Leaders of the Pack

Congratulations to each and every one of the over 50 Cub Scouts in Pack 616 who built and raced their Pinewood Derby car this year! You put a lot of work into your cars and the results showed. Great job, as you really lived the Cub Scout motto, showing what it means to "Do your best!"

Special awards went to the fastest three cars in each den, as well as to the fastest cars in the pack: Spencer Voorhees (first place), Ray Totah (second place), Justin Travis (third place), and Danny Peters (fourth place); all are shown in the photo to the right. Spencer will take his car to the Del Mar Scout Fair in April to represent our pack. Good luck, Spencer!

Creativity and artistry also were rewarded. These Cub Scouts were voted by their peers to receive the design awards: William Hopkins (Most Unique Design), Caleb Roitz (Runner-up Most Unique Design), Jonathan Rose (Best in Show), and John Buron (Runner-up Best in Show).

An event of this magnitude takes so much planning and help. Thanks to everyone who helped to build cars, check cars in, tabulate results, set up, and even run the snack bar! Special thanks to: Troop 663 for helping transport cars during the Derby; Joe Roitz (Cubmaster and emcee extraordinare); Ken Bennett for helping guide the building of cars, as well as for lending his expertise throughout the entire Pinewood Derby process; and Kelly Peters. Kelly ran the Pinewood Derby for the first time this year and did a marvelous job! Start planning now for next year, Cub Scouts, as this is a fast moving pack!

Congrats New Boy Scouts

In March, Webelos II Scouts, along with their families, attended their Arrow of Light and graduation ceremony. Greg Frederickson, Ian Lewis, Brian Hinck, Brett Blower, and Andy Wong worked hard in Cub Scouts and had to complete many requirements in order to achieve this rank and advance to Boy Scouts. Congratulations!

With the graduation of our Webelos II den, our pack also has to say good-bye to three very important parent volunteers. Jan Lewis and Mary and Dave Frederickson have worked their hearts and souls to build and shape Pack 1216 into what it is today.

For the past several years, they have worked countless hours and wore many, many hats. If any of us had a question related to the scouts, it was always said, "Go ask Jan," "Just go talk to Dave," or "Mary handles that." From all of us in Pack 1216, we thank them for all their dedication!

Our Tiger Cub Den 5 is working on earning their Tiger Track Beads by completing their electives. Several of the boys also have earned belt loops for sports and academics. The Wolves got a chance to tour the new Scripps Ranch Fire Station. The boys accomplished Achievement 9, which is being safe at home and on the streets.

Troop 663 Keeps Busy

Boy Scout Troop 663 has been busy recently. Earning merit badges, going on ten-mile hikes, and camping in the desert have kept us all on our toes as we look forward to the arrival of new scouts graduating from Cub Scouts. Recent troop meetings have focused on earning the Radio merit badge, as we prepare to run a booth at the annual scout fair.

Before that, we were kept busy with the Textiles and Emergency Preparedness merit badges. It seems that hardly a month goes by without earning another badge. The highlight of the recent months was our campout in Borrego Springs.

While there, we enjoyed an arduous hike down Hellhole Canyon, a palm oasis, while wearing heavy backpacks. Special recognition to John Henry Ainsworth and Sean Cambell, who earned the prestigious Rock award, carrying a stone the size of a soccer ball in their packs in addition to the rest of their gear. After the hike, rock climbing and a campfire ended the day.

Alex Nunn recently completed his Eagle Scout project, cleaning and shaping a trail near Hoyt Park. This was the only major trail in Scripps Ranch not already fixed by scouts. Alex Nunn will now be able to obtain Eagle Scout, the highest award in scouting. Congratulations Alex!

We also have been looking forward to our troop garage sale, which will not be held on its usual date this year. Our garage sale/car wash will take place on Saturday, May 4, from 7 am to 3 pm.

Girl Scout Troop 8310 is "Ready!"

Junior Girl Scout Troop 8310 is a "ready troop" in the Girl Scouts. What is a "ready troop?" It’s a troop where the girls are trained to be "ready" to accept girls with disabilities as scouts. Troop 8310 has been a "ready troop" for three years, and one of our favorite things to do with all our scouts is to go horseback riding.

The girls, pictured to the right, worked for three years to earn enough money to go to a weekend horseback riding camp called Rawhide Ranch. Every year, the girls applied their earnings, gained mostly from cookie sales (thank you all for supporting us) and community service (such as helping the Ronald McDonald House), toward their big horseback riding weekend. Well this year, the troop attended Rawhide Ranch.

As you can see in the picture, we have a very active parent group who wanted to go too. Troop 8310 is one big happy family, always learning and having fun!

Time for Change

The theme for Cub Scout Pack 613 is change. There have been many changes in our pack over the past two months. These changes include the ranks for boys in six of our dens, as well as a new email address. Please note in your address books that our pack’s new address is [[email protected]]. We continue to welcome questions and comments from the community, as well as submissions by our own Cub Scouts, for consideration for this SRCA Newsletter.

Our annual "Blue and Gold Dinner" was on Sunday, Feb. 24, at the Officer’s Club at MCAS Miramar. The MCAS Color Guard performed the opening ceremony. There were a lot of neat items that were raffled, thanks to John and Deborah Tower.

Almost 30 Cub Scouts in our pack entered the "I’m Proud to be an American" essay contest and there was one winner from every age level. Many of the writers reflected on the freedoms that we no longer take for granted after this country was forever changed by the events of September 11. Everyone enjoyed listening to the winners as they read their essays aloud.

The winners include: Tiger Den 1, Aaron Blasband; Wolf Den 11, Harrison Trubitt; Bear Den 7, Hunter Holden; 1st year Webelos Den 10, Kyle Newton; and 2nd year Webelos Den 8, Michael Kesaris.

All of our 2nd year Webelos were awarded the Arrow of Light patch and bridged into Boy Scout status. Den leader Judy Kesaris proudly advanced Bobby Gowin, Jesse Ignell, Michael Kesaris, Alex Pollard-Lipkis, Colin Masters, and Adam Steinberg. Den leader Susan Odelson was very pleased to promote Kenny Cox, Brett Kerigan, Daniel Makela, Max Nash, and Geoff Odelson. Congratulations to a fine group of young men. We pray you continue to make good choices for your lives based on some of the lessons and experiences you have had in Cub Scouts.

At our March pack meeting, our 1st year Webelos achieved their Webelos rank. Congratulations to the boys in Dens 2 and 10: Tyler Bratlien, Keith Hirsch, Darren Kulischak, Eric Lopez, William Mazzei, Timothy Stewart, Joe Johnston, Kevin Luster, Noah Makela, Kyle Newton, Max Schweiger, and Jared Tower.

Also at our March meeting, our Tigers in Dens 6 and 12 earned their Tiger Cub rank. Den 6 leaders Jim O’Brien and Patrick Walker awarded the Tiger Cub badge to Jake Balderrama, Scotty Grimm, Christian Hall, Pierce Newton, Justin O’Brien, and James Walker. Den 12 leader Dan Luka and assistant leader Art Nagano presented the Tiger Cub badge to Austin Hale, Nathan Jester, Zack Luka, Christian Nagano, Zachary Olson, and Jonathan Pinko.

As you can tell, our pack has had many transformations over the past two months. However, none of these alterations will change the fact that we have a fantastic group of boys, parents, and leaders that we wouldn’t trade for anything.

Troop 616 Camps Out

Troop 616 scouts had a fun time in February with all of their activities. We went to Camp Emerson in Idyllwild. Mr. Dalrymple led the outing. There was also a Skating merit badge for scouts to earn and Order of the Arrow elections. For the Skating merit badge, scouts had lessons about how the ice is cleaned and how skates are taken care of. They also practiced different skating maneuvers, such as turning, going backwards, and stopping. After the scouts were done with the merit badge, they got to free skate.

Also during the outing, scouts went around the camp doing different outdoor activities during the day such as building fires, making tents, and tying knots. Later that day, some of the scouts made an orienteering course for the younger scouts so they could get a requirement signed off for Second Class. Scouts also had a lot of free time during which they played cards or went to the trading post to get snacks.

Justin Glavis-Bloom is our troop’s 60th Eagle Scout! For his Eagle project, Justin spearheaded the restoration of Trail 25 in Scripps Ranch near the corner of Semillon Blvd. and Pomerado Road. Working under the guidance of Mr. Al Hofstatter, over 30 scouts worked 100 man-hours to successfully complete the project.

Justin is currently attending La Jolla High School where he is pursuing a rigorous course load. He is an officer of the Speech and Debate Club and is a member of the cross country and track teams. He also volunteers at Muirlands Middle School, where he teaches a weekly class on astronomy. Justin hopes to attend Stanford University after graduation. Congratulations on reaching the rank of Eagle Scout Justin! And, good luck for a very successful future.