Congratulations Brownie Girl Scouts of Troop 8163

Brownie Girl Scout Troop 8163, led by troop leaders Julia Simms, Fran Franklin, and Helen Markano, sold more Girl Scout cookies this year than any other Girl Scout troop of any age in Scripps Ranch. Topping out at a whopping 2,400 boxes, the 14 girls in the troop averaged more than 170 boxes each. Top seller was Anna Simms with a total of 304 boxes sold, followed by Kristen Gorski with 302 sales and Courtney Heck with 301. The girls raised $1,200 for their troop and plan to use the money on a weekend trip this fall to the famed Rawhide Ranch in Bonsall.

“With the goal of Rawhide Ranch in their sights, cookie sales were phenomenal this year,” said Lisa Flanders-Gorski, who orchestrated the troop’s cookie sales for the past two years. “I’m glad I finally have use of my garage again,” she quipped, adding that the troop had to reorder additional cookies three times this season.

Members of Troop 8163 are Kelsey Crooks, Hilde Franklin, Nicole Frost, Kristen Gorski, Katherine Gratas, Courtney Heck, Robyn Markano, Ariel McCarty, Cara Miller, Alexa Nasland, Samantha Paulus, Anna Simms, Shaun Starr, and Traci Steckler. The girls will be bridging to Junior Girl Scouts early this month.

Julia Simms

Girl Scout News

In June, parents and friends celebrated and watched as 136 girls “bridged up” to the next level of Girl Scouting. This is an annual Scripps Ranch Girl Scout ceremony that takes place every June at the Jerabek Park amphitheater. This year’s theme was Heart to Heart, calling to mind memories, friendships, and service. Thank you to all who worked to make this event special.

A special thank you goes to Vons Scripps Ranch and Vons Scripps Poway Parkway for their joint donation of a flower for each girl who crossed the bridge, and to Bob Dingeman who came out to the site twice to help us with the public address system. Cadette Troop 8337 did a wonderful job of writing the script and hosting the event. Congratulations to all the girls! Here’s to another great year of scouting ahead!

Jean McDonald

Boy Scout Troop 616 gains another Eagle Scout

Alex Smith and Aaron Popien are new scouts with Troop 616! As this is Alex’s first encounter with scouting, we hope it will be a long and happy one.

Troop elections were held during May so our scouts have settled down in their new patrols. Each patrol has a new patrol leader and assistant patrol leader and these young men will hold their positions for the next 6 months. Early in June they went to Junior Leader training at Lake Poway under the expert guidance of Scoutmaster George Ulrich and Assistant Scoutmasters Russ Edwards, Francis Wiegand, Kevin Leavy, and Ron Hawkins.

Our Troop’s third and final Court of Honor for this year was held in June. Scout families were present to see their sons and brothers recognized and honored for achievements earned and rank advancements completed since the last Court of Honor in February. This is a very special occasion for both the scout and his family. Congratulations to you all!

At press time, the outing for June at San Onofre State Beach is minutes away. Ron Hawkins is the Tour Leader, and he will be assisted by Francis Wiegand, James Geiger, Bill Wood, Kevin Leavy, and George Ulrich. All scouts, and a group of participating parents, are looking forward to a great weekend in the surf and on the beach.

Also coming up in June is a really exciting canoe trip out of the Northern Tier High Adventure base in Minnesota. Six scouts are going on this trek led by Russ Edwards and Larry Purcell. Report back next month. Good luck guys!

Troop 616 is proud to introduce readers to Eagle Scout David Crawford. David is a sophomore at La Jolla High School and was named an Eagle Scout at a Court of Honor in February.

David is the 53rd Eagle Scout of Troop 616. Approximately one scout in 50 attains the Eagle rank. The requirements include advancing through 5 lower ranks, earning 21 merit badges, demonstrating leadership ability, and completing an Eagle project. David earned 46 merit badges and served as patrol leader, chaplain’s aide, and assistant senior patrol leader. He is a member of the Order of the Arrow and recently was elected senior patrol leader. At La Jolla High School, David is an honor student and a member of the varsity badminton team.

For his Eagle project, David directed the design and construction of an opossum enclosure for Project Wildlife. The enclosure, which can house up to 10 sick or injured opossums, can be transported in sections. Each year Project Wildlife gives a second chance to nearly 10,000 mammals and birds. Ranked number 1 in quantity among all the wildlife cared for each year are opossums. A total of 13 adults and boys contributed more than 105 man-hours to the project last spring.

David is the son of John and Julie Crawford of La Jolla, and is the brother of Eagle Scout Charles Crawford who was featured in last month’s Newsletter. What a family! Thank you John, Julie, David, and Charles for being such assets to Troop 616. And congratulations again, David, on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout!

Sandy Price

Cub Scout Pack 614

Cub Scout Pack 614 rounded out the 1999-2000 school year with a pizza party and advancement ceremony at Jerabek School in June. The scouts’ parents placed new neckerchiefs on the boys after they crossed a wooden bridge to be welcomed into their new level of Scouting. Tiger Cubs moving up to the Wolf level are Brian Balaoling, Darren Critchlow, Evan Critchlow, Bradley Furman, Steven Ilko, Andrew Lister, Markus Raimondi, Ryan Smurlo, Brett Snow, Nick Stenman, Kevin Londerholm, Brian Maloy, Nikolas Marino, Brendan Mitchell, Derek Podimatis, Brent Rossin, Jake Vincent, and Colin Weber.

Advancing from Wolf to Bear Scout are the boys from Dens 4 and 5: Nicholas Batt, Chris Gallagher, Kyle Hoffer, Tendai Mukau, Michael Nasland, Taylor Stenman, Brandon Watson, Ryan Weinberg, Kyle Berzle, Alex Foster, Blake Hansen, Brian Holmes, Chris Honeycutt, Michael Hopkins, Zachary Meyer, and Matthew Roberts.

Dens 6 and 8 Bear Scouts who will now be 1st year Webelos are Michael Adsit, Joren Anderson, Bryce Caputo, Kevin Cramp, Evan Dunn, Andrew Hansen, Forrest Lighthart, Colin McGuinness, Cody Mills, Joel Gillett, Nicholas Herrel, Steven Jones, Joseph Mangan, Gio Monaco, Alex Olson, Cory Nuffer, and Ryan Stock.

The 1st year Webelos of Dens 2 and 7 have moved into their final year of Cub Scouting as 2nd year Webelos. They are Max Andersen, Justin Burr, Shea Duncan, Tyler Heckendorn, Jonathan Londerholm, Jared Mimms, Mikie Robinette, Michael Fleming, Ross Heaton, Michael Huey, Benjamin Kromray, Matthew Michalek, Gregory Moy, Alex Nelson, Nicholas Podimatis, and Daniel Silverstein. Judging by the number of patches, belt loops, pins, and other awards presented at the pack meeting, these boys have had a very busy and productive spring!

The many accomplishments of these Cub Scouts would not be possible without the great support of all our parent volunteers, notably the den leaders: Susan Londerholm, Ruth Burr, Kris Lighthart, Shelly Anderson, Sandy Adsit, Stelios Podimatis, Gary Moy, Sue Stock, Suzanne Jones, Susan Batt, Jaleh Watson, Debbie Hoffer, Joyce Berzle, Dianne Holmes, Annabelle Balaoling, Trina Furman, and Mary Ann Maloy. Special thanks also go to Cubmaster Michael McGuinness, Assistant Cubmaster Michael Hoffer and committee chairperson Kris Lighthart for their hard work and vision leading this outstanding group of boys.

Representatives of the pack recently presented a new microphone and stand to the Jerabek School at the third-grade recorder concert, in appreciation for Jerabek’s support of our activities. As this article is being written, we are preparing to trek across the Coronado Bridge en masse as part of the 4-mile Liberty Run/Walk to aid victims of domestic violence. Also, be sure to wave and cheer as we march by you in full dress uniform at the Scripps Ranch 4th of July parade!

Cubs Pack 616

Our year is winding down with the onset of summer vacation. We have several people leaving our pack who we want to wish a fond farewell and our most heartfelt gratitude. Our former pack leader, Charles James and Den leader Lisa James are moving on to Boy Scouts; Sam and Colleen Allen are moving to Northern California; and Fay Hill is moving on to new challenges. Congratulations to each of you for your accomplishments and thank you for your generous contribution of time and energy to Pack 616. We will miss you.

Our pack has some wonderful fun in store for the upcoming months. The boys will participate in the Scripps Ranch 4th of July parade, a fun day with the Padres, and our ever-popular ice skating derby later in the summer. A special thanks goes to Mr. Mike Harrison for putting together the summer activities. Have a great and safe summer!

Webelo Den 4 is going to have lots of fun this summer and during the upcoming new year. Bryce Brewer, Ricky Duckworth, Ian Halliburton, Lance Harrison, Brian Long, Greg Rogers, Jonathan Rose, Devon Torres, and Jordan Williams, congratulations on your hard work and advancement to first-year Webelos.

Den 7 has been very busy working toward their Arrow of Light award. At the Cub Scout graduation in June, the boys became 2nd year Webelos. They also said good-bye to some good friends, the Allen family, who is moving to Sacramento this summer. Colleen Allen has been the boy’s den leader for the past four years; Sam Allen was the committee chair for Pack 616; Garrett, a fellow Webelos; Mason, a Tiger Cub; and Faith, the official little sister of Den 7. The Allen’s will be missed, and we wish them good luck!

Between resident camp at the Conference Center and day camp at Lake Poway, as well as between family vacations and normal summer activities, Garrett Allen, Brendan Edwards, Brandon Nanquil, Erik Huckleberry, Erik Steinholt, Corey Skolnick, and Danny Golden have busy summers ahead.