Girl Scout Troop 8354

Girl Scout Troop #8354 got off to a great start this year. Beginning last year as a Daisy Troop, six girls (Jordan Begley, Lauren Conroy, Sarah Douglas, Laura Holland, Audrey Stein, and Ashley Williams) returned after bridging together in June 2001. Five new girls (Kristen Dinglasan, Lauren Fogelberg, Kelly Kochanski, Taylor Nemanich, and Carly Teisseyre) joined the troop; three through the “Bring a Buddy” program. On Oct. 18, the whole troop was invested at a special ceremony. After learning the Brownie story and repeating the Girl Scout Promise, each girl had her Brownie pin pinned upside down while the leader recited, “I pin your pin on upside down, until a good deed you have found. Do the deed and then you may, turn the pin the other way.” After performing her good deed, each girl could wear her pin right-side up to show that she had become a true Brownie.

In October, the Brownies worked on three activities for the Art to Wear Try-it badge: T-Shirt Art, Decorate Your Clothes, and Face Paint. They would like to thank Jordan’s dad, Mr. Begley, for volunteering to help paint beautiful artwork on the girls’ faces. In November, they worked on their Healthy Habits Try-it badge, baked and decorated sugar cookies to share with family and friends, attended a Pet Care Workshop and participated in the Fall Nut Sale. The Brownies would also like to thank Carly’s sister, Jessica Teisseyre, for volunteering to help out at meetings and for being a great Girl Scout role model for the girls to look up to; Laura’s mom, Mrs. Holland, for volunteering to be the Fall Sale Mom; and Lauren’s mom, Mrs. Fogelberg, for volunteering to be a driver to the Pet Care Workshop activity.

The troop enjoyed several fun family activities together, such as the Mira Mesa Pumpkin Patch visit and Disney on Ice-Beauty and the Beast. They are eagerly looking forward to upcoming activities, like the annual Holiday Tree Lighting at Jerebek, the Troop Winter Holiday Party, and the 2002 Cookie Kick Off in January.

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Cub Scout Pack 1216

October’s Pack meeting was filled with fun as our new Cubmaster lead us in cheers and songs related to our theme of down on the farm. The Pack also recognized the following boys for earning their Bobcat award: from Den 6 lead by DeeDee Burns, Zachary Burns, Ian Davis, Adrian Haught, Ryan Hawblitzel, Joshua Hawley, Noah Hawley, Jason Horwitz, Patrick Ivison, Luis Montes, Matthew Roderick, Jordan Weiner, and Hunter Young; new Webelos I scouts from Den 1: Brent Barker, Aaron Cote, and Michael Wear. Congratulations to all of our new Bobcats!

The following weekend our 1st and 2nd year Webelos scouts had an adventure filled weekend at Mataguay Scout Reservation. From Den 1 scouts and their parents included Aaron Cote and Michael Wear. From Den 3 scouts and parents were Brett Blower, Greg Frederickson, Brian Hinck, Ian Lewis, and Andy Wong. The many Boy Scout troops that participated are to be commended for setting up the days activities for our scouts. The absolute favorite was the obstacle course where the boys were tethered together in snake-like fashion and then went through tunnels, between tires, and over sawhorses for the best course time. Hats off to Mr. Larry Hinck who was towed along by all seven scouts through the course. Two Moms even braved the great outdoors – Jan Lewis and Mary Lou Wear.

In November the scouts worked on the theme of hometown heroes and painted banners of appreciation to both our police and fire departments in recognition of their efforts on our behalf.

Our new Tiger Cubs from Den 5 also visited the Poway Fire station on Nov. 4 and had a great time.

On Dec. 8 the 2nd year Webelos den will be participating in Webelos Day being put on by both Troop 616 and Troop 663 at the SR Community Center upper field from 10am until noon. This is an opportunity for the cub scouts to come and find out what boy scouts is all about.

Boy Scout Troop 616

Scouts and leaders of Troop 616 had another busy, fun-filled month. On Oct. 13, 20Scouts went on a sailing trip aboard the Argus, a tall ship based at Newport Beach. Dr. Barrack and Dr. Ulrich were the tour leaders and Ryan Mazelli was the Senior Patrol Leader. The group had an exciting and educational experience. We had to use nautical language and learned the fun and responsibility of sailing a tall ship. Each Scout had specific chores that included tending the sails, securing the lines, preparing the meals in the “mess” and keeping watch throughout the night. Foggy weather meant that the Scouts had to ring the ship’s bell throughout the night. On Saturday, the Argus docked and we went ashore to visit the Maritime Museum in Long Beach. We also had fun climbing the mast and crawling out to the bow to “jump ship” for a splash in the water. Scouts got to rope swing and sail. Our route went from Newport Beach to the port of Los Angeles. We got some great pictures of the Argus under sail and sailed near the Queen Mary. Thanks to Drs. Barrack and Ulrich for leading the outing. The weekend of Oct. 20-21 found some Scouts helping with Todd Smoogen’s Eagle project. His project entailed the clearing and clean-up of one of the trails right here in Scripps Ranch. Scouts enjoyed a pizza lunch following their labors. Other Scouts participated in the Scripps Ranch clean-up on the same weekend.

On Saturday, Oct. 27 our Patrol Leaders’ Council, Scoutmaster Dalrymple, and Assistant Scoutmasters Edwards, Heuss, Rasmussen and Nicastro went down to the Youth Aquatic Center on Fiesta Island for their annual planning meeting. The whole 2002 schedule was planned, including summer camp activities. There are more than 20 outings planned for the coming year, ranging from overnights to weeklong camps. We’re looking forward to some good outings and a lot of fun.

Troop 663

In October, the scouts of Troop 663 went on one of their more “interesting” outings. A crew of about 12 boys ventured into the desert to Ocotillo Wells Recreational Park. That night a caravan of a jeep, truck, mini van and compact trudged through the desert looking for an ideal place to camp. Finally, a spot was found. The scouts eagerly scampered a large hill to scout around. The Moose picked the top of the hill and the Dogs picked a nice soft spot in the middle of the road. (Don’t worry, they didn’t get run over). After dinner, the scouts met at the bottom of hill for the nights activity, signaling! The two patrols split in half and off we went. Two groups went up to the top of one hill, and the other two went up to one adjacent to it about a quarter of a mile away. Once on top, each group composed a message to send. It was mountains of fun sending messages across and seeing how garbled they were. The conversation went something like this:

“Mooye rule!”

“What is a Mooye?”

“Dangerous times”

and so forth. At this time one parent attempted to leave but got lost. The scouts signaled Mr. Ainsworth who boldly climbed into his jeep and sped to the rescue. Later that night, the boys played a fun game that involved stealth, tactics, and signaling ability. That night, the boys slept under the stars and fell asleep listening to the dull roar of motorized off-road vehicles. The next day, Mr. Ainsworth took us out in his jeep while others played desert golf and did signaling with flags. The Ocotillo Wells campout will be remembered fondly by all that went.

In October, two Webelos dens came to visit our troop meeting. Dens from packs 614 and 613 visited our meeting and were entertained and taught in the ways of scout craft. Hope to see you in scouting!

Wesley Mitchell completed his Eagle Project in November with the help of the troop. Eagle, the highest rank in scouting, is attained through hard work, determination, and an eagle project. An eagle project is a large community service project directed by the eagle recipient. Wes did a great job directing the troop in his project. Wes’ project involved cleaning and improving the Hoyt Park Trail that comes down from the Vons Center. Check it out!

Troop 663 was represented at the Fire Station by doing the flag ceremony with troop 616. Six boys from each troop carried our flags with pride. Great job!