Country Living License Plate Frames

Congratulations to scouts in Bear Dens 2 and 10 upon achieving their Bear rank and to scouts in Wolf Dens 3, 4, and 7 for achieving their Wolf rank.

Michael Kesaris from Den 8 submitted this report for Webelos Dens 8 and 9. “We received our Webelos badge and Compass Emblem at the March pack meeting. We were recognized for our accomplishments for the year. The candle ceremony was very impressive. We are all getting excited about becoming Webelos II. For the April pack meeting, we decorated a wooden puppet stage. Then each of us made a hand puppet that looked like something that would be in a salad. We had a cucumber, tomato, lettuce, bottle of dressing, cheese, and many more characters. The name of our skit was `Tossed Salad.’ It was a lot of fun to perform, especially when the audience laughed.”

Bear Den 10 toured the Channel 10 news station. Kyle Newton submitted this report. “We got to see a lot of cool things at the station including the control room, the studio, the news chopper and even an example of HDTV.”

Coming up this month, please look for Pack 613 at the Community Fair. This takes place on Sunday, May 6, from noon to 5 pm. We will be there selling our Scripps Ranch “County Living” license plate frames. Later in the month, Pack 613 will participate in the flag placement at Fort Rosecrans Cemetery.

Junior Girl Scout Encampment

Girl Scouts in Scripps Ranch know how to have fun while learning outdoor skills. Do you remember your favorite song from camp? Any camp not just Girl Scout camp? Yes? Well chances are that is because you had a great time! Every year girls from Brownies and older can experience encampment.

What exactly is encampment? It is when girls from each level of scouting get together and enjoy being with other girls at their level doing fun and exciting activities in a outdoor setting. So in March, the Junior Girl Scouts got to have their encampment in Julian.

About 135 Girl Scouts in fourth and fifth grade and 45 adults spent the weekend of March 23-25 at Camp Winacka in Julian. Some girls tested their aim at archery while other girls built teamwork with the challenge course. Everyone had fun with the crafts, songs, skits, and swaps.

Girl Scouts give a big thank you to committee members Chris Eshelman, Liz Burchell, Loretta Lynch, Laurel Berns, Sue Carter, Carol Buckley, Kellie Jaquez, and Rita Datko for all their hard work. Keep an eye out for exciting news back from Brownie encampment taking place on April 20-22!

What a Difference!

Boy Scout Troop 663 has recently gained thirteen new members to our troop. They are Jason Bennett, Justin Burr, Andrew Burte, Brendan Edwards, Tyler Heckendorn, Erik Huckleberry, Jonathan Londerholm, Jared Mimms, Corey Page, Mike Pauley, Alvaro Rangel, Mikie Robinette, and Erik Steinholt. Some of these scouts were integrated into the already existing Trail Dog and Kangaroo patrols, and the rest formed their own new Cobra patrol.

Our troop wasted no time in making them feel welcome. We already have begun to help them with their tenderfoot requirements at troop meetings. Our first activity with the new scouts was a troop garage sale in March. Scouts sold things they no longer needed, sold hotdogs to raise money for the troop, and washed dogs and cars. We had a good time washing the dogs and cooking hotdogs.

Just one day later, we went on our first tune-up hike. After learning all the aspects of backpacking during our meetings in March, our troop took a ten-mile hike in Penasquitos Canyon Preserve while wearing our heavy backpacks to prepare for the longer backpacking trips that we will be taking later in the year.

We were barely even slowed by a rattlesnake, which foolishly considered biting one of our adult members. The snake thought twice before trying to bite our Committee Chair Eric Lighthart, who already had gained troop renown by fighting off a bear in the Sierras.

Pinewood Derby Results

We had a great Pinewood Derby race–a lot of fine looking entries and some close races. The winners for our pack were:

  • 1st place: Thomas Amling of Den 1;
  • 2nd place: Ian Haliburton of Den 4;
  • 3rd place, Michael Alexander of Den 1; and
  • 4th place, Brian Long of Den 4.
  • Best of Show: Jake Gedra;
  • 2nd Best of Show: Alvarao Rango;
  • Most Unique: Caleb Roitz; and
  • 2nd Most Unique: Chris Bovet.
Congratulations boys!

We also had our Blue and Gold Dinner and what a great turnout. There were lots of good food, prizes, and of course, great company. Scouts and parents enjoyed the awards ceremonies–lots of face painting going on at the Blue and Gold!

March also is a time when our senior Webelos bridge over to the Boys Scouts. Congratulations to all the 2nd year Webelos on your advancement.

Den 4 had a terrific month learning about crystals thanks to Doug Williams. Several boys were so interested, they continued their research, on their own, at the local library.

A Voice from the Past

On March 4, the Boy Scouts hiked to the top of Iron Mountain approximately 2,600 feet above sea level, for a total of six miles round trip. Eight scouts and four Assistant Scoutmasters from Troop 616 were on the outing, as well as seven Webelos and seven Cub Scout parents.

The weather was cool and cloudy–perfect hiking weather–which gave all the chance to practice being prepared and having the proper layers. It was warm and sheltered on the east side of the valley as the scouts climbed, but it was so windy and cold at the top you could see your breath. It was a great hike for the family, and everyone had a good time.

Troop 616 celebrated its 30th anniversary on March 13. One of the troop’s own Eagle Scouts, Cameron Smith, recently featured in the SRCA Newsletter, came down to San Diego from Vancouver to make a presentation to the troop. He was able to tell us how his experiences in Boy Scouts helped him on his explorations. The slide show he put together for us was fantastic. We were in awe of the confidence he has in his own survival skills. Others who joined the troop for the evening included members of Cameron’s family, past scoutmasters, committee chairs, Eagle Scouts, and Troop 616 Scouts and their families. Scouts reflected on past years and new experiences to come.

Troop 616 welcomes new Scouts. They are Michael Huey, Kevin Barber, Matthew Heuss, Evan Khoury, Benjamin Koppelman, Matthew MacFarlane, Gregory Moy, Alex Nelson, Joshua Ouellette, Eric Popien, Evan Sayer, John Michael Stieger, Christopher Wimmer, and Chris Barnsley.

On March 30 and 31, we had an outing at the newly refurbished Youth Aquatics Center on Fiesta Island. Scouts were able to learn skills and how to apply them. Canoeing, kayaking, and rowing merit badges were offered. The younger scouts were able to practice new skills and have them signed off.