Scripps Ranch Through the Years: 1890-2010

Prepared by Jake Todd for his Eagle Scout Project (Troop 301), and sponsored by the Scripps Ranch Ranch Civic Association.

This project was created in the spring of 2010 in connection with the planning of the community’s 40th anniversary celebration. Originally, the project’s goal was to create a history wall made up of five picture banners documenting the history of Scripps Ranch since 1890 that would be displayed at a 40th Anniversary celebration. However, the celebration changed into a commemorative race/walk rather than a large gala event. In addition, researching and documenting the history of Scripps Ranch took much longer than Jake ever anticipated. He found more stories, pictures, and documents than could ever be displayed on banners. As a result, he captured Scripps Ranch history in this book rather than on a history wall. Jake would like to thank each of the project’s 131 amazing volunteers for their nearly 1700 hours of community service throughout the project’s three and a half year duration.