Minutes of the Regular Meeting

Scripps Ranch Civic Association

September 13, 2011


The Agenda was published and e-mailed to all Board Members.


Absent Excused: Buck, Fields, Suzara

Absent Unexcused: Boerner, Boyce, Lichtenstein

President Ilko called the meeting to order at 7:08 pm. He indicated that the blackout was very interesting in that received word about advisory to boil water, then advisory was for specific streets and then warning eliminated. Sent out advisory to 10,000 e-mails and 4,000 opened. Had an increase of 140 people on Facebook.

Mayor’s Office – Nancy Gudino was introduced and reported:

Social Media has become very important during emergencies.

Plaza de California – walking tours every third Saturday every month from 10:30 to 11:30 am. Residents can ask questions.

Street resurfacing – of 112 miles to be repaved they are now at half way point.

Now have a Business Resource Center in lobby of City Hall that provides information for small businesses and also on website.

5th Council District – Tiffany Leal reported

Black Out – The backup generator for aerator failed during blackout and thus many fish died. They will be checking into the problem. Downs asked the best way to contact someone to get a response for issues relating to Hendrix Pond. Tiffany indicated to contact her directly and she would follow-up.

SR Median Improvement – This is on Mira Mesa Blvd and median will have hardscape.

Clean-Up Day – Dingeman reported it will be October 22nd. Reminded Tiffany that will need 4 drop tickets for dump. SRCA pays for the dumpsters. Also noted that will be going to once a year for the Garage Sales.

Assemblyman Fletcher – Shea Benton reported:

Session was closed as of last Friday. Hope had been to pass the major tax reform. It passed in the Assembly but not in the Senate.

Congressman Hunter – Andrea Jones reported:

Two weeks ago they held the job fair and 75 companies participated and 700 people attended.

SDPD – Officer Steffan reported:

Blackout – the biggest problem people had was getting gas. Recommended that you always keep ¼ tank in your vehicle. RSVP manned intersections where signals were not working until it got dark and too dangerous. They then patrolled business, schools etc.

Beauty Salons – Experiencing breaking of front windows where displays of high end products are located. Usually no alarms on front window. They do a smash and grab.

District Representatives – Drummond indicated that Jan McGinn from District 5 was attending her second Board meeting. A motion by Bob Dingeman and seconded by Staley was made for McGinn to be the new District Rep. for Area 5. The vote was unanimous in favor.

Drummond then introduced Carol Bastian who was interested in becoming the representative for District 20. She gave a brief description of her time in Scripps Ranch and desire to volunteer.

Redistricting – Paterniti reported that the County of San Diego plan was just approved by the Board of Supervisors and Scripps Ranch will be in District 3.

The City of San Diego redistricting map was adopted on August 27th by a vote of 7-0. This also established the new District 9 which includes City Heights, College, Rolando, Talmadge and Kensington. Mira Mesa will no longer be in District 5 but Stonebridge will now be part of District 3 effective December 2012. You can go to City’s website and go to link to view map. It was brought up that in future the plan is to bring Stonebridge into the SRCA and eventually deliver the Newsletter there if economically feasible. The additional copies of newsletter will cost an estimated $19,000 annually. It will need to be determined if ad rates could be raised to accommodate this increase in Newsletter costs.

Aliant University/Kaiser Hospital – Ilko indicated that Kaiser approached Alliant about purchasing the property. Aliant had already determined it is too costly to renovate the school, the dorms are no longer used as much as before nor the athletic facilities. It is much too big for their use. They require approximately 250,000 sq. ft. Kaiser has entered into agreement with Aliant and they will be doing their study in next few months to determine the feasibility. In proposed first phase they would build a 200 bed hospital, emergency room, energy plant and medical office building. In phase 2 they would add an additional 125 beds to hospital. Aliant University has 60 acres of which 40 are useable. Kaiser’s Zion Hospital site is on 15 acres. They are considering widening Pomerado from I-15 to Scripps Ranch Blvd. They understand the loss to the community of the playing field, gym and theatre. They are anticipating a 15-20,000 ADT (Average Daily Trip). If Aliant University were to have remained and done the build out they originally planned, there was an anticipated ADT of 13,000 per day.

There are no plans for a trauma center. The Emergency Room will be available to anyone. They have already picked an architect to prepare a template. It is the same architect who designed Palomar Hospital. Plans are to visit this site and the Kaiser in Irvine. It is the plan of SRCA to put out good reliable information to residents so they can make an intelligent decision of advantages or disadvantages to a hospital coming to Scripps Ranch. Wurtzler reminded us that Aliant University plans to leave and sell the property. If Kaiser Hospital does not build there we need to think what else would be built there and the traffic impacts from any development.

Continuing Life Communities (Sr. Housing) – They are moving forward. This is an age restricted assisted living facility. They are not required to provide any additional amenities to the site but have been informed that it is very important to provide a loop road. They are currently working with Aliant University. FBA for projects will be smaller than if they were a residential project.

Financials – The proposed 2011-12 budget was e-mailed to the Board. Allman went over the expenditures for the 2010-11 Fiscal Year. A reminder to everyone that the SRCA Fiscal Year runs from September 1st through August 31st. As in past years, the budget is very conservative. Last year’s fundraising came in as expected but only because we had more resident send in the higher amounts.

Allman went over the written explanation he had sent everyone concerning the proposed budget. There was considerable discussion about various aspects of the budget but specifically the Fundraising drive and suggestion on how we could increase our support. A motion by Wulfeck and seconded by Braunstein was made to approve the proposed budget. The motion passed unanimously.

Elder Care Alliance – Randall reported:

Lecture series – this will be the third season and they will be the first Wednesday of the month in the library. They had very good attendance to first lecture.

Working very hard to have the group become sustainable. Will be attending the National Village Conference in Oakland next month on how can you be sustainable.

Communications – Cavanagh reported:

Communications went out via e-mail and Facebook concerning the advisory for boiling water. SRCA received a lot of feedback on various communications. In order of volume were:

1st Boiled water advisory due to blackout

2nd Kaiser Hospital

3rd Redistricting

Sustainable SR – Plutner reported:

Setting up Fall lecture series – October will have a clean vehicle seminar and hope to have some vehicles available for viewing. In November information on water – who is providing, where does it come from and why should we consider going drought tolerant with our landscaping.

Community Fair – McGinn reported:

She is Co-Chair and they have held their first meeting. Hope to have a survey and looking to add features that will complement what has been done before.

SRPG – Ilko reported:

Sudberry property – Nothing new to report at this time.

Schools Committee – Barber reported:

They had a special meeting last week. The new Area Superintendent is becoming a part of District Cluster Committee and SR Schools Committee was invited to become a part of it. The Committee voted however to stay part of SRCA. May change meeting to third Wednesday of the month so if someone from School Board wanted to attend there would be no conflict in meetings.

Innovations Academy was invited to be on the committee but most members felt most issues were not the same. So they were invited as an advisory member with no voting rights. SRHS Scholarships would be this fall. An e-blast would be sent out.

Budget Committee – Staley indicated a request had come to the committee to re-order the license plate orders. The cost is approximately $4.50 per plate and we sell for $20 for set of two. A motion by Staley and seconded by Wulfeck was made to approve an amount not to exceed $1,500. The motion passed unanimously. It was indicated that we would be looking to update the design on the license plate holder.

A motion by Wurtzler and seconded by Lowery was made to adjourn the meeting.

Jany Staley

SRCA Secretary