Pack 613 Supports Our Troops

In a show of support for all our military men and women in Iraq, Den 5 devoted an extra hour during their April meeting making a banner and putting together a care package for our men and women overseas.

The package was sent to cub scout Zack Renier’s dad who is an F-18 pilot flying missions over Iraq. All the dens in Pack 613 joined in the care package effort, supplying plastic bags with wish list items such as energy bars, lip balm, sunscreen, baby wipes, candy bars, and Pringles potato chips!

Continuing in this spirit of community service and helping others, Pack 613 once again was called upon to put together Mother’s Day boxes for those less fortunate. Last year brightly wrapped shoe boxes with toiletry items were donated to women at a homeless shelter. This year the boxes will be distributed to the women at Hidden Valley House, a shelter for abused women and their children.

The month of May will also find scouts and their families from Pack 613 actively involved in the Scripps Ranch Community Fair. Look for our booth selling license plate holders and our newest fundraiser, the hot dog cart. Owned by the Olsen family, Matt Olsen of Den 9 will help his parents sell these authentic New York hot dogs, with a portion of the profits going to Pack 613.

Another ongoing new fundraiser for Pack 613 is our toner cartridge recycling program. Please take all empty computer printer cartridges to our recycling bin in front of the school office at Jerabek Elementary School. We want to thank the Olsen family for also spearheading this fundraising effort! It is family involvement such as this that makes Cub Scouting a successful and enriching experience for our boys!

Speaking of family experiences, our pack is gearing up for our annual Indian Hills campout on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, July 10-12. This summertime event bonds the boys, their families, and our pack like no other. Dust, mosquito bites, and burnt marshmallows–all in the name of Scouting! Any questions, contact us at [[email protected]].

In March’s article the scouts in Den 7 were incorrectly listed as graduating Webelos. Sorry for the error. Our "real" graduating Webelos were the hardworking boys in Den 2–Tyler Bratlien, Eric Lopez, Tim Stewart, Keith Hirsch, William Mazzei, and Darren Kulishchak.