Spaulding is Eagle Scout

Elliot Spaulding is Troop 616’s 59th Eagle Scout. For his Eagle project, Elliot was responsible for organizing and executing the refurbishment of trail 15 connecting Timberlake Drive and Mesa Madera Drive. The project was completed in April 2001. It was a lot of work, completed mostly in the rain. Elliot is a senior at Scripps Ranch High School. He plans to go to college after graduation to study park and recreation. He would eventually like to become a park ranger. Since obtaining the rank of Eagle Scout, Elliot has become an assistant scoutmaster of our troop. The troop and all Eagle Scouts congratulate you Elliot!

This past month, scouts went on a campout to Joshua Tree National Park. The backpackers took a 7-mile backpack to their campsite. They then set up camp, made a fire, had an MRE, and then hit the sack. The stationary campers went climbing on rocks for most of the day. They also went for a hike that was about a mile long. After dinner, the Scouts did skits and told stories. We had a lot of fun. Thanks to Dr. Russ Edwards and all the other adults for leading the outing.

At our Court of Honor last month, in addition to Elliot’s Eagle award, there were a number of other awards that were announced. Scouts had earned a total of 53 merit badges since the last Court of Honor in October and 17 scouts had advanced in rank. Scouts who advanced to Tenderfoot were Kevin Barber, Chris Barnsley, Chris Dalrymple, Matt Heuss, Alex Nelson, Matt Weiner, and Chris Wimmer. Scouts who advanced to Second Class were Jonathan Dotson, David Yandell, and Michael Zablit. Scouts who advanced to First Class were Frank Barrack, Mark Beyersdorf, and Robert Zablit. Scouts who advanced to Life were Alex Griebel and Ronnie Lewis. Eagle Scout Barry Hawkins earned his Bronze Palm.

Next month, Scouts will be working on their Skating merit badge at the San Diego Ice Arena and going to the Klondike Derby in Idyllwild.

Holiday Letters and Love

Girl Scout Troop 8027 recently organized a campaign to send holiday letters to service men and women overseas. Children at Jerabek, Dingeman, Miramar Ranch, Ellen Browning Scripps, Marshall, Mission Bay Montessori, and Maranatha wrote over 1,000 letters that were sent to the ships U.S.S. Peleliu and the U.S.S. Antietam.

Several of the schools already have received letters of appreciation in response. Thank you to the teachers, children, and principals for participating in this project!

Troop 8027 also volunteered to host a meal for families staying at Ronald McDonald House. The girls had fun preparing dinner for about 40 people. Members of Troop 8027 are Kim Berns, Hannah Batt, Leigha Sausser, Anna Nowak, Molly Sanders-Cannon, Meagan Rossin, Stephanie Moore, Kaylyn Parrish, Jessica Munoz, and Emily Wyttenbach.

Dessert in the Desert

Boy Scout Troop 663 began the New Year with our second weekend camping trip to Joshua Tree. This trip, which is one of the most looked-forward-to trips of the year, is the only one where the scouts are allowed to run wild with no scheduled activities. This becomes even more fun in a place of renowned rock climbing.

Hours of driving brought us to the desert park. When we arrived it took another hour for all of us to reunite and set up camp. By the time we were finished it was well into the night, and the temperature was approaching freezing.

We were thankful the next morning was pleasant. We spent the day scaling steep rock faces and leaping over perilously deep gaps. Yes, we were taking the utmost precautions. And it was all perfectly safe, of course.

The intended campfire was canceled that night, when it got too cold. The patrols did participate in our “Dessert in the Desert” Dutch oven cooking competition. The cooking was fun, but the adults got the better end of the bargain. The campout was a success.

In February, the troop participated in our first Scout Court of Honor. Throughout the day our different patrols demonstrated Scout crafts to the parents at Boy Scout Headquarters, showing a model campsite, knot displays, and a wood yard among other things.

When night came, we put our Dutch oven cooking skills to the test again, cooking for the parents in a contest for popcorn and a Dutch oven. Congratulations to the Moose patrol for having the best presentation with their lemon meringue pie, and to the Kangaroos for having the best-tasting dessert with their apple crisp.

Krispy Kreme Kids

Happy, happy St. Patrick’s Day to all our neighbors and friends in Scripps Ranch. Last month, Cub Scout Pack 1218 worked on secret “heart” felt Valentine gifts to be placed on the doorstep of some lucky Scripps Ranch ladies.

If you listen very carefully, you might have heard the leftovers of Santa’s workshop as our scouts planned, sawed, drilled, sanded, painted, and finished their Pinewood Derby cars. Will our current champion hold his title? Or will new aerodynamics persevere? Tune in next month for the answers.

Our “pack of wolves” have been very busy making up for Christmas break. Three of our boys earned the wolf badge: David Mele, Nicholas Clawson, and Dallin Heath. Dallin also has worked hard to earn a gold and silver arrow point.

Thanks to our dedicated leaders, we were able to participate in two field trips. Because this month we focused on safety, our local fire station 37 was kind enough to give us a tour and discuss fire safety. We also were to see our painted tiles on the fire station walls. The boys enjoyed a special treat by visiting Legoland and receiving the Legoland patch.

Our Webelos den has lived up to traditional scout standards. Jeffry Burn and Charlie Freyre have earned the Webelos badge. Charlie also has completed the requirements for his Faith in God award. Nate Mortensen, Jeffry Burg, and Charlie Freyre have been working on their Scientist achievement and have earned the Scientist pin.

Many, many thanks to all the residents and merchants of Scripps Ranch who have supported our Cub Scouting program. Krispy Kreme doughnuts has allowed us to raise money by selling Krispy Kreme cards. The cost is $10 and you receive a card for 10 free dozen doughnuts. If you would like to help the Cub Scouts by purchasing one of these fantastic money-saving cards, please contact our Webelos den leader, Rosalind Freyre, at 530-0707.

Sunshine Brownies

In December, Brownie Girl Scout Troops 8327, 8493, and 8307 visited the Sunshine Retirement Home in Poway. The girls sang holiday carols and presented the residents with holiday cards and ornaments. After the singing, the Brownies then visited our brand new Scripps Ranch fire station and delivered cookies and ornaments to the firefighters.

Tennis and Bowling

The Cub Scouts in Pack 1216 certainly had a fantastic time at the Pinewood Derby. They proudly raced their cars, admired the craftsmanship of others, and cheered each other on during the races.

A big “thank you” to all the parent volunteers who helped out, in particular: Louis and Kristine Weiner, Richard Ross, Joe Cote, Ron Lewis, and Craig Blower who ran the event. Medal winners were:

  • Tigers–1st, Daniel Lofy; 2nd, Andrew Corvin; and 3rd, Chris Chadwick;
  • Wolfs–1st, Hunter Young; 2nd, Josh Hawley; and 3rd, Zach Burns;
  • Bears–1st, Michael Rogers; 2nd, Phillip Glass; and 3rd, Connor Emmert; and
  • Webelos–1st, Greg Frederickson; 2nd, Ian Lewis; and 3rd, Brett Blower.

The top 3 finalists are: 1st, Greg Frederickson; 2nd, Daniel Lofy; and 3rd, Andrew Corvin. Greg will have the opportunity to race his car again at the upcoming Scout Fair.

The Cub Scout families enjoyed an evening out at the Blue & Gold dinner. Pastor Dunlap from Northstar Church gave the invocation. The scouts provided the entertainment by doing skits. And during the awards ceremony, many of the boys received merit badges.

During their last meeting, the Bears built bird houses. They were lucky enough that their leader had a garage that is fully equipped with all the needed wood-working supplies. The boys learned to identify a full array of tools and were able to wield their hammers with great skill. The boys also are learning more about birds, and they look forward to identifying the future inhabitants who may nest in these bird houses.

February’s den meeting for the Wolves was spent out on the tennis courts. Here they practiced their forehand, backhand, and serving. With the use of the ball machine, they were able to get in a good round of volleying. For January’s meeting, they went bowling. They learned tips on scoring, bowling terms, and bowling rules of courtesy. Both of these events have earned them a sports belt loop and merit pin. Way to go Wolves!

Tiger Cub Den 5 has made wonderful progress! Addison Jerlow, Andre Corvin, Andrew May, Billy Feather, Daniel Lofy, Grant Leber, Nolan Stephens, and Tyler Salvato have completed all five achievements and have attained the rank of Tiger Cub. All boys received their Tiger Cub badges at the Blue & Gold dinner. Congratulations Tiger Den 5 on a job well done!

Trash Busters

It has been a busy winter in Cub Scout Pack 616! As a prelude to building the Pinewood Derby cars, Dens 1 and 8 went to the Mira Mesa Home Depot to build tool boxes. What a racket 12 hammers can make! A huge thank you to Bert and Home Depot for hosting, teaching, and smiling with us!

An early, cool Saturday morning found the Cub Scouts of Dens 1 and 8 completing a conservation service project, as they picked up litter in Scripps Ranch Community Park. The boys are working toward earning the Cub Scout World Conservation award. After a neat talk on tools by Mr. Roy De Rego, the boys hit the trails and pathways around and in the park. They did a great job, and enjoyed eating donuts after their hard work!

The “Trash Busters” included Thomas Amling, Tim De Rego, Jacob Iwig, Dominick Schumacher, Mike Alexander, Arjun Kumar, Rafael Rendon, Joshua Solberg, Jack McCalley, Ian Eckelman, and Vivek Vishwanath. Thank you to these boys, to all the parents who were there to help, and to Den Leaders Pam De Rego and Bryon Solberg for planning the event. Happy scouting to all!