Cadette Troop 8379 Earns Silver Award

The Girl Scout Silver Award is the highest award a Cadette Girl Scout can earn. This award recognizes a cadette’s efforts in a wide range of girl scouting experiences and her commitment to working to better her life and the lives of others.

There are five requirements for this award. They include building one’s skills, exploring career possibilities, increasing leadership skills, and making a commitment to improve oneself. The fifth requirement is to design and carry out a Girl Scout Silver Award project. Each cadette put in 30 hours to research her project, gather materials, and finally to work on the project itself.

For their project, the girls from Troop 8379 chose to host a Brownie Science Day. Profits from their Girl Scout cookie sales helped to fund this event. Each cadette led a station that pertained to her individual project. These stations included healthy food, chemical reactions, your heart, gravity, habitats, animals, colors, and optical illusions.

Brownie Science Day was a huge success! Congratulations to the following girls of Cadette Troop 8379: Jenna Adsit, Rachel Bramwell, Katie Dunn, Ashley Gray, Amy Harris, Lindsay Parrish, Nicki Pistotti, Jennifer Sloan, and their leader/advisor, Sherry Kari.

Diana Parrish

Career Preparation

Cadette Girl Scouts in Scripps Ranch gathered at the Recreation Center for a Career Explorations Workshop in May. The girls learned how to make a positive first impression and how to prepare for a school or job interview.

They also received tips on introductions, manners, etiquette, and protocol. Each girl was interviewed and videotaped. Girls from Troops 8101, 8211, 8385, and 8414 participated in this workshop. Lynne Doyle and Paula Conlon arranged the workshop.

Troop 663 Heads Outdoors

May began with the troop’s Tenderfoot Camp at Dos Pekos. New scouts were taught skills and helped toward advancement. The greatest challenge, however, was an immense infestation of earwigs. It is a good thing the troop had senior patrol leader Steven Markano, the wonder boy, to lead them through it.

The first portion of Troop 663’s camelback backpacking trip took place in May. In this two-part hike, which will be completed in October, participating boy scouts will earn the camelback award for completing a total of 30 miles.

The first leg of the trip was a complete success. Boys braved nine miles of hungry ants, intense heat, a plague of grasshoppers, and two-and-a-half renditions of "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" by the now official troop torturers, the Wolf Patrol.

The second day involved a six-mile hike through the San Bernardino mountains to the vehicles. The scouts were welcomed at the end by a friendly wave of tree climbing caterpillars. Special recognition goes to Caleb Cato, Troop 663’s own caterpillar tamer. We all look forward to his ascension to the big time.

Wesley Mitchel recently held his Eagle Scout court of honor, where he was celebrated and awarded as our troop’s first Eagle Scout. Congratulations, Wes! The troop is now looking forward to the upcoming Silver Strand beach campout and our first class camp at William Heise.

Bradley Markano, Troop Scribe

Troop 616 Stays Busy

In May, a group of Troop 616 scouts went camping at the William Heise campground just outside of Julian. Camp was set up under huge oak trees and Julian apple pie was part of the evening meal. Many thanks to our tour leaders, Norm Heuss and Dave Frederickson.

We are very proud of four scouts who have recently earned their Ad Altare Dei award, the highest religious emblem in the Catholic faith. Frank Barrack, Luke Ulrich, Jason Swalwell, and Robert Zablit have been working every weekend since October 2001 under the exceptional guidance of Cathy Barrack.

Cathy has led our scouts, and others from this district, through the studies of their faith. We thank her for her time, commitment, gentle patience, and wonderful encouragement.

In June, the scouts were presented with their awards during mass at St. Gregory the Great. Congratulations to all of you on your commitment and perseverance. The troop is very proud of you.

Troop 616 is also pleased to announce that we have a new scoutmaster, Ed Wimmer! An Eagle Scout himself, Ed brings experience as cubmaster of two Cub Scout packs in the area, and a great enthusiasm for the scouting program.

Ed has two sons in the troop, Matt and Chris, and his wife, Loren, serves on the troop committee. Yes, the whole family is very involved! Thank you for filling this position, Ed.

Many thanks are due to George Ulrich for acting as scoutmaster in the interim. All Troop 616 families appreciate your dedication and we are pleased to know you will continue to be an assistant scoutmaster with our troop.

Sandy Price, Publicity

Springtime is Cub Time!

What a blast this spring has been! First, our Pack 616 had a fun time at the Scout Fair at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. We joined 14,000 other scouts. We climbed towers, shot water balloons and tennis balls with huge catapults, tossed every object imaginable at the Cub Scout Game Midway, and shot soda pop bottle rockets a hundred feet into the sky!

Next, we had a fun time camping in the mountains near Julian. We had great weather, super food–we had a taco feeding frenzy–and spirited competition with the self-made slingshot water balloon accuracy contest. Many of the cubs climbed to a peak where the view went on forever.

The cubs of Dens 1 and 8 have all earned their Wolf Awards, and are off and running on their Bear Achievements. So far, they have been learning knots, making great strands of their own rope, learning to throw a lifeline, and playing fun games in the long evening twilight. "Kangaroo" and "Gorilla" races, "Cows and Cranes," kickball, "Amoeba Tag," and arm wrestling are just some of the fun games we have played.

Our pack is looking forward to the summertime schedule including pack graduation, participating in the Scripps Ranch July 4th parade, attending a Padres’ game, ice skating, and Cub Scout Day Camp. We love summer!

Thanks to the volunteers who made this year a success! Our gratitude goes to so many, including: Joe Roitz, cubmaster; Ray Rogers, assistant cubmaster; Dennis Burke, committee chair; Matt Meis, treasurer; Kathy Price, awards; Frank Echols, popcorn sales chair; Kelly Peters, pinewood derby; and, Barbara Amling, Blue and Gold Dinner.

Also thanks to our den leaders and helpers: Akemi Rogers, Colin Eckelman, Melissa Bovet, Bob Vildibill, Pam De Rego, Steve Iwig, Bryon Solberg, Doug Boyer, Steve Gadberry, Eric Sarbacker, Al Seda, Meri Alexander, Tom Voorhies, Rich Youngs, and Vivek Vishwanath.

Bridging Ceremony

Pack 1216 held their annual June Bridging Ceremony at Spring Canyon Park. The following are the boys who crossed the bridge to the next level:

  • Tiger Cubs, Den 5–Addison Jerlow, Nolan Stephens, Grant Leber, Andrew May, Daniel Lofy, Tyler Salvato, Andrew Corvin, and Billy Feather.
  • Tiger Cubs, Den 2–Chris Chadwick, Daythun White, John McCallum, and Patrick Barnsley.
  • Wolfs–Zachary Burns, Ian Davis, Joshua Hawley, Noah Hawley, Jason Horwitz, Patrick Ivison, Mathew Roderick, Jordan Weiner, and Hunter Young.
  • Bears–Garrett Keohane, Phillip Glass, Michael Rogers, Connor Emmert, Alex Ranum, Andrew Griffin, and Jake Ouellette.
  • Webelos I–Nicholas Bailey, Tommy Kimpel, Nick Keiper, Brent Barker, Aaron Cote, and Michael Wear.

Many thanks to our den leaders who worked so hard this past school year.

  • Tiger Cubs–Ruth Feather, Kathy White, and Leslie Chadwick.
  • Wolfs–Dee Dee Burns.
  • Bears–Denise Ouellette and Steve Ranum.
  • Webelos I–Jeanne Keeper.

Look for us in the July 4th parade. The boys will be riding their bikes all fancied up in red, white, and blue! They will be showing their spirit as they have fun along the parade route.