension 1257.

Counseling Library

The Marshall Counseling Department has purchased hundreds of dollars worth of books over the past four years with monies received from our very generous Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA). These books form a “Counseling Library,” which is housed in room 256. We have chosen books on topics that are relevant to the social and emotional development of our students.

Students and parents are welcome to check out a book. Students will be introduced to this new library via a video presentation in their advisory classes. They will be encouraged to discuss with their counselors any issues or feelings their reading evokes. The following is an alphabetical list of topics covered by the almost 100 books in our library:

  • Abuse–physical and sexual;
  • Adoption and foster children;
  • African American education;
  • AIDS;
  • Alcohol and drugs;
  • Anger management;
  • Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder;
  • Boy issues-physical and emotional;
  • Bullies;
  • Depression;
  • Disorders and diseases;
  • Divorce;
  • Eating disorders;
  • Feelings and emotions;
  • Friends and relationships;
  • For fun;
  • Gay/lesbian/sexual orientation issues;
  • Giftedness;
  • Girl issues-physical and emotional;
  • Grief and loss;
  • Laziness;
  • Organizational skills;
  • Parents and parenting;
  • Perfectionism;
  • Self-esteem;
  • Sexuality;
  • Shyness;
  • Success;
  • Suicide;
  • Teen issues; and,
  • Teen pregnancy.

Student Assistance Program

Marshall counselors, in cooperation with counselors from Harmonium Inc., a community counseling agency, will co-facilitate our first round of student support groups during this semester. If your child is interested in joining a weekly support group for boys called “It’s a Guy Thing,” or a group for girls called “Girl Chat,” contact Julie Becker at 549-8840, ext. 1209, as soon as possible!

GATE Testing

GATE testing takes place Tuesday, Oct. 22, and Wednesday, Oct. 23. Make-up testing will be on Tuesday, Oct. 29. Information letters were sent to all 7th grade families.

Sixth graders new to the district may also be tested. Contact Gloria Vega, counseling secretary, at 549-8840, ext. 1207, if you have any questions.

Progress Reports

The end of the first progress report period will be Friday, Oct. 18. Progress reports will be distributed on Friday, Oct. 25. Remember to ask your child to see his or her progress report!

Library/Media Center

The library is open from 7:10 am-3:10 pm, Monday through Thursday. On Fridays the library closes at 2:30 pm.

Each student was issued textbooks. Most of the books may be left at home, as many classrooms have sets for school use. Please be sure the books left at home are kept in a safe place.

Each textbook has a bar code that is vital for our inventory system. Students must return their assigned book at the end of the year. Any damage to the book or the bar code will result in a fine.

It is important that your student check the condition of each book. Students should report any damage to the media center immediately. It is wise for students to put their name in the front of the books and make a list of the bar codes.

A set of most of the textbooks used at Marshall will be kept at the Scripps Ranch Library. These are for reference use only–not to be checked out!

Science Olympiad

The Science Olympiad Team is in search of companies or community groups willing to give financial support. Last year we qualified to go to the state competition. The students are studying and building to specific requirements for 22 separate events. If you can help, contact Muriel Gross at 549-8840, ext. 1206, or [[email protected]].

Associated Student Body

Our biggest fundraiser is underway. If you have not helped with our magazine drive, please find a student to purchase or renew your magazines. Our magazine drive ends on Wednesday, Oct. 16.

Our first dance, a “Fall Luau” will be held on Friday, Oct. 11, in our new multi-purpose room. Students who sell 10 magazine subscriptions by the first turn-in date will get free admission to the dance. The cost for all others is $5. The dance will be held from 2:30-5 pm.

Monday, Oct. 28, to Thursday, Oct. 31, is Red Ribbon Week. Students will receive strong messages about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Take this opportunity to talk to your child about peer pressure and some of the difficult decisions they will have to make.

Marshall Morning News (MMN)

Our news program premiered for its fifth season on October 4. The Media Practice Class and the Video Club, under the direction of Mike Wasinski, produce this bi-weekly news program. It distributes school information and highlights students and events.

These students also produce a program called “To the Point” with the help of art teacher, Sean Wells. This program airs once a month. Students plan, film, and edit the video clips using a multitude of high-tech equipment.

Websites at Marshall

Check out our web page. The address is []. The following teachers have developed websites that are an integral part of their classrooms: Lisa Albon, Sharon Clause, Wendy Cobb, Roberto Encarnacion, Brian Finley, Bill Forrester, Elaine Gillum, Ebbie McQuillan, and John Rick.

After-School Math Tutoring

The Marshall Mathematics Department is excited about having your student at our school. Have your kids start the year out right by keeping up in their math classes.

Mr. Rogers, our Geometry teacher, is offering after-school math tutoring twice a week. Tutoring is open to all students and will take place at 2:15 pm on days ending with 6th period–typically Mondays and Thursdays–in room 157.

Golf Club

Our golf club needs any new or used golf equipment. If you have anything that may help us, please call Lisa Albon at 549-8840, ext. 1352.

Elementary Schools

Dingeman Elementary

A Great Year Ahead!

Early in September all grade levels at Dingeman Elementary School had their Back-to-School Nights for parents to come in and learn what lies ahead for their students. As a parent of a 5th grader, I came home from that meeting and said to my son, “Wow! What a great year to be a 5th grader!”

To start the year off, our 5th grade students will get a chance to meet and work with Veronica Cunningham, the poet-in-residence. Veronica will help them develop an appreciation and, hopefully, a love for poetry, as well as stimulate the poetic side in all our students. Another special visitor will be Joe Nyri, the artist-in-residence. Mr. Nyri teaches art at the San Diego Zoo on a regular basis.

Our students will also have an opportunity to feel what life was like for people in different times. Fifth graders will stay overnight on the Star of India. They will re-enact what life would have been like for a poor farmer coming to California and having to work on board.

Students will learn about the colonial 1700’s. They will become the colonists of colonial Williamsburg. They will create a living museum and teach others about this very special time when our country was so young.

Marine Life Studies is a big part of the 5th grade science curriculum. To enhance these studies, marine scientist Sue Randersen will visit our students and give them a chance to work with hands-on experiments and dissections in the classroom. The culmination of their Marine Life Studies comes in a trip to a marine floating lab where they will engage in oceanographic experiments.

Academy Classes

We have mentioned in the past about our fantastic Thursday academies offered for 3rd-6th grades. Students participate in academies with other students in their grade. Fifth grade academy classes, which have changed from previous years, last six weeks, and then students rotate to the next academy.

Mrs. Schwartz will teach the Spanish Academy. Students will learn useful vocabulary and phrases, and experience some of the culture from which this beautiful language comes.

The other three 5th grade academies will focus on science. “It’s Alive!” is taught by Ms. Morioka. Students will explore different parts of plants and systems of animals as they discover amazing facts about living things.

“This Is My Planet” is an academy taught by Mrs. Whitehurst. In this class on Earth science, students will learn about the properties of water and where water in Southern California comes from. They also will study weather patterns, the Earth’s atmosphere, and the vast solar system that we belong to.

So finally, you ask the question, “What’s the Matter?” Well, find out in Mrs. Bonwell’s academy on physical science. Students will explore the concepts of mass, weight, volume, and density. They will experiment to learn about states of matter, physical and chemical changes, atoms and elements, kinetic and potential energy, and fossil fuels.

Learning and Helping

What else is in store for Dingeman 5th graders? They will help the world around them by doing community service. This involves helping their school, picking up trash, or perhaps helping at the library.

How does making and flying your own hot air balloon sound? Or, how about flying even higher, say to Mars? Our 5th graders will visit the Challenger Station at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center where they will participate in a “Mission to Mars” simulation.

Students will get a chance to be part of Mission Control and the space crew. All this on top of a solid academic curriculum. Sounds exciting and fun! I wish I were back in 5th grade!

Costa Rican Adventure

“Pura vida!” A Costa Rican adventure! The Dingeman 6th graders from last year went on a fabulous educational trip to Costa Rica in June. The students did activities such as: traveling across the rainforest “canopy” hanging onto a cable; going on a boat ride down a river to get “up close” to the wonderful plant and animal life; and, relaxing in hot springs below an active volcano. This was a terrific activity after learning Spanish with Mrs. Schwartz last year!


Save your voices so you can shout “Bingo!” Dingeman’s annual Bingo Night will be Friday, Oct. 25, from 5:30-7:30 pm in the lunch arbor. Come for prizes, food, and a lot of excitement.

Special Thanks

We would like to thank the following awesome people and businesses for their donations to our Family Faculty Connection (FFC) Back-to-School Luncheon and teachers’ gifts: Vons, Learning Express, Scripps Center for Esthetic Dentistry, Pick Up Stix, Haircut Store, Whoo’s Smart, Robert Reyes for Hair, Sav-on, Copy Club, Scripps Poway Dental Care, Starbucks, Bridgett at Azure-A Complete Salon, Fun Services Inc., Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza, Santorini’s, and Janet Abeyta and Sweet Posies. Your support is so greatly appreciated!

Jerabek Elementary

A Sizzlin’ Start

Jerabek started the year with a sizzle! The first week was burning up with excitement and hot weather. Do not expect things to cool down just because it is October. Jerabek Koalas are busy people year-round! Thank you to everyone who agreed to be Room Parents!

Family Math and Science Nights

Family Math Night for grade 5 will be on Wed., Oct. 9, from 6:45-8 pm. Parents and kids alike will really enjoy the challenges and pace of these events!

Go ahead and mark your calendars for next month’s evenings. Family Science Night for grade 2 is Wednesday, Nov. 6, while Family Math Night for grade 4 is planned for Wednesday, Nov. 13.

Help Us Raise Money

We have several fundraisers planned for October. Wrapping paper orders are due by Monday, Oct. 14. Please take the time to order. You know you will need some once the holidays arrive!

Also, Jerabek families can participate in the CUSH Legs for Literacy Fun Run on Sunday, Oct. 20. The run takes place at Miramar Lake and only costs $18 for adults and $15 for children. More than 50% of that goes directly back to Jerabek for our reading program! Look for details in the Wednesday packets.

Another easy fundraiser is our annual Fall Book Fair running Monday, Oct. 21, through Thursday, Oct. 24. Please come in and pick out some wonderful titles.

The Book Fair is open before, during, and after school. If you would like to volunteer, please call Debbie Hoffer at 693-1635 or Wendy Hodges at 695-8324. This is a popular fundraiser, and the committee could always use a little help!

On the last night–Thursday, Oct. 24–the Book Fair will stay open from 4:30-7:30pm for late shoppers and those who wish to stay and enjoy the annual Spaghetti Dinner at Jerabek’s Fall School Social.

We have teamed up with the Scripps/Mira Mesa Kiwanis who will serve up Filippi’s spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread from 5-6:30 pm. Our family events are always special, so please try to make it this year! You can pre-order tickets or pay at the door.

New Programs

Although our fundraisers and school socials are excellent ways to promote school spirit, the most important work is obviously done in the classrooms! This year several new educational programs are being introduced. In conjunction with the school district’s ongoing Literacy Block, a new Writer’s Workshop will be in effect.

A new math program was adopted, too. It should improve computation skills and allow our students to understand how we come up with answers. Lastly, “CATCH,” a new physical education program, will energize our children.

Teachers and administrators are ready to jump into all these upgraded programs after spending their summer hours at Inservice Workshops. In addition, an after-school Math Enhancement Program will start up this month to help any children who need extra attention.

All this proves that Jerabek is consistently concerned with student learning. And that effort has paid off once again. This year Jerabek’s raw SAT scores rose from 89% to 92%. Very impressive!

Thank you, Lions Club

In August the downtown San Diego Lions Club donated $1,350 to the Jerabek Family Faculty Organization (FFO). The money is specifically earmarked to benefit the Pre-K Special Education Early Childhood program. The funds will be used to purchase two new bicycles, an HP laser printer, an Olympus digital camera, a heavy-duty ATW Radio Flyer wagon, and four Motorola walkie talkies for the teacher and her staff.

Helping Others

In addition to becoming scholars, our children are also given the opportunity to learn to help others. Our upper grade students have several avenues to learn empathy and leadership skills. First, they can run for Student Council. This year’s campaign week starts Monday, Oct. 14. The election is on Friday, Oct. 18.

Upper graders can also participate in school as safety patrol officers or crossing guards, playground patrol officers playing with kindergartners once a week at recess, or lunch monitors assisting kindergartners. These awesome kids give up one recess a week to act as helpers. Parent volunteers are also needed for playground and lunch supervision.

Thank you to Home Depot in Mira Mesa for donating a shopping cart to Jerabek. It will really help when playground supplies are passed out to excited students every recess!

Miramar Ranch Elementary (MRE)

And, They’re Off!

The new school year got off to a fast start, with new principal Jennifer Wroblewski convincing the contractors that the obstacle course of ditches and dirt piles needed to be resolved over the Labor Day weekend. Thanks, coach!

The traditional Old Town and Balboa Park week-long field trips for the 4th and 5th graders were earlier than usual this year–during the second week of school.

Visitor Badges

A number of issues were brought up at the parent coffee on opening day. High on the list was visitor badges. As a friendly community, we have become a little casual about checking in at the office while at the school. If you think Jennifer was staring directly at me while discussing this, it was an optical illusion.

With the recent high-profile cases of missing kids, the visitor badge procedure will be strictly enforced. Please stop by the office, sign in, and get a visitor’s badge when you come to school. All hands have been asked to query anyone seen on campus not wearing a badge.

Class Sizes and Test Scores

The class sizes are rather large for the 1st and 4th grades. When the numbers solidify, classes will be adjusted as necessary within the size formulas.

MRE showed improvement last year in standardized test scores. Reading was about level, while math improved. There will be more attention paid this year to the standards portion.

Easy Money

If you shop at Vons, you can sign up for the “Escrip” program and your purchases earn money for the Family Faculty Association (FFA). It adds nothing to what you pay, and some of that money comes back to the school.

And, we again have a contribution arrangement with the UTC shopping center. Take any receipts dated September 1 or later to the information booth in the mall and have them logged in for the “Earning for Learning” program. Last year they had a “double-points” program after New Years, so stay tuned.

October Happenings

The next parent coffee will be Monday, Oct. 7. The fabled Halloween Carnival, indisputably the social event of the season, will be Saturday, Oct. 26. See page 44 in this Newsletter for details. No visitor’s badge required.

Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary (EBS)

Upcoming Events Calendar

  • Every Saturday–Scripps Ranch Farmers Market, 9am-1pm;
  • Tuesday, Oct. 8–Parent Academy- Mathematics, 9 am and 6:30 pm, multi-purpose room;
  • Sunday, Oct. 13, to Friday, Oct. 18–Ellen Browning Scripps Days;
  • Monday, Oct. 14–Academic Fundraising Partnership (AFP), 6:30 pm, EBS library;
  • Thursday, Oct. 17–Scripps School Community Coalition (Partnerships), 1 pm, EBS library;
  • Thursday, Oct. 17–Miss Ellen birthday celebration and AFP general meeting, 6:30 pm, multi-purpose room;
  • Friday, Oct. 18–Happy birthday, Miss Ellen;
  • Monday, Oct. 21, to Friday, Oct. 25–4th grade students to Old Town program, 5th grade students to Balboa Park program;
  • Thursday, Oct. 24, to Friday, Nov. 1–AFP fundraiser, Entertainment books;
  • Friday, Oct. 25–Principal’s Chat, 9 am, multi-purpose room;
  • Friday, Oct. 25–Disaster preparedness drill; and,
  • Thursday, Oct. 31–Classroom Halloween celebration, no costumes.

Principal’s Message

Dear parents and friends of E. B. Scripps: I see that giant penguins have joined us on the wall outside the front gate. They seem to be proud that they are here. They obviously have “Penguin Pride!” During September I invited our students to name these two new friends. I will announce their names at Miss Ellen’s birthday celebration on Thursday, Oct. 17.

In September renowned local author Pam Munoz Ryan spent a day with us. Pam kicked off our first Author’s Day with three assemblies and a book sales and signing party. What an exciting day!

We have selected one of her books, The Flag We Love, as a school-wide read for October. This community building event, “Everybody’s Talking About…,” provides our students with an opportunity to have serious, shared conversation across the grades about a common book.

During October we will focus our hearts and minds on defining and practicing “generosity” in our everyday lives. Generosity is giving and sharing, and truly exemplifies that special character trait of Ellen Browning Scripps.

Like Miss Ellen, we will learn the importance of contributing to the lives of others as we practice generosity and philanthropy during the month and year ahead. Please support our work in character education with those unexpected “teachable moments” at home.

The advent of autumn comes with several special school events and celebrations. Please refer to the Upcoming Events Calendar and our new website []. This month our Parent Academy will focus on the Mathematics Workshop and the Harcourt Mathematics Program.

On Friday, Oct. 25, parents and friends of EBS are welcome to join me in conversation around some of the new instructional programs being introduced to our students this year. My Principal’s Chat begins at 9 am in the multi-purpose room. I’ll serve the Starbucks!

September sparkled at EBS! Month after month, EBS is where the important scholarly work gets done. Come join us at this remarkable schoolhouse– “Everybody’s Best School.” Come experience the E. B. Scripps spirit!

For our students,

Penguin Birthday Club

The EBS Penguin Birthday Club offers a special way to recognize your child’s birthday. The program benefits our school library by increasing the number of books. Students contribute to the Penguin Club by selecting a library book from a collection of books reserved for club members.

The books have been purchased and bar coded for checkout. A commemorative E. B. Scripps bookplate displaying the student’s name and birthday is affixed to the book. See a library staff member for more information.

About Ellen Browning Scripps

Visitors and newcomers to San Diego and Scripps Ranch are inevitably struck by the name Scripps. It appears in parks, museums, medical and scientific institutions, and schools!

Learning that all were the works of a woman philanthropist whose family name was part of the famed Scripps-Howard newspapers, one might reasonably assume they are the legacies of an heiress. Reasonably perhaps, but wrong. Our own Miss Ellen was one of the most remarkable members of a talented family and an important figure in the history of American journalism.

Miss Ellen was born in London, England, in 1836. In 1844, her father, John Mogg Scripps, widowed and bankrupt, took his family to America and Rushville, Illinois. He joined relatives who had been settled in that prairie town for some 50 years.

Here, Ellen began her education, taking advantage of the available schooling and the fine library that her father, a bookbinder in London, had brought. By her late teens, she was teaching school to earn enough to attend Knox College.

In 1856 she became one of the first women to attend college in the United States. After completing her studies in 1859, Miss Ellen returned to Rushville to resume teaching.

She extended her intelligence and wisdom to her family, with whom she lived and cared for. She was deeply attached to her young half-brother Edward Wyllis Scripps. This relationship continued throughout her life and was a major factor in the success of the vast newspaper empire “E. W.” was to create.

Next month–Miss Ellen and Philanthropy: A State of Mind.

Other Schools

Chabad Hebrew Academy

Chabad Hebrew Academy had a very successful first month of school and is looking forward to much more in the coming months. The middle school will start elective classes. Once a week, the students will be able to take classes and workshops in a departure from the regular curriculum.

Classes available include dance, Spanish, music, art appreciation, foreign language, tournament sports, and website design. The students will be able to experience many of these different activities throughout the year.

The Student Council held its first meeting since the election and has many wonderful ideas to implement during the year. Together with their faculty advisor, the students organize different school-wide events. They also learn how to conduct meetings, work on committees, and be good representatives of the entire student body.

September 11 was commemorated with a very solemn assembly of the entire student body. A moment of silence was observed at the same time the entire nation was silent. Then, selected students read the Preamble to the Constitution and the Gettysburg Address. Finally, a few 8th grade students shared their experiences of visiting Ground Zero last spring. It was a very moving and inspirational morning for all.

Miramar College

Evening with the Experts

The free, Friday night lecture and performance series “Evening with the Experts” offers something for everyone. On Friday, Oct. 18, from 6:30-8 pm, discover “fabulous freebies, bargains, and cheap deals” in San Diego from local author Sally Gary.

On Friday, Nov. 1, from 6:30-8 pm, experience the meaning, history, and art of the Mexican celebration “Day of the Dead” presented by Miramar College professors April Koch and Virginia Naters. On November 1 and 2, Mexicans remember their departed loved ones.

“Evening with the Experts” presentations are free and held in lecture hall I-101. No reservations required. For information, call 536-7876.

Jets Water Polo

Stop by the Aquatics Center on most Wednesday and Friday afternoons in October and you will find Jets men’s and women’s water polo competition. It is free, fun, and open to the public. For information, call the Athletics Department at 536-7369.

The October schedule includes home games at 3 pm–men–and 4:15 pm–women–on Wednesday, Oct. 9, vs. Southwestern College; Wednesday, Oct. 16, vs. Palomar College; Friday, Oct. 18, vs. Saddleback College; Wednesday, Oct. 23, vs. Mesa College; and regional weekend tournaments on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 11-12, Wednesday, Oct. 23, and Friday and Saturday, Oct. 25-26. For information, call the Athletics Department at 536-7369.