Girl Scouts Work on Trail

Junior Girl Scout Troop 8440, lead by Marilyn Endicott and Connie Joy, worked on a Scripps Ranch trail this summer as a service project. The trail is known as the “Doctors Loop” and is located near Pomerado and Semillon Roads. The girls, pictured to the right, were busy clearing the trail of debris, trimming back the brush, and making repairs to the trail’s border.

Earlier this year, the troop spent a weekend at Camp Winacka Girl Scout Camp in Julian and while there, we performed another service project. The troop carried out fire safety inspections and made repairs to all of the fire rings located throughout the campgrounds. We are looking forward to another busy scouting year, which started again in October!

A 17-Mile Canoe Trip

The last two months have been full of scouting for Boy Scout Troop 663. In August, we went on what was possibly the most strenuous outing any of us have ever been on. On the Salty Rat canoeing trip, we paddled 17 miles around Mission Bay. The seemingly endless waters held more dangers than expected. Fish were flying into boats, startling everyone to the point of capsizing. Powerboats flew past us, leaving our boats to face the large wakes.

The wind also held problems, as it pushed us into the shore some fifty times. To make things worse, the Bobcat Patrol’s lunch spilled all over the grass. But Troop 663 is not one to give up. After eight hours of canoeing, we finally pulled into Mission Bay Aquatic Center where we got to lug the heavy canoes up the hill.

After this extremely stressful outing, the troop was faced with elections. Congratulations to John-Henry Ainsworth, Eric Thornton, Dane Lighthart, Alex Nunn, and Max Roitz for becoming the troop’s new patrol leaders.

Life Scout Sash Catanzarite held his Eagle Service Project this month. Eagle projects are the last step to earning Boy Scouts’ highest rank. Sash and the other boys worked tirelessly on the Trail leading from Jerabek Park to Mesa Madera Drive. The trail, which was badly overgrown, was clipped, lined with logs, and raked. Many thanks to Vons on Scripps Poway Parkway, Dominos Pizza on Scripps Poway Parkway, and Pazzos Pizza on Scripps Trail for supplying food and beverages. Thanks also to the SRCA for their help and support.

These last two months were full of advancement. Craig Araki and Tommy Halldorson achieved Tenderfoot. Scott Green, Tommy Leet, Steven Markano, Alex Nunn, and Logan Swartz made Second Class. Matt Clark, Josh Gilman, Greg Golembeski, Bobby James, Ruben Leal, Dane Lighthart, Ryan Mulvey, and Duece Williams achieved the rank of First Class Scout. Congratulations to all.

Get Your License Plate Frames — Right Here

Cub Scout Pack 613 spent the first part of October sorting through their homes to find donations for our part in the community-wide garage sale. Thank you to all the scouts and families that participated with donations and (or) assistance during the day. As always, the community of Scripps Ranch also provided wonderful support. The bulk of the proceeds will be going toward making the next Blue and Gold Night extra special for everyone.

Dens 8 and 9 joined together at Alex Nunn’s garage to gain some woodshop experience by making a wooden ring-toss game. The scouts learned how to use a saw and a drill. They made wooden ring stands and painted them with Halloween art. They made rope rings. Thanks to God, no fingers or toes were lost in this lesson.

The boys discovered it is difficult to saw a piece of wood. It was well worth the hard work though, as we all enjoyed the game at our October pack meeting. Alex Nunn is a former Pack 613 Cub Scout. His father Steve and Alex helped our scouts achieved their Craftsman pin by making this game.

What else went on at our “monster” Halloween party at our October pack meeting? Well, we bobbed for apples, decorated cookies, made crafts, and played many games. We even got to play with Den 10’s helium-neon laser again! Every year the scouts look forward to this party and they never go away disappointed. Just prior to those activities, during the first part of our meeting, we observed our entire group of Wolf scouts receive their Bobcat badge. They are now off and running through their adventure in Wolf achievements. Pack 613 also recognized the new Tiger Cubs. Welcome to the pack!

Den 10 has been busy working on their Bear achievements. The den recently visited Vons where they learned all about the store’s computers and how they work throughout the store. They toured the produce aisle and finished off in the bakery, which was the highlight of the tour. I bet you can guess why. Cookies! Very soon, Den 10 will be gearing up for our family bowling night where the scouts will earn their bowling pin and the parents will earn sore wrists.

November has arrived. Scouts need to prepare for our yearly uniform inspection. Moms of scouts need to pull out the sewing kits. This inspection will take place at our pack meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 14. Scouts do not forget to bring your rinsed cans and plastic soda bottles to turn in before the pack meeting in exchange for raffle tickets.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Nov. 21 and 22, Pack 613 will be in front of our local Vons stores, selling our famous Scripps Ranch “Country Living” license plate frames. If you don’t have one, now is the time to purchase one. Of course they also make great gifts! Proceeds provide the materials for our scouting activities throughout the year.

Pack 613 is busy working on a community service project for this month. The scouts will be preparing and donating Thanksgiving meals for needy families. This should provide some insight for our scouts. May we live each day with thanksgiving in our hearts and minds, for we are all truly blessed.

Remember to visit us on the web at []. We welcome suggestions and contributions from our Pack 613 families especially those with digital cameras!

Troop 616 Advances

September has come and gone. A lot of Boy Scout Troop 616’s energy has been spent on readjusting to the regimen of school, sports, and scouting. Troop business is being expertly handled by Elliott Spaulding who took over the reigns of Senior Patrol Leader during the course of the month.

A group of approximately 25 scouts and lots of participating family members went on a great 5-mile hike at the Blue Sky Preserve in Poway. Apparently Arthur Moreau was the first to reach the top of the mountain, with Cub Scout Brian Hinck bravely bringing up the rearguard! Thank you Larry Hinck for leading the outing. Everyone had a great time.

In preparation for our October Court of Honor, September meetings were packed with as many Boards of Review as could be scheduled. Debbie Glaenzer did an awesome job of facilitating rank advancement for the following scouts.

  • Scout rank: Ian King and Alex Smith;
  • Tenderfoot: Frank Barrack, David Cary, Michael Cramp, Jonathan Dotson, Jeff Edwards, Greg Golko, Ryan Huffman, Bryce Schallhorn, Luke Ulrich, and Robert Zablit;
  • Second Class: Josh Beatty, Andrew Frederickson, John Hawkins, Steven Lewis, and Arthur Moreau;
  • First Class: Glenn Gray, Alex Griebel, John Hawkins, Matt Hickok, Stephen Hinck, Jonathan Leavy, David Mebane, and William Wood.
  • Star: Aaron Stannard, Jason Swalwell, and Paul Wiegand;
  • Life: Rajiv Desai, Zach Edwards, Adam Harwayne, Kevin Mahaffey, Graham Nicastro, Todd Smoogen, and Matt Wimmer;
  • Eagle: Clint Wear and Michael Wong; and
  • Bronze Palm: Chris Purcell.

In addition, the World Conservation award was earned by Alex Griebel, Adam Harwayne, Graham Nicastro, Todd Smoogen, and Matt Wimmer. Zach Edwards and Justin Glavis-Bloom earned their 50-Miles Afoot & Afloat award. Arthur Moreau earned Snorkeling, BSA, and Greg Kroleski earned Mile Swim, BSA. To all these scouts and to all those who earned merit badges, well done!

Wong To Receive Eagle

In September, Michael Wong successfully completed his Eagle Board of Review at the County Courthouse downtown. He is the 55th Eagle Scout in Boy Scout Troop 616! For his project, Michael planned and led 25 individuals in the repairing, resurfacing, and repainting of seven benches for the Chinese Evangelical Church of San Diego. This project provided safe benches for the congregation to use and helped to enhance the appearance of the church courtyard. During his years with the troop, Michael has served as a Den Chief, Assistant Patrol Leader, Librarian, Troop Guide, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, and newspaper drive coordinator.

Michael is the son of Marvin and Oleta Wong and he is a lifelong resident of Scripps Ranch. He began his scouting years as a Tiger Cub in Pack 613. He is now a senior at Scripps Ranch High School. He is an honor student and a member of the Varsity Academic Team. He has also been very active in his church youth group for many years. Troop 616 is very proud of you, Michael! Thank you for all you have done for the troop, and congratulations on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout!

Popcorn Sales

Cub Scout Pack 616 successfully launched this year’s popcorn sales campaign. Thank you Scripps Ranch for your continued support.

In Webelos Den 4, Brian Long, Jonathan Rose, Ricky Duckworth, and Greg Rogers had their first Webelos campout in October. The boys earned their Camp Balboa patch and 13 arcs as well as completed their Outdoorsman Activity Badge requirements. Congratulations!