Fun at the Colorado River

Scouts and adults from Troop 616 went to the Colorado River in October. We left San Diego on a Friday afternoon and headed for Needles on the Colorado River. We got to camp after a six-hour drive, so we were quite tired. Tents were pitched quickly, and we all went to sleep. Early the next morning, we got up and had a quick breakfast. Our outfitter got us suited up and organized with canoes and food.

We canoed for 17 miles or so, which took up the whole day. Three of the eight canoes tipped over–two of these were adult canoes! The third one tipped accidentally–on purpose–with four scouts in it. We lashed the canoe I was in to another canoe. Great idea, Alex Glavis-Bloom!

The canoes were lashed front, middle, and back so that they would move as one. We moved very quickly after that. At the end of our 17 miles, we took a bus back to camp. It seemed like a long bus ride; David Mebane fell asleep. I don’t blame him. I was dead tired too. There was a great meal waiting for us back at camp. Thanks, Mr. Wimmer, for a really great outing.

At the end of October we had a troop Court of Honor at the Scripps Ranch Library. The ceremony was preceded by a potluck dinner. Ian Lewis, Douglas Myers-Turnbull, Josh Ouellette, and Matt Rasmussen advanced to Tenderfoot. Matt Heuss, Alex Nelson, John Michael Steiger, and Chris Wimmer advanced to Second Class.

Brian Glurriell, Ryan Huffman, Sam Moreau, Chris Wimmer, and Michael Zablit advanced to First Class. Mark Beyersdorf, Jeff Edwards, Greg Golko, Matt Price, and Robert Zablit advanced to Star. John Hawkins advanced to Life, and Graham Nicastro made the rank of Eagle. We will have more about Graham’s Eagle project in a future Newsletter article. Congratulations to everybody!

Matt Price, Troop Scribe