A New Website

Summer may be long gone, but memories linger on for Cub Scout Park 613. In July, six of our second year Webelos–Matthew MacFarlane, Evan Khoury, Evan Sayer, Eric Popien, Ben Koppleman, and Kevin Barber–attended a week-long summer camp at Mataguay along with their den leader, Kathy MacFarlane. The boys with the help of Boy Scouts worked on their engineer and craftsman badges. In addition, they fished, shot BB guns; fished, slept out under the stars; and fished.

Their tie-dyed t-shirts were tons of fun to make and quite a hit with fellow campers! The food was a lot better than anyone anticipated. It was a great week that always will be remembered.

September was extremely busy. Our annual “Tiger Cub Round Up,” as always, was a tremendous success. We met and welcomed our new Tiger Cubs and their families to scouting. Since then, they’ve been buying their Tiger uniforms and planning their first den meeting. We look forward to introducing them at our October pack meeting.

Our first pack meeting of this school year took place on Tuesday, Sept. 19, at the usual venue. Thanks to all those who were able to pay their annual pack dues at the meeting. The income generated helps to pay for scouts’ registration and insurance fees, awards, patches, pack meetings, pack newsletters, event deposits, administrative supplies, and countless other necessities. Speaking of awards, wasn’t it exciting to see all the Cub Scouts who were awarded their Summertime Award pin at the pack meeting? Despite the fact that no den meetings were held during the summer months, each of those boys proudly participated in at least three of the Cub Scout activities that were offered. Congratulations!

We cannot tell you how much we appreciate all those scouts in full uniform, abiding by our pack meeting guidelines and maintaining proper behavior in order to give respect and attention to other members of the pack.

Is it October already? Saturday, Oct. 7, will be the last neighborhood pick-up of Cans for Cubs. We are glad the community will be able to continue to recycle through the use of the blue bins. As a pack, we will continue to save our own rinsed cans and plastic liter bottles to turn in at each pack meeting. Pack 613 is joining the community-wide garage sale on Saturday, Oct. 14, and we invite you to stop by and support the Cub Scouts. Our scouts and families are busy organizing and preparing for this big event!

Pack 613 is moving on up the technology ladder. We now have our own web site which is currently under construction. The web address is [http://hello.to/Pack613]. We’ll be including the pack newsletters, important training dates, and general pack and scouting information. We welcome suggestions and contributions from our Pack 613 families; so log on and check out our site!

Popcorn Time

Wow, summer’s already come and gone. Cub Scout Pack 616 had fun at the July 4th parade, the Padres game, and an evening on ice. Now that school is in session, our real fun begins. We’re looking forward to an eventful year with all our favorite activities and new surprises.

We want to remind our wonderful Scripps Ranch residents that very soon, our cubs will be coming to your door to sell our world famous popcorn. It’s world famous because it’s soooo delicious, and the proceeds help support our local pack 616. It also helps teach our young cubs responsibility, initiative, goal setting, goal achievement, and gratitude. Thank you for your continuing support.

The first week of October is our annual Round Up where we invite all interested boys from kindergarten through 5th grade and their parents to join Cub Scouts. The Round Up is where you can learn more about scouting and sign up. Look for a flyer in your children’s school papers for further details.

Stay tuned; we’ll keep you posted on the latest and greatest at Cub Pack 616!

A World of Merit Badges

In August, fifteen scouts and four adult leaders in Boy Scout Troop 616 returned from a week of camping at Whitsett, a Boy Scout camp in the Sequoia National Forest near Kernville, California. The boys had a week full of swimming, Dutch oven cooking, ice cream making, horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, and skills classes that helped them earn over 60 merit badges. Each merit badge teaches a skill that is fun to learn, and important to know.

Among the skills learned were Archery, Mammal Study, Cooking, Forestry, Weather, Pioneering, Astronomy, Rifle Shooting, Camping, Environmental Science, Swimming, Metalwork, Horsemanship, Pulp and Paper Making, and Pottery. Zach Edwards and Justin Glavis-Bloom completed the COPE high adventure outdoor physical and mental challenge course.

William Wood, Ryan Mazelli, Graham Nicastro, Jeff Edwards, and Matt Price did an overnight under the stars on horseback. Josh Beatty and Matt Thompson were among a group of our scouts and adults who took the 3-mile, pre-dawn hike to Sentinel Peak, a rise in elevation of over 2,000 feet. Sunrise from up there was quite spectacular. Matt Wimmer, Alex Glavis-Bloom, Paul Wiegand, and Jason Swalwell earned a total of 23 merit badges amongst them. Charles Crawford and David Crawford, both Eagle Scouts, were among those that got in a bit of fishing during the week.

Scouts and their parents would like to thank tour leader Ric Nicastro and his assistant leaders, Russ Edwards, Bill Wood, and John Crawford. We thank them not only for driving 275 miles with other people’s sons eating in their car and wondering w-h-e-n they would get to their destination, but also for spending a week to help the boys complete scouting advancement, build self-confidence, and have fun. The troop could not function without the commitment of dads such as these. Thank you.

Staying in Step

Pack 1216 is back in high gear with the new scouting season. We don’t have any time to rest after the busy summer. Many of us were able to take part in local activities as well as those held throughout San Diego.

Our first summer event was a hike and scavenger hunt at Louis Stelzer County Park followed by a barbecue. We were able to find almost everything on our scavenger list, except the duck. The most interesting things were the informational signs showing us how the Native Americans used the different plants and rocks in their daily lives. The park ranger also was very informative explaining the different environmental areas we went through during the hike.

The Webelos had the privilege of spending a week in August at Mataguay scout camp. The 10 cubs who attended summer camp were: Ian Lewis, Gregory Frederickson, Brian Hinck, Andy Wong, Caymen Gibb, Peter Barnes, Zac Bange, Josh Ouellette, Mick Henderson, and Chris Wimmer.

The boys earned numerous activity pins, belt loops, and pins. They all made progress toward their Webelos badge and Arrow of Light. Activities included: fishing–Ian Lewis caught 6 fish in one day!–BB-gun practice, archery, knots and lashings, day and evening hikes, night-time camp fires, sleeping out under the stars, and numerous water gun fights! They all had fun, experienced many new things, and made new friends. The adult leaders who helped with the week were Jan Lewis, Mary Frederickson, Larry Hinck, and Jona Barnes.

Some of the other boys attended day camps at Poway and Balboa. David Robinson and Conor Hawblitzel spent a week at the Wild West of the Boy Scout camp at Balboa Park, earning belt loops and patches for BB-guns and archery. We also camped at Balboa on the last day, with great skits and songs around the campfire.

Others attended Poway Day Camp in June. Brett Blower, Ian Lewis, and Greg Frederickson all went. They had a great time, and Gregory won the Archery award for 1st-year Webelos, by earning the highest score in archery for the camp!

No More Cans for Cubs

Cub Scout Pack 614 opened the school year with our first pack meeting and canned food drive. Under the leadership of Cubmaster Michael McGuinness and Assistant Cubmaster Michael Hoffer, Pack 614 meets at 7 pm on the first Monday of the month in the Jerabek School auditorium. Our sponsor is St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church.

We have started the year with 67 scouts, and will be welcoming 16 new Tiger scouts this month. Our 2nd-year Webelos in:

  • Den 2, with leaders Sue Londerholm and Ruth Burr, are Max Andersen, Justin Burr, Shea Duncan, Tyler Heckendorn, Jonathan Londerholm, Jared Mimms, and Mike Robinette; and in
  • Den 7, with leaders Stelios Podimatis and Gary Moy, are Michael Fleming, Ross Heaton, Michael Huey, Benjamin Kromray, Matthew Michalek, Gregory Moy, Alex Nelson, Nicholas Podimatis, and Daniel Silverstein.

1st-year Webelos in:

  • Den 6, with leaders Kris Lighthart, Shelly Anderson, and Sandy Adsit, are Michael Adsit, Joren Anderson, Bryce Caputo, Kevin Cramp, Evan Dunn, Andrew Hansen, Forrest Lighthart, Colin McGuinness, and Cody Mills; and in
  • Den 8, with Leaders Sue Stock and Suzanne Jones, are Joel Gillett, Nicholas Herrel, Steven Jones, Joseph Mangan, Gio Monaco, Alex Olson, Cory Nuffer, and Ryan Stock.

Our Bear Scouts in:

  • Den 4, with leaders Susan Batt, Jaleh Watson, and Debbie Hoffer, are Nicholas Batt, Chris Gallagher, Kyle Hoffer, Tendai Mukau, Michael Nasland, Taylor Stenman, Brandon Watson, and Ryan Weinberg; and in
  • Den 5, with leaders Joyce Berzle and Dianne Holmes, are Kyle Berzle, Alex Foster, Blake Hansen, Brian Holmes, Chris Honeycutt, Michael Hopkins, Zachary Meyer, and Matthew Roberts.

Current Wolf Scouts:

  • Led by Annabelle Balaoling and Trina Furman, are Brian Balaoling, Darren Critchlow, Evan Critchlow, Bradley Furman, Steven Ilko, Andrew Lister, Markus Raimondi, Byan Smurlo, Brett Snow, and Nick Stenman; and
  • Led by Mary Ann Maloy and Kevin Londerholm, are Brian Maloy, Nikolas Marino, Brendan Mitchell, Derek Podimatis, Brent Rossin, Jake Vincent, and Colin Weber.

Pack 614 is a large and busy group, with activities coordinated by a cadre of hardworking and enthusiastic adult volunteers. In addition to the Cubmasters and Den Leaders they are:

  • Committee Chairperson Kris Lighthart;
  • Treasurer Jo Dunn;
  • Awards Chair Karen Olson;
  • Publicity/Newsletter Robin Seaberg Mukau;
  • Cans for Cubs Chairs Sue Stock and Kim Gillett;
  • Popcorn Sales Chairs Lynn Kromray and Cindy Fleming;
  • Sponsor Liaison Sandy Adsit; and
  • Blue and Gold Dinner Chairs Ruth Burr and Sue Londerholm.

We welcome Nancy Mitchell, our new Membership Chair, who is replacing the retiring Jane Foster. Our Activities Chairs Ruth and Ralph Burr, as well as our Pinewood Derby Chair Eric Lighthart, will be stepping down this year, and we are currently looking for volunteers for these positions.

October will be the last month that we will be having our Cans for Cubs Saturday curbside pickup. The city blue-bin recycling program has proven so successful and efficient that there are no longer sufficient cans available for pickup. Thank you for your support through the years and look for our collection containers in public venues where curbside pickup is not available.

October also is Popcorn Sales month. Your local Cub Scouts will be taking orders for these delicious items packed in attractive tins. The popcorn will be delivered to you in plenty of time for your holiday gift giving. Proceeds from this annual event help support many of the pack’s ongoing activities and service projects.

We will close out the month with our annual Indian Hills campout in Jamul the weekend of Oct. 20-22. The scouts and their families will be enjoying a weekend of archery, panning for gold, swimming, pumpkin carving, cooking out, and the most popular event of all, the Moonlight Marshmallow Monster Hike!