Cool Summer Plans

The girls of Troop 8385 are on their way to high school this fall, but for now, girls just want to have fun! We recently took an ocean kayaking adventure, paddling through the waves and out to the cliffs of La Jolla.

We encountered seals, fish, and marine life living in the kelp beds. After our wonderful adventure, we enjoyed an old-fashioned barbecue at the beach. What a great way to watch a California sunset!

We have also volunteered to plan, cook, and serve a dinner for the families at Ronald McDonald House at Children’s Hospital. Last time we were there, we had an opportunity to meet and talk with many families who are struggling with the illness of a child.

We enjoyed cheering them up and giving them encouragement along with a homemade dinner. If you are interested in this opportunity, please call Nina Brown, house manager of Ronald McDonald House, at 292-7413.

Just as the girls begin their high school days, we will take a weekend off to have fun at Camp Surf. We have some great surfers in our troop!

As we meet this fall, we will miss our good friend Jamie Suchoski. She will move out of state this summer. Our troop will have to plan a ski trip to visit her! Jamie, you will be missed. May you always have fond memories of your girl scouting days here in Scripps Ranch!

A Win for Girl Scouts and Whiz Kids

Thanks to all the girl scouts and Whiz Kids–the aerobic exercise team –who participated in this year’s 4th of July parade. We had a record number of 112 girls march, donning either their girl scout uniform or their Whiz Kid T-shirt.

Lead by Ruth Burr, the girls performed a drill-team type routine down the parade route. It is always great to see such a large turnout of young ladies in uniform. And apparently, the judges enjoyed the entry too. They awarded the combined groups a 3rd place ribbon. Congratulations to all! See you next year! For more information, contact Ruth at [[email protected]].

Spending Time Outdoors

Activities in June were geared towards getting Boy Scout Troop 616 scouts ready for the month’s outing at San Onofre. Since it included a 22-mile bike ride, troop meetings were held at Miramar Lake. Scouts had their bikes and gear checked and enjoyed great rides around the lake on beautiful summer evenings.

The 22-mile bike ride on that June Saturday morning was a huge hit with a group of almost 30 scouts and their dads. The afternoon saw lots of activity on San Onofre beach and in the ocean, which was apparently very cold. Thanks to Ron Hawkins for leading such a great outing.

Our scouts are also getting themselves ready to attend summer camps. This year we have groups going to Camp Cherry Valley and Emerald Bay on Catalina Island. Of course, we have 31 scouts going to Mataguay.

Lots of great outdoor experiences to look forward to, lots of people to meet, and tons of fun to be had. This is what makes for a great summer!

Sandy Price, Publicity

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