Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS)


Once again the Scripps Ranch High School cheerleaders spent their summer training for a new season. The girls practiced at least three days each week. They were preparing for football season, competitions, and UCSD NCA cheer camp in hopes for a bid to go to Nationals.

Fortunately, for our hardworking young ladies, a bid to Nationals was waiting for them. After a long, hot week in the sun, the SRHS cheerleaders left camp with superior, team, jump, safety, spirit, and stunt awards, not to mention a number of All-American nominations.

Out of a total of 44 cheerleaders, 22 were nominated to be All-Americans. There is a lot to be said for the dedication these girls have put into cheer already this year. All-American nominees are seniors Jessica Bramlett, Jennifer Petties, Antwanique Leviett, Shannon Tinker, Caitlyn Barker, Amanda Cogsdill, Kathleen Parmenter, and Aja Simms; juniors Kate Brouillard and Anna Eblen; sophomores Kristin Wood, Desiree Dreszer, Brita Wang, Lora Capule, Sarah Eblen, and Danica Mello; and freshmen Kari Freedus, Alyssa Ames, Kelly Burr, Kristi Fisler, Jeanette Sly, and Melissa Mahoney.

Congratulations to each of these talented athletes. The All-American winners are Desiree Dreszer, Jeanette Sly, and Kate Brouillard. These ladies have the option to join the national all-star team. Congratulations!

We are fortunate to have outstanding leaders. Varsity captains are seniors Aja Simms and Michelle McAllister. Junior varsity captains are Kendra Platt-lee and Michelle Burgard. We are off to a great year and the girls are eagerly anticipating Homecoming as well as upcoming games, competitions, and rallies. This is going to be a memorable football season. We have a great football team supported by fantastic athletes on the sidelines. Come check them out!

Class of 2001

$1000 Shopping Spree

Don’t miss out! The winner of the $1,000 shopping spree at Westfield Shoppingtowns will be drawn on Thursday, Nov. 9, at the SRHS football game. Increase your chances to win by purchasing more tickets! The Class of 2001 is selling these opportunities for a donation of only $2 for each ticket or $5 for three tickets. To buy your tickets ask any parent of a SRHS senior, look for us outside of Von’s, or call Nan Thomas at 578-9350 before 12:30 pm weekdays or 549-2322. Senior parents should have received 9 tickets in the mail last month; thanks for your support!

Westfield Shoppingtowns include North County Fair, Horton Plaza, UTC, Mission Valley, Plaza Bonita, Parkway Plaza, and Plaza Camino Real. Thanks to all the Westfield Shoppingtowns for their kind donation.

Westfield Works Wonders

Also in November, we have a special shopping night sponsored by Westfield Shoppingtowns. For a $5 donation, you will have a special night of shopping on Sunday, Nov. 19, at Westfield malls with discounts, free gift wrap, door prizes, Santa pictures, and much more. To buy your tickets, look for us outside of Vons or call Nan Thomas at 578-9350 before 12:30 pm weekdays or 549-2322.

Entertainment Books

There are great savings in this book: restaurants, shopping, travel, and hotel discounts, and much more. And it’s still only $40! One night in a hotel will more than pay for the book. Check it out; you won’t be disappointed! Contact Diane Palmer at 566-3814 or Nan Thomas at 549-2322, or see us at Von’s.

Ever Popular See’s Candy

Our very successful fundraiser is back again this winter. See’s Candy is a great holiday gift for family, neighbors, and co-workers. A color brochure is available for those volunteers who would like to help place orders. All orders must be received by Tuesday, Dec. 5. Please contact Pam LaChapelle at 549-0055.

Scooters are Hot!

You’ve seen those scooters every kid wants. This is a heavy duty one by Urban. It sells in stores for $100-$120. We’ve got them for $60. Such a great deal! Call Anna Gruhl at 693-4621 to get your order in. Thanks to Larry Westfall and Total Gym for their contribution to this fundraiser.

Senior Pavers are a Tradition

Please purchase your Pavers as a permanent recognition of your senior’s accomplishments and graduation from SRHS. They are custom engraved bricks that display the student’s name and year of graduation. The brick is permanently installed in Falcon Court. By purchasing a paver now, it can be installed at the beginning of the school year instead of at the end. Why not have your senior enjoy his/her paver throughout their entire senior year!

You will be adding to the excitement of your senior’s accomplishments and you will be helping to support the SRHS Foundation, PTSA, and PBO Class of 2001. Your $100 purchase goes a long way, including $20 to help fund Grad Night, senior breakfast, and senior gift. Please contact Anna Gruhl at 693-4621 to purchase your paver, contact the SRHS office, or look for the form to come home with your senior. Questions? Call Debbie Cerone at 693-8511 or Paula Tilley at 693-9232.

Volunteers Still Needed!

Help! Senior parents, please get involved; we still have a lot of planning to do for Grad Night festivities and fundraising. Please volunteer to be on a committee. Your help is desperately needed. We have gotten some volunteers, but more are needed. There is so much to do, you can’t even believe it! Many thanks to those parents who have volunteered. Our next meeting is on Monday, Nov. 6, at 7 pm in the SRHS Faculty Lounge.

Membership Drive

Many thanks to those who already sent in your membership! We really appreciate your support. For those we haven’t heard from, we need your membership to help fund Grad Night 2001, the senior breakfast, and the 2001 gift to the school. This is our last year to raise these funds, and we need your help. Please send your tax deductible donation today!

Send us $100, and you’re off the hook for any further fundraisers. Send us $300, and we’ll send you 10 raffle tickets for the Westfield Shoppingtown shopping spree, an Entertainment Book, a ticket for your senior to both the senior breakfast and Grad Night 2001, and we’ll make sure your senior gets a paver.

The levels of membership support are: bronze, $25; silver, $50; gold, $100; and platinum, $300. Make checks payable to SRHS PBO Class of 2001. Send to: Diane Palmer, 11150 Southridge Way, San Diego, CA 92131.

Marshall Middle School

November Events

  • Thursday, Nov. 2: PTSA meeting in the lounge;
  • Saturday, Nov. 4: Tall Flags parade and band review at Chino;
  • Tuesday, Nov. 7: Election Day, please vote;
  • Friday, Nov. 10; Veteran’s Day, no school;
  • Wednesday, Nov. 22: Minimum day, 11:30 am dismissal;
  • Thursday and Friday, Nov. 23-24, Thanksgiving vacation; and
  • Turkey Trot at lunch time.

School News

Marshall students should be congratulated for showing significant gains on the API (Academic Performance Index). The results indicated a 7-point gain from 1999 to the 2000 school year. Marshall students scored higher than last year and 68 points higher than the state identified target score of 800. In addition, the school may receive additional state funding as the result of showing improved performance.

Standardized tests are one measure of student achievement; progress reports are another. Marshall students recently received their first progress report for the new school year. This is an opportunity for students and parents to reflect on the progress that students are making and consider setting academic goals for the next six-week reporting period. As always, parents are encouraged to contact their student’s teacher(s) with questions or concerns.

In order to ensure that our students continue to show academic gains on national tests and improved performance in the classroom, teachers must have opportunities to engage in purposeful professional development. Minimum days provide teachers additional time to study, reflect, plan, and design curriculum and instruction that meets the needs of the diverse learners in their classrooms. Our goal is to raise the achievement level of all our students by designing instruction that supports student learning.

The third annual Turkey Trot will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 21, during lunch. The P.E. department is sponsoring this activity to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. All students may participate, and the top three runners from each grade level will receive a turkey donated by Vons of Scripps Ranch. Thanks to Vons for their generous contribution.

San Diego’s Extended School Day program is an opportunity for students to complete homework, receive individual support in their academic courses, and read independently. The academic/literacy component of this program begins at 2:30 and ends at 4 pm. After this time students may participate in crafts, art, or athletic activities. Parents can sign up for this program at any time during the year by contacting Christina, the site supervisor at 619-743-7295.

Counseling and Guidance

During October, the counseling office has focused on GATE testing. All sixth and seventh grade students new to the district, along with current non-identified seventh graders were given the opportunity to be tested for the GATE program. Testing occurred in October. Any student who returned permission forms after Oct. 10 or was absent on the initial testing date was given an opportunity to test on the make-up date. Parents will be notified of test results by U.S. mail. Next month look for information regarding developing four-year plans for current eighth graders.

Our heartfelt thoughts for a complete recovery go to Debbie Sommer, our head counselor. She was recently taken ill and is expected to be absent at least through the rest of the semester. We are working on a plan to bring on a counselor to fill in during her absence. In the mean time, Ileen Akers will assume head counselor responsibilities.

Media Center

Students eagerly fill the library media center each day, before and after school and during lunch, anxious to check out our new books and use the computers. The library media center is open from 7:10 am to 3:10 pm, Monday through Thursday, and until 2:30 pm on Friday. Students can check out library books, use reference materials, work on homework and projects, and use computers.

The media center book catalog and textbook circulation are on a new computer system that eventually will become the standard for the school district. Many parents took the opportunity to visit the media center during Back-to-School-Night and see the shelves packed with so many new and exciting titles. It is difficult to decide which book to read first!

All students were given a STAR test (Standardized Test for Assessment of Reading) to determine each student’s reading level. This information will be useful to teachers, students, and parents in charting reading development throughout the year. It also will guide students in choosing books in the Accelerated Reader program. This program motivates and encourages students to read by providing incentives while keeping track of their reading accomplishments. It also will help students keep a computerized reading log for the 25 books each student must read during the course of the school year.

For your convenience, a set of textbooks used at Marshall will be kept in the Scripps Ranch Public Library. That library is open Monday and Wednesday evenings until 8 pm and all day Saturday until 5:30 pm.

We are in the process of developing class sets of textbooks in the classroom so that our students will not have to carry most of their textbooks in their backpacks. This will help to lighten the load carried to school each day by our students. This year part of the PTSA fund raising will be used to purchase additional sets of books.

Volunteers interested in assisting in the media center are welcome to help with a variety of library activities throughout the school year. They can contact our library media teacher, Barbara Morhaim, at 549-8840, extension 1112. We are looking forward to holding our Book Fair in December.

We would appreciate any donations of large flower pots or plants that could be used to decorate our reading patio.

News from Marshall Techies

Beginning this year, Marshall Middle School will produce an advanced website. It will be created by a team of students in a special web-design pilot class. There will be features to help both students and parents alike.

The purpose of the site is to keep students aware of the events around them. There will be fun features including a weekly poll, web cam, and current events that kids want to learn about.

If you are a parent and want to learn more about the teachers and faculty, look no further! So, if you’re surfing the information superhighway, take a pit stop at []!

Elementary Schools

Sue Braun to Visit SR

Sue Braun, Vice President of the School Board, will be visiting the following schools at the indicated times in November:

  • Dingeman Elementary School, Thursday, Nov. 9, at 10 am; and
  • Jerabek Elementary School, Thursday, Nov. 16, at 9:30 am.

Those wishing to meet with Ms. Braun should contact the principal’s secretary to select a time in order to avoid any scheduling conflicts.

Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School (EBS)

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.”

Imagine a school where students come ready to learn, where community partners aggressively and willingly support the efforts of the school, and where parents work as a team with the classroom teacher to empower their children to meet grade-level standards. Imagine a school where there is community consensus for rigorous standards and where parents and students clearly understand what the students are expected to learn and what exemplary performance looks like.

Imagine a school where teachers vary the methods used to teach the curriculum. Imagine a school where ongoing, periodic assessment informs students of their performance, identifies students in need of additional intervention, and drives an ongoing site-embedded professional development program. And imagine a school where budgeting methods support the work of the school by providing the necessary materials, equipment, technology, and resources for world-class teaching and learning.

This school is Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary, a learning environment organized around a commitment to the achievement of high standards for all students. The school’s principal and instructional leader joined with members of the Scripps Ranch school community are about to embark upon a well-defined and well-executed comprehensive strategic planning process that will provide a logical framework for clarifying and achieving a vision designed to provide a rich and rigorous education to all its students.

The process will begin with creating a mission statement describing the school’s purpose and function, a vision that reflects the values and beliefs of the individuals who make up the school community, long-range goals that make the intents of the mission and vision tangible, an identification of outcomes, a plan for evaluation and continuous improvement, an action plan that identifies the procedural steps needed to implement the goals, including time-lines, responsibility, and accountability, and an estimation of budget needs based on the action plan.

“Strategic planning is the process of determining the long-term vision and goals of an enterprise and how to fulfill them.”

Facilitated by consultant Leslie Hine-Rabichow, the strategic planning process for Scripps Elementary might begin with stakeholders asking these five critical questions: “Where are we? “Where do we want to go?” “How do we get there? “Are these processes getting us to where we want to go?” and “How will we know when we are where we want to be?”

How might we answer these questions? I envision Leslie engaging stakeholders in gathering data and information about the school community to answer the question, “Where are we?” What are the accomplishments of the EBS subcommittee to date? Who are our stakeholders? The school mission, vision and goals, and values and beliefs of the Scripps Ranch school community are the important elements that, in conjunction with the data and information, should help us answer the second question of “where we want to go,” or more specifically, what is the guiding educational philosophy of Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School?

I anticipate the process of answering the question of “how we get there” by developing a comprehensive action plan that will challenge each participant’s thinking on what is meant by a powerful standards-based teaching and learning environment, a school environment which is second to none. The school’s plan for continuous improvement and evaluation will address whether the processes is getting us to “where we want to go,” and “how we will know when we are where we want to be.” The first step in our quality planning process is to determine the guiding philosophy of Scripps Elementary–the school’s values and beliefs, purpose, mission, and vision.

Parents and community members interested in participating in the strategic planning process are invited to contact EBS principal Rich Cansdale at 693-8693 or at 693-8594, or via email to [[email protected]].

Dingeman Elementary School

Dingeman Elementary just finished some of its major fundraisers for the school year. Robin Wrap sales ended at the beginning of October, and delivery of the orders will come sometime before Thanksgiving. Cookie Dough and Pizza sales also were a huge success and will be available on Wednesday, Nov. 15, for pick up after school.

By the time this Newsletter reaches you, we also will have had our annual Bingo Night. This year the kids were able to come all dressed up in their Halloween costumes. Thanks to all volunteers who have worked so hard to make our fundraisers a success and to all the generous families who gave their support!

The ever popular Family Art Night is back! Mark your calendars for Wednesday, Nov. 8. It will be held in the multi-purpose room and library from 6 to 8:30 pm. Lessons include creating a 3-D African mask and a famous artist lesson.

Family Art Night is our way of saying thanks for supporting the FFC. It is through your generous contributions that we are able to fund the Art Corps program. We have room for over 200 participants, but space is limited and reservations are required; so look for the information coming home to your children and please respond ASAP.

A super easy way to help contribute to our school is to save General Mills Box Tops for Education. They are on General Mills and Betty Crocker products. Our goal this year is to raise $1,500 to buy 5 video cameras for the teachers’ use. We already have a great start, and we will continue to reward each child who submits 10 box tops along with their full name, teacher’s name, and room number. Please remember to trim down the box tops. Also, if you live in Scripps Ranch and don’t have elementary school-age children, we welcome your donations. They can be either dropped off at, or mailed to, Dingeman School. Thank you for your participation in this wonderful program.

A huge thanks goes out to Sabrina Cassidy and SAIC for their donation of eleven Compaq Pentium computers when they upgraded their own systems. Sabrina read our article asking for donations of Pentium PCs in a previous issue of the SRCA Newsletter. Do big companies care about the great kids at Dingeman? They do! In a big way. Our thanks to SAIC and to Sabrina for the wonderful donations!

Fifth-grade teachers Rochelle Schwartz and Leigh Morioka spent one week in August in Colonial Williamsburg. They were recipients of a fellowship at the Colonial Williamsburg Teachers Institute along with 15 other teachers from San Diego County. They studied the life, times, government, trade, and economies of the colonies prior to the Revolutionary War.

Mrs. Schwartz and Ms. Morioka will continue doing the Colonial Week Living Museum with the other 5th grade teachers at Dingeman. The two teachers also will write curriculum units for San Diego County teachers, and will present the curriculum at a countywide convocation at Kumeyaay Elementary.

The Tooth Fairy paid a visit to Mrs. Raffanti’s and Mrs. King’s kindergarten classes. The kids learned about how to keep away the “sugar bugs” with brushing, flossing, visiting their dentist and hygienist, and healthy eating.

Finally, “Kudos!” to the following local businesses for their support to our school:

  • Scott’s Scripps-Poway Hand Car Wash;
  • Pick Up Stix;
  • Planet Smoothie;
  • Santorini Greek Island Grill;
  • Tia’s Mexican CafĂ©;
  • Bruegger’s Bagels; and
  • Von’s Supermarket in the Scripps Ranch Marketplace.

We appreciate your contributions!

We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving break and don’t forget to keep up with the latest Dingeman news by checking us out on the web at our new URL []!

Dingeman’s Website

These past few months have been busy for us. For starters we have a new URL, []. We feel that it is an easier name to remember and we thank our FFC, who funded this venture.

At the beginning of the school year at the Back to School Tea, we had the opportunity to sign on twenty-two new volunteers who will help to build and maintain the web site. If you have not had the opportunity to see all the wonderful work our builders have done, please check us out. We have expanded the grade-level pages. These pages are loaded with information that applies to your child in each grade. Mrs. Andrade’s class has posted several of their classroom’s work and you can see how talented our students are. Our Safe Kid’s link page added new links to help the students in their school activities. Ms. Anning and Ms. Lee both have sites now.

In the month of October, the website committee passed out a web survey in our school newspaper Tiger Pause. This survey will help guide the committee in the right direction. The survey was to be returned to the child’s teachers. We value all of the feedback we receive and hope to make this the best website in the District. If you would like to view the survey and submit a survey yourself, go to our website and view the Tiger Pause on line at [].

We also are trying to install Microsoft’s FrontPage on some of the classroom computers. It will allow the teachers and our volunteers to make last minute changes to homework assignments and other important information posted on the web. Unfortunately, we hit a snag and found out many of the school’s computers are in poor shape and are in dire need of replacement with new systems. The England family stepped forward for their daughter’s room and purchased a new iMac for Ms. Sandell’s classroom. Now Ms. Sandell will be able to run several new educational software programs. If you or someone you know would be willing to donate funds for upgrading the computers in the kindergarten through third-grade classrooms, please contact the website committee at [[email protected]].

The England family also was gracious with their time by training the volunteers through the month of October. Thank you Cata; your talent and expertise is valuable and we have learned a lot. If you are interested in helping us build or maintain the Dingeman website, please contact Kristi Stone at [[email protected]] or myself at [[email protected]]. Knowledge in FrontPage is not required and we will give you the tools to learn this program. If you already know how to produce web pages, you are more than welcome to use what you are comfortable with. See you on the Net!

Jerabek Elementary School

Jerabek welcomed a new Vice Principal, Victoria Petersen, in October. She came to the school from the Beginning Teacher support program in San Diego City Schools where she has provided professional development for new and experienced teachers. Her solid knowledge of instruction will be a benefit for the school. She previously worked as a teacher at La Jolla Elementary. Please give her a warm welcome when you see her.

Family Science Night continues with two evenings for the second graders in November. Take your pick of Wednesday, Nov. 1, or Wednesday, Nov. 8. Both evenings are scheduled for 6:45 to 8:15 pm in the multi-purpose room. If you think science education is important and would like to help, please call Vicki Conlon at 586-1393.

Linked with science is math. The Critchlows, parents of second graders Darren and Evan, are presenting Math Madness on Thursday, Nov. 2, from 6:45 to 8:15 pm in the multi-purpose room. The evening will help develop an understanding of mathematical concepts and strategies. Of course, no one wants to miss the wild math relay matches. But to prevent overcrowding, siblings need to stay at home.

Jerabek’s eScrip program has proven to be a very successful fundraiser, thanks to the 90 families that have signed up to participate. We have raise over $7,000! To become part of this easy fundraiser, you can register your Vons card, debit card, and (or) credit card with the escrip company via the phone at 800-592-0942 or on the Internet at []. Application forms also will be sent home with students. Once your card is registered every purchase at a participating store earns Jerabek a percentage of the purchase price. There is a $10 annual fee the escrip company charges; however, the FFO can reimburse you. If you have any questions, call Wendy Hodges.

Before you start your holiday shopping, please go online and register your credit card with []. Before Sunday, Dec. 31, the $9.95 fee will be waived. When you are ready to shop you simply go to Schoolpops online shopping mall where you can make your purchases from a variety of popular stores. In addition to the online shopping mall, there are local merchants participating. Shortly thereafter Jerabek will receive a percentage of the purchase price at no cost to you.

The FFO is proud to announce that over $31,000 was raised at this year’s membership drive. In addition the Robin Wrap fundraiser has ended on a high note. The orders are scheduled for delivery on Friday, Nov. 17. Please watch for excited students carrying bundles full of wrapping paper and gift items. They will not have their minds on traffic as they try to negotiate Avenida Magnifica. Safety continues to be a concern as we approach gridlock before and after school.

Reading Incentive program kicked off in early October and will run non-stop through early March. Vicki Ramirez has visited classrooms letting all the readers know of their 3 hurdles of 5 books each for a total of 15 books. Pizza and cookie certificates will be waiting for them at the end.

Mrs. Orem and Ms. Burton will be joining area schools for a patriotic concert in honor of Veteran’s Day. The concert will be held at Scripps Ranch High School on Wednesday, Nov. 8, at 6:30 pm. The concert will be outdoors in the quad area, so bring beach chairs and blankets. This will be followed by an evening fall concert on Thursday, Nov. 16, at 7 pm in the Jerabek multi-purpose room. The next day there will be a special choir assembly for the school.

The primary-grade and upper-grade computer labs are now up and running. The primary-grade computer lab is staffed by parent volunteers. The upper-grade computer lab is staffed by a new aide as well as parent volunteers. Additional volunteers are always welcome; please contact a classroom teacher to help out.

Fall conference dates are the week of Nov. 28 through Dec. 1. The modified-day bell schedule will be followed on those days with dismissal at 1:15 pm. This is an opportunity for all parents to discuss their child’s progress with the teacher. If you did not schedule an appointment time at Back-to-School Night, please do so soon.

The Thanksgiving break schedule is different from last year. School will be closed the whole week of Nov. 20-24.

Miramar Ranch Elementary School (MRE)

Miramar Ranch Elementary (MRE) first-grade teacher Betsy Shirazi was one of 42 local teachers in contention for County Teacher of the Year. While Ms. Shirarzi did not take home the top award, she represented Miramar Ranch with grace and spirit. The MRE students, teachers, staff, and parents are extremely proud of Ms. Shirazi’s accomplishment and her representing us at the awards ceremony.

MRE’s new principal–Timothy Asfazadour–was formerly principal at Chesterton Elementary in Linda Vista. A tremendous “thank you” is extended to Cliff Mendoza, who kept things running smoothly as interim principal, while the search was on for the permanent principal. Mr. Mendoza is especially appreciated for all of his hard work helping to open the school in September.

Also joining MRE this fall are kindergarten teachers Judi Schecter, Su Pool, Annie Moore, and Jannette Miller. The new first-grade teacher is Dianna Flores and taking on the third-graders for the first time are Vicki Hurley, Laura Merlan, Carla Latimer, Jennifer Hodgson, and Anna Perez.

Bob Morgenstein takes over the reins of a fourth-grade class and Lisa Billings and Julia Mastro round out the staff with their fifth-grade classes. In the office, Linda Vergera is the new nurse for MRE.

More recent changes–as of last month–to the teaching staff includes the addition of Ms. Michael Ann Meyer and Ms. Erica Weiss. Ms. Meyer teaches first grade and Ms. Weiss teaches third. The addition of these two teachers and their classrooms helps reduce class sizes in grades K-3 by eliminating the need for the combined-grade classes.

You’ll be seeing lots of construction work going on at MRE over the next few months as the buildings undergo many physical improvements this school year. The outside of the school is being painted, a security gate is being added to the upper parking and the lunch arbor covering is scheduled for construction this fall.

Other improvements, such as installing the wiring and equipment for networking the school’s computers, installing new carpeting, interior painting and rehabbing the restrooms, will be completed throughout the year.

Other school activities includes MRE’s reestablishing the General Mills/Betty Crocker Box Tops for Education program. The box tops from General Mills and Betty Crocker products that are turned in are exchanged for funds and credits to acquire equipment, supplies, and materials for the school.

Along similar lines, Miramar Ranch is one of 20 schools, and the only school in Scripps Ranch, that is participating in the Westfield Shoppingtown UTC Earning for Learning program. When you shop at UTC, take your receipts to the customer service booth to earn for Miramar Ranch. The school can earn up to $2,000 under this program this year. For more information on the Box Tops and Earning for Learning programs, contact Lori Erlenbach at 566-2804.

The MRE 27th annual Halloween Carnival lived up to its reputation for being the best Halloween carnival in San Diego again last month with hundred of people from all over town showing up to enjoy the games, activities, contests, music, demonstrations, food, and haunted house. The Halloween Carnival committee, led by Becca Schult, put in thousands of hours to make it thrilling and fun for all attendees.

Also on the committee were co-managers Janet Dray and Debbie Principe, volunteer coordinator Kathy Harkey, games co-chair Patty Davis, prizes co-chair Teresa Young, food co-chairs Carrie Ross and Lesa Henderson, auction co-chairs Leslie Henger and Anne Stone, bake sale co-chairs Kara Lukasik and Heather Janson, ticket chair Theresa Hart, T-shirt chair Charlene Lindmark, book sale co-chairs Kevin Stevens and Cindy Stevens, treasurers Keith Eschelman and Chris Eschelman, and decorations chair Joni Bair.

The fund raiser of the year, the Gift Wrap sale –well, it wrapped up–early last month and while the final figures aren’t in, it looks like it was a success. Coordinating this annual fundraiser were Christie Owens and Bridget Trovillion. Orders will be in any day now, if they haven’t already arrived.

Finally, along the literacy front, in late September, San Diego READS donated a book to each kindergarten student to read at home with family members. The presentation was made to the students by retired district principal and Scripps Ranch resident, Mr. J. Tarvin.

For more information on what else is going on at MRE, call the school at 271-0470.

Other Schools

United States International University (USIU)

Ranch Resident Joins USIU

Dr. Robert Cornelius, a longtime Scripps Ranch resident, joined the USIU faculty this fall. A 21-year resident of Vista Valle Court, he joins the university as an associate professor of educational administration and leadership, assuming the position vacated by another Ranch resident, Dr. Bill Hampton, who recently retired.

“I am really excited about this new opportunity to help advance USIU in the immediate and broader communities,” stated Cornelius. “One of my goals is to strengthen and expand the University’s educational ties to the Scripps Ranch community.” For example, USIU has a Partner in Education relationship with Jerabek Elementary School and has faculty, students, and administrators involved at a number of other area schools in a variety of capacities.

Bob and his wife, Joetta “Joey,” moved to the Ranch in 1979, as he was completing his doctoral degree in school administration. Both of their daughters went to Miramar Ranch Elementary School and Bob has long been an active tennis player at the Aviary Club. Bob can be reached in his office at USIU at 635-4733 or at [[email protected]].

Check Out USIU Volleyball

It’s not too late to catch the Globerunners women’s volleyball team in action. They play home games on Friday, Nov. 3, against Chapman University; Saturday, Nov. 4, against Embry Riddle; and Tuesday, Nov. 7, against Concordia. All games begin at 7 pm and are held in the SportCenter at USIU. Admission and parking are free; so come out and enjoy the action. For more information, call the athletics office at 635-4630.

Fall Commencement is Nov. 18

Student completing their degree work in summer and fall may choose to participate in the fall commencement ceremony at USIU, which will take place on Saturday, Nov. 18, in the SportCenter on campus.

Dr. Edward Brand, superintendent of the Sweetwater Union High School District and a three-time alumnus of USIU, will deliver the commencement address. He holds the B.A., M.A. and Ed.D. from USIU. His selection as commencement speaker continues a tradition established in 1993 of inviting a distinguished alumna or alumnus to address graduating students. Approximately 100 students are expected to participate in the ceremony, at which bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees will be conferred.

Chabad Hebrew Academy

Chabad Hebrew Academy has many exciting events planned for the month of November. The school-wide reading program “Reach for the Stars” will begin on Friday, Nov. 3. Students, staff, parents, and friends are encouraged to read books, magazines, and newspapers. The theme is the solar system and the entire library is decorated with all the planets as stops.

The Derech program, which also begins in November, cultivates respectful and healthy attitudes towards self and others, commencing with parents, teachers, and elders. As such, it greatly strengthens the family unit, improves school environment, and is effective for society-at-large. Parents are educated in the how’s, why’s, and what’s of training their children, in a caring way, to behave and interact with courtesy and consideration.

Chabad invites the entire community to the lighting of the giant menorah in honor of the holiday of Chanukah. The 30-foot-high menorah at the entrance of the Chabad property is the largest in San Diego. The program will be held Thursday, Dec. 21, at 4:30 pm. There will be music, refreshments, and loads of fun.

For more information, or to schedule a visit to the Chabad Hebrew Academy, please call 566-1996.