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SDGE postponed day work activities on Monday, October 23 through Wednesday, October 25 due to extreme fire threat conditions throughout the region.

Activities in the communities of Scripps Ranch and Stonebridge resumed yesterday. Work activities in these communities continue to include surveying, conduit installations, trenching and paving. Saturday work from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm in will continue in this area.

For residents in Scripps Ranch south of Pomerado Road, please plan for and anticipate blinking red lights and flaggers at both the Semillon Boulevard and Fairbrook Road for approximately the next 2 weeks. This became necessary when we discovered an old, unmarked 12-inch waterline. We are working with the City Water Department to get this section of road backfilled and paved as quickly as possible. However, flaggers have been instructed to distribute the traffic flow more evenly and to provide priority to commuters turning onto Pomerado Road from the north/south during these activities. SDGE was given assurance by ARB not to impact both Fairbrook and Semillon at the same time but the unknown water line forced them to move farther east faster than expected thus impacting both intersections at the same time. Needless to say we and SDGE were not pleased. Emergency vehicles are always allowed immediate access along any portion of the project.

As part of our ongoing overhead activities, SDGE will be constructing a new, approximately one-mile overhead 230 kV transmission line and relocating an existing 138 kV power line all within SDG&E’s existing Right-of-Way between the Sycamore Canyon Substation and a trail originating near Stonebridge Parkway, at which point the project transitions to underground. This work requires coordination with the California Independent System Operator to coordinate and schedule outages to the existing power lines within this Right-of-Way. These planned outages will not impact electric service to local communities.

Helicopters will be utilized for these activities.

Due to overriding safety concerns and the scheduled outages planned with the California Independent System Operator, SDGE will need to close the Sycamore Park beginning November 2nd from 7 am – 7 pm for approximately two weeks. (Approximately one week to place the new line and approximately one week to relocate the existing line.)

At the request of Councilmember Kersey’s office to accommodate an all-day soccer tournament, SDGE will not conduct any work activities in the park or on Stonebridge Parkway on Saturday, November 4.

Please keep in mind, construction schedules and locations are subject to change due to compliance requirements, inclement weather, or other unforeseen circumstances.

We established a new one stop email address for residents to use to alert us about any traffic issue in Scripps Ranch. It is “[email protected]“. The SRCA is on the only town council in San Diego County that offers such a service.

Based on comments from residents the SRCA insisted on changes to SDGE’s work regrading signs in bike lanes and making sure flashing beacons on barricades were operating at night.

If you travel Pomerado Road and Stonebridge Parkway and traffic is backed up, please email the SRCA at t[email protected] and the Mayor’s Office at [email protected].

We are actively monitoring every response in order to provide the city information about real time traffic impacts to the community. We need to hear from you.

Sycamore to Penasquitos 230kV Transmission Line Project

Here is a link to the California Public Utilities Commission about the project:

It is the mission of the SRCA to not only to provide you information about projects being proposed in SR but also to provide your concerns to decision makers. We are likely the only town council in the County of San Diego that sends emails like this to residents.

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