Five New Eagle Scouts

Five more scouts have attained the highest honor for a scout, the rank of Eagle Scout. The boys spent many long months working on their Eagle projects, culminating in Court of Honor ceremonies for brothers David and Charles Crawford, Devin Norrell, Michael Brainerd, and Christopher Purcell. Congratulations to these very dedicated scouts.

February also was a month to honor many other scouts. A long list of scouts, too many to name, received awards at the troop Court of Honor. Two special awards were attained this time, one by Barry Hawkins for working on every single paper drive throughout the whole year; and one by Alex Griebel for accomplishing the astounding feat of selling $1,200 worth of popcorn for the scouts’ fund raiser.

In March, the scouts will be going on the Mormon Trail campout. This is what scouting is all about–a real honest-to-goodness backpack where the boys will carry everything they need for survival on their backs, including sleeping bags, food, clothing, stoves, tents, etc. Also in March, a Scout camporee will be held at Mataguay.

Sadly, another event will be on us in April. We will be losing our very able Scoutmaster, Rich Keller, to retirement. He has been active for 9 years as a parent Scout leader and has devoted countless hours to helping to make scouting the fun, exciting, and rewarding experience that it should be for our boys. Thank you Rich.

Finding Snake Burrows

Pack 1216’s annual Pinewood Derby was held in January at the Scripps Ranch Swim and Racquet Club. There was much fun and excitement as the scouts raced their wooden cars down the two 4-lane tracks. The results are as follows:

  • Tiger Cubs — 1st, Phillip Glass with the Blue Bash Brothers; 2nd, Hunter Holden; 3rd, Jake Ouellette;
  • Wolves — 1st, Austin Dickerson with The Monster; 2nd, Michael Petrucci; 3rd, Tommy Kimpel;
  • Bears — 1st, Gregory Frederickson with The Golden Streak; 2nd, Brett Blower; 3rd, Kyle Dickerson;
  • Webelos — 1st, Brian Gurriell with the Black Widow; 2nd, Matthew Weiner; 3rd, Alex Davis.

The results of the pack finals are:

  • 1st, Austin Dickerson;
  • 2nd, Gregory Frederickson; and
  • 3rd, Brian Gurriell.

Austin will represent the pack at the San Diego 500 this spring at the Scout Fair and will compete against all the other pack finalists in San Diego County!

Thanks to those who helped make this event a success: Ron Lewis for sponsoring the event; Art Moreau, David Frink, Charlie Glass, and Ted Hoffman for helping with the track; and Mary Frederickson, Leslie May, Susan Gurriell, Colleen Dickerson, and Pat Hinck for helping with the pizza and soft drinks.

The pack also went to Camp Balboa in January. Everyone had a great time and earned lots of patches. A special award goes to Tiger Den 2 for their enthusiastic participation. Tiger Den 1 went on a hike on the trails surrounding Miramar Lake–a perfect Sunday afternoon activity. The boys were able to see lots of burrows for snakes and rodents. They ended the hike by feeding the ducks, a classic Miramar Lake pastime. In February, the pack spent many a fun day planning the Blue and Gold dinner, Arrow of Light, and graduation.

The Scorpion Den has been busy the last two months. There were a lot of fun, remarkable, and interesting activities. We went bowling in January, and everyone had a great time. We had two teams, used two lanes, and spent an hour bowling, without quite finishing the game. Kyle Glass had the highest score of 55.

In February, Webelos 1 and 2 had a blast going to the Nissan Design Center. It is a fascinating place, and we learned a lot by seeing concept cars, sketches, clay models, and more. We also got to see the amazing process of putting cars in the market. First, a designer draws a picture of the interior and exterior of the car. Next, the drawings are sent to the studio in which both clay and life-size models are made. After that, the interior and exterior colors are chosen in different studios. If the concept-car is okay, the idea will become a reality in two or three years.

Dens 5 and 9 would like to give a special thanks to the Scripps Ranch Swim and Racquet Club, Mira Mesa Bowling Alley, Carl’s Jr. on Carroll Canyon Road, and the Nissan Design Center for helping to make us better scouts.

Fun at the Pinewood Derby

In Cub Pack 616, the Webelos Den 1 consisting of Adam Carver, Scott Green, Bobby James, Bobby Prine, Max Roitz, Bryce Schallhorn, Caleb Cato, Ben Illingworth, and Sean Thornton, were busy over the Christmas holidays finishing up their Arrow of Light requirements. They also worked on their Pinewood Derby cars. Many thanks to Ken Bennett!

The boys are all looking forward to February’s Blue and Gold Dinner and to having their Arrow of Light badges presented to them in March as they bridge over into Boy Scouts.

In Wolf Den 2, the boys have been busy these past few months. The 12 boys successfully earned their Bobcat badges in November and have been having fun working on their Wolf achievements. We had a blast at our Pinewood Derby. Chris Organ won first place overall and will represent our pack at the Scout Fair 500 Derby on Saturday, May 13. Congratulations, Chris!

By the time you read this, our boys will have earned their Wolf badges at our Blue and Gold Dinner held in February. A big congratulation goes out to each boy: Andy Bondesson, Chris Bovet, Nicholas Burke, Mark Chercoe, Weston Daigle, William Hopkins, Zack Monroe, Jeff O’Hanlon, Chris Organ, Quinton Petty, Brandon Sullivan, and Shawn Sullivan. Your parents and your pack are very proud of you!

In Bear Den 4, the boys are on track to advance to Bear at the annual Blue and Gold Dinner. Jordan Williams, Devon Torres, Jonathan Rose, Brian Long, Ian Halliburton, Lance Harrison, Richard Duckworth, and Greg Rogers have worked very hard to become Bears. Congratulations boys!

The Pinewood Derby race was held in January at the Scripps Ranch Library. The evening started off with an impressive flag ceremony conducted by Bear Den 4. This was followed by a quick lesson in sportsmanship where 13 cubs come forward and read the meaning behind each letter in the word “Sportsmanship.” Each entering boy was able to race his car at least four times during the qualifying heats. The elimination races were truly nail biters.

The following boys received medals as first and second place winners from each Den, respectively:

  • Webelos Den 1 — Bobby James and Adam Carver;
  • Wolf Den 2 — Christopher Organ and Zachary Monroe;
  • Webelos Den 3 — Andrew Burke and Jason Bennett;
  • Bear Den 4 — Jonathan Rose and Devon Torres;
  • Tiger Den 5 — Michael Hill and Tommy Valente;
  • Tiger Den 6 — Ray Totah and Ben Meis; and
  • Webelos Den 7 — Michael Pauley and Danny Golden.

Congratulations go to our overall pack winner, Wolf Scout Chris Organ who will represent Pack 616 at the San Diego 500, which is the Council race off held at the Scout Fair in May. The runner-up and alternate to the San Diego 500 went to Jonathan Rose; third-place finish, for the third time, went to Bobby James; and fourth-place finish went to Chris Bovet.

Best of Show honors and trophy went to Jonathan Rose for his artistic Tank design, and second-place trophy went to Mason Allen. The Most Unique Design honor and trophy went to Caleb Roitz for his Snake mobile, and second-place trophy went to Max Roitz. A very special thanks to Ken Bennett for hosting the derby workshop and providing the computer technology to streamline our racing result tabulations. We had an impressive and creative bunch of cars again this year. Great effort guys!

Jumping Cactus

This month the UCSD men’s basketball team offered free tickets to one of their home games and a number of the boy scouts from Troop 663 took them up on the opportunity. The game was great fun, and there was an opportunity to meet the team afterward.

January also saw the troop brave the fierce Southern California winter with a campout to the Vallecito Stagecoach Station in the desert. Of course, the camp was warm and dry with many of the scouts again sleeping out under the brilliant night sky and waking to fiery sunrises. While legend has it that the “Lady in White” haunts the station, the scouts visited her grave (in daylight!) but were not haunted. There were, however, great ghost stories from all the patrols.

The Mighty Moose won the breakfast competition creating a delicious french toast, bacon, and fruit breakfast with the Ballistic Bobcats coming in a close second. All the more impressive since the patrols prepared the meal over open fires.

The Trail Dogs failed to compete? What happened guys? Did you eat it all before submitting a sample to the judges? Well the Trail Dogs did manage to win the fire-starting competition with all the patrols doing great in spite of the fickle breeze playing havoc with their efforts.

The troop took a hike to the nearby hills. While on the 4-mile excursion, they encountered dry washes, observed the local plants, and picked up several (5!) cases of jumping cactus. Being prepared, as always, they gingerly extracted the barbs and administered first aid.

After the hike, the scouts performed a service project for the camp host. Seems the mail carrier would not deliver the mail because the sand by the box had built up so high that he couldn’t get his car close enough to drop off the mail. The scouts made quick work of shoveling the sand back and clearing up the problem. On the way home the scouts visited one of the numerous oases in the desert, climbing more hills, but this time avoiding the cactus.

The scouts also prepared for their upcoming backpack training at Mataguay scout reservation in February. Having mastered the planning for car camp outings, the scouts are developing the skills needed for high adventure outings on land and water. Some scouts are even hoping for snow…well, it is winter.

Planting Trees

Cub Scouts in Pack 613, Den 1 went on a hike at the Blue Sky Preserve in Poway, led by Matt Heuss and Dad. The cubs learned about the different flora and fauna in the nature preserve. The boys were able to identify the burrows of Trapdoor spiders. Important to all hikers is being able to recognize the numerous forms of poison oak. To prove their keen sighting ability, they returned home unscathed. The scouts also learned of the fragility of the preserve and what we need to do to minimize the impact of people and their pets.

The scouts then switched from outdoors men to artists and scholars at Kevin Barber’s house. They painted their decorations for the Blue and Gold Dinner as well as discussed education and the school system for their Scholar pins.

Den 9 went to the Home Depot in Clairemont to build toolboxes; there was only one banged thumb, and it was suffered bravely. At their next meeting, the scouts joined San Diego People for Trees and planted saplings in Pacific Beach. Please look at their beautiful trees on Cass and Diamond Streets.

In February, the den visited Vons on Scripps Ranch Boulevard. They learned about picking fresh fruits and vegetables from the produce manager and selecting meat from the meat manager. Nothing like talking to the experts! The scouts then did some shopping of their own before cooking a spaghetti dinner including dessert. They have now completed their Bear achievements.

We are so proud of all the racers at the Pinewood Derby. The cars were so fast this year that the finalists all needed to have five first-place finishes and one second place finish in the preliminary races. When the smoke cleared, Eric Popien (Den 6) was fourth, Jared Tower (Den 10) was third, Erik Bratlien (Den 6) was second), and Jamie Olsiewski (Den 10) was first! Jamie will represent the pack at the Scout Fair on Saturday, May 13, at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

The Blue and Gold Dinner was extra memorable this year with the “3,2,1, Blast-off…” decorations designed by Janet Schweiger and her committee. Each den decorated tablecloths and rocket centerpieces. Star mobiles had photos of each scout. Then Martin Makela transfixed the audience with a slide show of all the scouts set to music. What a way to say good-bye to graduating scouts from Dens 3 and 5: David Cary, Jeff Edwards, Matthew Handfelt, Steven McCormack, Aaron Popien, Brent Wadzita, Jason Chung, Christopher Mahlberg, Steven Markano, Alex Nunn, and Logan Swartz. They received Cub Scouting’s highest award, the Arrow of Light. These fifth-grade boys have climbed the Scouting trail together since first grade and now they’re on to new adventures as Boy Scouts.

Friends of Scouting will be at the March pack meeting. Make sure your uniform is sharp as there will be an inspection. Cubmasters Craig Bratlien and Steve McCormack will be awarding patches to scouts following uniform guidelines.

Cans for Cubs next pick-up date is Saturday, Mar. 4. Thanks to Kevin Truitt, for covering their routes. Call Pat Johnston at 536-1245 with questions or problems.

The next Fun with Son, family camping at Camp Mataguay, is the weekend of April 14-16. If you can’t get enough of the outdoors, there are summer camps at Camp Mataguay as well as Pack 613’s Family camp the weekend of July 21-23 at Indian Hills Campground.

Two Years in a Row

Pack 614’s Pine2K Pinewood Derby was held in a packed Jerabek auditorium in January. In a large field of outstanding entrants, Den 4 Wolf Scout Michael Nasland successfully defended his championship crown. The top four finishers were:

  • 1st — Michael Nasland (Wolf);
  • 2nd — Andrew Hansen (Bear);
  • 3rd — Alex Foster (Wolf); and
  • 4th — Brendan Mitchell (Tiger).

All the cubs are to be congratulated for their enthusiasm and hard work. There were many creative and inspired designs among the contestants this year.

March is the month in which we say goodbye to graduating Cub Scouts Brian Barrett, Tyler Branning, Michael Cramp, Kenneth Crooks, Andrew Danskin, Jonathan Dotson, Matthew Foster, Brian Furman, Andrew Gabele, Thomas Halldorson, Warren Howe, Ryan Huffman, Joey Iacovera, Kevin Nolan, Jeffery Silva, and Jonathan Wood. They were honored at the Arrow of Light ceremony at the Blue and Gold Dinner in February.

The first-year Webelos of Den 2: Max Andersen, Justin Burr, Shea Duncan, Tyler Heckendorn, Jonathan Londerholm, Jared Mimms, and Mikie Robinette, and of Den 7: Michael Fleming, Ross Heaton, Michael Huey, Benjamin Kromray, Matthew Michalek, Gregory Moy, Alex Nelson, Nicholas Podimatis, and Daniel Silverstein have earned their Webelos badge.

Den 2 Webelos recently spent an afternoon at the Presbyterian Church downtown helping feed the homeless. The boys kept very busy preparing over 600 trays with soup, fruit, milk, bread, and dessert. The boys had fun and felt good about helping out.

The Bear Scouts of Den 6: Michael Adsit, Joren Anderson, Bryce Caputo, Kevin Cramp, Evan Dunn, Andrew Hansen, Forrest Lighthart, Colin Mcguinness, and Cody Mills, and of Den 8: Joel Gillett, Nicholas Herrel, Steven Jones, Joseph Mangan, Gio Monaco, Alex Olson, Cory Nuffer, and Ryan Stock have completed their Bear badge requirements after months of hard work.

The Wolf Scouts of Den 4: Nicholas Batt, Chris Gallagher, Kyle Hoffer, Tendai Mukau, Michael Nasland, Taylor Stenman, Brandon Watson, and Ryan Weinberg, and of Den 5: Kyle Berzle, Alex Foster, Blake Hansen, Brian Holmes, Chris Honeycutt, Michael Hopkins, Zachary Meyer, and Matthew Roberts have completed their Wolf achievements and are working on their arrow points.

Remember that cub scouts still need your Cans for Cubs contributions! Even if you have the city-supplied blue recycling bins, we would still appreciate you setting some cans aside for the Cubs on the first Saturday of every month. We really appreciate the great support of the Scripps Ranch community in providing a superb scouting program for our boys.