Troop 616 Scrambles to Goat Canyon Railroad Trestle

An exciting but challenging trek for Troop 616 was backpacking to the Goat Canyon Railroad Trestle (below). When it was built, the Carrizo Gorge Track in the southern portion of Anza Borrego was called the “impossible railroad” because it required the construction of 17 tunnels and many trestles to negotiate the foreboding terrain. The scouts who went were Aiden Tait, Cohl Tabor, Sanjeev Rangan, Carson Leighty, Matthew Cederquist, and Alex Lawson. The adults were Ron Tabor, Don Tait, Gary Cederquist, Venkat Rangan, and Paul Honeycutt.

Lucas McGaugh, Troop 616 Scribe

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Cynthia Collins and Lynn Bautista