Powder Puff Derby

Scripps Ranch Girl Scouts held its 7th Annual Powder Puff Derby on two nights in March. One-hundred nineteen girl scouts took part, and they designed and constructed creative cars. This year an inaugural Family Race was added so moms, dads, and siblings could join the fun. Trophies were awarded in speed and design categories.

Race Night 1

Speed Winners

  1. Claire Buck
  2. Riley Cox
  3. Brooke Griffin
  4. Ava Razon
  5. Madelein Scott
  6. Delaney Howland

Fastest Looking

  1. Trinity Ruckley, Light Speeder
  2. Alexandra Heitsturman, Purple Power

Most Original Design

  1. Peyton Dortch, Pink Bomber
  2. Chloe Kuperstein, Titanic Help!

Most Realistic Looking

  1. Natalie Krebs, Matterhorn
  2. Emily Cookingham, Hot Pink

Best Use of Paint

  1. Morgan Featherling, Rainbow
  2. Aria Vallera, Minion Mayhem

Most Futuristic Design

  1. Sydney Griffin, Space Egg
  2. Olivia Mann, O-Dog

Most Creative

  1. Emma McIntosh, McIntosh Cruise Line
  2. Samantha Row, Meow-Meow

Judge’s Favorite

  1. Peyton Rayner, Bubblicious
  2. Carly Berglas, Corgi-Mobile

Best Incorporation of Girl Scout Theme

  1. Kaylin Benavides, Camp Wi- nacka
  2. Amalea Ribeiro, The Thunder Clan Warrior


  1. Anissa Cooper, Dream
  2. Vianica Nguyen, Flying Feathers

Race Night 2

Speed Winners

  1. Delphine Maurer
  2. Piper Brentnall
  3. Isabella Horie
  4. Brielle LaPlante
  5. Katherine Siefert
  6. Kate Garvey

Fastest Looking

  1. Clare Deilke, Purple Flames
  2. Naomi Banister, Flames

Most Original Design

  1. Jessica Thomas, Splash
  2. Meredith Wong, Shredding

Most Realistic Looking

  1. Alyssa Eigen, Guitar Hero
  2. Camille LaPlante, Fluff

Best Use of Paint

  1. Julissa Merritt, Pink Lightning
  2. Emma Jacowski, Kitty Cat

Most Futuristic Design

  1. Tory Swenson, R2-D2
  2. Maya Arcidiacono, Steve

Most Creative

  1. Audrey Johnson, The Great Outdoors
  2. Acacia Burriss, Dog-Mobile

Judge’s Favorite

  1. Lauren Griffith, Tiger in the Safari
  2. Avery Bjorklund, Rainbow Loom

Best Incorporation of GS Theme

  1. Camille Robinson, Samoa Cookie
  2. Megan Garvey, Radio Flyer


  1. Jacy Zanotelli, The Pink Glitch
  2. Norma Lutz, Duck Bling

Family Race Speed Winners

  1. Finn McMissile
  2. Robin Bjorklund
  3. Lauren Klein

Girls Learn About Farming

In late March, Troop 8686 (pictured on page 49) took a trip to Boulder Knolls Farm, the home of Roger and his generous wife who live in Escondido. They have a yard filled with fruit trees and beautiful flowers. Roger and his wife were kind enough to open their home to our troop and teach us about growing plants.

We picked oranges and tangelos that were delicious. Roger let us each take a bag home along with some small pots of lettuce and peppers that we can plant and grow. We also learned how to transplant from a small pot to a bigger pot and the importance of plant food and nitrogen. We look forward to eating home-grown salad with our families. Thank you, Roger!

Lily and Michelle Messmer, Troop 8686

Successful Softball Clinic for Troop 8465’s Silver Award

Despite the hot weather on a March day, Troop 8465 held a successful softball clinic for 27 girls ages 5–9. The girls learned about proper stretching and nutrition and rotated through three stations teaching about fielding, hitting, and base running. They received goodie bags with a softball tips booklet and a softball patch.

We want to thank everyone who attended our softball clinic and supported us in our Silver Award project. We also want to thank the Scripps Ranch Softball Association (SRSA) and the Scripps Ranch Girl Scout Service Unit for sponsoring us.

A special thank you goes to Jason Turfler and Mike Osborne, SRSA board members, for letting us use their fields and equipment. Thank you to our older girl volunteers who helped run the stations. They were a huge part of our success. We had a great time running this clinic and are grateful for the opportunity to teach younger girls about a sport we love.

Brownies and Daisies Learn about Animals

Brownie Troops 2177 and 8792 and Daisy Troop 3775 (below) were treated to an educational afternoon at the Care and Comfort Veterinary Hospital in El Cajon. There were rotations where the girls gained knowledge about animals and veterinary medicine. They learned how to brush a dog’s teeth and other ways to care for their pets. They also learned about fleas and parasites through microscopes.

The girl scouts saw X-rays of a dog’s broken leg and experienced a diagnostic ultrasound. They took a tour of the facilities including exam rooms, treatment rooms, and boarding areas. The highlight for many of the girls was the hands-on interaction with the animals: a pig, snake, bunny, parrots, cats, and dogs.

The Brownies completed requirements for the Pet Care badge, and the Daisies satisfied some requirements for the Responsible for What I Say and Do Petal. Girl Scout Troops 2177, 8792, and 3775 thank Dr. Cindy Karlberg, Dr. Melody Aitchison, Dr. Holly Allen, and the entire staff of the Care and Comfort Veterinary Hospital for a fun learning experience.

Troop 301 Welcomes Scouts

Troop 301 filled March with many successful achievements. Boy scouts helped the organization Feeding America. Did you know that if you work one day at Feeding America, you allow kids and adults in San Diego to receive meals for an entire week? Troop 301 strives to help people in need. We collected food and funds that made possible more than 3,000 pounds of food in March!

Troop 301 welcomed 18 new boy scouts, who will earn many merit badges and awards. The first official troop meeting for them was a great experience. There were plenty of happy faces and laughter.

At the start of the troop meeting older scouts briefed the new scouts about knots. The new scouts were tying excellent square knots. Then the older scouts paired up with a new scout and went to the park to play educational games. When the new scouts came back, our older scouts taught them about walking at night and walking on the side of the roads. All of these lessons will help them now and in the future.

Our older scouts completed a three-day backpack in the northern hills of San Diego County, as they prepare for a summer trip to Philmont High Adventure Base in New Mexico. Although the temperatures reached 90 degrees, these are experienced hikers and they made it look easy.

Andrew Yip, Troop 301 Scribe

Troop 616 Climbs at Joshua Tree National Park

Troop 616 had a great month! Scouts went indoor rock climbing and wound up hammering out the Climbing merit badge. We spent about three-and-a-half hours climbing and bouldering all over the humongous gym.

Later in the month we got some rock climbing instructors to “show us the ropes”—get it?—and that was really fun. We spent an hour learning new knots and getting to know these people who were practically walking rock climbing encyclopedias! It came in handy later on in the month at our campout.

Then we went to Joshua Tree and had the coolest campout ever! We had so much fun rock climbing and hanging out, fishing, playing horseshoes, and cards. It was so scary repelling about 150 feet—or at least that’s what it felt like—but it was so great just spending hours and hours having fun and socializing.

We then had our troop elections. Michael Huang was elected our new senior patrol leader. Scouts also elected new patrol leaders, librarian, scribe, and chaplain’s aide.

We held Max Audick’s Eagle Court of Honor. He is the troop’s 104th Eagle Scout and is a sophomore at Scripps Ranch High School, where he is a member of the Robotics Team, marching band, and jazz band. Upon graduation, he plans to attend a four-year university and become either an electrical or aerospace engineer. For his Eagle service project, Max planned and managed the construction of a bench around a tree in the courtyard of Jerabek Elementary School and dedicated it to the memory of a much loved former teacher, Mr. George Brown.

Carson Leighty, Troop 616 Scribe

Troop 663: From Awards to Training

With every month is a new achievement for the troop. For example, Brandon Paulus (pictured above with his scoutmaster, Matthew Muckerman), a Troop 663 veteran, earned his Eagle Scout rank in April during the Red and Black Court of Honor. Congratulations to his parents, Maha and Al Paulus, for having your son contribute so much to the troop for so long!

Also in April new scouts camped and were educated by older scouts on the basics of scouting. Slowly but surely most of Troop 663’s scouts are coming closer to earning the Personal Fitness merit badge. It’s an Eagle-required badge that needs much diligence to complete. At one of our April troop meetings the scouts trained and exercised themselves to push closer to passing all the requirements.

The troop camped out at Qualcomm Stadium in late April to be the early birds to set up their attraction for the Scout Fair. Then they enjoyed the day at the fair!

On the first weekend in May we will hold our Path to First Class campout. Its purpose is for Second Class-ranked scouts and under to have the opportunity to pass many of the requirements needed to earn First Class rank.

Wilson Vo, Troop 663 Scribe

Troop 664’s Newest Members

Troop 664 welcomes our new scouts: Justin Wong, Jason Dhand, Max Rosson, Jonah Keegan, Nick Dismukes, Noah Peters, Scott Tuberville, and Xavier de la Cruz. We look forward to help them on their journey to Eagle.

In March and April we prepared for the Camporee during our weekly troop meetings. We mainly focused on lashings— how we use ropes and wooden poles to build structures without nails. We attended the Scripps-Mesa Camporee, which is like the Olympics for Boy Scouts.

In April we had our spring Court of Honor, where we recognized the scouts who have earned ranks or merit badges. We also recognized parents for their involvement and support.

Later in April we helped the new scouts with how to properly use a bow saw, hatchet, axe, and pocket knife. There is a special certification earned for safety in handling these tools called the Totin’ Chip.

Troop 664 meets every Tuesday from 6 to 7 pm at St. Gregory the Great parish at 11451 Blue Cypress Drive. If you would like more information, email our scoutmaster, Blan Cox, at [[email protected]].

Sean Hodgson, Troop 664 Scribe

Pack 614 Webelos Become Boy Scouts

Seventeen boys from Pack 614’s three Webelos II dens took part in the Arrow of Light Ceremony in March in the Jerabek Elementary School auditorium, bridging from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. Scouts who achieve this milestone have met 17 requirements and must earn a minimum of eight badges. The rigorous steps to achieve the Arrow of Light include learning about physical fitness, first aid, science, and knot tying; participating in overnight camping and hiking; and, demonstrating skills such as building a tent, cooking a camp meal, and starting a campfire with only a match.

During the ceremony our pack was joined by Order of Arrow boy scouts who are selected by their troop to perform this rite of passage for the cub scouts. After the ceremony, families and friends gathered in the Jerabek courtyard to congratulate their scouts on their achievements. Pack 614 is proud of its new boy scouts!

New boy scouts include: Evan Coats, Matthew Fagen, Raunak Kahlon, Hudson Lovell, Nico Lovell, Michael Trifoglio, Ryan Clausen, Pranav Dhinaker, Tyler Riedell, Ryan Sweeney, Xavier dela Cruz, Max Rosson, Nicholas Dismukes, Jonah Keegan, Justin Wong, Jason Dhand, Noah Peters, Scott Turbeville, and Ethan Dunchak. To learn more about our pack, please visit [www.Pack614.com].

Pack 615 Stays Busy

March brought our annual Pinewood Derby. Cars of every shape and color raced down the track. Ryan Chavez, our first place winner and one of our new Webelos I scouts, will represent our pack at the District Pinewood Derby Competition.

In April our Webelos II cub scouts bridged over into Boy Scouts. April also brought our first campout of the year, Fun with Son, at Camp Balboa. It was a great weekend full of games, BB shooting, archery, and crafts.

As always, if you have a boy in grades 1–5 who is interested in joining Cub Scouts, please contact Keven Krown at [[email protected]] for information.

Sandra Leeman

Now’s the Time to Join Cub Scout Pack 1216!

Scripps Ranch Cub Scout Pack 1216’s annual Spring Roundup—our “Open House”—is on Wednesday, May 14. If your son will be in grades 1–5 in the fall of 2014, he and you are cordially invited to attend our pack meeting at Miramar Ranch Elementary School at 7 pm. We will talk about scouting, play games, get to know den and pack leaders, and meet lots of new friends.

Here are just 10 of the many fun, educational, and community service oriented activities that Pack 1216 does in a year:

  1. Pinewood Derby: The boys plan, build, and decorate their own cars to race for trophies and prizes.
  2. Honor America’s heroes: Every Memorial Day the boys place U.S. flags on the graves of fallen soldiers at Fort Rosecrans. The boys also have learned about the Navy during sleepovers on the U.S.S. Midway.
  3. Hikes, hikes, and more hikes! Pack 1216 loves to be active and hike—at Iron Mountain, Penasquitos Canyon, Torrey Pines, or anywhere else in our county.
  4. Respect wildlife: The boys hear talks from Project Wildlife at certain pack meetings while seeing real wild animals. They also take trips to local animal rescue organizations.
  5. Feeding America San Diego: Every year Pack 1216 holds a “Scouting for Food” drive that benefits our local Feeding America. We’ve also worked at Feeding America as a pack, sorting and boxing food for the needy.
  6. Indian Hills and other camping trips: We go on at least two camping trips per year, where the boys sleep in tents, enjoy a campfire, hike, and have a blast!
  7. Summer fun: We’re very active with camping trips, Padres game outings, and participation in the Scripps Ranch 4th of July Parade.
  8. Cleaning up San Diego: The boys help beautify San Diego by picking up trash in canyons and parks during the “I Love a Clean San Diego” annual campaigns.
  9. Global compassion: This year the boys made personal hygiene packets that were sent to Hurricane Haiyan victims in the Philippines.
  10. Earn patches and belt loops: These are for achievements at Twilight Camp, the Scout Fair, and through many individual den activities. The boys wear their patches with great pride!

For more than 80 years, cub scouts have had the time of their lives making new friends and learning new things in an environment designed to help them succeed. From building his own Pinewood Derby car to learning to roast the perfect marshmallow with his friends at a family campout, your son will love being a Pack 1216 cub scout. We hope to see you on Wednesday, May 14, at MRE! Your son doesn’t need to attend MRE. For details, visit [http://sr-pack1216.weebly.com].