Boy Scout Fun

Troop 616 scouts went on some fun outings this past month. They went camping at Paso Picacho and had two merit badge outings. One was to the San Diego Ice Arena for the Ice Skating merit badge. The other was to Snow Valley for the Snow Sports merit badge.

At Paso Picacho, scouts in leadership positions went to Junior Leader Training. They learned how to help their patrol become more successful. Apart from actual training, scouts played games and had relay races that taught them different leadership skills. Scouts made dinner and desserts together. Everyone had fun and learned a lot. Thanks to Mr. Ulrich for leading us.

At the Ice Arena, scouts learned about the different parts of skates and different skating moves. A lot of people fell their first time on the ice. We got to free skate after we finished the Ice Skating merit badge requirements.

In March, a group of about 15 scouts set off bright and early at 5 am to go skiing at Snow Valley. Some of us completed the Snow Sports merit badge. Others who already had earned the badge just skied and snowboarded until they were too tired to carry on. The snow was great. It would have been nice to stay longer.

Next month, our scouts will attend the annual Scout Fair and camp at the Camporee in Las Flores.

Steven Lewis, Troop Scribe.

Super Size, Super Energy!

Boy Scout Troop 663 is bigger than it was a month ago. Much bigger. The recent addition of 24 graduating Cub Scouts has almost doubled our size, and almost tripled our troop’s excitement. Everywhere you look, a scout is there. Left, right, up, down, an ocean of scouts. The new Roadrunner and Rattlesnake patrols are sure to be valuable additions to our troop.

Our older scouts have not been idle during the hustle and bustle of the new scouts. Congratulations to Wes Mitchell and Bobby James for earning Eagle, scouting’s highest rank.

Our troop is looking forward to a busy May. Among the upcoming events are the Camporee at Rancho Los Flores, our Tenderfoot camp, and our annual troop garage sale and car wash. Make sure to watch for our garage sale on Saturday, May 4, from 7 am to 3 pm.

Bradley Markano, Troop Scribe



from Pack 613

The scouts of Pack 613 participated in a Mother’s Day service project during their April pack meeting. Thanks to everyone who helped ensure some less fortunate mothers and children will have a special day. Also in April, Cub Scout Pack 613 enjoyed a great day at the 2002 Scout Fair at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

Our May pack meeting is reunion night for anyone who has ever been a part of Pack 613. If you are interested in playing a part in the pack meeting, please email us today at [[email protected]]. If you would rather just observe, we would love to have you. Our meeting is Tuesday, May 21, at 6:45 pm in the Jerabek Elementary School auditorium.

That night will also be "Blue and Gold Crazy Hair Night." Awards will be given to the scout with the wildest hair, the scout with the most colorful hair, and the scout showing the most Cub Scout spirit. You guessed it; no hats are required that night.

On Sunday, May 19, we will participate in the SRCA Community Fair by selling our famous "Scripps Ranch– Country Living" license plate frames. Please join us at the Scripps Ranch Community Park for all the fun. In May, we also will participate in a Memorial Day service project.

Can you believe it? Summer and our June "bridging" at Camp Balboa are just around the corner. The Summertime award pin will be given to boys who continue to be active in scouts over the summer. These activities include our camping trip to Indian Hills and to Mataguay. We can hardly wait!

Keep an eye out for more details and information on all upcoming activities and events in Pack Tracks. It is mailed to all cub scouts monthly. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us anytime at [[email protected]].

Great Job, Cub Scouts!

Congratulations to the cub scouts who earned their Wolf award from Den 8, Pack 616. Those cub scouts are Rafael Rendon, Ian Eckelman, Spencer Voorhies, Vivek Vishwanath, Joshua Solberg, Dylan Youngs, and Jack McCalley. Since October, they have earned a total of 67 belt loops/pins and 14 arrowpoints, representing over 140 electives. Thank you to Cubmasters Joe Roitz and Ray Rogers for the fun Wolf Ceremony at the "Blue and Gold Dinner!"

As a den, we visited the Wild Animal Park and completed our Cub Scout World Conservation award. We learned about birds of Africa and North and South America. The boys already had learned about birdhouses and making bird feeders. They also completed a service project of litter collection at Scripps Ranch Community Park.

We look forward to the award ceremony that has a definite "Survivor" and safari theme. Many thanks to Pam DeRego, den leader of Den 1, for all her help in earning this award!

The boys of Den 2 successfully attained their Webelos badges at our March "Blue and Gold Dinner." Congratulations to Bryan Truitt, Bo Lee, Corey Eckelman, Ryan Price, Quinton Petty, Zack Monroe, William Hopkins, Nicholas Burke, and Chris Bovet for a job well done!

They now are working on their Compass Point emblems and had a great time planting trees to earn their Forester badge. Also, a belated kudos to William Hopkins for winning the "Most Unique" award at our February Pinewood Derby for his original "stinger bee" car design!

Debbie Iannarelli

Did You See the Signs?

April 22 was National Girl Scout Leader Appreciation Day. Scripps Ranch is very fortunate to have 1,147 registered girl scouts in the Scripps Ranch Girl Scout Service Unit 695. Many of those girl scouts are the adult leaders and co-leaders of the 80 troops.

This year Junior Troop 8310 decided to honor these dedicated adults on Leader Appreciation Day in a special way. The girls made signs the size of real estate signs to put in the leaders’ and co-leaders’ yards on the morning of April 22. These leaders spend a minimum of six hours per month helping to guide and shape the development of the girls in their troops.

In recognition of this project, the girls will receive the Junior Bronze award, the highest award given to Junior Girl Scouts. They spent six hours planning the activity. Each scout chaired a committee to make sure everything got done on time.

Kate Colby was project chair. She researched the Bronze award criteria, planned the event, and put a project calendar together. The following girls chaired the committees: Rachel DeJesus, materials; Erin Teays, painting; Elaine Gray, volunteer parents (she was in charge of getting the names of parent volunteers to help put up the signs); Cassy King, telephoning; Katie Sullivan, instruction flyer; Linley Sullivan, parents training; Kylie Page, pick-up and delivery; Melissa Nigro, follow-up evaluations; Kiva White, Bronze award project evaluation process; and Alissa Alker, official Bronze award submission binder.

The girls made 160 signs. They spent six Saturday’s from 8 to 10 am roller painting the hearts, brush painting the outlines, and spray painting the sayings, "We love our Leaders!," "Happy Girl Scout Leader Appreciation Day," and "Your Scripps Ranch Girl Scouts and Parents!" Two Friday evenings they distributed the signs to the volunteer parents.

They were very pleased to use recycled signs from the San Diego Auto Show, donated by GES Exposition Services. The remainder of the supplies were purchased with money the girls raised throughout the year. Troop 8310 was pleased to be able to show how much we appreciate all 160 leaders and co-leaders.

Weekend of Fun and Learning

7th and 8th grade Cadette Girl Scouts from Troops 8101, 8385, and 8414 had a weekend filled with fun, knowledge, experiments, and community service. Julie Hetherington helped to start the day with a skin-care consultation, make-up application lesson, and some insight into her career as a Mary Kay senior sales director.

At Hardware in the Mira Mesa Mall, we met with owner Nick DeGraff. We learned about the marketing and management of his surf and skateboard shop. With a master’s degree in economics, he also talked about the world market, the manufacturing and labor costs, and how this affects all of us as consumers.

Next the girls went to Girl Scout headquarters in Balboa Park. Mindy Trembley, a consultant with Creative Memories, helped the girls complete their Paper Works badge with a lesson in scrapbooking. The girls experimented with natural skin care by making their own facial scrubs, toner, and lotion. The girls also met with Margo Anderson, a hair stylist, who discussed facial structure, hair design, and color.

After a fun spa weekend, the girls earned their Fitness to Fashion and Paper Works badges. As a community service project, the girls collected toiletries for a women’s shelter. The donations were individually sorted and placed in handcrafted gift bags made by the girls. Close to 100 bags of toiletries will be donated to people in need.

Leaders Paula Conlon, Lynne Doyle, and Brenda Weisner are proud of the girls’ efforts. They accomplished all of this in a 24-hour period, and they had fun, too!

Pet Project

In February, Girl Scout Troop 8345 took a trip to the Scripps Ranch Veterinary Hospital, as part of our Cadette interest project on pets. This badge is a "bridging" requirement.

As we walked in, we met a yellow-naped Amazon parrot named Poncho. We took a tour and played with the veterinarian’s cats. On the tour, we learned many interesting facts:

  • Dr. Teague recommends you keep your cats inside;
  • Vaccinations should be given to all outdoor cats to protect them from diseases other animals carry;
  • Most household items are hazards for cats;
  • You should prevent household items from being eaten (such as strings, paperclips, bouncy balls, and other small toys);
  • To become a veterinarian, you must complete four years of college, four years of veterinary school, and two to four years of specialized veterinary school;
  • In order to enter veterinary school, you must study all the sciences available in high school. In college you must study biochemistry; and,
  • There is only one veterinary school in San Diego.

During our trip, we learned about many different machines that help veterinarians do their job. One machine took blood samples. This job is tedious and takes a long time to do by hand. But, this machine makes it much easier.

These facts are very helpful for cat owners. Our troop liked this experience because we all love animals a lot. We want to give a big thanks to Dr. Teague and the staff.

Tree Planting

Brownie Troop 8307 spent a Saturday in February making the world a more pleasant place! These industrious 2nd grade girls joined People for Trees and Discover Pacific Beach in planting 20 ash trees along Ingraham Street in Pacific Beach.

The girls were reminded why it is so important to have trees in our urban community. They also were taught the proper way to plant a tree. They dug the holes, measured, back-filled, tied the saplings to posts, and cleaned up after themselves! They are especially looking forward to watching their trees grow over the years.