Eagle Projects

Several scouts from Troop 1218, Team 1218, and Crew 1218 have been busy around the Ranch lately working on their Eagle Service Projects.

First, Jesse Giffhorn of Crew 1218 led a large group of volunteers in the long-term preservation of the adobe brick walls on the corner of Scripps Ranch Blvd. and Pomerado Road. The walls were cleaned and then sealed to slow down the erosion from the weather. After several rain delays, Jesse’s project was completed on April 28.

A few weeks later, Will Collett of Troop 1218 completed a similar project He was assigned to seal the wall on the corner of Willow Creek and Pomerado, as well as to seal and rehabilitate the Derenbaker Grove and Gordon Grove signs. Will and his crew completed the project on June 2. The walls and signs that Jesse and Will worked on are made of the original adobe bricks that were salvaged from E.W. Scripps mansion, so they have historical significance to our community.

On June 16, Justin Jensen of Team 1218 led a group of volunteers in reconstructing Trail #22, which is next to the mini-mart on Scripps Trail. Much of the existing trail had overgrown, so Justin and his crew cut back the bush, including removing some poisonous bush rue. They also came with shovels and pick axes to level out the portions of the trail that needed it.

Many thanks to Ray Bussett, Bob Dingeman, and Al Hofstatter for all of the time and support that they gave these young men. Congratulations to Jesse, Will, and Justin for completing your Eagle Service Projects!

Cub Scout Pack 614

Den 1 Bears did community service by weeding and planting at the Victims of Violent Crimes Memorial Oak Grove.

Pictured are: Back Row: Brenden Mitchell, Brent Rossin, Jean Thompson, Buddy Knott, Cynthia Knott, Derek Podimatis. Front Row: Kevin Londerholm, Sam Knott, and Nikolas Marino.

Great job, boys! Doesn’t community service just make you feel good?

Cubs Pack 616

Pack 616 has had a fun summer and is getting ready to start our fun filled New Year. So far this summer the Pack has seen the Padres, marched in the 4th of July parade and will soon have a summer skate at the local ice arena.

This upcoming exciting New Year will see our pack supporting both the new EBS Elementary as well as Dingeman Elementary. The first Pack meeting for the year will be on 17th of September in the Dingeman Auditorium at 7pm.

Your den leaders will be contacting you beforehand to set up your den meeting times and activities for the year. Round up, the annual fall recruitment for new scouts, is currently being scheduled with the schools and is planned to be sometime during the week of September 10th. New scouts and their parents should watch their mail coming home with their boys from school to get the exact date, time and location. There will also be a parents meeting held that same week to help your Pack 616 committee plan for the upcoming year. All the parents of scouts currently in the pack will be asked to attend. Come have fun and learn with the other boys of the pack as they start down the scouting road.

Cub Pack 613

Welcome back, Pack 613! We are looking forward to an exciting, fun filled year for all the scouts and a year that is filled with all sorts of rewarding volunteer opportunities for parents. Keep your eyes open for our informational newsletter, Pack Tracks which will be arriving by e-mail or snail mail soon. Inside you will find information on Tiger Cub round up for first graders, the date and agenda for our first September Pack meeting, and a `Cans for Cubs’ reminder. If your questions are not answered in Pack Tracks, or if you do not receive your Pack Tracks newsletter, please contact us at [email protected] Here’s to a fabulous and safe year!

Troop 616

Eighteen Scouts and two leaders attended summer camp at Mataguay Scout Reservation from July 8 through July 14.Together the Scouts earned 42 merit badges, learned new skills and hiked over 30 miles of trails while enjoying nature’s gifts in the Volcan Mountains near Warner Springs.

On July 13, 8 boys with 2 leaders went to the Natural History Museum to earn part of the Health Merit Badge while viewing the traveling exhibit on diseases at the museum. We did various stations throughout the evening while learning about germs, infectious diseases, etc. We had snacks before retiring for the night in a section of a museum with a loud frog. Lights on came at 6:30 a.m. with breakfast and packing up. The boys have planned a visit to the Health Dept and North city Water Reclamation Plant this month to complete the merit badge.

During the week of July 22, the scouts from Troop 616 and Team 1218 went to the Havasupi Indian reservation to experience the outdoors and get a chance to earn the Hiking, Camping, Backpacking, and Cooking Merit Badges. It was a good chance for the scouts to take a break from civilization and get in tune with nature.

Troop 663

The scouts in 663 had a fun and exciting month this August, the highlight being Scout Summer Camp at Mataguay Scout Reservation near Santa Ysabel. Scout Camp was a blast this year. Even though the weather was hot (nearly 100 degrees!) the scouts had the time of their lives hiking, swimming, canoeing and earning merit badges. Almost 100 merit badges were earned this year by the troop, the popular ones being Swimming, Canoeing, Environmental Science and Art. Every night after a long day of fun, the scouts would drag out their cots and sleep under the stars and watch for shooting stars. It was quite a show with the coming of the Persied Meteor Shower and the boys had a great time counting all the shooting stars they saw. And now that it’s over, the scouts will remember summer camp for the rest of their lives, remembering the time their canoe tipped over, or that buck that they saw on a hike, or that bulls eye at the archery range. Next month the boys will be taking part in Wesley Mitchell’s Eagle Project, one of the last steps in achieving Eagle, Boy Scouts highest rank.